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  1. When I create internal notelinks using the right click mouse, select the option, paste into a new note OR Ctrl+Alt+L, paste into a new note, the resulting links open inside the Windows application. Interestingly, if I click the link, then select open using the mouse the note opens inside the application - ie the linked note takes the focus. If I Ctrl+Left Click the link then the note opens in a new window. Ctrl+Right Click opens a different menu but open then opens the note in the application with focus in the linked note. I confess that I'm on the continuing Beta trial so
  2. I have this issue often - not daily but often enough. The solution is to QUIT Evernote (either File | Quit Evernote) or right click on the system tray icon and choose Quit Evernote. Then restart the program and the missing content will be displayed again. I wish I had the power to merge the few threads that raise this to combine the evidence of the problem. It dates back to previous Beta releases. Frustratingly I cannot find a consistent trigger to offer steps to reproduce. As for reverting to the previous version... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314?fbclid=IwA
  3. No. First of all install version 10.x then run the installer for the old legacy version. You get desktop icons for both versions. I rename these to make sure I can clearly see which version is which. If you download the newly created legacy version 6.25.2 then I blieve that the only difference is that the desktop icon is coloured grey rather than green which makes it easier to see which one you are running. Once the desktop legacy version is installed you may need to recustomize the toolbar to have what you had previously.
  4. Sure, you can and should use the legacy version of the application if version 10 hasn't developed well enough for you. Both work, both can be installed at the same time. I don't have the download link to hand but a search in the forums should find one of the many posts which answers this question.
  5. There is an issue identified in the Beta (10.2) when a screen clipping created through the web clipper is annotated. Then the content of the annotated note disappears. Steps to reproduce... Kudos to @Pacherl I'm suspecting that the merging of the two notes is triggering the same result.
  6. Just to say, I've had confirmation from two sources at EN that this issue is being worked on. It is a bug and will be fixed as soon as there is a solution....
  7. Isn't that curious... Perhaps it is on its way - either out or returning. The official documentation says it doesn't exist in v 10
  8. Ctrl+Alt+T has gone from Evernote 10 Would the new Ctrl+Alt+3 work for you? https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807
  9. Given the issue which is probably caused by a troublesome note, I think I would make the changes in the old, legacy version of the software. 1. Close/Quit Evernote version 10 2. In the legacy version 6.25 create a set of online notebooks that mirror your local notebooks 3. Move the notes to the new folders or, if you prefer, copy the notes to the new folders 4. Wait until the sync is complete or force a sync 5. Open Evernote 10.x.x and the new copies of what were your local notes should have appeared. Of course, you cannot import the notes to EN10 as local notes since these a
  10. I infrequently use text encryption inside a note. Probably no more than a couple of times per year. Today I started a new note and typed in some text in a bulleted list. I highlighted the lext and right click and the option to encrypt the text is not displayed. If I removed the bullets and repeat the process then it is possible to encrypt. A bit more testing reveals that I can encrypt a single bulleted item but the option disappears when a second bullet point is added. 😣
  11. I just set a reminder for a note using v10.1.7 and noticed that the options are fixed at date plus a time at the hour and half-hour. In the legacy 6.25 world I can set a reminder down to the second. Today I wanted to set a note to remind me 5 minutes prior to a meeting that I have scheduled at 9.15am. In version 10.1.7 My options are to have the reminder at 9am or 9.30am. In version 6.25 I was able to set the reminder for precisely 9.10am. Ironically, that time then appears in version 10.1.x Given that many folk use diary/calendar blocks of 15 minutes it would seem to be va
  12. No significant change yet other than the ability to edit the creation date and click a link to the embedded URL... Hardly worth rushing to dip any toes in the water. But you can run 10.x and 6.25 on the same machine at the same time. I have both here which gives me the chance to monitor the developments in v10 and remain full productive in v6.25
  13. @weemaple You don't say which eversion of Evernote or OS that you're using. If you've upgraded to the new version 10.x.x release of Evernote then you will have experienced the new world that @pwwroa indicates. ScanSnap scanning in the new version requires you to move to the ScanSnap Home software. "SendTo" isn't supported in version 10.x either. If these are a key part of your workflow then you should roll back to the legacy version of Evernote.
  14. I gdet European format. I think the format chosen is taken from the PC system settings.
  15. THis has been an issue since the Beta releases. Once it hapens my only solution has been to Quit the program (right click on the icon in the task bar - Quit Evernote) and then relaunch. Of course you could reboot the PC too
  16. I suspect that the 10.1 changes are all minor fixes. So the release notes that are in the Release Notes section of the new versions have not changed. That said, I can see @Richard LC, that this will not help you. When the 10.1.x version was released there were some general announcements of what had changed and what was coming. I thought that I saw something in the Forums but I can't find the announcement now (Here it is...
  17. You show that you are using an old beta 6.19 I'm not sure if this will work with that version. The current version is 10.1.7. In that version, double click the Notebook label in the left hand sidebar column and the Notebooks window will be displayed. Alongside the stacks (which should appear at the top of the list) is a three dot menu option. Click that and one of the options included is Rename Stack.
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