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  1. deprecated? On my Android and my computer the reminders continue to appear normally! I often use undated reminders to mark notes that I'm working on or have pending.
  2. The option appeared for me today in the menu after right-clicking on a note. The detail is that it only appears when you are inside a notebook. It does not appear in the all notes option.
  3. 10.76 -> Paid Features Released to Free Users 10.79 -> Slash Commands (/), Calendar View, and Outlook Calendar 10.80 -> Collapsible Sections (Headings and Lists) 10.81 -> AI Editing and Hide Command Bar (/) 10.82 -> Linked Note Creation with Slash Command (/) 10.83 -> Headings and Lists in Slash Command (/) 10.85 -> Files Section, Links to Titles, and Index 10.86 -> New Tasks Section *10.86 (Android) -> New Mobile Layout 10.87 -> Tasks & Calendar, New Authentication, New Sharing 10.91 -> Quote Block, Code Block, and @ Shortcut 10.92 -> Pin Notes
  4. The shortcut @ is now working in Desktop/Web version 10.91.4
  5. I don't think you know, but the wildcard character (*) can only be used at the end of the text. It doesn't work if placed at the beginning or in the middle.
  6. @janndk There is no bullying going on (I don't think that's possible in a text conversation with strangers). What I see is just two users with different views on the same problem. One is more detailed and the other is less so. One is more "negative" and the other is more "positive". No one is right or wrong. Personally, I agree with @mackid1993 . Evernote has several bugs but I ignore most of them because to me they are small things. Even if they get in my way, I move forward without getting upset. But as I said, that's just my way of seeing things. I'm not minimizing or denying the difficulties that others go through.
  7. The slash command is one of the big new features announced by Evernote this year. Honestly, I don't think they would create an option to completely disable this feature. It doesn't make logical sense for them unless the vast majority of users ask for it (do you think that will happen?). I think you should look for another app. We'll miss you!
  8. In other words, no matter what changes, there will always be a lot of people to complain. Eternal dissatisfaction guaranteed.
  9. I really like this new button configuration. Before, to create a new note you had to click twice, now you only need to click once. They made the right decision to separate the new note button from the others because it is the most important and the one most people use. Evernote did a good job this time. About the blank space, it doesn't bother me at all and I don't think it's excessive. Another detail is that I always keep the bar collapsed, as shown in the image below. This gives me more space to work.
  10. It looks very promising, but from what I understand it is not available for anyone to download. Is that correct?
  11. The point is not to list the problems, which I think is valid. The problems mentioned are real and really get in the way. There is no doubt about that. What I find ineffective is threatening to expose this or even take legal action as was said.
  12. If you are suffering as much damage as you say you are, I think the best option would be to abandon Evernote once and for all. Threatening seems silly and ineffective.
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