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  1. I noticed the send to Evernote option missing as well. I also use it often. If Evernote wants to be the go to note app, then it must integrate and be accessible all the time when working on the desktop (in my case windows 10).
  2. absurd is the word for this. Creating a new note on the fly, regardless of what app I'm in is essential. How could Evernote not get this? In fact, I have most of my mouse buttons configured to do something in Evernote. One mouse button is configured to do a search in Evernote which is great because regardless of the program I'm in, I can quickly open up Evernote, and see the cursor flashing in the search field.
  3. this is exactly what I was finding. A few weeks ago, I submitted a ticket and after some back and forths, was told that they understood the issue and will work on it. In the meantime they said, to make my shortcuts on the other devices rather than the desktop version. I'm now in the habit of doing that but I still use the desktop version a lot and would like it to work.
  4. WOW....same issue.....got a new laptop, end of the year, thinking of my transformations, which include many levels, one of which was moving away from Google chrome to Firefox (which is touting lately of being worthy of my attention) - yet I can't clip a PDF into Evernote. Help me understand why (is it really security??!!?)
  5. As to point two - exactly. When I am in research mode on the web, often I will bookmark a page. I recognize useful content and see this as my first pass. Then, later, I will make a second pass and give more attention to the content. However, if I run the web clip search, the results will include clips of sentences, quotes, that are more for reference. I certainly don't want to see them when I revisit my bookmarked pages. Be nice to distinguish as indicated by mcdullhall.
  6. I'm having the same issue, noticed it yesterday....and also intrigued by OP's practice of altering shortcuts daily...I do the same, although not everyday (but often enough to make it a productivity workflow practice)
  7. Thanks PinkElephant. I did a little more playing around and realized it was having the VGA monitor plugged in that is causing the problem, no doubt for the reasons you indicate. In fact, I just posted the following review to this product. I will paste it here as it is relevant. "This is a good product with a variety of ports. I bought it to work with my new Dell xps 13 which has three thunderbolt / USB C ports. I have two monitors that i connect with my laptop...however, connecting the VGA into this device will give a nice display on the monitor but unfortunately breaks a func
  8. unfortunately, the adapter didn't work...this wireless mouse REALLY wants to be in its own port.....i have the clipping functionality I want when i plug the the mouse usb adapter directly into a USB C / Thunderbolt port. The only problem with that is that the adapter mentioned in my previous posts will not run both monitors at once (HDMI and Serial). I'm assuming this is due to power?? Does anyone have experience with that multiport adapter? If I could get that to work with both monitors, then the mouse can have its own dedicated port. I REALLY miss that clipping function....
  9. I figured out what the issue was from playing around. It seems to be located in the following hub https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07VLLKHBV/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_q167Db8WMM0TG that I needed to buy in order to connect all my peripherals to the new xps 13. I currently have my wireless logitech M510 mouse connected into one of the USB ports of this hub (I tried both USB 2.0 and 3.0). For years I have configured all my mouse buttons to activate certain Evernote tasks like jump to a search and create a new note. However, the particular clipping function does not work with this hu
  10. I have a new laptop (dell xps 13, windows 10) running evernote (the latest version) with two external monitors (one hdmi, the other serial). I have a problem with "clip screenshot" when connected to my external monitors. This used to work on my old laptop (same basic setup of two external monitors). However, with my recent new laptop, when activating clip screenshot, I no longer get the cross hairs to see what I'm selecting (for example a region). And the monitor displays jump and distorts. The interesting thing is that if I click and drag, it does capture the region and
  11. same problem with, very annoying, don't like rolling back either
  12. I want something fast and the letter 'd' configured to delete a note would be much faster to me and perfect. I work in a dark corner, no back lit keyboard, the delete key is on upper right of laptop, this is 2018 working with hands crossed like that is too onerous! I'm open to autohotkey but would not know how to write a script...
  13. speed of workflow is the issue I use Evernote to capture everything, but then I need to go back, say, once a week (like good GTD practice) and process all those notes. Many of them are deletable, but I could have 300 in a week that I need to process...so since my left hand is already resting on the keyboard, the letter d would be perfect to use to quickly delete those brain farts that should be consigned to oblivion. (I already have my gmail hotkeys set up to do this, and it's blazing fast). Can it be done?
  14. I would really like to have a hotkey that would delete a note. What I would like is to make the letter 'd' a hotkey that deletes a note. It would really speed up workflow, as I already have my left hand on the keyboard and if I could delete notes by hitting 'd' on the keyboard it would be really useful for me. What are the possible ways I can do this? It sure would be quicker than right clicking, or reaching for the delete key..... If Autohotkey is the only way to do this, I would need the script to insert... Appreciate any help!
  15. Just upgraded to and notice that Control + Space does not simplify formatting anymore.....anyone else having this problem? Have tried on numerous notes....Was a great feature has this been removed??
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