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  1. You cannot add a calendar entry from within Evernote. What you can do is view your Google calendar from the Calendar widget and link notes to a particular event. Those notes are not available from with Google - just within Evernote. If there are extinct calendars listed then that will be an issue with Google which is telling Evernote that they exist. Explore your Google calendar account and ensure that these old calendars are really removed from your account.
  2. @splus "Get offline access on mobile and desktop" You'll see that this is listed as a feature of the Personal plan which is the replacement for Premium. Plus has been deprecated as a plan for three years or more. I've not seen any evidence of a replacement Plus plan but it will, inevitably, be less fully featured than Personal.
  3. Plus Tasks and Calendar which weren't part of Premium apart from the early access taster.
  4. Thanks. Actually had to disconnect my calendar and then reconnect. I suspect it was a hangover from having been in the Calendar Beta trial.
  5. The new plans have been released with access to the new Calendar option. However, even though Personal users (the former Premium band) are supposed to get 1 Calendar connection it doesn't appear to be working - at least not for me. If I access the Calendar option from the note Instert menu I am, instead, invited to upgrade to Professional with a 2 week trial... Anyone else confused?
  6. This is strange since the Premium sub is $8 per month However, it is completely possible to work as you have always done with the functions you have always used via the software you have been using. The newer version of Evernote is defintely a work in progress. If you need the functions that you have always had until now then Evernote offers what they now call the Legacy version. You can do all the scribbling and note taking that you have ever done as before. Since there are challenges for you with the v10 software then Legacy is the way to go. For sure, Legacy will, eventually, disappear but not yet and by the time it does we're all expecting that these outstanding issues will have been addressed.
  7. Please describe how you are closing Evernote. For me and my colleagues it closes to the tray if I click the X in the top right corner of the window. This, of course, only works if you use Hibernate or Standby mode in Windows.
  8. ...and would suggest you edit the post and remove your Email address. You've published it in public so make yourself open to spam and the like.
  9. Almost certainly the text included some formatting - bullets, indenting or similar. This cannot be encrypted - but it mostly couldn't be encrypted in the so-called legacy version either.
  10. I just let ScanSnap do its thing and then let Evernote do whatever OCR is needed. On the very, very few occasions when Evernote has not been as successful as I would wish with the OCR piece I open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and have it run an OCR the save back into the note. But I do this about once a year.
  11. Printing IS dysfunctional in Evernote 10. It is one of a very few issues that remain for me. I have workarounds but that shouldn't be necessary. I am quietly hopeful that this is something that will receive attention. I know that Fonts is a done deal. What we have now is what we will have in the future. If you need a full featured editor then a word processor is probably a better option and, in truth, probably always was.
  12. I'm not absolutely clear, from thge descriptions, if I have read this correctly. It seems that Evernote will display the Note column with a snippet/card view etc when you open a notebook, make a search or click the All Notes option. Click on the snippet and you get the note open alongside the Notes column. If, however, you go directly to a note - for example by clicking a note on the Home screen - then the note will open without the note column. This is because, in effect, you have performed a search of a single note and there is nothing else to display in the note column.
  13. Clearly, the variety of configurations mean that we tend to have different experiences. I generally scan direct to Evernote so my scans go to the default fold. However, when I have scanned to an Import Folder this has worked perfectly everytime. One copy of the scanned document arrives in tyhe destination notebook as expected - no corrupted PDFs on the way. Evernote: 10.17.6-win-ddl-public (2775) Editor: v126.2.16348 Service: v1.37.8 Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OS build 19042.1110 ScanSnap Manager 7.1 L27 The change in scanning with ScanSnap, for me, from Legacy has not been especially challenging since ScanSnap updated the Manager application to work with Evernote 10. I think this is going to be one of the workflow changes that we will have to embrace or move to a different product which may not do scanning any better.
  14. The current ScanSnap Manager is version 7.1L27 on Windows. You clearly have an older version. I don't recall ever seeing ScanSnap settings inside Evernote. But this won't solve the destination folder. All scans go to the default notebook in Evernote 10. You may find using ScanSnap Cloud which is the preferred approach.
  15. Drag& drop in Windows V10 does not work. It has been reported and is well reported. Drag & drop to the desktop and then from there to the destination program.
  16. I only get the keyboard showing when I hit Edit. So I can read the note without a keyboard. Tap Edit and, predictably, the keyboard opens.
  17. I suspect that, even if the feature was restored, you would find that there would be no way to change the view on existing notes. It would, as in legacy, simply set the default for new notes. So I'd recommend not even attempting to change all the files but rather, whenever you go to a note which has a PDF which isn't in the view you desire only then make the change. I suspect that you'll be surprised how few of your notes need to be changed
  18. There is always a risk working outside the security of the various play stores. So you do this at your own risk. However, APKMirror is well regarded and there is the link provided by Evernote to the old version. These have been used by others without problem. Remember, Android is programmed to give you the warning so it will appear whenever you choose to install an APK manually. If you are happy with the source of the app then you are good to go IMHO. Others I know are more cautious.
  19. Thanks @PeteMacca. Your workaround makes me wonder whether those NOT suffering from this are, like me, those that regularly reboot their phones. I turn mine off overnight so start each day afresh. So effectively I restart the app at least once a day and my OCD means I will clear out the recent apps view from time-to-time so the same result.
  20. Yes agreed. Sadly, though, it isn't a bug but a design. Submit feedback in app or even put it forward in a support ticket. A slight help is that once you make the change inside Evernote 10 that PDF should remain as a Single/Full/Attachment view. That is, of course, a one-at-a-time thing. I just change mine as I go along. When I return to a PDF the first thing I do is select the view I require. Tedious but do-able
  21. But this is the Android app forum... Android has its own issues too
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