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  1. Because some of us have day jobs and don't hang out in the EN forum all day. I was told after my first try at v10 to go back to legacy not knowing it would be cut off. Yes, I freely renewed my legacy subscription and would be asking for a refund if I could still use legacy until the end of my subscription, at that time they should have told me to upgrade or not be allowed to resubscribe to their "about to be turned off" version. So a year ago the should have stopped legacy users from renewing their subscriptions and only allowed renewals through v10.
  2. I signed a full year believing I could use the product for a full year. It's not my fault of you make the product demand a higher operating system version than my devices use? Had they of told me that, I would have have signed. It's like buying a car, and suddenly change the type of fuel it uses to something not at the stations in your area.
  3. Imagine my surprise, I'm fortunate enough to have two android devices that's lasted me for years that were unable to use V10 because their version of Android is too old. I know my devices are old, but they work and do all I need them to do so I still happily use them and see no need to fork out big bucks for new ones.
  4. I seem to be running ok on Joplin, what is the process to cancel my EN account and getting a prorated refund. My subscription renewed in January and I wouldn't have paid $129 dollars if I knew they would take legacy away which by default made my phone and android tablet unable to be used?
  5. Click on view and you can turn off sidebar and note list which will leave you with the single panel.
  6. Hell, I would have paid to keep legacy (more than the $129.00/yr I was paying) running but I found Joplin to be a fairly good app. I sent up a onedrive to use as a cloud sync source and I'm hoping I'll be able to sync an unlimited number of devices for free. So far it's working with my main computer, I will add more if I get time tomorrow.
  7. You know, I'm thinking EverNote could make a killing selling Legacy as an alternative to their new app...
  8. Being a program manager for nearly as long I caution adding features wanted by only one or two people. It's not worth the development if it's not widely used or accepted. It's also good to provide a way to turn the feature off. I'm speaking generally and not to anything you've guys posted. I remember word perfect, but my first document creator was PCGeos. That was back when you had to type the init string to make your modem dial. Graphical interface sure made PC's a lot easier to use. I remember Apple was first, then Windows tried to mirror then with Windows 3.0.
  9. Wow, I;m really sorry to hear that. My phone is what I use the app on most, I type in things I need to remember while I'm on the go so I'll have a reminder when I get to a computer. I guess I'm going to have to make time soon to get switched over to a new app. This is absolutely a show stopper.
  10. Says version 8.13.3... I uninstalled the reinstalled so it must be the latest in the play store.
  11. Evernote just updated on my android phone and now it says, "Not connected to internet" anytime I try to log into the app. Any idea's how to resolve this? I am definitely on the internet both with mobile data and WiFi. My browser and email work fine and I use WiFi calling which is working fine.
  12. You want to argue over the size of font other websites use and in no way address the issue of not being to paste matching the destination format? I remember posting about the new version when it came out and was told I could stay on the old and not upgrade if I didn't want to the new features. That's what I paid for, but now you're taking them away. No need responding, as soon as I get some free time I'll look into an application to replace this one. This is really like taking a guys Bently, giving him a Pinto then wonder why he wants to keep driving the Bently?
  13. Besides the font, being able to have a default size was the biggest thing I lost. I used 14 which I can see on my phone, tablets etc... this version of Evernote will paste in a 26 or a 34 from websites. The legacy version had a setting where we could tell it to use the destination format. Looking at your responses, you convey an attitude that you took our money which we paid for one product, switched the product and said, "here, love it. It's all you get" . You should at least give us the option of keeping the product we paid good money for? I don't get your attitude...
  14. Beautiful, that works.
  15. I know in Word you can just add another bullet point, then delete the number in between and the space will stay. Once you do that a couple of times it realizes that's the format you want and it does it automatically. I don't see too well so it's visually important to me to have my points separated when I'm speaking before an audience. This is one of the things legacy did really well.
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