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  1. I'm not sure I am following what is being attempted. I copy text to the clipboard, paste it into a note and I get just the text that I would expect. No additional carriage returns. Perhaps I am not doing exactly what you are doing. The original poster raised this several months ago on an older version of the desktop application. I can see that @PeeGee is using v10.21.5 but with the Windows store version. I have the direct download version so that is the only difference . Can you describe in simple steps how I could reproduce the issue? I don't doubt it exists but cannot reproduce anything.
  2. I'm not troubled by the narrow margins - this isn't a Word Processor but I do expect that the text will be intact. The top and bottom lines on each page are almost always cut in half when printed. I always export to PDF and then print from the PDF which mostly does an OK job.
  3. I admire your efforts to keep promoting the use of the Shift key to change capitalisation @Paul A.. I hope you're not holding your breath. There's nothing in 10.17 for you
  4. There was a time a few months back when Evernote imposed some additional checking of incoming Email to the Evernote address. Messages I was forwarding were not arriving. I opened a ticket and someone added my domain to some sort of permissions list or so forth and mail started flowing again. Perhaps, as @PinkElephant suggests, a support ticket is the way forward.
  5. I'm not a good test in that the v10 apps always seem to work just fine. The Play Store updates are variable in how quickly they arrive. 10.17 came within the hour of the announcement. 10.16, by contrast, took nearly two weeks to become available. I understand the desire not to uninstall and reinstall but that MIGHT just be the fix you need for the default notebook issue.
  6. I have a vague and distant memory that the Spark Email link was a feature developed by Spark rather than Evernote. You may find that this is an issue that Spark would need to address so that its add-on works with Evernote v10.
  7. If you are annotating your PDF in Acrobat after importing into Evernote then you might have success saving your work by clicking the Save button before closing the file. In the past clicking the close option and then saying yes to saving would save the PDF to a new file outside Evernote. So it would appear that the changes were lost. Save and then close kept everything inside the Evernote attachment. The latest versions of Evernote seen to have fixed this for me but you might try this...
  8. I'm delighted but I have no such menu in v10.21.5 How did you find it?
  9. After an upgrade it can sometimes beneficial to Sign Out, select remove data and then log back in to rebuild your account.
  10. Evernote 10 displays all HTML sourced content in a code block. It seems to depend on the original content, and how it was put into Evernote. In addition to the resolution you've identified, you could also run the Legacy version of the program which allows editing of HTML code with less restriction.
  11. Yes, definitely changed but, now, broken for me in that I'm a Sunday person for starting my weeks and I've been moved to a Monday start. I have, at least, kept the 24hr clock which is my preference Thankfully, the sun will still shine tomorrow and I can manage to choose the date correctly regardless of where the column fo Sunday appears in the date picker.
  12. In the three dot menu select Print or Ctrl+P. However, printing is much more likely to generate the issue to which you refer. I was hoping that's what you were doing since I haven't. yet, had a problem with the Export as PDF As for paying, I guess if you want tech support that's what you pay for...
  13. I seem to be able to switch between Timeline and List and the setting sticks for me. Given that it works for some, this is probably appropriate to raise as a support ticket. The calendar format as 12-hour clock and week start on a Sunday may be something more personal. I recall during the beta test phase the day of the week for a calendar to start was raised and the majority preferred a Sunday start which was then chosen - possibly the preference of the English-speaking world 😉. On my Android device (Since these are the Android forums) the time selection is the clock face wheel and mine shows as 24-hour clock. (FWIW I also have 24 hour clock in the Windows desktop app too...)
  14. I create lists with check boxes by first typing the whole list then highlight the list and go to the blue + button and choose checkbox. The whole list will then start with check boxes. But you can still expect the boxes to be converted to a list if you make an edit to the list so the extra space at the start of the line prevents that. I use AutoHotkey on my PC so have a shortcut set up which will add <space>[]<space> with one keystroke.
  15. Not so much an issue as a fact of Evernote life. The limit is set at 50 as a compromise between performance and function and, I suspect, is unlikely to change. As noted earlier, if you want to be able to work with a larger number of notes then you can tweak the settings yourself but expect slower processing the more notes you manipulate in bulk.
  16. I can see why you'd leave it for now. If you want to get this fixed the uninstall/reinstall stuff is likely the only way.
  17. This was identified back in November 2020 and reported. Actually it was noted in the Beta release. So far, though, no resolution. For now, if this is a key part of your workflow then stick with the Legacy version of Evernote.
  18. Hey @eric_treelight, one piece of information that would be really useful for others is to know how you are generating the PDF. Did you use the Export as PDF from the File menu or print to PDF? Either way, you might want to raise a support ticket.
  19. Me too, but there are many that will just receive it and not realise that some applications might at the very least need attention to keep running. As @PinkElephant said, the continued support for 32bit applications will be key for Evernote Legacy. Whenever I upgrade my standard practice is a full backup just-in-case
  20. It isn't possible to remove the Home screen but if you don't use it then Evernote will return to the place you left it.
  21. I think you are asking that Evernote does something to enable Spotlight on Mac computers to access note content when it performs a search. Sadly, I think it an unlikely feature. SInce not all your note content is ever saved locally in a text format, Spotlighht would not be able to search all notes. Even what is saved locally isn't stored in a form that would deliver an individual note in the search results. So a significant change in the way notes are stored would be needed. As it happens, Evernote staff aren't in these forums with any regularity - these are user-to-user spaces. If you want to give feedback then you can use the Help | Share feedback link in the desktop apps although holding your breath while waiting for a response would not be advised.🥵
  22. It works well in Windows. Win+. will bring up the Emoji panel. I would choose the coloured squares, circles or diamonds (🟥🔴🔶) but actual image emojis work just as well (🎁🎎🧵).
  23. With Windows 11 arriving within the next month we can anticipate that this may be a time for making good Legacy backups just in case...
  24. My experience is that the web interface can be slower to sync than the various apps. I just tried your suggestion and, indeed, the web browser hadn't updated but my Android device app was up to speed immediately. So I conclude that the central server IS updated more or less immediately but the various applications don't get access as speedily as they could/should. Since I almost never refer to the browser interface I am finding sync is immediate or as good as. All based on my experience. YMMV.
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