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  1. If you're going to quote Radio Gaga you really should be using the line "and just complain when you're not there" in this thread. :-)
  2. @jjwells Private businesses can make business decisions any way they want to. Of the three things you suggested, they've said next to nothing: Linux client, web app note merging, Web app HTML5 offline storage. It would seem to me, though, that note merging is the easiest and most likely. But I'm just a customer of Evernote's (though an IT technical specialist of 30 years' standing).
  3. Well back in the Version 3 and (I think) 4 days it certainly WAS broken under Wine. And Evernote weren't bothered by that.
  4. Evernote always USED TO BE broken under Wine. Unfortunately you have to count yourself as lucky it ever got working.
  5. One day someone will write a pipeline toolchain for Evernote notes. Sort filtering - perhaps limited to tables or lists - would be an early candidate for a stage in such a toolchain. (And I don't care if it's Linux (unlikely), Windows (I have it under KVM under Linux) or OSX (I have that too). :-) Or even iOS.) I'd even accept the notion that the output is a NEW note.
  6. The question is why you'd be driven to a (paid) third-party application to export your notes, @Voryzen. Care to elaborate?
  7. @jefito Agreed but a better set of authoring tools would be an "on ramp" to more usage. For me as a Premium die-hard it probably doesn't matter. But in Marketing terms it might cause significantly more conversions from Free to Premium. And I suspect the competition won't - as always - stand still. In my view the key to this is the authoring tools ecosystem - as third-party developers are bound to outpace Evernote's own development efforts. I'm not sure I like that conclusion much, especially as few of them are both free and comprehensive.
  8. @rockky The "we're currently looking at all of editing functionality" statement could well have a long lead time to turn into better clients - if that's what they're doing. Their rhetoric on the Mac client rewrite sort of supports this. But then it isn't radically different from what it replaces.
  9. @gazumped said: "I suspect that Evernote takes the view that storing and delivering the content is their prime strength;" That's fine - up to a point. But it's the full information lifecycle its users are likely to need (not want). But in fact Evernote makes lots of forays into other aspects of the information lifecycle. Admittedly there probably can't be an open-ended commitment to content creation tools.
  10. Me umpteen, :-) when it's old news. :-)
  11. @Mifune That's good if you have a native Evernote client installed: On Linux there ISN'T one. (Not to add fuel to the "can we have a Linux client" fire.) :-)
  12. @AshleyR As a matter of interest what's the issue with Firefox?
  13. At a conference this week where net access is surprisingly good. But... ... if I were at a conference / place with no net access would the reach across into LinkedIn automatically happen when I re-acquired net access? Would I be able to make it happen manually?
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