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  1. Thank you!!! I've seen that option but never knew what it was for, and it didn't occur to me that it could be responsible for this, but it definitely solved the problem!
  2. My issue is a standard Notes-Search field at the top of the column. The first image is what my left panel looks like before the search. The second image shows a search on tag:insurance, at the top of the notes column, and then what my left sidebar switches to afterwards - the Tags category expands automatically. (Sorry if I did the image attachment/insertion wrong - I've never done it before in these forums). This really isn't happening to anyone else? It's been constant for me for a while now. I'm on Windows 10 and Evernote is up to date (, and I've updated it regularly - it's been like this for quite a while.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but this is something that drives me crazy. When I do a tag search (in the search box), like: "tag:travel" - the "Tags" heading in the sidebar expands. I have a lot of tags, so my sidebar is then taken up entirely with my tags list. I HATE this. If I wanted to search on a tag by clicking it in the sidebar, I'd have done that rather than typing it in the search box. But I didn't, because I didn't want to expand the tag list. I don't want Evernote to do it for me. It means that when I'm done with the search, even when I go back to All Notes, I have to manually un-expand (or whatever) the tag list so I can see anything else in the sidebar. Is there any way to stop this behavior? Older versions didn't do it. I've started to avoid searching on tags because of it.
  4. Yes. Summaries of multiple notes ("snippets) (on my iPad mini in landscape mode I can see about 6-7 of these) in a vertical list down the left side, with the snippet containing the title, the created or updated date (depending on sort order), the first sentence or two of each note, and a tiny thumbnail; and the "selected" note showing in the entire primary window on the right. Just like snippet mode in the Windows desktop (I don't know about the Mac). So when I'm looking at a note I can still see all the snippets down the left side, and selecting any of them will change the focused note in the right window while not changing the list of snippets. No huge cards taking up too much real estate. ETA: The "features" I like being : 1) Seeing a list with context info of *as many as possible* of the notes I'm looking at (whether a search or a notebook or all notes or whatever), at the same time as being able to see an entire note from that list 2) Being able to switch the focused note without affecting the list of notes I'm looking at 3) Being able to scroll through the list of notes without changing the focused note
  5. Did nobody else use snippet mode? Is there any way to get it back that I am missing? I hate this! It's shiny but totally dysfunctional for me!
  6. There's an issue with the newest release that's driving me crazy (hope it hasn't already been reported a million times, I haven't sifted through the whole forum). The new "organization" features make it a 2-step process to duplicate or delete (or whatever) a note - instead of just long pressing and getting the list of options, you long press then select the notes, and then you have to choose your organization option from the drop down. Ok, fine, I get it, this allows for selection of multiple notes, though it's a bit clunky. But - IT DOESNT WORK FROM A LIST OF SEARCH RESULTS! So if I search for a note and then want to duplicate it, I can't do it! I can't select or do anything to notes in the search results. This is *so* frustrating. It has to be a bug, because it makes no sense - used to be possible to long-press a note in a list of search results and do things to it. Any chance of fixing this?
  7. Have to say - I was willing to give context a chance, but that pop-up box constantly and seemingly randomly popping in and out as I edit a note (while typing) has gotten so profoundly annoying that I've turned off context completely. Obviously either a bug or someone wasn't thinking clearly in the design process.
  8. Yes, I use a vertical note list, and since I use titles for searching, they tend to be long, so they are cut off in the note list. And I don't use separate windows often. So none of those options help. And I'm not sure whether it matters whether "they" want pinned titles - I'm the user, and "I" want it; isn't that more important? Not just me - other users, obviously; my point being that generally with a product designed for users to use rather than simply for designers to admire, what the users want should matter more. I could probably live with options available only through the registry, though that isn't particularly friendly, if there were an organized list of them somewhere (is there?). But I still think that since one of Evernote's selling points has always seemed to be the fact that it can be anything and everything to anyone and everyone, the ability to customize it is crucial. Continuing to "dumb it down," and take those options away from us (while focusing on things like context - that may make it more appealing to non-current-users and so help the bottom line but aren't the types of changes and fixes that current heavy users tend to want) is so aggravating. I feel like I'm constantly having to re-adapt my workflow to the seemingly pointless changes, and the more I use Evernote, the more those apparently minor changes affect me, and the more annoying, almost punishing, they feel. If there wa
  9. I'm glad the 8-point title is a whoopsie - but I second (third? there's been at least one other mention in this thread) the request for going back to the days when the note title was pinned. Everyone uses Evernote differently - some people might just use the default first-line of the note as title, but for me titles are crucial. I use really detailed titles in lieu of lots of tags or notebooks in order to be able to find things, and use "intitle" as my main search tool. So titles are key for me, and I absolutely HATE not being able to see the note title when I scroll down a note, having to constantly scroll or page back up. The tiny loss of screen real estate of having a title pinned to the top is more than worth it to me. It seems like on the one hand you stress how customizable Evernote is to each individual's work pattern, but on the other hand you (without explanation) constantly remove or change functionality that many of your users find useful without retaining them as options, making it ever more difficult for us to tailor it to how we work and how we prefer to use it. Options - hidden in an "advanced" settings menu if necessary - aren't evil! So how about global options to keep the title pinned (or not), or for setting the title font and size, for those, say, who have vision issues, or who care more or less about note titles and want them more or less prominent in their notes?
  10. And here's another vote. I just discovered this feature is gone, as I just finally upgraded to ios7. I'm almost wishing I hadn't, as I used this feature all the time. I just cannot imagine what could have been the reasoning behind completely removing this functionality, with no explanation. It's infuriating.
  11. Anyone know if there's been any solution/resolution to this? It just started happening for me with v., with templates I'd been using since v.4.
  12. Comments after some initial basic navigation, no real use yet: I can't tell if this has already been noted, but the scroll bars next to the left sidebar and next to the note list in snippet view lack up and down arrows at the top and bottom, at least on my installation. So there is no way to scroll down other than by dragging, which is very clumsy when you have a lot of items in a list, or by using keyboard up and down arrows, which as someone above pointed out works only inconsistently; sometimes it randomly jumps around. And another vote for some kind of color or contrast or something to make visual navigation easier. I haven't seen the Mac UI, so I have nothing to compare this to, but does anyone think that all white and gray in the same density and virtually no demarcation between areas is truly the optimal choice for a complicated UI with many elements? Aside from the difficulty of finding thing easily and quickly, it's just visually exhausting and straining to repeatedly scan an undifferentiated mass of vaguely contrasted text trying to pick out what you need. EDIT TO ADD: And another vote for keeping the title of the note visible when the note is scrolled; saw the comment above but just noticed it myself and realized how annoying it is to have to scroll back up if I need to see which note I'm in, or decide I want to change the note name. This is a change, right? Perhaps to accommodate smaller screens? But many of us liked it, relied on it, as it was. As someone said above perhaps this can be an option? But in any event, my vote is that the clients, unlike the mobile apps, shouldn't continue to sacrifice utility in the name of space saving, or the distinction between the two begins to become murky. I understand I might have to give up some features on my devices; I'm far less willing to do so on my desktop.laptop.
  13. I had the same issue today using XP and Evernote I have used the email function before and not had this happen. As far as I know, I did nothing differently this time (except the note I was sending had a jpg attachment; I think previous ones I've sent have been clipped webpages). I had to kill Evernote in the task manager and then quit in the system tray, then restart. Which was a pain. However, my email did get sent.
  14. @Nightstalker - has anyone from EN ever offered any explanation for this (the removal of features), or acknowledgment of it, or anything at all - or just silence? Wishing for frequent additions to functionality presupposes - for me - that the price is not that other functionality is not taken away. I have really never understood why any developers ever remove features. I can't remember ever, for any software, thinking that removing a feature was a good decision. Hide features away so only advanced users can find them, if you want, but don't take them away once they're there and working. It just makes no sense and does nothing but frustrate and anger users. But why wouldn't EN at least come out and say something about the reasoning behind their decisions, or offer a mea culpa? Even Apple offers those! That too makes no sense to me. Really, I keep coming back to my initial conclusion, that EN's responsiveness is, at least these days, pretty inconsistent and sporadic. It's not what I'd hoped to find, it's a little disappointing to me, but at least I won't expect much else. I do, however, agree 100% with jefito that there's a huge amount of really valuable information in these forums about how to use EN - no doubt about that.
  15. Amazingly, "you are not doing what I want" is not always the same thing as "you are not listening to me". Also, the Business integration was a critical feature (since strategic for Evernote's direction) that needed to be done across all clients at more or less the same time, making it a relative rarity, and distinct from things like vertical list views, which can be implemented (or not) on various clients without affecting any internal Evernote architectures. Yes, this. I tried to be clear that what makes a developer "responsive" to me is not that they do what I want, but that they....respond. If people have been asking since 2500 BC, and Evernote said something to acknowledge and reply at some point - like no, this isn't consistent with our model and we're not interested in changing - that's responding. Maintaining complete radio silence on something about which people have been clamoring for the past 2.5 millenia....isn't. The former is not ignoring users. The latter is. In my world view, at least! The reason I say "inconsistent" is that it sounds to me - from these responses - like, sometimes Evernote replies to very popular user requests, and sometimes they don't. That seems inconsistent and sporadic. A reply, a response, is absolutely not the same thing as an agreement or acquiescence - and it doesn't even always require offering much in the way of substantive information. It's just an acknowledgment that you've been heard, that someone is listening. I'd never expect that every tiny little request anywhere in the forum would get a reply, but there are some of them that seem to have some juice behind them, to be reasonably popular, and those are the ones I'd expect my understanding of a "responsive" developer to consistently reply to, in some fashion. But okay, yes, I would like to see a regular flow of new features, too, even if they're not all ones I care about. GrumpyMonkey, I appreciate the info, but if I'm inferring correctly, there were two Windows updates last year? And putting aside the business integration, which isn't the type of update I'm talking about - that's far more significant - am I right that two features were introduced, vertical lists and joined notebooks? In the entire year? I found the EN blog and looked back over the last few years to see the frequency of updates (well, I just looked at Windows), and while it's not overwhelming (especially because it looked to me like many of the updates had very few features), it is reasonable, and steady, so I am encouraged by that. And the beta program sounds interesting. I appreciate everyone offering views on this - after reading I'm not sure I wouldn't find it frustrating to get involved in, or even read, lots of discussions of potentially interesting and helpful (from my perspective) features, but it's not a lost cause, either, and clearly there are some thoughtful people who do find it worthwhile! I am by the way a premium user.
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