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  1. I was doing that for a while, but for just highlighting I found EN to be sufficient. Sending everything to Notability and storing on Google Drive, then back to EN....it was too tedious for me. I do like Notability though and would agree it's more robust.
  2. Old post, but I thought I'd chime in. I'm a bit older (late thirties) and I'm taking University courses online, one at a time. Given my slower pace and the fact that I'm taking History - a class with readings in PDF format - I just import everything into EN and then annotate/highlight the PDF's using EN on the iPad. It's great, I can sit wherever I want and I'm not tied to a computer. Wherever my iPad will go I can read my school articles. The only part that's tricky is if I want to take notes while reading something. That's where two screens really come in handy; one for reading and one for typing in my notes. I create a notebook for my current course and then put all previous course notes into a single notebook called "School-Archive". I try to keep notebooks to a minimum so I use tags to sort everything out. In my current class notebook I use tags like (readings, assignments, notes) and in my archive book there's a tag for each class (e.g. HIST 240, HIST 320). So far it's been working fairly well. I seem to be okay without using a pen despite many accounts to the contrary which state writing = retention.
  3. I'm at work right now and we have painfully slow Wi-Fi here. I'll give this a shot when I get home tonight, thanks. @gazumped - that's an idea too, just move everything into a single, offline notebook. My fear in doing that is that my memory....well, it's no elephant.
  4. My reasoning for trying other services or for wanting offline notebooks? I think you're referring to offline notebooks.... I tend to overdo things in the tech world. My desktop is backed up to an external drive and to Crashplan, with important files duplicated yet again on services like Flickr and GoogleDrive. I'm thinking that for a relatively small amount of storage space on my phone that these notes will take, it's worth it in the event I'm ever lost without a data connection. I use EN a lot to store event tickets and other such documents so I'm terrified of that moment where I need something and for some reason I have no cell connection. By setting up offline notes I know that I have everything all the time, even if I'm stranded in the middle of the Sahara. Hey - it could happen.
  5. I left Evernote for about 4 days to explore other possibilities after the price hike (I'm a premium subscriber), but for various reasons I've decided I just love this app too much, and I've come back. One of the things that I've decided to implement upon my return - and now that I have a 64GB phone - is offline notes. I have about 1500 notes consisting of about, oh, 3GB maybe. Last night when I got home from work I went into the EN settings and selected "Offline Notebooks" and "Download all notes". I checked on the progress throughout the evening by viewing my notebooks - it shows a little progress bar under each one. I know it's 3GB which is a decent size and it'll take a while, but after leaving it overnight it's still only about 1/4 the way finished. My internet connection is pretty fast, and just last night I updated an Xbox game in about 5 minutes - the download was 650MB. I also noticed that when I unlock my phone or go back into the EN app, it appears to be starting a sync each time as it says "Looking for files to download". It's almost as if it only syncs when I have the EN app open. I have enabled background refresh thinking that might help but no. Still slow. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas to speed this along.
  6. I've been an EN member since 2010, and a premium subscriber for at least 90% of that time. I recently imported everything into OneNote as I've used both OneNote and EN for quite some time, and I can't justify the $89 CAD for the premium subscription. Sorry, but PDF annotation isn't worth quite that much to me. Anyway... One thing I find funny - and I'm guilty of it too at times - is how we let our biases play into things. For example, the stories above about how EN is worth it because it held receipts and let you look up old purchases. You can do that in OneNote just as easily, and OneNote is free. You could also save the receipt on Dropbox or Google Drive, or even file it in a folder in your desk. It's not like EN is the only way to do this. I've also seen a lot of comments bashing OneNote where I just think to myself "actually yes it CAN do that", "actually that's not true" and "well, you can, just differently". It works both ways though too, to be fair - there are lots of comments on here in favor of OneNote that don't take all the EN features into account. I know it's impossible to remove biases but if we could pair it down a bit on both sides the discussion would be far more fruitful and factual.
  7. I have two gripes with selecting a reminder date and time within the Windows app. Both may be easily solved but for the life of me today, I'm struggling. I don't use a lot of Evernote reminders but these issues have plagued me from time to time. 1) How does one select a time and assign an AM or PM? I see the time in the dialogue box (attached image), but there is no indication if the time is AM or PM. Last week I had an alert go off at 9pm when it should have went off at 9am. 2) There needs to be a "save" or "set" button. After selecting a date and trying to select a time (see question 1), I'm always lost, wondering what to do next and then I have to wonder if it "saved" my reminder or not. Maybe I'm just not understanding something but I find the process to be extremely frustrating.
  8. I don't often clip multiple emails, but today I had cause to do so and ended up on this thread. +1 for adding the multiple clip thing back but also...kudos on a very nice redesign. I really like the new interface and in that respect I prefer it over the previous version. Just yah, bring back the ability to clip more than one email at a time!
  9. This is an odd statement I know, but I miss being able to see my Evernote usage since the new pricing plan came into effect. I'm a premium member so instead of showing me the progress bar telling me how much data I'm using, it just says "Unlimited". That's awesome, don't get me wrong, but the analytical nerd inside of me wants to quantify my Evernote usage. So consider this the first (I think) vote to bring back a usage meter of sorts
  10. After 5 months I have a pretty good idea about what worked and what didn't. Finally got around to writing it up. This is my experience going paperless with Evernote and Notability. http://www.techbarber.com/going-paperless-school-work-possible-not-everyone/
  11. For the most part, the way a scan is "enhanced" after a photo is taken is quite helpful. There have been occasions though where I'll scan a piece of my kid's artwork and when the enhancement kicks in it totally ruins the scan. Is there a way to toggle the enhancement on/off?
  12. I'm sold. Seriously - I am. I hadn't thought of the app's potential for non-Evernote users. From this perspective, it makes total sense. Now that we agree, how about this... Let's put the slick scanning functionality found in Scannable into Evernote. That way, for guys and girls like me that use EN daily, we can scan things with the same amount of awesomeness as scannable. I also have to admit, I've scanned a few things with my phone rather than my ScanSnap because Scannable does make things ridiculously quick and easy.
  13. I've been using Scannable for a bit now, and I have to say it's pretty phenomenal. I'm just curious though, why is this scanning function not just built into the Evernote app? I would almost make the argument that a separate, stand alone application for scanning will just confuse a lot of the user base. I mean, why would I scan anything using the Evernote app now when I can do it faster in scannable? Just not sure why this necessitates an entirely separate app.
  14. That worked beautifully for this guy (me).
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