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  1. From my point of view: A note should NEVER change its internal ID (is it a GUID?) when it gets moved. Even if I export a note and re-import it, its ID should be retained as long as possible (means: as long as it does not exist in the importing EN instance [*]). This is the only way to keep links (from note to note or from outside to a note) valid as long as possible. Currently a note gets a new ID during import operations which means that links are broken - even if you import a bunch (of linked) notes in one operation :-( [*] If a note ID is already available, EN should compare the note's content: I they are identical, the imported note can be ignored. If they are not identical, either the newer version might win (and overwrite the older) or the notes should be merged (simply like you can merge different notes...)
  2. FYI: I wrote to support and got Ticket# 2613860. They have an URL that does not clip and a log that shows that "nothing" is done ;-). They can reproduce and confirmed the bug - but have no solution so far (OK, I might use Firefox or Safari as a workaround...). I'll keep You informed about further success stories...
  3. Maybe I misunderstood the question. But if you have a local HTML file and want to "clip" it to a EN note, you might to define an import folder with Tools -> Import Folders... and simply copy your file to this folder. EN tracks changes within this folder an automatically imports files to a note before removing the file (because it's saved in EN ;-). Going this way work fine for me because EN displays HTML files directly as note text - not as an attachment.
  4. @gazumped: Contacting support is like a lottery: If you win a first price, you will get someone who does not ask for a screen videos, a logfile and many other detailed information on things that can (and are) described in one or two short sentences. EN's forums are not so big that they cannot be monitored by one or two supporters. They DO it (I'm sure and I rely on it) - wo what's the problem to save our time and nerves and simply say "OK, we see the problem, we're working on it and we have some hints to work around it."? WebClipper has been a reliable tool for a very long time - currently it is completely unusable if I have to check for it's results in every single use.
  5. So it is NOT mentioned. A bug with that an attention value should be mentioned if it is fixed. I will not go the beta testing torture to figure it out, sorry.
  6. Yes, we have priority access. But on such a wide (common) problem it might be easier to collect messages and answer them with one or a few statements. Even a well organized support team can be flooded by such incidents (that then have to be answered one by one).
  7. Full agree - it's frustrating :-( Some pages and|or articles work (are uploaded completely), some (most) are ignored in full or come to ENs server as an empty note. In these cases there is no response from clipper (in Chrome) and the log tells me "Note ... has been uploaded" and some other lines like "Sync finished". I'm using actual Chrome 68.0 and EN-Clipper 7.4 in German UI on an actual Windows10 system (64 Bit).
  8. As a Premium user You are able to retrieve older versions of notes by clicking on Note and then using Note -> Note History... But this is possible only if you can find a deleted note in Trash ;-). So it's not a good idea to cleanup Your Trash... Just found for myself: As a Business user you even cannot delete notes from Trash. To permanentely remove notes you have to be administrator and use the admin console screen.
  9. Now I can see the problem with a list of more than 4k notes :-) But in my case the slider does not bounce back to the original position. If I release the mouse button at the upper or lower end it bounces back only some lines. So the first (or last) notes cannot be seen. If I start the drag operation nearly at the end and release it at the end, the bounce-back amount is lower than if I start at the middle of the list. It seems that the amount depends on the count of lines that have to be scrolled until the end. After the third or fourth try, I can reach the real end of the list... Maybe the screen resolution has any impact? I've 3.440x1.440 pixels on my screen... And: for me EN is the only application that shows this effekt. Chrome, NotePad++ and VS work correct.
  10. Contacting EN support directly is a good suggestion for such specific sync problems. But they will beg you for updating from 6.11 to current 6.13.14 since have been some fixes around sync problems in the last versions... I would try this first before wasting time while trying to play with sync options and own tests ;-) Or (if you have time): Is it really a couple of notes that will not sync? try to show notes in Top List format (Ctrl-F7), RClick in headlines and enable display of "Sync" information. Then click on "Notebooks" in left pane to show all notes and click on column "Sync" to move unsynced notes to top of list If there a no unsynced notes, You may have an other problem... Do you use many Styles with Notebooks, Tags and Shortcuts? My question comes from a log entry "Uploading 262 item styles" - but it shows a 100% completion (so this seen not to be the problem) Last try: "preferencesToUpdate"... Do You have enabled or changed setting of "on demand sync" or some other tricky (sync) options? If I remember correct, there has been some trouble with these options in younger past...
  11. Either I'm a little stupid and do not understand your problem or it is not seen here and it depends on a EN-Windows combination that causes the error. I'm using EN-6.13.14 on a Windows-10.0.17134.112 desktop. My scroll bar works fine in all note list formats. With mouse and|or keyboard. But oups... If I move the scroll bar with the mouse and move the cursor app. 3 cm right or left away from the bar (during drag operation), the slider jumps to where the operation started. But this is normal Windows behaviour and can be seen in other windows also (i.e. browser and others).
  12. I'm running this version (since 3 minutes ;-) and cannot see your problem. Quick search (Ctrl-Q) contains a working X-button. And there is no problem while scrolling the notes list (I'm working in Top List format (Ctrl-F7). For me there's not problem with the search at all (I've synced completely - not "on demand"). Maybe you use Tools > Options > Synchonizaton > [X] Enable on demand?. In this case, EN might search your local notes first (finding nothing) before starting a search on server site (finding more...). I suggest to remove this setting... @"Should I back up to a prior release?": Depends on where You come from ;-). For me, 6.13.14 is the best version since 6.8. I was happy with 6.7 for a very long time but had to move to new ones because of some Business features that are not available with this pretty stable version. You are a Premium user - so you might be happy with the version you were running before 6.13.14. Or go back to 6.7...
  13. "I don't see this problem in v. 6.13...": Oups - I'm running the same version - and I can see the problem. Even when pasting "normal" (formatted) text (i.e. source code from an IDE), blank lines will be removed. Pasting into a code block doesn't help. :-(
  14. An option would be OK - not as a default because I like to have the extension available. Normally I import some "notes" (files) by simply copying files to the import folder without having evernote involved directly. Sometimes later I work up theses notes and therefore I like to have a search like 'intitle:".xlsx"' to find such notes...
  15. This is possible only in interactive mode: If You click on "country", EN expands the search phrase to "any: tag:country tag:usa" a.s.o. :-( EN should "know" that "country" is a parent tag so that tag:country implies "any: tag:<all-subs>". As a workaround You may display search information (Ctrl-F10) click on the parent tag Rclick within the search information window and select "Save Search..." Give Your saved search a suitable name and pin it to Your shortcuts
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