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  1. Evernote for Windows 6.10 Beta 2

    Main problem for me are handling issues during simple text input and formatting: Focus surprises: Sometimes (don't know exactly when) pasted text (from windows clipboard) is pasted at the end of note and not at current cursor position. Placement of attached PDF files: UNcheck Tools -> Options -> Note: "Always show PDF documents as attachements" If You drag PDF files from outside to a note, -> Bug: the file is placed often either somewhere above the current cursor position or at the end of the note. This is true in nearly all cases in which You try to insert the file within a bulleted list. Please try the following: type a line of text within a new note and type <RETURN> open a bulleted list by CTRL-Shift-B drag a PDF file from explorer to cursor position in note (just behind the bullet) RClick on PDF -> [V] View as Attachment -> Bug: text cursor jumps to start of note (doesn't remain after newly inserted PDF) if you have some PDF files listed in one line (view as attachments now), please try the following: place cursor at the start of the line type CTRL-Shift-B to make this line a bulleted (list) line place cursor betweed the PDF files type <RETURN> -> Bug: A new bulleted line is opend (OK) but the PDF files behind the cursor did NOT move to this line Hint: If there is a <SPACE> between the PDF files and the cursor is just before the <SPACE> before hitting <RETURN>, the file behind the <SPACE> moves to the next bulleted line. All of these effects (and some others around this) do not occur in all cases. Exactly this (suprising behaviour) drives me crazy because you have to be very careful all the time. You cannot type blind and rely on what will be the result :-( I cannot see any fixing on this issues along with the Betas. But I'm sure, these problems appeared at first in 6.8 or 6.9 (with the new PDF "features"?)
  2. Evernote for Windows 6.10 Beta 2

    What's new with Beta 2 (in relation to Beta 1 from Your Release Notes are exactly the same as written in
  3. Tag Improvements for Evernote Business

    THX for these insight arguments. Couldn't explain it better :-) But their plan is to widen their Business business - so they should listen carefull to really experienced customers.
  4. Nice to hear from an Evenote Employee - does this mean that this feature will be available in Business environments soon? ;-)
  5. Tag Improvements for Evernote Business

    I understand that is not that easy to organize tags in a Business environment because every user might add personal tags within shared notebooks. If these personal tags are spelled exactly as collegues did in their notebooks, we have tags of different usage with same names. If every user would be allowed to manage a local hierarchy of tags, it is impossible to manage tag hierarchies globally because every user hopes to see only his tags (in addition to tags of shared notes but without tags of unshared notes and notebooks...). BUT: The current solution of EN (showin all tags flattened in alphabetical order and thereby showing different but same-spelled tags multiple times) is the worst (but easiest to implement) solution. Here's my suggestion to come to a better organization Allow admins to define global tags and a globally used and displayed tag hierarchy Allow normal users (me) to define local (user specific) tags that have to be destinct from global tag names maybe be by specifying a special first character that will not be used in global tags Allow me to define a local (user specific) tag hierarchy and dispay it as a separate tree Show user tags of other users (used in shared notes and books) as a simple sorted list (as a third "tree") but only if other tag(name) is not definied as a user specific tag by me. In this case (other user tag with my name) it should be displayed like my tag in my tree. I'm sure, an organization will come to a common understanding of using only global (well defined) tags even in personal notebooks. Using well-defined tags and -hieraries is an overwhelming feature of EN(~Business) to organize information and workflows.
  6. EN Win10 forgetful Focus

    ... but very, very often :-( In my personal feeling, it comes up with high propability if a note contains PDFs. If I try to place a PDF within be text (by Ctrl-V or by Drag&Drop from Explorer oder Outlook), PDF appears in nearly all cases not at the desired position. In versions before having the new PDF display, focus and cursor placement problems were not that dramatically often and annoying.
  7. As a Business user I want to get an overview of last edited notes grouped by collegues. At the moment I can perform any query (i.e. "updated:day-3" for all changes of the last 3 days) - but i cannot search for a specific author or changer's name. But even if this would be possible, I would prefere to see the "last edited by" information of every note within the Top List. This is possible for the field Author - but not for "last edited by" which is much more of interrest in a team environment.
  8. OK, but if you wait for a bugfix, see the bugfix in release notes, install the new version and then recognize some other ugly things, it's disappointing. ;-) I'm sure they didn't remove their own PDF viewer from EN because in Snipped View (Ctrl-F5) and Card View (Ctrl-F6) the first page of an embedded PDF is visible (if not Viewed as an Attachment). I guess this is not a feature of the Google viewer.
  9. We're going off-topic ;-). It was a cost to develop an interface to google's viewer. Do we have been asked whether we would like to invest this? Sometimes it's the best choice to "never touch a running system"...
  10. Evernote - Research tags

    Just call it "Properties": I'd like to have the opportunity to define a self-named property with a free value to a note (like "Created", "Updated" and so on). It should be possible to add a column with this property within the note-list pane so that I can see my properties like the tags (but in an own column). Having such properties, it would be easy to assign free values, sort notes according to this column and even search for notes using a syntax like "projectX:how-to". In this case, "project" is the property and "how-to" would be a value of this property. It's enough to assign one value to such a property.
  11. OK, but if the good old pdf viewer was developed and|or owned by EN, then we would like to have the opportunity to choose with no additional cost.
  12. Windows Version 6.9 issues

    I like to use Ctrl-Shift-V to paste plane text (without additional NewLines ;-). You can switch functionality of Ctrl-V (formatted paste) and Ctrl-Shift-V permanentely (Tools -> Option -> [X] Show advanced options -> Miscellaneous shortcut keys). Very nice! But since one of the last versions, EN removed URL from pasted plane text. Stubborn correct - but stupid from my view because having text with underlying URLs is very helpfull and does not malform any formatting.
  13. Upgrade on Windows is optional also. But if you wait for a bugfix, see the bugfix in release notes, install the new version and then recognize some other ugly things, it's disappointing (even or especially to an over-all exited user ;-). You may participate in beta programs (as I've done so in in the past for some times). But this is time consuming and not really helpfull because they've released some already mentioned bugs and|or dirty features later. I.e. new table features have been criticised but are not well implemented up to now. There are many users paying for one or more Premium accounts (for myself add Business also). It's enough to rely on getting stable software with some already tested new features.
  14. Nearly full agree. EN is my favourite workflow tool and managing simple text notes is the base of all. But the text editor is getting worse with every new version: Ctrl-Shift-V (paste plane text) stopped retaining URLs In former versions it was a pretty fine feature to retain URLs during paste of texts from browsers or Outlook whereas other formatting was removed. Now Ctrl-Shift-V pastes unformatted text (good) but removes URLs (very bad) Why not offering a setting to control strict vs. smart "Paste Plane Text"? Display embedded PDFs was simple and completely sufficient Now scrolling though notes stops when a PDF comes in sight. Scrolling "jumps" to the PDF which is scrolled till end before my text (outside PDF) continues scrolling... Maybe a nice feature for somebody - but confuses me. Seeing the first page of my PDFs is enough. If I want to see more, it was possible to simply click to PageUp and -Down icons or double click on the PDF to execute a foreign viewer... Now I have to RClick->Open (hard to find vs. a simple DClick) or view (all) PDFs as attachments to avoid stupid scrolling Viewing PDFs als attachments is a bad choice because this avoids the small preview when using Ctrl-F5 ord Ctrl-F6 modes of note listings Why not offering a setting to enable the new PDF "features" vs. using the good old style? Handling of embedded PDFs (viewed as attachments) in bulletted lists If you have some embedded files continously added in one line in a bulletted list, try the following: move the cursor between the files type <RETURN> You will find a new bullet in the next line but the file just behind the cursor did not move to the new bullet If you insert a <SPACE> just before an embedded PDF, position the cursor before the <SPACE> and type <RETURN> the PDF moves to the new bullet line (but you have to remove the <SPACE> in front of it - stupid) I think, this is a bug of the new PDF handling technique - but Why not offering a setting to enable the new PDF "features" vs. using the good old style? 😉 Smaller font in left pane ... is OK for me because I can see some more notebooks and tags on my screen 😉 But new big "New Note" seems to be a bad idea of a marketing guy... We all had a Toolbar icon "New Note"... Why not offering settings to define fonts in app sections and show/remove stupid new buttons?
  15. I use different evernote accounts in parallel (2xPremium and 1xBusiness). Normally I can switch between the account by typing Ctrl-Alt-A. Since some days (after added the Business account and installing newer versions (6.8.x and 6.9.7)) Ctrl-Alt-A does not switch between the accounts. Now it displays two accounts in parallel in two windows. Might be fine for some people but makes me crazy because it is very hard keep track of the assignment of specific notes to accounts. Two questions: Is this a "feature" of using Business or the new version? Is it possible to deactivite this? I want to have only one account be active at any time (like in good old times ;-)