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  1. Can't say what might be the issue in MacOS. Users in the Mac forums might be able to say. Often, in Windows, the non-working shortcuts are conflicting with either an OS level keyboard setting or with a shortcut created by another program.
  2. You should have a scroll bar alogside the left column. The normal approach to resolving UI issues is to first try: File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote Data Then sign back in and allow Evernote to rebuild its internal data. If that doesn't work then a slightly more radical approach is to close Evernote. Uninstall the program Delete all remnants of the data and program directories - using Windows file explorer delete the two folders: %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote Reinstall the current version of Evernote Again this will force Evernote to rebuild the data but clear out all previous issues. Your screen grabs aren't clear whether you are running Evernote in Full Screen mode or have just cropped the image grab to save space. If you are in Full Screen mode (without the menu bars showing) then try tapping F11 into the more conventional mode and see what happens. If neither of these approaches work then it would be a support ticket.
  3. This add-in issue had been around for sometime. Long before v10 of Evernote was released. The only option is to forward my Email for non-Exchange messages or, I suppose, to cope and paste. You could create a macro to forward a message.
  4. I don't use Outlook but I think the add-in only works with an account that is connected to an Exchange Server. Could you home PC not be working with Microsoft Exchange? https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005997 Did you follow the error message advice and contact Evernote support? What did they suggest?
  5. @Jeffsky As @PinkElephant has said, you appear to be on the old, rebated, subscription plan for Premium so that is what you will remain on and at the price you have previously paid. If you don't need the extra, new, bells and whistles then no need to do anything and you will continue on your old price. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005157-Compare-Evernote-subscription-plans I would imagine you can expect occasional invitations to upgrade but you do not need to do so.
  6. An encrypted text block has to be permanently decrypted in order to edit the text. That's just the way it works. It isn't great and there are many conversations in the forums about the indadequacies of Evernote encryption. A much better route is to use the built in encryption functions of an external file format such as Windows, PDF etc or use an external encryption program such AxCrypt. I'm sure others are available but I know that AxCrypt works across platforms.
  7. Here's a guess... Are you using a non-English language/keyboard in Windows? If so, try switching to an English keyboard in Windows. That may work. My guess is that this is a Windows keyboard language issue conflicting with Evernote.
  8. This does seem to be a common fix. In an unrelated issue I had to change default notebook to get the Android app to function correctly.
  9. What are you currently paying for? You would be best to confirm with account support but I think the normal approach is to be charged the full amount for the upgraded sub followed by a refund of the balance left on your old sub. I haven't done this via Apple so best to check first.
  10. Or, in Windows at least, F11 should also do the same thing.
  11. @Scott T. Maybe worth telling that to the first line support. Their reply actually said: I think it was fair to infer that this is intentional It has been an issue since v10 was launched so if I have to live with it for another six months then so be it. Just another of the many minor issues that conspire to frustrate... Actually, what @PinkElephant called 'orphaned notes' is all notes. My daughter and I shared notes relating to a family vacation. We both attempted to unshare but that option didn't exist in the Android app which were using on while away so our only options were to delete the notes first. But they remain in the Shared with Me list just cluttering the place. It should be possible to remove this history...
  12. I can imagine how fristrating this issue must be. However, it isn't something that is being reported by other users and I definitely have not experienced the issue. @PinkElephant has suggested the Sign Out | Remove my Evernote data approach. A little more radical is: Sign Out Uninstall Evernote With Windows File Explorer delete the local Evernote data directory which you'll find at %AppData%\Evernote Reinstall Evernote and log back in. It will take a few minutes to rebuild your Evernote data from the cloud. This may give you a solution. Since this is an unusual issue the next step would probably be to raise a support ticket - assuming that you have a paid subscription.
  13. PDFs open just fine for me. Right click on the PDF and choose Open. Occasionally PDFs are imported and the file suffix is stripped. With Windows, no file suffix breaks the file open process. Right click and choose Rename to add the suffix of it is missing.
  14. The forums are user-to-user peer support. Very occasionally Staff do pitch in but that is rare. That said, I don't find Evernote 10 on Android to be at all 'laggy'. I switch my phone off every night so that first access of Evernote for the day does take 4 or 5 seconds before everything is ready to go. Thereafter, the app opens quicker than I can get my brain working on what I want to achieve. I know others have a different experience and it is hard to identify what the issue might be. It could be other apps running in the background consuming CPU cycles, it could be battery optimisation settings (I have Evernote set to not optimise its battery usage), perhaps an older device that is less well powered than mine or... In truth it is just a guess why you have a different experience to others.
  15. There is a thread in the Issues forum. This is, apparently, by design at present with the intention of giving you an historic list of notes shared with you - even if they are no longer available. The function is under review...
  16. Well that's curious... I only have the option to search. The notebooks available to select from are solely my default.
  17. I concur... If I share a PDF to Evernote I have to save in the default notebook. Selecting a different notebook just doesn't work. I can type the name of the new notebook in the search box but nothing is found. It has been an issue since the Android version 10 was released and I've just worked with the issue but a support ticket would be the way forward.
  18. I finally got around to posing the question to the support team and get the following response... It seems that providing a historic list of shared items has been the intention but that a revision will, eventually, arrive.
  19. I have a similar work pattern. I find that I need to compltly shutdown my PC when moving between the office (two monitors) and working from home (just the laptop screen). Definitely a Windows thing.
  20. I'm sorry to say that you possibly haven't provided enough detail to provide much insight. I'd recommend a support ticket. SInce this isn't being reported widely I'd anticipate an SSL error originating nearer to your side of the Internet connection. Does it happen when you are connected via WiFi only or do you get the same issue with mobile data? Have your tried restarting you device? An SSL error at the Evernote end would create issues for all users.
  21. If you think something is broken like this then a support ticket is probably the way to go.
  22. There is no ETA but it is under consideration. Tasks, being a new feature, is very embryonic.
  23. The most common cause is that the user logs in with a different account on the two devices. So ensure you are using the same login on the iPad and Mac. Evernote.com/contact is the place to get support.
  24. My daughter and I just discovered this issue. We were sharing a note which contained a table. The table was created in a desktop app but we were then viewing in Android. The content in the table did not wrap to the mobile view so we had to drag the note window to view the content. Dragging back to see the left side of the the now pops open the list of all notes with no means of just viewing the left edge of the original note. It seems to be a strangeness in function. Our work around... Tap in the note above the table first (entering edit mode) then it is possible to drag the table left and right. Evernote 10.15 for Android Android 11
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