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  1. If they have time to include a "Coming Soon" section in their release notes, about "Work Chat" — an aspect of the service that has never made sense (and for what it's worth, I have NEVER heard of anyone using), then they have time to acknowledge a fundamental problem with the application that has existed since they rolled out the Electron version. The only "workaround" that I am currently aware of because the app apparently cannot do anything in the background is to open Evernote up on my phone, and stare at the screen, because the import won't keep "working" if I change apps or lock the screen. I've had five notes "importing" since last week, in which time, I could have literally: saved the websites to a USB drive; set out for a drive; drive until I need to refuel/take a nap; drive some more; sleep in the car; drive some more; get breakfast; drive some more; refuel; drive some more; get lunch; take a nap; drive some more; get dinner; drive some more; refueled; grabbed a coffee; driven some more; find a hotel; sleep in; enjoy a free breakfast; sight see in a socially-distanced and safe way in whatever town the Evernote servers are located; go back to my room; watch TV; eat again; sleep another night; wake up Monday morning (because you know... business hours); drive three hours to the main Evernote server; kindly ask someone at the warehouse to upload my five websites to my Evernote account. And then, do that all in reverse, to come back home, and that would have "imported" the information faster than what Evernote has going right now. And apologies, @applejedi1, I don't mean to take my frustration out on you — I'm mostly venting into the void, because I don't understand why Evernote has maintained this attitude that "efficiency" is only concerned with the input end of the product with a total disregard for the output of the product.
  2. What about a fix for the hours it takes leaving the Evernote app open to “import notes” so that the Share menu can be used to clip websites before the information is just “dropped?”
  3. I think what needs to be understood is that Evernote is still a growing and expanding product and solution. I know for a fact that the folks at Evernote work hard to adapt to the growing needs and organization models their customers seek to implement. While informational science is no new subject, I think it is safe to assume that Evernote, along with the rest of the Internet are still seeking to find new ways to both preserve and retrieve data. I don't see a solution coming overnight, and much less a universal one--and that's even on the front-end of things. I think it's a little unfair to say Evernote is acting arrogant, when they have and are pioneering an innovative model. I mean prior to Evernote, I had only heard of companies "renting" data storage. That said, I think you are correct in believing that new ways need to be analyzed, so that Evernote is able to organize and retrieve your growing amounts of data in a useful way.
  4. Where are you uploading the pictures from? For instance, on the iPhone, it gives you a few options as to what file size you want to upload (actual, large, etc.).
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