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  1. I've never been aware of a keyboard command to uncheck all items in the Legacy version. I'd certainly be dlighted to know where it was. Such an option would have real potential for those lists of things are done repetitively. At the moment the Template approach is the only one that works for me
  2. Personal is actually a minor upgrade to Premium. Sure the name sounds like a downgrade but the features of Premium and Personal are the same but with the added bonus in Personal of access to Tasks and Calendars. In v10 the default view for PDFs is the Single Page view. There is no option for otherwise and is by design. I don't think any of the issues you've identified would be any different in Professional. Some are bugs and others by design. Professional uses the same software so the bugs will be common. The 'by design' things will no doubt diverge between plans but I think what you see is what we will all get until fixed.
  3. Do ensure that you have the latest version of the desktop app. v10.17.8. If you are on an earlier version or stayed with the now Legacy version then Tasks will probably not be available for you. Likewise for mobile - most recent release is, I think, 10.13.2
  4. Hi @Sergei73. I'm not sure I fully understand the process you have in mind. I haven't found a global command in Evernote labelled 'Insert clipboard in Evernote'. So I'm presuming that you mean 'Paste to Evernote'. Perhaps that's a translation thing - I'm guessing you are in Russia - in which case my apologies Instead of using Ctrl+Alt+V (or whatever the shortcut is for you) instead use the New note shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+N on my device) then paste into the blank note.
  5. Everyone here are users just like you. If you don't care to help us reproduce what you're experiencing then we can't assist you. In any case, asking for the steps needed to reproduce an issue is pretty much the standard question you'll be asked by any competent support person. Sorry you're frustrated but I guess we can't help you further.
  6. I am pretty sure that the experience for some - perhaps many- Android users is that Evernote 10 works just fine. I would describe my experience in much the same way that you describe yours with iOS. I fear that the problem is the much more diverse devices making development and testing a significant challenge. The fact that I have no problems is no comfort to those who do have problems but it does give a hint as to why resolving the issues is more challenging in Android. The options to roll back to the older v8 for Android have been well documented and it is unfortunate that Evernote did not make that easier - it might have made life less frustrating for those who rely on Evernote on the Android device. Although I'm sure that there would have been complaints about the slowness of completing the development process from those same users
  7. Joe, The issue you describe is usually due to lost credentials or logging in with the incorrect account. Since we are all fellow users around here we can only point you, as @PinkElephant has, to the information that exists in the help pages.
  8. I think that will be a different issue. This is the Android sub-forum and it does seem that version 13.1 provided a resolution to the specific Android issue. If you are a subscriber you could consider raising a support ticket for your PC issue or raise the topic the Windows forum where there may be others with a similar issue.
  9. I think I saw a suggestion that Outlook calendars would be supported... Some hope for the OP there.
  10. @PitakM I just did multi-note action on 400 notes without any problem. So my guess is that you got the syntax wrong in the json file. This is what my qa section looks like. The reason for the 50 note limit is technical. The new version of Evernote does not have a local database so each note needs to be processed inidvidually with the cloud. The legacy version made all the changes locally which were then synchronised. Enabling limits over 50 allow the users to do more but it takes over their application for as long as the process takes. 1,000 notes take a long time to process a change. So I'd advise only changing the limit if it is essential for you. "qa": { "multiSelectionLimit": 500 } You should make the change after Quitting the program then restart with the amended config.json
  11. You need to be on the current general release which is 10.13.2
  12. Works for me too. Although my Android device picked up the background I chose on my desktop. But that was when Home first arrived on Android.
  13. If you have the new Professional level then raise a support ticket. If you are a Personal account user then I believe you can only connect one calendar.
  14. You cannot add a calendar entry from within Evernote. What you can do is view your Google calendar from the Calendar widget and link notes to a particular event. Those notes are not available from with Google - just within Evernote. If there are extinct calendars listed then that will be an issue with Google which is telling Evernote that they exist. Explore your Google calendar account and ensure that these old calendars are really removed from your account.
  15. @splus "Get offline access on mobile and desktop" You'll see that this is listed as a feature of the Personal plan which is the replacement for Premium. Plus has been deprecated as a plan for three years or more. I've not seen any evidence of a replacement Plus plan but it will, inevitably, be less fully featured than Personal.
  16. Plus Tasks and Calendar which weren't part of Premium apart from the early access taster.
  17. Thanks. Actually had to disconnect my calendar and then reconnect. I suspect it was a hangover from having been in the Calendar Beta trial.
  18. The new plans have been released with access to the new Calendar option. However, even though Personal users (the former Premium band) are supposed to get 1 Calendar connection it doesn't appear to be working - at least not for me. If I access the Calendar option from the note Instert menu I am, instead, invited to upgrade to Professional with a 2 week trial... Anyone else confused?
  19. This is strange since the Premium sub is $8 per month However, it is completely possible to work as you have always done with the functions you have always used via the software you have been using. The newer version of Evernote is defintely a work in progress. If you need the functions that you have always had until now then Evernote offers what they now call the Legacy version. You can do all the scribbling and note taking that you have ever done as before. Since there are challenges for you with the v10 software then Legacy is the way to go. For sure, Legacy will, eventually, disappear but not yet and by the time it does we're all expecting that these outstanding issues will have been addressed.
  20. Please describe how you are closing Evernote. For me and my colleagues it closes to the tray if I click the X in the top right corner of the window. This, of course, only works if you use Hibernate or Standby mode in Windows.
  21. ...and would suggest you edit the post and remove your Email address. You've published it in public so make yourself open to spam and the like.
  22. Almost certainly the text included some formatting - bullets, indenting or similar. This cannot be encrypted - but it mostly couldn't be encrypted in the so-called legacy version either.
  23. I just let ScanSnap do its thing and then let Evernote do whatever OCR is needed. On the very, very few occasions when Evernote has not been as successful as I would wish with the OCR piece I open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and have it run an OCR the save back into the note. But I do this about once a year.
  24. Printing IS dysfunctional in Evernote 10. It is one of a very few issues that remain for me. I have workarounds but that shouldn't be necessary. I am quietly hopeful that this is something that will receive attention. I know that Fonts is a done deal. What we have now is what we will have in the future. If you need a full featured editor then a word processor is probably a better option and, in truth, probably always was.
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