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  1. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    > As an aside, do you ever expect "work chat" to work again... If they stopped any WC effort as long as they have to work on sync-, cursor,- list-, paste- and other downgrade bugs, I've no problem with that ;-) > I haven't had it work properly since prior to March of this year. Moreoften: every chat app is better than EN's work chat. Now they seem to introduce a smart link Microsoft Teams... Hope this works better than WC. They should concentrate on note management - not chatting. > it would be nice to know so that users can look for relacements instead of holding on to "hopes" Yep - full agree.
  2. Eldorado

    Creating Business Tags

    > For me the worst thing that was "implemented" when Business and Personal were split was the Inability to stack tags. Full agree - The tagging system is one of the most important features of EN. After playing some days with EN Business, I asked the support but got only disappointing answers ("Sorry, we have no solution", "THX, we logged a feature request", "Sorry, we cannot say anything about the implementation state", ...). This is more than 4 months ago - nothing happened :-( (I think they have other problemes with the windows client...) > It is also nearly impossible to manage tags in the admin console, because they are ordered alphabetically. ... so we used special characters to start tag names. Doing so, tags are collected and describe... ">..." when to act on actions (">-in-work", ">-next", ">-to-test", ">-done", ...) "_..." who is to resposible for the note ("_john", "_doe", "_micky", ...) "@..." where (office) a note belongs to ("@ulm", "@stuttgart", "@munich", ...) "~..." from where a note comes from ("~development", "~support", "~<customer>", ...) "=..." type of a note ("=overview", "=hint", "=report", "=invoice", ...) "!..." project-dependency of a note ("!EN-usage", "!new-building", "!hiring", ...) ... > Just let us have the same functionality on the business account too please. YES, at least tell us, when we can count on this. We know, there are some EN employees here to linger on our posts ;-)
  3. Before some versions (6.7?), EN retained URL hotlinks in text pasted from other locations (browser, ...) even if I use Ctrl-Shift-V (to paste without formatting information). I liked this functionality because it's really intelligent (putting URLs behind simple text is not a formatting feature ;-). Over the time (maybe together with the ugly new PDFdisplay?) this functionality was lost for any reason :-( Questions: @EN-Community: Are there some other users that liked (or would like) this feature? @EN-Developers: Can we get back the functionality?
  4. Eldorado

    Autohotkey scripts for Evernote

    Sometimes EN seems to ignore key sequences from AutoHotkey because they are coming too fast. In this case you should insert some sleep()s to slow down key press speed. Here's an example of a script that starts a checklist if you type "td " :oc:td:: Sleep 100 Send, ^{b} Sleep 100 Send, Todo:^{b} Sleep 100 Send, {Enter}^+{b} Sleep 100 Send, ^+{c} Return Result is Without the sleep() statements sometimes "Todo:" is not bold or the list is not started or checkbox is not there ;-)
  5. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    Might be a good plan - BUT: all bugs we are discussing here over the last offical and beta releases have been "implemented" beside some new features. If beta testers are informed about new features (and fixed bugs) they will test exactly this. New bugs in other (normally well known) areas tend to be unseen by beta testers (my believe). Bugs like "lost focus", "cursor jumps", "list formatting failures", "sync probs", "lost content" and so on have to (and can!) be caught during development by executing automated regression tests on developer's site. There is a bunch of tools available to implement this (my suggestion would be Ranorex ;-). As an example: We (as EN users over many years) really like the new space concept and did some tests with its special functionality. It was OK, so we decided to use it starting with 3 users, having a plan to exend our user group up to 10 or more collegues. BUT: To use most of the new functionality (and this is "only" a new management of notebooks) we have to upgrade local clients to 6.11 (or so - for sure newer than 6.7). Now all versions later than 6.7 are ugly-buggy in normal note editor...
  6. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    Do not make it toooo easy for our EN team: I'm sure most (all?) bugs we saw in the last beta an "stable" releases do not depend on windows updates. After some weeks of disappointing work with new releases I reverted to 6.7.x - and I'm happy like in older days - on different (and very new) windows updates.
  7. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.12 Beta 2

    I had and have many problems with cursor placement while entering an note to edit or during edit within bulleted lists or around PDFs. The cursor simply will not enter the note(s) for editing. If you're working in EN Business, this might be correct if you try to enter a note to which you have no write permission.
  8. I do not think that folders are blacklisted because of pride. But they are probably very very very hard to implement (based on the current internal data structure they use over many years and versions). Within EN Business there are Spaces available - something between simple stacks and free folders. They help to maintain folder permissions (read/write access to specific team members). But: With EN Business they removed support of nested tags :-( This is (in my opinion) because tags are managed outside the "normal" internal data structure and they didn't succeed to add management features for nested tags in admin console. Moreover there are global and user-local tags available that cannot be managed globally. All in all: Their development is strictly limited because of compatibility reasons to older structures. In parallel they seem to loose experienced developers and are forced to offer nice features involved from marketing (sorry - another :-( )
  9. #MeToo :-( For me the development effort goes from quality to quantity. It feels like they've lost experienced developers.
  10. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.12 Beta 2

    @EN-Team: PLEASE fix up cursor jumping problems in very next release - or I'm going crazy with EN :-( I've to verify every cursor position after activating EN to continue editing. Pasting text to EN often pastes the text but moves the window position to the end of the whole text (like hitting PAGE-DOWN some times) Copying text from EN (after activating an EN window) often fails (windows clipboard does not contain marked an copied text from EN) Within bulleted text lists: SHIFT-RETURN at the end of a text line has to move the cursor to the next (inserted blank) line (OK). But if you move the cursor with UP and DOWN keys to somewhere else, this empty line will be "optimized" away often - why? Starting a bulleted list on a new line (RETURN; CTRL-SHIFT-B) often intends content of a following text section ... The last two topics seems to appear only in notes to which formatted text (i.e. from Outlook or somewhere else) has been inserted to EN. But: All of these effects have not been seen in older versions (<= 6.7?). Together with some really ugly enhancements (embedded PDF handling, over-spaced tables, remove URLs when pasting unformatted text, ...) I also feel that EN does not care its software quality. Is it really necessary to implement feature by feature and forget already heavily used and loved base functionality?
  11. Eldorado

    Start note title with date format YYYYMMDD

    Whow! That's really easy - but I'm on Windows... Do You have a suggestion where to find some hints how to automate EN on Windows?
  12. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.10 Beta 2

    Main problem for me are handling issues during simple text input and formatting: Focus surprises: Sometimes (don't know exactly when) pasted text (from windows clipboard) is pasted at the end of note and not at current cursor position. Placement of attached PDF files: UNcheck Tools -> Options -> Note: "Always show PDF documents as attachements" If You drag PDF files from outside to a note, -> Bug: the file is placed often either somewhere above the current cursor position or at the end of the note. This is true in nearly all cases in which You try to insert the file within a bulleted list. Please try the following: type a line of text within a new note and type <RETURN> open a bulleted list by CTRL-Shift-B drag a PDF file from explorer to cursor position in note (just behind the bullet) RClick on PDF -> [V] View as Attachment -> Bug: text cursor jumps to start of note (doesn't remain after newly inserted PDF) if you have some PDF files listed in one line (view as attachments now), please try the following: place cursor at the start of the line type CTRL-Shift-B to make this line a bulleted (list) line place cursor betweed the PDF files type <RETURN> -> Bug: A new bulleted line is opend (OK) but the PDF files behind the cursor did NOT move to this line Hint: If there is a <SPACE> between the PDF files and the cursor is just before the <SPACE> before hitting <RETURN>, the file behind the <SPACE> moves to the next bulleted line. All of these effects (and some others around this) do not occur in all cases. Exactly this (suprising behaviour) drives me crazy because you have to be very careful all the time. You cannot type blind and rely on what will be the result :-( I cannot see any fixing on this issues along with the Betas. But I'm sure, these problems appeared at first in 6.8 or 6.9 (with the new PDF "features"?)
  13. Eldorado

    Evernote for Windows 6.10 Beta 2

    What's new with Beta 2 (in relation to Beta 1 from Your Release Notes are exactly the same as written in
  14. Eldorado

    Tag Improvements for Evernote Business

    THX for these insight arguments. Couldn't explain it better :-) But their plan is to widen their Business business - so they should listen carefull to really experienced customers.
  15. Nice to hear from an Evenote Employee - does this mean that this feature will be available in Business environments soon? ;-)