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  1. This is not an intended effect. I've seen it reported a very few times and, sadly, nobody returned to explain what or whether they found a resolution. It seems your device is reporting itself to Evernote with multiple identities. As a free user your options are limited. You are probably best starting with the Twitter support team @evernotehelps These forums are primarily user-to-user so the chance of getting a support tech here to help is limited. One of the other regulars may recall a solution.
  2. Your version of what is 1.09a-r3? That doesn't seem to be a version of Evernote. I used to experience the things you describe in the old version 8 Evernote for Android. Version 10 saving of URL content seems to be much more reliable. However, both rely on an intermediate sharing process within the device. You choose to sahre a web page (for example) and the OS sends it to Evernote which accepts what is sent in the manner and format that is sent by the originating browser via the OS. I used to find that the Chrome browser on Android was more reliable than my prefered default.
  3. Ctrl+Shift+D does work for me in Evernote 10 for Windows. However,neither of the keystrokes insert in a format that I require. I use a program called Autohotkey and use that to aid my keyboard automation. I have a couple of keystrokes set up to instert date/time in a format I want. I have another shortcut to effectively run a macro in my Email program to forward Emails to my Evernote account and so forth. A useful enhancement all around for my purposes.
  4. Downgrading does not affect notes already in your account. But while you are downgraded to Free you will be subject to free limits on relation to changes to notes, uploading etc. So don't edit a larger note until you have returned to your new Professional or Personal plan.
  5. Assuming you are on the Personal plan and not the free plan. Exit Evernote and select the option to remove your data. When you log back in that should rebuild your data and the widget should work.
  6. @willoh Hopefully you feel better for having had your say. However these are primarily user-to-use forums so whilst we can empathize we have no means of helping. It is possible to get the apk for the older version and use that if you wish. It is will documented in these forums. If you want to give feedback then the option in the app is the way to go. Otherwise open a support ticket to get help with a specific issue.
  7. But, as it happens, I can do both of those things in Evernote 10 and Android. I just opened a note containing a PDF - opened the PDF as was able to zoom in and out with the typical finger pinch in Android. In Windows, I took my pen, started a new Sketch note (the equivalent of the Ink note in Legacy) and it worked just as expected. The pen never worked in a standard note in Legacy and doesn't in v10. So these functions appear to me just as they have aways been. I am also able to annotate a PDF on my desktop with a pen. Actually I don't typically do this but I tested and it worked.
  8. Do you have the up to date version of the ScanSnap Manager software? My scanner works just as always with the latest Manager.
  9. The same with Windows. The default limit is 50 notes. Exporting individual notes in batches isn't a great option anyway. Better to export as Notebooks so that you can reimport the notebook structure later.
  10. Nothing has changed with Legacy so I'd suspect a temporary issue. Have you tried the classic shutdown and restart your PC?
  11. I know that some consider the Android app to be slow. That isn't my experience. I'm trying to work out what the common factors are for those with problems with EN v10 on Android. For sure the issues don't affect everyone. So what is it that might give us a clue? So far the only thing I've noticed is that some issues seem to affect Samsung devices more than others.
  12. Fully understand. I was simply pointing out that the plug in is the only option available.
  13. I found a suitable fix. I opened REGEDIT and went through the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section searching for each of the file suffixes in question .docx - Word.Document.12 .pptx - PowerPoint.Show.12 .xlsx - Excel.Sheet.12 I then edited the default string value to give the entry in the second column above. Actually this is already a little hazy so take things slowly to be sure. I think I initially searched the registry for Evernote.Office and this located each of the file types I was concerned about. Changing the value as shown fixed the New context menu entry. The following website was my starting point although it didn't ultimately quite provide the answer I needed. The presence of the Evernote.Office default string value was the give away for me. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-items-from-new-context-menu
  14. It is hard to give much help. We can't see the whole picture and you haven't said how this note was created. My GUESS is that you've posted some text which contains a special or non-standard character. Tell us more about how you created this note as well as any other steps to reproduce the result you see.
  15. THere seems to be a small improvement in v10.23 on Windows at least. I can now right click an image, for example, and then paste it into a Word document. Drag and Drop doesn't work but copy and paste seems to...
  16. I still have the line in my config.json file - in my case set to 500. I was just able to select 500 notes without any problem. The 'multiselectionlimit' variable doesn't exist in config.json by default any longer in Windows but adding it still works... "qa": { "multiSelectionLimit": 500 } However, I rarely need to select anything near the default 50 limit so it really isn't a benefit to me to have tweaked the setting. I just tried it as an experiment which interestingly continues to work on Windows (EN v10.23)
  17. I see many users with issues report that they are using Samsung devices. Is this a common issue connected to Samsung's version of Android 11?
  18. It has been well documented that it is possible to tweak the 50 note limit up to 1,000 notes. (See the many threads on the topic). Just remember that you'll need a much, much, bigger cup of coffee..
  19. You're really talking to other users here. If you have a billing/payment issue you should open a support ticket
  20. I know that some users don't like the alternative, but there is an EN developed plug in for Gmail which will clip an Email. I suspect that dropping it from the web clipper presumes the use of the plug in.
  21. In one of the early release forums I saw a note confirming that other types of calendar are being considered.
  22. There are occasional glitches in mail processing. On one occasion a fault was identified relating to my Email domain and support fixed it. If things haven't resolved today then a ticket would be the best way to go.
  23. Finding earlier versions is the task for your favourite search engine. I found that I had to repair the file associations for only two or three file types so it wasn't a massive task for me
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