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  1. mac Evernote for Mac 6.0.4 Beta 2 Released

    Also, I figured out why the inline isn't working... it seems that Evernote doesn't like when the file extensions are capitalized (changing .PDF to .pdf fixed the problem).
  2. mac Evernote for Mac 6.0.4 Beta 2 Released

    I really don't know the answer to this question, so take it at face value. Is there a way that notes don't always have to be "migrated from previous versions?" Are the versions doing such different things to the formatting that they have to be changed? I'm asking, because it makes life more difficult because I can't downgrade to a version that I know and trust (like when renaming attachments doesn't work or I can't seem to get PDFs to show up inline). It just feels so frustrating to feel like functionality for the user in their daily lives is taken for granted because of gimmicky (at least in my case) features keep being added. I know it's worked out for some people, but I still don't understand the concept of Presentation mode, and chat–I don't need, nor do I want another platform to have to look for messages in, and the icon takes up space that could be used to show more of the tags on a note. Don't get me wrong, interoperation and intercommunication with other parts of life isn't bad, but some of the choices to expand are worrisome, especially when there are functionality issues. I'm not saying you guys were responsible for it, but I honestly had to take a moment and pause when I saw you guys were selling socks. SOCKS. Not socks that track my footsteps and somehow save a daily journal in Evernote, but socks, because (at least from my perspective) you wanted to make some more cash selling merchandise. The selling point of Evernote has never been (and nor should it be) the marketing of bright, green paraphernalia; the selling point has been the product and expansion has come from word of mouth. I'm sorry for the rant, but I really need you guys to understand (or at least I need to feel like you guys understand) that it's disconcerting to all of a sudden have a day in fluctuation or on hold because there could be something broken with your product.
  3. mac Evernote Mac v6.0.2 Released

    There still seems to be an issue that prevents renaming PDF attachments (without doing a carriage return down from the note title). A new issue for this version seems to be that I can only drag and drop a PDF to outside of the app once before it won't work anymore (unless I quit out and re-open the app).
  4. mac Evernote Chat

    Please allow me to hide, close, or totally get rid of this. Right now "Chat" has prioritized landscape over my search bar when I minimize the window. I'm not going to use it when it is expanded, and I'm not going to use it when the window is shrunk, I'm just never going to use it.
  5. Evernote for Mac v6.0 and v6.0.1

    I thought I saw it was fixed in the release notes, but I'm still having issues with renaming PDF attachments (I'm still having to use the carriage return work-around).
  6. mac Evernote for Mac v5.7.2 Released

    Any time table on a fix or a work-around?
  7. Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 5

    So I saw when I updated that it was migrating my notes to the new version. I've just been having trouble with this beta (the notes are just populating too slow for my workflow). Should I be able to replace the beta install with the "public release" version install and be back to normal or can I not go backward at this point?
  8. Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 5

    So the edit to my edit, is that it seems to take a while for the attachments and content to populate inside the note.
  9. Evernote for Mac 5.6 Beta 5

    So... um... I can't see any of my attachments inside the note. I can see the thumbnail, but the notes are empty. (I'm worried) I'm less worried... it came back.
  10. safari Web Clipper 6 for Safari - BETA

    Clipper v. - OS version number : 10.9 - Safari version number : Version 7.0 (9537.71) - URL where issue happens : FileMaker help pages - Description of steps to reproduce it. I open it up and the frames seem to not be anchored to right side of the page (where the Evernote bar is). Screenshot
  11. Latest Skitch Beta

    Am I missing something? When I go to the HockeyApp, I see Version 2.6 (2.6.2228) from 14 June, 15:56 available. The only thing I noticed today is that the app icon has a new logo?
  12. I would take this with a grain of salt. If you're separating a note up because it is too large or cumbersome, you want to be careful about copying the note multiple times just to delete sections, as I believe this will eat into your monthly. Although, I imagine this might work if you do it while offline, and then delete all remnants of the original "copies (possessing everything)" before syncing.
  13. Direction and/or purpose of Skitch

    Thanks for responding, as that does give me a better understanding of Skitch's purpose, and, somewhat inherently, helps me to better capitalize on it.
  14. I guess this is the right place for this type of discussion because it's on the private side of things, but if I'm incorrect, just let me know. But to my point.... As a user, I often find myself starting what Skitch is intended for and how I'm "supposed" to use Skitch. I don't mean that in the sense of not being allowed, but more in the sense capability strengths and capability weaknesses. I don't mean to disparage the work and effort you guys have put into Skitch (because I know it's a lot and I know that we're your motivation), but it seems to have focused on some things that could have been ignored and ignored some things that could have been focused on. The biggest examples of this would have to be drawing (under-focused) and document annotation (hyper-focused). Perhaps my expectations were different than what you guys intended to be, but I guess I had envisioned Skitch evolving into a light and fast drawing, doodling, and sketching application--good for diagramming and explaining things. I suppose that Penultimate has kind of fulfilled this role, but my pipe dream would be to see this tweaked and enhanced to include the ability to place typed font (like the Moleskine app on iPad attempts to do, but flounders purely because the app is far too unintuitive). That said, the plan appears to make Skitch into some hybrid document/photograph (the photograph part worked well when I had to go around the house and document issues the builder still needed to fix after the house was renovated) annotation application. The problem now is that Skitch doesn't really fit either of those roles for me very well. It's too loaded to simply be a doodling app on my iPhone, and yet to "loose" to annotate documents with. To be fair, I am a bit obsessive: I really can't stand anything other than "smart highlighting" (like what is done with a cursor, as opposed to free-hand highlighting--I guess that sort of feeds into,the skeumorphism (sp?) debate) when I'm working on an electronic device (like my computer, iPhone, or iPad), but My biggest concern is that Skitch is becoming good at many things, as opposed to great at just a few things.
  15. Skitch for iOS v2.6 Beta

    I noticed that creating text (that extended beyond the original canvas) seemed to do it. While typing, Skitch would move text down a line to fit it on the screen (a feature I really appreciate), but if I go back to edit the text, it activates the infinite canvas and the text no longer fits on the screen (it does it on one long line like it used to). To fix this, I try to edit the text and manually move it to new lines. The problem becomes that the cursor becomes absolutely miniscule, and in an attempt to see where it is, I hold my thumb down on the screen (to activate the magnifying glass feature), which then causes the app to crash.