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  1. It means, I think, that you are on an old subscription package so your package didn't qualify for the update to Personal. You get to keep that price but without tags and calendar. To get these with the new packages you will have moved to the current pricing structure.
  2. Drag and drop is generally dysfunctional on Evernote 10. This isn't just a Gmail thing. Try dragging an image from Evernote into, say, a Word document. THis issue has been well documented so should be on the development radar. But I would suggest a support ticket if you are a Personal (formerly Premium) subscriber. As @gazumped hints, draging via the desktop is the best workaround.
  3. I don't know whether my assumption is correct or not. It was more a guess than a statement of fact. I agree that intuitively the layout should be unique to each device BUT I noticed that when Home was first launched my layout from my beta experience on desktop appeared on my mobile device which led me to conclude that the intent was present the same layout across devices and this making a change on one would affect the others.
  4. I had noticed this very occasionally. I assumed that it occurred when I tweaked Home on my mobile device which then communicated a change back to my desktop. To be honest, though, I rearranged the desktop and have since left mobile alone and I don't think I have seen an issue since. Now that you have mentioned a similar problem I'll watch for it more closely.
  5. Support was very helpful. The pretty standard File | Sign Out | Remove Evernote Data fixed this with the new 'sendto'. Another issue off my list taking me a step closer to being able to drop Legacy. There is a difference, as I understand, between Windows and MacOS (well many but let's not go there...) MacOS doesn't require a file suffix to identify the program to 'open with' whereas it is essential in Windows. Without the suffix Evernote stil know that the file is, for example, a PDF but when selecting the Open menu in a note the file has no program to Open With and I had to manually select Acrobat whereas if renamed to have the suffix then Windows worked seamlessly. The good news is that v 10.19.2 seems to have fixed the issue for Windows users - thanks. Now I can sendto AND scan into Evernote and the file suffix is retained
  6. v10.19.2 released today introduces the automatic creation of a sendto link - very helpful EXCEPT the file sent to Evernote has its file suffix stripped when the document arrives inside Evernote. That means that, later, should I want to open the document in a native program (eg open a Word document inside Word) the open process fails because Windows requires the file suffix which has been stripped off. Similarly with PDF files. I understand that MacOS doesn't suffer this limitation. So using the new SENDTO option means that I need to rename the document inside the note to add the missing file suffix. I can't help feeling that the development environment is on Macs so none of the devs realise that this is an issue Support ticket on its way
  7. This issue has been around since Evernote 10 was launched. So far, there is no sign of a fix.
  8. And you said that you asked to resolve the issue and support was able to do that. As noted, Teams isn't a collection of Free accounts so closing a Teams subscription necessarily blocks access to the content to prevent misuse. You contacted support and it seems all was resolved. That seems like a good outcome.
  9. Hi @dgodin, I confess that image annotation is not something I've ever needed to do or attempted but I gave it a go. In Evernote v10.18.3 I added some random annotation to an image. I was able to highlight all of the stuff (Ctrl+A) and used Ctrl+C to copy that to the clipboard. I went to a separate image in a different note and was UNABLE to paste those annotations to the second image. I then opened the Legacy program and reopened the annotated image did the Ctrl+A thing. Went to the second image in Legacy and was succesful in pasting the annotation to the second image. I then tried to copy the annotation in v10 and was able to paste into the second image inside Legacy. I also tried to copy from Legacy and paste into v10 which failed which MAY indicate that it is the pasting (Ctrl+V) piece that is not working in the v10 annotation window. I cannot say if this is by design or a bug. As @gazumped said, a support ticket is probably the way to go. It feels like the annotation bit is the same code in v10 and Legacy - at least it looks a feels identical between the two. For the time being, if this is key to your workflow the standard response is to use the Legacy program - either for this task alone or instead of upgrading to v10.
  10. Is this after a Sign Out rather than Quit? I added a batch file to Windows startup and that clears the import folder after a Windows login. That works perfectly for me... I have several import folders so repeat the following replacing 'EN Import' for the folder name(s) you have (and assuming they are on the desktop set folder="C:\Users\my_Windows_user_name\Desktop\EN Import" cd /d %folder% for /F "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b') do (rmdir "%%i" /s/q || del "%%i" /s/q)
  11. Evernote 10 DOES NOT support local notebooks. The process you follow when you 'check for local notebooks' is to find them and move them to an 'online' notebook. The check is to locate and move the local into the cloud so that the data you have locally in Legacy can remain accessible in version 10 which is cloud based only. Your only option to work with local notebooks is to stick with the legacy application. THat is with us for the time being but isn't going to be improved and may be withdrawn at some point in the future. If you require local notebooks then you may, eventually, have to find an alternative product or move into the cloud. BTW - this is the Android sub-forum but the topic relates to desktop apps. THere is an offline option for Android but the original notes are still stored in the cloud.
  12. Deep in the bowels of my mind I recall someone reporting that the Evernote app didn't run on Chrome books and neither can you open the browser version in a mobile formatted browser. Try the browser and open Evernote.com in desktop mode. It MIGHT work.
  13. I have a recollection (but I could be wrong) that in the beta testing phase last year the date picker did default to a week starting on a Monday but there was significant push back and it was changed to Sunday. THat's my, personal, preference so I wouldn't support a change by default. It would certainly be good to see this as part of the options/preferences which I am sure will be quite some time coming.
  14. Use the standard Windows method of starting program at login... Win+R shell:startup create a shortcut pointing to %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote\evernote.exe Evernote 10 will start at log in to Windows... Not as simple as a checkbox in preferences but it achieves exactly the same thing.
  15. I don't have this problem either. All the messages arrive with me as MIME encoded HTML and look just as I would expect in my Email program - Thunderbird. I wonder if you have your Email program configured to force everything to display as ASCII data/plain text. These spaces all seem to me to spaces generated when converting a MIME document into plain text. As far as I can tell Evernote sends its Emails as MIME/HTML which renders just fine in Thunderbird as I have it configured.
  16. Works fine here. I suggest you File | Sign Out | Remove my Evernote Data from this device Then sign back in and allow your data to be rebuilt. If that doesn't work then the normal approaches would be reboot your PC. If that doesn't work completely uninstall the program using a program such as Revo Uninstaller to remove all data files. Then reinstall and log back in.
  17. As I recall, you'll need to access your Evernote account settings. Disconnect any Google Calendar connections then start again... https://www.evernote.com/ConnectedServices.action
  18. It could be a slow update thing but I'd say it should be as quick to link two notes as one.
  19. The server side data hasn't changed between versions. You can run whichever version of Evernote that you are most comfortable with. Indeed, you have v10 AND the so-called Legacy version running together on the same computer - just be careful how you work since sync is more or less immediate with v10 and on the regular schedule with Legacy so it is possible to create multiple copies of a note if switching back and forth. I'm not sure what you mean by the upgrade wanting to 'split my account' but there is no reason to have multiple accounts. the v10 applications support the new features and are constantly evolving whereas Legacy is sitting at the last version with no plans to update or add features and fix bugs. But you can still use them quite successfully as you have always done. So if all you want is what you have always had then revert to Legacy ad that will keep you going for the foreseaable future.
  20. I'm pretty certain this stuff isn't returning. The challenge is how to present notes across devices with a uniform look. As you'll know, fonts in, say, Windows, may not be present in a Mac and definitely not on Android. The limitation to pre-defined fonts is to support uniformity. The colour coding is best achieved in v10 with coloured bullets/emojis which are supported in v10 as @Mike P suggested earlier in the thread. In Windows 10: Win+. and select the coloured emoji of choice. 🔴 Note title will work I realise that this doesn't help with the colour coding you already have - Legacy is the way forward to keep that as @PinkElephant has suggested. You could add the coloured emoji as you work with a note and gradually switch to the new way of working. I suppose that the coloured Titles could be restored so keep pitching for that but I'm definitely not expecting the Font thing to change.
  21. @PitakM I am flattered that you consider my answer a solution. I'd say it was a step along the way The thing to try now is to revert to Dutch and try changing the shortcuts in Evernote 10 to something else obscure as suggested above. You may find it is EN10 and the OS language pack that are conflicting and a change of keys would do the trick. Whatever, you should avoid having the same shortcusts live in both legacy and v10. They may easily conflict. Glad to have been some help...
  22. Could you temporarily change your default anguage to English and then see if you get the same issue. This feels like it may be an OS/Evernote conflict or possibly a conflict with another application. Do you get the issue with other shortcuts or just Ctrl+Alt+T/L? Change language and reboot your PC. See what happens then change language back to Dutch and reboot. If this isn't happening with your device and keyboard working in English then that might highlight a language issue. You might quit the Evernote legacy program if you have that running. I've experienced problems having the same shortcut running in Legacy and v10. If that works then change or disable the shortcut in Legacy. You could also change the Evernote shortcut to something else, again as a temporary test and see what happens. Try something really unusual such ALT+Shift+= which isn't likely to be used by any other application or the OS. A reminder that you can change the Evernote shortcuts: Ctrl+/ then select the ... menu item that appears when you point at the shortcut and select Edit.
  23. I hadn't imagined that this was possible but it kind of is but, I suspect, broken. At a guess you followed this process... Opened a note and linked a calendar event via the blue + insert button. Opened one or more additional notes and linked to the same event. Returned to the Calendar widget and the icon alongside the event shows a multiple note icon with the pop up text 'See linked notes' Click the icon and the search result only shows a single note I concur that this is an issue and, I suspect, a bug since the calendar widget acknowledges multiple linked notes to clicking it should reveal all the notes. I would raise a support ticket
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