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  1. Martin Packer

    native linux client

    If you're going to quote Radio Gaga you really should be using the line "and just complain when you're not there" in this thread. :-)
  2. Martin Packer

    Evernote for iOS v7.6.6 Released

    Thanks. You hid that particular light under a bushel. :-) But now it's shining in the open air.
  3. Martin Packer

    Evernote for iOS v7.6.6 Released

    I haven't been able to find out what "suggested notes" means. And I don't think I see anything different on my Today screen. Please elucidate.
  4. Martin Packer

    Notebook Re-Organization

    I wonder if we should consider note "curation" or "refactoring" to be one of Evernote's areas for improvement.
  5. Martin Packer

    EN to Excel - Importing Note Body Text into Excel

    Well, it might be a string LITERAL limit - rather than a string VARIABLE limit. If so there's maybe hope because a variable can be - in most languages - strung :-) together from multiple shorter ones. Not sure how you do concatenation in VBA (and it's 30 years since I last touched BASIC so not keen to find out now).
  6. Martin Packer

    ios Evernote for iOS v7.6.4 Released

    Why is Work Chat even there for non-Business users? I wonder how many Evernote users even know anyone to share a Work Chat with? Or maybe it's not just Evernote users.
  7. Martin Packer

    EN to Excel - Importing Note Body Text into Excel

    Maybe an Excel string limit is 64KB (or 32KB but 64KB seems a closer match).
  8. Martin Packer

    EN to Excel - Importing Note Body Text into Excel

    Is this going into a single cell? Maybe there's a cell size limit. (Not familiar enough with Excel to know.)
  9. Martin Packer

    Correcting tag and updating.

    Semantically, Evernote thinks you've re-tagged - I suspect. "Tag refactoring" is something I'd like to see Evernote address.
  10. Martin Packer

    native linux client

    @jjwells Private businesses can make business decisions any way they want to. Of the three things you suggested, they've said next to nothing: Linux client, web app note merging, Web app HTML5 offline storage. It would seem to me, though, that note merging is the easiest and most likely. But I'm just a customer of Evernote's (though an IT technical specialist of 30 years' standing).
  11. Martin Packer

    Non-Quadrilateral Pages

    I think you mean "RE-quadrilateralise" :-) and yes it IS. :-)
  12. Martin Packer

    Non-Quadrilateral Pages

    This might be a "stretch" objective but I tried to scan a page or several yesterday that had been folded and so were no longer flattenable. I wonder if it's possible for Scannable to learn how to do a better job - it not being a quadrilateral anymore but more like six-sided.
  13. Martin Packer

    Would love a scan and save feature

    The down side of this is "misfires". I'm finding Scannable a little "trigger happy" and try to avoid that by not letting the phone rest while near paper. :-) I assume Scannable uses motion detection of some sort to decide when to try to acquire a page.
  14. Martin Packer

    Why Is This a Separate App?

    I just recommended it to my Dad - not an Evernote user (yet) - as it is standalone. Initially I was against that, but now I see some use cases. I'm hoping Evernote will build some more synergy between this and the Evernote app - but I can't think of what. :-)
  15. Martin Packer

    Add a "Today" widget

    Yes please.