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  1. The files imported appeared the next day !
  2. The ability to create children tags, where parent can show all notes tagged with children. For example take tag #travel and it is child tag #travel/europe Notes tagged with #travel/europe would be visible when searching #travel and #travel count will showcase the total of Notes tagged with #travel + Notes tagged with any child tag #travel/******
  3. Well said. Imagine the performance I got to decide making such a downgrade. I am not sure whether it supports OCR or just extracting data from digital pdf, but it works without any further workarounds. Just a setting. In which sense ? A simple notebook with a pen and some stickers could compare if fits the purpose. From my POV, DS Note is an EN copycat and its performance is rapid fast in contrast to EN. Yes, it is because it is local, but in my case 99% of the use is local. There is also extra functionality, like supporting nested tags (not just grouping) and note encryption where EN fails to compare. Yes, EN search is phenomenal and yes it DS Note needs hardware and the app is previous decade. Does it compare to EN ? Yes, if you got a Synology NAS and for me it wins.
  4. The conclusion Sadly, elephant no longer exists in my dock. None of the apps I tested was a match to Evernote legacy, but at least their performance is acceptable. I ended up using DS Note, but I am also keeping Bear on the side as a markdown editor. The reasons why I ended up with DS Note are: UI/UX, functionality same as Evernote legacy I host my data Data source is not a single sqlite file backed up in iCloud Attachment search support Up to this point, the DS Note has numerous "special behaviours", which I ended up deciding that they are acceptable. The only thing that makes me really uncomfortable using DS Note is not having the ability to migrate from it. I hope I will never need it, otherwise I am pretty much screwed as there is not tool migrating from DS Note Some alternatives I also tried are: Joplin -- I did not manage to install Joplin server on Docker and iOS app is ***** Clover -- Seems promising, it is similar to Notion. Current iOS app is available only through Testflight and the iPad version -boy oh boy- is amazing Obsidian md -- Looks great, it is just not for me Apple Notes -- Same as Bear, I don't want my data to be available only through iCloud. Also not accessible from web browser. I also tested the above apps in iPad. Apple Notes is of course the big winner here, where DS Note gets constant crashes whenever the Apple Pencil touches the surface. Already reported that as an issue, hope the will be able to fix it. Bear, once again, delivers Overall, I found Bear the best alternative, with the markdown being a versatile tool able to serve content wherever needed. The minute they offer an independent data source that is not sqlite, I am all in. So to answer to my initial question - Yes it is
  5. I found Bear to have the best organisation system. Only tags, infinite nesting (well tried up to 5). I just created a #Notebooks tag for the notebooks I used to have in Evernote and #Notebooks/My Notebook would be the tag for notes that existed in My Notebook notebook. In EN I used to do something similar to what @DTLow is doing: 2 Notebooks for personal use: Inbox; Archive and all others for sharing purposes. Bear also tackled that too, because they automatically create an Archive section for all archived notes. This is why I found Bear organisation far superior to any other note app I have tested. In addition to Notebooks, I used a manual tagging system that worked great: Nesting using dots, e.g. welcome; welcome.organize; welcome.organize.level_3 and so on. Then manually drag & drop to group them together. Overall, I had the same result since when assigning or searching for tag, the indentation system would filter the desired values thanks to the above convention. There is an article around that suggested this or similar system Here is a screenshot of how that looks like in Bear... Also great functionality, yet so simple, when there are 0 notes of a tag, tag gets deleted automatically. Another cool feature is the icons that they auto-populate if they find a keyword they find relevant or you can select your icon among a selection.
  6. Never experienced such an issue. Maybe because of the free tier ?
  7. @WilliamL Apology accepted. I understand I am being harsh and unreasonable condemning Ian, it is because of the nostalgic, emotional feeling I got moving from EN. Truth be told, I work professionally in -let's say- technology and never would I thought an app would give such a hard time (emotionally) leaving. I believe it's the socks. I don't believe it is entirely unfair though (condemning Ian), maybe a discussion for another time.
  8. You think it is ungracious of me to be mad for a service I am paying 10 years now (8 of which happily), for the extreme total of 1,5GB data just to find out 1 day that I get a lagish, buggy, slow app ? Or maybe ungracious of me that I don’t want to be a prisoner to a product that doesn’t work, just because I got 1,5GB data uploaded ? Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe the new EN works great in the US or wherever EN has servers and I am experiencing those issues because of my location. Maybe clipping is not a great deal to you, whereas I got clipping success and nothing was imported. Maybe you never bought EN moleskine notebooks and ending them in 1 version update is not a great deal to you. Maybe you should not be judging frustrated people online, just because your use case scenario is different ? If it was just me, I would not have gotten several pms with more suggestions and info, would I ? Anyhow, I respect and value everyone’s opinion and having wasted a crazy amount of time I think it is high time I withdrew from the discussion. The weird thing about EN is that migrating from it, gave me a nostalgic feeling, like breaking up with a young love kinda of thing. Anyhow, over and out, don’t hesitate to contact me in a pm if you want to
  9. Agreed. The think is since Phil left, the EN ecosystem is deteriorating. The new CEO will never have the passion a co-founder has, and his main concern is making money. The problem here is CEO without passion will have very tough time discovering new revenue streams and this is probably why EN experienced severe downsizing and lost some of the best of their stuff. If not possible finding new revenue, then downsizing and decreasing product cost is the way to go. I really hope those c-level guys did a risk analysis on how much revenue they are willing to lose because of those changes. I bet they see a 10 year paid subscription and they consider renewal a sure thing. This kind of assumptions are the ones that bankrupt companies.
  10. Great comment. Encryption is important especially when storing sensitive data that might also be under compliance schemes. And your comment is also correct, while 3rd party might get your data, if it is encrypted, it will take a very long time to unencrypt, based on their hardware and your encryption password complexity. Of course everything is hackable, but the logic here is if you make it very expensive to hack and you don’t store CIA data, then no hacker (or government) will have (or allocate) the interest and resources to get your data. That’s the only bulletproof way. There are also other ways using “cold” backup buckets using only uploading/downloading. What this essentially means is -if the configuration is appropriate- the worst case scenario, if your data is attacked by ransomware, is to lose all data since prior backup. Last caution here is you need to supervise your data, so if that occurs you recover it before they all become the latest encrypted version. What if Evernote gets ransomware? I know a situation -that did not get public- of a respectable service that got ransomware attack and lost data of nearly 10% of their user base. And the thing is it happened exactly as you describe, the backups were encrypted also ! Very unlikely for a tech giant, but not 0%. And EN is not a tech giant, is it ? Since before v10 I relied 100% on Evernote, meaning if that happened I ‘d be literally screwed. Ironic considering I am aware of all those concepts and the importance of my data ! If your time machine is always mounted, then ransomware can encrypt it no problem. If you want to be really safe, you should follow @PinkElephant recommendation unmounting or even better unplugging your time machine drive. However, getting ransomware on a macOS client that does not have external access is very unlikely, especially if you stick on using apps notarized by Apple, which in latest versions is complex not to.
  11. Good point @DTLow Scriptability is not possible in new EN but there are a lot of APIs. Note Station has a web interface, but Bear doesn't. I noticed Bear has an API token in settings, I will be exploring their APIs, including easy connectivity/automation with other platforms and report back
  12. Update #1 Some notes after using Note Station and Bear Note Station Migration takes a long time. After 8h only 800 out of the 4700 notes are migrated, so it is going to take a while Supports searching in attachments, no OCR however Bear If you like markdown, Bear is an amazing app to compose Migration process wasn't that hard. I imported all notebooks one by one, when importing Bear automatically adds #Evernote tag to notes imported. Then, I just renamed the Evernote tag to Notebook/My Notebook (yes it supports nested tags. To create a tag with spaces you need to enclose it between hashtags #) Search does not search in attachments, but boy it is fast Synchronization is done through iCloud It costs 1,49€/month Both apps support nested tags, which I personally find very useful, since I was using nested tag approach already Overall I like both options, they are pretty close to EN excluding of course the search OCR superpower. Bear is aesthetically pleasing when drafting a note, not that great viewing at it since it includes the markdown characters. iPad app is also nice in contrast to Synology Note Station that does not exist. Update #2 Both Synology and Bear support note encryption. Bear however doesn’t when note includes attachments Bear is amazing if you need to write html using markdown. Really amazing
  13. I am currently testing the search function on the alternatives. I 'll post my results when they are ready
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