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  1. Thanks. That's what I thought, I was just wondering if there was a more streamlined way (i.e., not having to reinstall the Legacy app). Do you happen to know if there is a difference between the "official Legacy app" and the version I'm using now, which is the last Windows app before v.10 was released (6.25.1)? I saw in an earlier post a reference to a green vs. gray icon and 6.25.1 vs. 6.25.2, but I'm wondering if there is any actual functional difference.
  2. So then how does it work when you reinstall 6.25? Or is there something special about the version 6.25 reinstalled from that link at the top of this post? And what would I rename? All the directories? Just the .exe files? I want to try out the new version, but I'm a little nervous about it. From this thread, it sounds like people are successfully running them in parallel, but I want to be able to keep using 6.25 as my primary version if I don't like the new one, as I'm doing now, and I'm nervous about messing things up, because I rely on Evernote for *everything*. What is the best wa
  3. I currently have 6.25 installed. Is there a way to install the new version without having it uninstall 6.25, or do I have to install the new version and then reinstall 6.25 in order to have them run in parallel?
  4. Wow, yes, you sure are correct, I somehow completely missed this enormous thing that happened and have kept right along using what I guess was the last v. 6.xxx (Windows), since I never got a notice to update and...while I thought I subscribed to the blog or list or something, I guess I must not. I feel a little dumb for not having looked into it further before posting, but thank you for politely alerting me! My very brief review does not make excited about this update, but I will read more and decide what to do. I still use a very old (pre-2018) version of Evernote on my desktop, because I pr
  5. I try to keep track of Evernote updates but sometimes miss things. I've been using the 2-step shuffle, which I discovered on my own, for ages, but it's an incredible pain, and today I decided to google for solutions to the incredibly annoying wide-margin problem (which I experience when I clip articles in Simplified format from either Firefox or Chrome). I found this thread, but nothing since last January. Has anything ever come of this proposed fix?
  6. Thank you!!! I've seen that option but never knew what it was for, and it didn't occur to me that it could be responsible for this, but it definitely solved the problem!
  7. My issue is a standard Notes-Search field at the top of the column. The first image is what my left panel looks like before the search. The second image shows a search on tag:insurance, at the top of the notes column, and then what my left sidebar switches to afterwards - the Tags category expands automatically. (Sorry if I did the image attachment/insertion wrong - I've never done it before in these forums). This really isn't happening to anyone else? It's been constant for me for a while now. I'm on Windows 10 and Evernote is up to date (, and I've updated it regularly
  8. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but this is something that drives me crazy. When I do a tag search (in the search box), like: "tag:travel" - the "Tags" heading in the sidebar expands. I have a lot of tags, so my sidebar is then taken up entirely with my tags list. I HATE this. If I wanted to search on a tag by clicking it in the sidebar, I'd have done that rather than typing it in the search box. But I didn't, because I didn't want to expand the tag list. I don't want Evernote to do it for me. It means that when I'm done with the search, even when I go back to All Notes, I have to ma
  9. Yes. Summaries of multiple notes ("snippets) (on my iPad mini in landscape mode I can see about 6-7 of these) in a vertical list down the left side, with the snippet containing the title, the created or updated date (depending on sort order), the first sentence or two of each note, and a tiny thumbnail; and the "selected" note showing in the entire primary window on the right. Just like snippet mode in the Windows desktop (I don't know about the Mac). So when I'm looking at a note I can still see all the snippets down the left side, and selecting any of them will change the focused note in t
  10. Did nobody else use snippet mode? Is there any way to get it back that I am missing? I hate this! It's shiny but totally dysfunctional for me!
  11. There's an issue with the newest release that's driving me crazy (hope it hasn't already been reported a million times, I haven't sifted through the whole forum). The new "organization" features make it a 2-step process to duplicate or delete (or whatever) a note - instead of just long pressing and getting the list of options, you long press then select the notes, and then you have to choose your organization option from the drop down. Ok, fine, I get it, this allows for selection of multiple notes, though it's a bit clunky. But - IT DOESNT WORK FROM A LIST OF SEARCH RESULTS! So if I sear
  12. And here's another vote. I just discovered this feature is gone, as I just finally upgraded to ios7. I'm almost wishing I hadn't, as I used this feature all the time. I just cannot imagine what could have been the reasoning behind completely removing this functionality, with no explanation. It's infuriating.
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