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  1. I haven't had any PDF problems so far, but I'd still be interested to know the details of your solution just in case, without having to search through every one of your comments! Could you post a link?
  2. So I did some more digging. I found that the same notes that didn't appear in my intitle search using this specific search term also didn't appear when I did an intitle search using *any* term in the title of those notes. They do appear in the results when I do a full-text search for any of those terms (i.e., just put the term in the search box without any search syntax). So just out of curiosity, I tried a different type of search, a basic date searches - "created:20240101" - on ipad, android, windows laptop, and web, for notes created on or after 1/1/2024. I got three different numbers from the four platforms: ipad-177; android-194; laptop-197; web-194 The four additional notes on the windows laptop turned out to be from from four notes created years ago in legacy, probably in 2012 or so, with creation dates before 1997. Why they are appearing in this search I have no idea. This is another baffling bug. But putting those aside, windows, android, and web essentially gave the same number of results, while the ipad app, for some reason, failed to return 20 notes from this time period. So it's not just intitle that's the problem. However, as best I can tell, the notes that didn''t appear in the intitle search were the same ones that didn't appear in the created search - and again, all these notes do come up in any full-text search without advanced syntax. I wanted to do the same search for other time periods, but I couldn't figure out how to get an actual note count instead of just "1000+" in my search results. So I broke it down by year and used eg "created:20230101 -created:20240101." The iPad app again failed to return many notes with creation dates last year, in the period 1/1/2023-12/31/2024 (android and web:707; windows laptop:708; ipad:679). But for the 5 years I tested before that (going back to 2019), the iPad app was accurate - the number of results exactly matched the others. So for some reason the iPad app, when searching, is simply ignoring or not properly recognizing some notes created recently - but only when using certain search syntax. There is no problem with notes created more than a year or so ago. I have absolutely no idea what to make of this or what to do about it. I can tolerate a lot of inconveniences or things I don't like about v.10, but not being able to rely on search results is a tough one.
  3. In this case it is a single word - a name, so a capitalized proper noun. It should not need quotes. But I did try enclosing it in quotes. I also tried with the first letter capitalized (which should not be necessary). Made no difference.
  4. I am searching for notes using "intitle" (which I've always done). Searching on Android and Windows gives me a complete list of results. Searching on iPad, my results list does not include 3-4 recent notes that have the search term in the title. The notes are there in the ipad app - it's not a matter of not syncing. They're just not coming up in the search results. I've tried manually syncing, quitting and restarting the app - nothing. These notes appear if I use the search term without "intitle." This is extremely troubling, as titles (as opposed to tags etc) are my primary method of identifying and finding notes, so I use intitle all the time. If I can't trust the search results it's a problem for me. I just don't understand why the iPad app would produce different results from the same search, since the search obviously isn't being conducted locally. Has anyone else noticed something like this? Could I be doing something wrong?
  5. I have to say, you are the only person I've heard express this opinion. I mostly hear universal disdain for the unnecessary amounts of padding and white space. But even granting that some users do actually like it this way, there should at least be the option of a more compressed view. On a small device, like an iPad mini, it is a significant drawback if you want to, for example, be able to see as many search results as possible. Scrolling is an inconvenience, adding time and also mentally more difficult as you don't have everything in front of you. I have already submitted feedback on this point though, and perhaps someone will read it. Right now I'm more interested in what jpaz has done to "partially solve" the problem
  6. Thanks for this interesting post. Can you tell me about collapsible headers? I haven't discovered them yet. Also, how are the View zoom settings partially solving the problem - one of the things I hate most about v.10 - of too much padding? I can't figure out how to get more notes in the note list. The font gets smaller but the number of notes doesn't change. I was able to see twice as many in legacy. I also have had a few problems with the Android version - eg occasional failure to sync.
  7. I do have it set set to permit Evernote to sync regardless of whether I'm connected to wireless. Evernote is too important for me to limit it in any way!
  8. This is somewhat troubling. But I'm on a Galaxy S22, which is not an old device, so I can't blame that for my sync issue. I don't mind having to initiate sync - if it works quickly. But I thought one of the whole points of v.10 was instantaneous sync and *not* having to do that.
  9. *Thank you* for this!! It is so much more helpful than the vast majority of responses I've seen. There is a body of late adopters, and for us, or me at least, it is a waterfall of changes that feel uncomfortable and like they make everything more difficult, with no easy way to pick up on features that may either help me adapt or make me actually like v.10. I don't have time to go back through years of forum posts, and there's no "v.10 quick-start for late adopters"! So I really appreciate you making an effort to help! Thr multi-select option does sound useful. Is it n the (desktop) clipper? This is a browser extension right? I can't even remember I've been using the same one for so long! I am still using the legacy one, which works fine for v.10, but if the new one has some good features maybe it's time to make that change. I keep seeing references to backlinks, but I have to admit I don't know what they are.
  10. No, not from me,this is the first time I've noticed this. The flashing annoyingly I have noticed,and it's a truly annoying and disconcerting way of accomplishing what needs to be done. I didn't even realize what was happening til you said. Open Evernote, click on notes, notes appear, then it flashes back to home screen. Rinse, repeat sometimes a few times. Same on ipad. Surely there's a more graceful way to accomplish this. But the ailire to sync at all is a different problem. I'll have to pay careful atrention to see if it happens again.
  11. But there’s something more to this, because v.10 is also putting *new* web clips in these html content boxes, not just converted html notes. Legacy did not do this. If I wanted to add a comment in the middle of a clipped page, or highlight a term in forwarded email with html content, or delete an unwanted image in a clipped article, I could do that in all versions of legacy that I ever used, *without* eliminating all the html formatting. I can’t touch anything inside the html content boxes in v.10. This, for me at least, is a big change. It’s not just to keep the original note content from legacy notes “immutable” - which makes no sense anyway, as notes by their nature should be editable, not immutable. It’s a change to the way html notes are handled, unless I’m missing something. Why should *all* html formatting be stripped in order to make a single edit to one portion of a clipped page? This isn’t necessary, as evident from legacy. And it isn’t really in the spirit of Evernote. I mean, I’ll live with it, because I have no choice, and I can find ways to work around it. But why do i have to? Why do I keep finding ways in which Evernote has become less flexible, less user-friendly, less of thr things that made it so broadly adaptable and all-purpose? Other than uniformity among platforms, I’m desperately searching for *any* way in which I can say v.10 is an improvement, lets me do something useful I couldn’t do before, makes something easier or quicker, offers some useful new functionality. I really would like to discover some, rather than yet another unpleasant surprise! Right now all I’m doing is trying to find workarounds for and adapt to the many things that v.10 makes more difficult or time-consuming, or prevents me from doing entirely.
  12. No, forwarded emails with html content are also in these containers. It’s very problematic if you do a lot of web clipping and email forwarding. I’ve been trying hard not to be one of the people complaining constantly about everything to do with v.10, but it’s difficult when every discovery I’m making as I continue to use it and learn more about it is negative. Edited to add: a note that included a web clip, or a forwarded email with html content, is placed *entirely* in the html container, including any text comment added to the beginning of the note after it was added to Evernote legacy after clipping or forwarding. So you can’t even edit your comments that were totally outside the html content,
  13. This morning when I opened my Android app it was not synced - new notes added on *Tuesday* night on windows desktop Evernote were not there. Opening and closing the app, attempting to refresh, etc, did nothing. Meanwhile my iPad app was correctly synced and the notes showed there. I opened Evernote on windows laptop to double check the syncing there (the notes were there, as expected), and immediately after that the Android app synced and the notes appeared. I don’t understand this, and it is very troubling. Has anyone else experienced it? I only switched to v.10 on Android at the last moment, and I find myself increasingly mistrustful of it - eg search results I know are incomplete, especially using “intitle.” I hate feeling like I can’t rely on it, and this experience adds to that.
  14. I can open attachments and see shortcuts, but my Android app was not synced. It remained unsynced, with newer notes not appearing, until I opened Evernote on laptop! Meanwhile Evernote on iPad was correctly synced. This is a little troubling I have to admit.
  15. That was not a personal attack by any measure. The bizarre and biased defense of the one user in these forums most guilty of rudeness and personal attacks is so maddening and off-putting, and it never, ever changes.
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