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  1. Yep. I've just set up a test task in Android to complete today, repeating after completion at an interval of 2 days. It's just appeared for two days time as per expected behaviour
  2. Hey - hmmm, working fine for me on web. As Jon has said, right now this is as good as tasks has ever been in my view. If no joy with the full reinstall, let us know. Happy to screen share with you if needed to see if anything jumps out
  3. Hey @clypac - fully understand, not an easy one to absorb. There is another way though, as @Dave-in-Decatur intimates....and that is to lean into the product and use it's range of features more fully. The comment around tasks is an indication....IMHO, there is no need to have a todoist account if tasks in EN are used to maximum potential. Just one example. Happy to help you embrace the full potential of the product if you like, and I am sure there are other EN experts equally happy to do so
  4. Very much a known issue dudes, they are absolutely working on a fix. Frustrating I know. PS - this is a user to user forum @Larry Mun but I assure you the issue is well understood, if not yet the fix
  5. Hey - as @gazumped has noted, feedback is vital. I genuinely think when things are straightened out we'll have an astonishing productivity support product on our hands across all platforms (Web, for me, is already where I want it) Please follow this link to report/vote on your issue. Password is Evernote https://pollunit.com/en/polls/forum-issues
  6. Hey Eden - hope all is well with you. If you haven't already, could you possibly support the team by submitting/voting for you issues through this link, password is Evernote https://pollunit.com/en/polls/forum-issues Thanks, Neil
  7. Hey - as @agsteele has noted, can we ask you to be a star and provide the detail through here....https://pollunit.com/en/polls/forum-issues I appreciate it must be a frustration. Its nearly as frustrating to hear of, and try to support with, issues the I am not personally experiencing. I think it will be worth the effort. The EN I and many experience is such an asset. Anyway....good luck Neil
  8. Hey @Danni P. you well? This is true. Though, when you perform a note search, filtering for PDFs, it WILL find the notes when the search term is in the PDF even when it isnt in the note text (I just tried this with search term "optometrist")....is that not sufficient for your search needs? Or do you absolutely need to be able to see the words highlighted in the PDF viewer?
  9. Very well known issue (my current, and only, frustration), escalated again just yesterday by several Experts to guarantee some enhanced air time with the top brass. I haven't had an update since and wasn't able to attend today's expert's get-together where I assume there was an update. And, for the record @agsteele.....mine is a Pixel.....
  10. Hey all - superbly written thread this, lots of balance and consideration. I agree with everything quite honestly. Its a big hike, for sure. Pay it if you see it as justified, don't if you don't, and no one could question that. Rule one of productivity mgmt is surely to attach yourself to a process and system that works, not a particular provider. As it happens, for what it's worth, the thing works for me really really well and is in line with my system and my expectations. If it didn't I would be gone. But, like, there ARE bigger issues in the world, right? Like, for example, Everton's midfield......
  11. Hey Man - nope, just did a test submission now. What device?
  12. Hey - I have DMd you. Let me know if I can help further. Neil
  13. Hey - sent you a DM. If I can help further let me know. Neil
  14. Hey - I have sent you a DM through here. Have a look, let me know if I can help Neil
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