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  1. same problem with, very annoying, don't like rolling back either
  2. I want something fast and the letter 'd' configured to delete a note would be much faster to me and perfect. I work in a dark corner, no back lit keyboard, the delete key is on upper right of laptop, this is 2018 working with hands crossed like that is too onerous! I'm open to autohotkey but would not know how to write a script...
  3. speed of workflow is the issue I use Evernote to capture everything, but then I need to go back, say, once a week (like good GTD practice) and process all those notes. Many of them are deletable, but I could have 300 in a week that I need to process...so since my left hand is already resting on the keyboard, the letter d would be perfect to use to quickly delete those brain farts that should be consigned to oblivion. (I already have my gmail hotkeys set up to do this, and it's blazing fast). Can it be done?
  4. I would really like to have a hotkey that would delete a note. What I would like is to make the letter 'd' a hotkey that deletes a note. It would really speed up workflow, as I already have my left hand on the keyboard and if I could delete notes by hitting 'd' on the keyboard it would be really useful for me. What are the possible ways I can do this? It sure would be quicker than right clicking, or reaching for the delete key..... If Autohotkey is the only way to do this, I would need the script to insert... Appreciate any help!
  5. Just upgraded to and notice that Control + Space does not simplify formatting anymore.....anyone else having this problem? Have tried on numerous notes....Was a great feature has this been removed??
  6. Just updgraded to and notice that Control + Space does not simplify formatting anymore.....anyone else having this problem? Have tried on numerous notes....Was a great feature has this been removed??
  7. SAME problem skitch 3.4.1 iOS 10.2 iPhone 7 plus
  8. I just moved to Evernote business and am very disappointed to not have the option to search both personal and business notes in the same query. Will this be changed? It should be, like the others posting here, there could be no possible reason to not have it - especially since it's on the iOS app (again, for good reason!).
  9. I remember seeing the right and left arrow for navigation, but not with the control key - that's what worked for me (on windows), THANKS! Using a table of contents doesn't work or is that only for Mac? I can make the TOC and start the note in Presentation mode, but once I click on a link, can't navigate forward to next note in TOC
  10. Gazumped that worked! I do not recall reading that anywhere, did I miss it? It's a little busy on the keyboard - I can use spacebar to move through a longer note, then need to do control right arrow to move to the next note. Correct me if I am wrong, but spacebar should be doing all that? If not, I can work with this until they fix it. On a related note, is there a way to get better formatting for a note I clip from a webpage? I use control spacebar in the note to simplify the note format but it doesn't seem to improve the note when in presentation mode - still doesn't look as good as a note I created and typed up.
  11. I was told by the initial Evernote support agent that there were no issues regarding presentation mode working. My issue is that when selecting multiple notes, and entering presentation mode, only the first note presents. There is no advancing to the other notes. A second agent then told me that this was a known issue. I was surprised to hear that because I could not find any information about it being a 'known issue'. Is this a known issue and have others had this problem, and is there a solution to try?
  12. I like the option to make edits to images inside notes.... However, when I click to annoate an image, due to the way the annotation app opens, I have to click 4 or 5 times just to get to the point of making edits. Is there a way to save my configuration so that: the window opens up in full size the zoom is at 200% or larger I know I can force the window configuration I want with regular Evernote note windows but how do I do it with the annotater window? Thanks, Brad
  13. Thanks csihilling and jmichael - all is working as it should be, as I have renamed the child tags accordingly...really appreciate everyone's help! Brad
  14. Guys, I thought I had the answer from today's discussion...however, I seem to be struggling with the search syntax..... I had already set up my parent tag (yes, mostly for quick view and aggregation of child tags) I named the many child tags as followed: graphics_activefit images_activefit installation_activefit etc, etc, about 50 childs follow this format (it makes it easier for me to quick tag) I've done my research for this project, and am now needing to quickly search for material which can be in several places. However, now I am struggling with the search. I guess I would like to search on text within any tag with the suffice _activefit I am not having luck, and it probably has to do with wildcards...I thought the following would work, but it doesn't --- tag:*_activefit [text] Can it be done? by the way, I only use one notebook and tag everything but I thought parent child would work for the purposes of this project...
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