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  1. It is also interesting to note that Ian Small has not tweeted since Sept 16th. I think that is highly unusual given the volume and velocity of negative feedback.
  2. They could have someone from the company (for example, Ian Small) get on these threads and explain what is going on, what the roadmap looks like, and provide a bit of reassurance. They could also take a look at the Notion Help and Support page if they want to see what a communicative and responsive company does. Not that hard. (And by the way, the "hundreds of millions of users" statement is a bit hyperbolic. The vast majority are freemium users who may not use the app very often if at all. Evernote definitely has a customer engagement problem). See: https://www.profitwell.com/recur/all/evernote-tradeoffs
  3. The lack of communication and support is certainly troubling and totally unnecessary for a company the size of Evernote. I believe that this may be a last ditch effort to salvage the platform and it doesn't seem to be working too well. That is why I exported all of my data and moved to Notion. I still have my stuff on EN for the time being and am watching closely to see what happens. However, things do not look good.
  4. My solution is to store all of the data I need offline in markdown format and access it with the Atom Editor. Atom is also an Electron app...in fact Atom Shell became Electron. I just export the folders I need from Notion, rename them, and set each one up as a project folder in Atom. It reads the markdown files just fine and has a very good directory structure. The search function is decent. You can also export as HTML and open in a browser. It creates a directory page with all of the files and links to each individual page. Very slick!
  5. Electron seems to be a dominant platform for SaaS web apps. Visual Studio Code, Slack, Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, Pexels, Notion, Wordpress, and now Evernote all use the platform.
  6. They obviously made that decision for economic reasons. They could not afford teams of devs to support Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. Electron runs everywhere with a uniform code base. Welcome to the world of SaaS web apps!
  7. That is why I am using Scrivener as an alternate app for stuff I need to have available locally. It syncs to Dropbox and it is blazingly fast.
  8. There is some optimization that can be done, but you will still be limited by the Internet and their servers on the Electron platform: https://www.electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/performance
  9. Electron (and the Atom editor) are not known for blazing speed since the are running Node.js on Chromium. They will never be as fast as compiled code.
  10. That is because it is now running directly from a web browser (Chromium) rather than downloading the data and accessing it on your computer. So, you are totally dependent on their servers and your Internet connection.
  11. It is all Electron DB and everything is stored in a local data cache. More info on Electron here: https://www.electronjs.org/docs
  12. I don't think responsiveness is the issue as much as the feature set. And version 6 uses several technologies including Chromium, SQL Lite, HTML Tiny, libxml, Open BSD, libwebsockets, etc. Evernote 10 and Notion are a different beast entirely. Just look at the file structure.
  13. Yeah. it basically is a derivative of Chrome apps...and the Atom editor. I believe it was originally called Atom shell.
  14. Different strokes for different folks...if you are content and it works for you, no need to change.
  15. No exex export. Options are PDF, Markdown+CSV, and HTML. It would be easy to get any of those into EN. By comparison, the current EN only offers ENEX export.
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