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  1. Yep, Developers should not be active here. They have to fight for their (internal) sprint goal. But it would be fine to see some more "Customer Success Officers" here - a group somewhere between support and product management. I'm sure, they have some on their payroll - but sometimes customer feel they are picking popcorn while only watching the forums ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. ... and they really care even for old accounts ๐Ÿ™‚ (this one here was lost due to some changes in my business account configuration - but the succeeded to re-enable it after some days of work - THXs to EN-support!)
  3. Simply Right-Click on an already created tag and select 'Create tag in "<this>"...' to create a sub-level tag (if you are a Windows user - if not, I'm sure that other platform offer similar functionality ๐Ÿ˜‰). I've done so with groups of tags to describe note attributes like "When?", "Who?", "Where?", "Type" and so on. My current tag tree looks like the following: You can find a more-in-detail description of this methodology in http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114779-using-tags-to-implement-dynamic-todo-lists/. This makes it completely unnecessary to structure notebooks in deep hierarchies. I've around 10 stacks of several notebooks organized by tags like described above. Nobody needs more. Full stop ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Moreover I just saw a nice feature regarding auto-converting link formats: If I inserted external links ("https://...") to other documents (like an eMail body in Outlook) and then Copy&Paste this text back to an EN note EN converts it to an internal link ("evernote://..." automatically (NICE) and changes the colour to green (default for internal links! - very good) But... If I inserted external links ("https://...") to an eMail body in Outlook and then use "Save to Evernote" to move my sent message to EN EN does not auto-convert the links (@EN-Developers: WHY?) THX for clarifying this - it leads me to some more investigations/findings (for Windows users) Note -> Copy internal link (Ctrl-Alt-L) creates internal links to be pasted within EN (OK) creates external private links to pasted outside EN (OK) Note -> Share -> Copy sharable link - in Main window creates external public links to pasted anywhere (OK - but be careful!) @EN-Developers: This command should show accelerator info ("Ctrl-/") Note -> Share -> Copy share URL (Ctrl-/) - in separate Note window creates external public links to pasted anywhere (OK - but be careful!) @EN-Developers: Please use other accelerator becasue "Ctrl-/" cannot be used on German keyboards Regarding "but be careful!": In my opinion, this command should be named "Copy public share URL" in all cases to grant a user to be aware of this. Up to now, a Public url remains public (with no password requirement) until a user explecitely stops access by command Note -> Share -> Share note... > Turn off But who knows this complicated commands later or is even aware ot public links later? @EN-Developers: please think about ๐Ÿ˜‰
  5. What's the difference? On Windows, I sometime had the feeling that EN places both formats the clipboard (this is possible in Windows - we use this feature in our programs ;-)). So any other application is free to select the propper one for its own purpose during paste (Word: https:..., Evernote itself: evernote:...) Maybe I was confused during my tests. But I think they should not be toooo clever: If I have two distinct commands to place explicitely one URL in the clipboard, I will use the desired one in any case. BTW: In my environment I use the internal URL even in external cases like (HTML based) texts. Doing so, Windows will launch EN to show my note (and not a browser with un-comfortable EN-UI). This is why I mentioned [A] as a FAIL ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. Small addendum: to [A] Because "Note -> Copy Internal Link" works like a "Note -> Copy External Link" in this case (in a New window), this is could be seen as a feature (with invalid naming) - and it is the only way to get an external link to my note ๐Ÿ˜‰. @EN-developers: Please end up these boring discussion by simply offenering both commands ("Note -> Copy Internal Link [CTRL-ALT-L]" and "Note -> Copy External Link [CTRL-/]") ... in both modes (Main window and New Window) ... with accellerators shown in command menus (to help to remember them easily for new users) ... and an other accellerator than "Ctrl-/" for German power users ๐Ÿ˜‰ THX for your attention...
  7. Huh, annoying because it makes a difference whether you are working on note within EN's main window or with a New Window ๐Ÿ˜ž If you are working on a note in EN's main window Command "Note -> Copy Internal Link" shows an accelerator "CTRL-ALT-L" ... and stores a classic URL in Window's clipboard (OK) CTRL-ALT-L does this job without clicking through the command (OK) "CTRL-/" does NOT work (FAIL) ... on German keyboards because a "/" is reachable only by using a shift key ๐Ÿ˜ž and CTRL-SHIFT-/ seems to have no or any other functionality Command "Note -> Copy External Link" is not available (WISH: offer command) ... so I've no possibility to generate an external URL in this mode - but... If you are working on a note in a New Window (my preferred method to work in parallel in several notes) Command "Note -> Copy Internal Link" shows no accelerator (WISH: show an accelerator) ... and stores an external URL in Window's clipboard (FAIL: should store an Internal URL) [A] "CTRL-ALT-L" works even it is not mentioned in command and places an external URL in clipboard (OK) "CTRL-/" does NOT work (FAIL) - as above... Command "Note -> Copy External Link" is not available (WISH: offer command) - as above... THX RavBoy!
  8. Question: Is it possible to retrieve a classic note link ("evernote:///...") to a note directly from the user interface? Background: RClick on a note only offers "Copy Internal Link (Ctrl-Alt-L)" which ends in a "https://..."-URL to be inserted in other documents (like Excel, Word, ...) On a MAC someone tolds me to press an "option button" after RClick to find the command - but on Windows, I've neither an Option-Button available nor does CTRL work :-( My current workaround is to paste the internal link to a (new, temp.) note text then RClick on this new inserted text and "Edit..." the link. Within the small dialog, I can Cut&Paste the internal syntax string... But this is time wasting and complicated...
  9. From my point of view: A note should NEVER change its internal ID (is it a GUID?) when it gets moved. Even if I export a note and re-import it, its ID should be retained as long as possible (means: as long as it does not exist in the importing EN instance [*]). This is the only way to keep links (from note to note or from outside to a note) valid as long as possible. Currently a note gets a new ID during import operations which means that links are broken - even if you import a bunch (of linked) notes in one operation :-( [*] If a note ID is already available, EN should compare the note's content: I they are identical, the imported note can be ignored. If they are not identical, either the newer version might win (and overwrite the older) or the notes should be merged (simply like you can merge different notes...)
  10. FYI: I wrote to support and got Ticket# 2613860. They have an URL that does not clip and a log that shows that "nothing" is done ;-). They can reproduce and confirmed the bug - but have no solution so far (OK, I might use Firefox or Safari as a workaround...). I'll keep You informed about further success stories...
  11. Maybe I misunderstood the question. But if you have a local HTML file and want to "clip" it to a EN note, you might to define an import folder with Tools -> Import Folders... and simply copy your file to this folder. EN tracks changes within this folder an automatically imports files to a note before removing the file (because it's saved in EN ;-). Going this way work fine for me because EN displays HTML files directly as note text - not as an attachment.
  12. @gazumped: Contacting support is like a lottery: If you win a first price, you will get someone who does not ask for a screen videos, a logfile and many other detailed information on things that can (and are) described in one or two short sentences. EN's forums are not so big that they cannot be monitored by one or two supporters. They DO it (I'm sure and I rely on it) - wo what's the problem to save our time and nerves and simply say "OK, we see the problem, we're working on it and we have some hints to work around it."? WebClipper has been a reliable tool for a very long time - currently it is completely unusable if I have to check for it's results in every single use.
  13. So it is NOT mentioned. A bug with that an attention value should be mentioned if it is fixed. I will not go the beta testing torture to figure it out, sorry.
  14. Yes, we have priority access. But on such a wide (common) problem it might be easier to collect messages and answer them with one or a few statements. Even a well organized support team can be flooded by such incidents (that then have to be answered one by one).
  15. Full agree - it's frustrating :-( Some pages and|or articles work (are uploaded completely), some (most) are ignored in full or come to ENs server as an empty note. In these cases there is no response from clipper (in Chrome) and the log tells me "Note ... has been uploaded" and some other lines like "Sync finished". I'm using actual Chrome 68.0 and EN-Clipper 7.4 in German UI on an actual Windows10 system (64 Bit).
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