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  1. Somewhere in 10.86.4 or recent desktop version, someone had a bright idea. The default behaviour for about the last 12 years or so has been that hyperlinks to external URLs are shown in the usual blue and links to internal Evernote content are shown in green. I write a lot of content and I clip a lot more in Evernote and it's important for me to know that I've referred to an internal piece. Now, either kind of link is shown in blue. (I thought it was only when you add new links but it is worse - all existing links to Evernote content are shown in blue - it's a choice in the rendering engine. It should therefore be fairly easy for them to fix but they have to choose to do so.) It's infuriating and slow having to change the appearance every time I paste in an internal link. If I'm not already in Edit mode, changing a link is a click and awkward mouse movement to get to a Text Colour menu.
  2. I've already done the Cookie Deletion Dance as per my offline issue and sadly it made no difference to my ability to log bugs. This is also observed with multiple clients - it may be related to my account having been around for a very long time and possibly also that I had Legacy active for a year or more, in parallel with V10, so I'm in the some people have problems bucket.
  3. I'm not sure about how the web tech used by Evernote "desktop" works in terms of where cookies are stored. It may be that it's a side-effect of the Electron tech that it stores them in something Chrome can see, or it may be where the default browser stores them. If Safari is your default browser, check the cookies in there. Or if not there, try installing Chrome so you can see if any cookies are shown. You don't have to continue using it!
  4. I have a partial fix with cookies!!!!! This seems very much a side-effect of Evernote's new web-based apps (speaking as an experienced dev). Quit Evernote desktop Go into Chrome and delete all the cookies for evernote.com Quit Chrome Relaunch Evernote desktop Disconnect network - many notes, most recently edited, are now available offline. However, scrolling through the Notes list and randomly clicking as a sampling mechanism seems to get about 10% not available offline still. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I completely nuked Evernote on my laptop and gave it weeks to download all my notes again (takes up over 43GB) but there's something weird about them.
  5. Attempting to log a bug takes you in a circle forcing login to the web client again. I wanted to log a bug about Evernote on Mac being unusable offline I tried from inside the app - it took me to the Evernote Help and Learning page https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us Pressing Technical Issues takes you to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/27869980799123-Technical-issues which has a Submit a request button. Pressing that button takes me to the Evernote web login (note this computer is currently already logged in with Mac desktop). Logged in (took a couple of minutes) and used the Need a little Help link at the bottom which takes me back to the Help and Learning page above. The help and learning page took me to another copy of the login for Evernote web.
  6. It is pathetically broken. Evernote 10 is no longer a solution for people who want travelling notes without continuous connection. I let my entire 55K+ collection re-download again thinking that may fix things. It took days, more than I had roughly calculated, to get back to a similar size of data. So I know Evernote has downloaded around 43GB of notes. But none of my notes are available offline!!! I tried two ways: Evernote not running, take laptop offline, launch Evernote Evernote running, given time to ensure latest changes from other desktop sync, then kill the wifi
  7. No, it didn't seem to help at all. Keeping Evernote in the foreground seems to run a bit faster. The Evernote folder is now up to 11.28GB with 111,171 items. Only about 4 days more of sync to go. I have 175 notebooks so not really looking forward to trying to use export to force a download but it's worth trying for the key ones, prior to my next trip. Thanks @Boot17 for the suggestion. Wearing my battered aged-developer hat, just to bust people's preconceptions, it would be completely, frustratingly possible for there to be a bug which manifests simultaneously as: Can export an entire notebook (whilst online), yet When offline, many notes show as unavailable offline. Without getting more than 2 finger's worth of single malt creative, I can think of multiple ways such a bug could be occuring and they mostly would be such pains to fix that they will be pushed too far down the priority stack to ever get seen.
  8. Are you referring to something about the sync status of Evernote data or about the Chrome-based settings sync in the developer tools? I can't find anything. I'd appreciate a hint. From a fairly brief look, the developer tools accessible now in Evernote are near-identical to those you get hitting F12 in Chrome desktop edition. They are not obviously changed in any way to reflect anything about the application logic outside of the embedded Chrome engine. Evernote is now an Electron app, basically a giant wrapper around a website with some local capabilities. (Electron is very controversial - it makes it vastly easier to roll out near-identical products across platforms, at a cost in performance and arguably robustness. A 3yo thread here.) Sync status should provide an indication of sync progress. V10 sync is only "quasi instantaneous" when there's a trivial update to map across. When you have been offline for a long time, or are setting up a new device, there may be a lot of data to sync - possibly many days worth based on my calculations. Evernote has both metadata about notes - the bare minimum you may see in a list view, and the content of notes. With 54,556 notes the metadata alone is significant. As Evernote (v10) stores Content as multiple files, there are hundreds of thousands of files to transfer, not a batch download. So far with only 4.6GB (about 11%) of my data downloaded, it's up to around 44,000 files. People who want to learn more about the issues in local-first data and sync are recommended to listen to the MetaMuse podcast episodes 41 and 78. It's a bit technical at times but the entire series is enjoyable - the only podcast non-tech wife's listened to willingly as we drive around. I'm a developer with 40+ years experience including database engines and remote data sync so a bit more informed than average users and with my opinions as to what's useful set accordingly.
  9. Given the impossibility of diagnosing what data may be corrupt, I decided to nuke my Evernote install and download the lot again. Watching the folder size grow, it seems that sync will populate at approximately 1GB/3 hours so it will take around five more days to download all my notes. I really hope that they are actually accessibly stored locally after that and I don't then find the warning that they are not available until I'm online. Watching the folders grow, it seems some binary storage format is used for the contents of notes. So there's little to explain why so many of them previously were classified as unavailable until online, unless it's a metadata corruption in a sync state database. Sync is obviously throttled through some API that's treating the populate from scratch scenario identically with normal sync with the need to coordinate. Hmmmm - I'm gonna run an experiment today of quitting all my Evernote clients (2 other Macs and my iPhone) and see if that changes anything. Will feel really stupid if that helps dramatically!
  10. How do you ensure your notes are synced up to date? There is no sync status in v10
  11. Confirming a majority of my notes are not available offline on my M1 Mac. The evernote directory is over 40GB so the size suggests the notes should be there. The Mac with the problem sits with Evernote open almost all the time, is on wifi as well as wired internet connection all the time at home. Utterly no excuse for this and I'm really worried about my next long trip.
  12. Yep, finally. I'd be utterly in love with what Evernote have done if only they hadn't taken away such valuable features from my Mac experience. I've spent years working for vendors and using better sync tech than Evernote were displaying with their embarrassing whole-note collisions. Its great to see the changes but I'm unfortunately stuck using Legacy unless they decide to support multiple results. I just spent nearly an hour recovering some old notes - one of the nice things about the Legacy local format on Mac is that it's extremely Time Machine-friendly, so you can pull back a few notes, as I'd managed to get one Mac Evernote to utterly stall and warn about several notes I edited today. Your comment on RTE has made me aware of one possible pattern that seems to be more vulnerable - if I have a given note currently selected on a V10 client and edit it on a Legacy Mac, it seems more likely to report sync errors. It would be a plausible optimisation to effectively open a chat session whenever a V10 client has a note selected, which probably puts the server into a special state for that note. (Ironically, I'm right in the middle of crafting a complex sync/sharing sample and article for apps using Realm and MongoDB, so my head is full of such strategies.)
  13. Are you a developer with experience in complex data sync? The sheer weight of metadata alone with 50K+ notes has caused problems in the past especially with mobile clients. I'll admit I'm not a web developer but the way they presenting a fluid scrolling experienc means there's a lot of work going on for lists that big. I've got to break for dinner but decided to fire up the web experience - it's still spinning after a few minutes.
  14. Read my comments above - I'm comparing to Mac Legacy which is vastly superior in multi-window support.
  15. I will believe it is safe when I've had tech support tell me so and confirmed it with my own testing. If by new sync you mean using the new browser experience then pretty sure I had inconsistencies within that. Remember I have over 50K notes so things which are safe at with fewer notes may degrade much faster at my scale.
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