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  1. Could you temporarily change your default anguage to English and then see if you get the same issue. This feels like it may be an OS/Evernote conflict or possibly a conflict with another application. Do you get the issue with other shortcuts or just Ctrl+Alt+T/L? Change language and reboot your PC. See what happens then change language back to Dutch and reboot. If this isn't happening with your device and keyboard working in English then that might highlight a language issue. You might quit the Evernote legacy program if you have that running. I've experienced problems having the same shortcut running in Legacy and v10. If that works then change or disable the shortcut in Legacy. You could also change the Evernote shortcut to something else, again as a temporary test and see what happens. Try something really unusual such ALT+Shift+= which isn't likely to be used by any other application or the OS. A reminder that you can change the Evernote shortcuts: Ctrl+/ then select the ... menu item that appears when you point at the shortcut and select Edit.
  2. I hadn't imagined that this was possible but it kind of is but, I suspect, broken. At a guess you followed this process... Opened a note and linked a calendar event via the blue + insert button. Opened one or more additional notes and linked to the same event. Returned to the Calendar widget and the icon alongside the event shows a multiple note icon with the pop up text 'See linked notes' Click the icon and the search result only shows a single note I concur that this is an issue and, I suspect, a bug since the calendar widget acknowledges multiple linked notes to clicking it should reveal all the notes. I would raise a support ticket
  3. It might also help to know if your default language on the PC is English or something else.
  4. Evernote has always had multiple instances running (even with Legacy). When running correctly these are different parts of the Evernote application rather than duplicates of the one program. The solution to this is, sometimes, to completely uninstall the application and remove all trace of the directories on the PC. Revo Uninstaller is good at this or check and delete %AppData%\Evernote as well as %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote Have cleaned the system then reinstall the new version of the app and allow your data to be rebuilt and then see what is happening.
  5. Have you done the upgrade? If not then that should work. Otherwise, File | Sign Out and choose to Remove my Evernote Data on this device. That should reset everything. When you log back in your data will be rebuilt.
  6. Have you tried the recommended solution? A support ticket is what seems to be advised.
  7. @JKS258 I think you've missed the fact that these forums are user-to-user support. You aren't engaging with the Evernote company. While we have pretty broad shoulders we are also not particularly inclined to take on the frustrations of other users. I hope that veniting your frustrations has helped you let off some steam. None of your fellow users here can help you other than point to the solutions we've found. In your case @PinkElephant has suggested the Legacy application as the most likely solution to relieve frustration. Otherwise open a support ticket and then you'll be able to vent to Evernote staff. I haven't bothered to read everything because I can't help either.
  8. As often noted with Android - it will work for one person and not another. Due, I think, to the very wide variety of Android devices which all have the odd tweaks to the OS. That doesn't stop these issues being immensely frustrating and requiring attention but it does make resolution much more challenging.
  9. I'm pretty certain that you'll have two accounts. You can still log in with the username/password pair. The Email/password pair will be for a new account which, unsurprisingly is empty. You have to be a paying subscriber to open a support ticket. Free users miss that benefit.
  10. THere is no sync button in version 10 of Evernote. Sync is automatic. When you first upgrade there will be a delay while your notes sync from the serves. My recollection is that it was a few minutes. If you still cannot see any notes then you might have a look in the web browser version and check that your notes are still displaying there. One of the relatively common causes for Evernote appearing to be empty is that users log in with the wrong account so that is worth checking. If all else fails you can uninstall Evernote 10 and reinstall. Log out of your account and choose not to keep your data. Then uninstall and reinstall. If that doesn't work then open a support ticket.
  11. I don't know the answer but would recommend a support ticket. If the unsynced notes were updates of previously existing notes and you are paying subscriber then you could check the Note Info which contains a section marked Note History You can access these in the web browser app or on a desktop. Can't promise you that you'll be successful but it would be worth a try.
  12. I've yet to work out why some users share your experience and others, like me, have no problems at all. Evernote 10 uses about the same CPU as the so-called legacy version on my PC which is similarly specc'd to yours. Evernote 10 does use more RAM than legacy on my PC but not an unduly large amount. It consumes about the same as my web browser that I have open. So I do sympathise but have not idea why some have one experience and others something very different. You could try running Evernote in your web browser of choice - that may resolve things for you. The browser interface is very similar to the desktop app. Meanwhile, as you may have realised, these forums are primarily peer support so you may not get any connection with Evernote staff. As a paid user you might do better opening a support ticket.
  13. Which version of Android do you have (not Evernote on Android but the OS itself)? Evernote 10 only works with Android 10 and 11. Otherwise you'll only be offered Evernote 8 which you already have. When first released many users with Android 10/11 were not offered the upgrade to Evernote. I've not heard that complaint for sometime but is might be something affecting you. There was also some suggestion that Tablets didn't get the new version of Evernote in the early releases.
  14. Definitely a support ticket but since you ar at the bleading edge of the OS it might be too much to expect that Evernote 10, itself a work in progress, will always play nicely with an OS in beta. The tech support guys will definitely want to get things going in time for the public release of Win 11 so a ticket may well assist them.
  15. Perhaps I can offer some help with a few of your issues... Start with Windows. Create a shortcut to the executable in the startup folder: Win+R / shell:startup / paste a link to %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote\evernote.exe - for reasons I don't understand you cannot start Evernote minimised but it does start with login/startup I, too, touch type. I don't have the lag you describe. Alt+Ctrl+V should (and does for me) pop up a feedback message from Windows notifications. I can click the notification and that opens the new note as you describe. Perhaps you've disabled or limited Windows notifications. Check Windows settings / Notifications Sync status is present but not readily noticeable unless you are looking for it. Especially challenging for a touch typist who is watching the screen where they are typing. In the bottom right corner of a note you'll see a greyed message that 'All changes saved' As you type that message changes to 'Saving'. That's the sync taking place. Perhaps not as in your face as you would like but it is there.
  16. Here's a guess... Sometimes the file suffix gets stripped from a file when it is imported into Evernote. Right click video file in the note and check Rename. Does it have the suffix? Presumably .mp4, .mov or whatever... If the suffix is missing add it and that will likely resolve the opening problem. If the suffix is present then @Mike P seems to be on the money.
  17. @Jackyar Given the issue, I am sure that @PinkElephant will point you to raising a ticket with the support team.
  18. @Dave Hall, III Sorry to have failed Despite my suggestion I still suspect that this is an OS level issue so it's where I'd try to find a solution. But give import folders a try. You could easily create an Import Folder for your default notebook and then create a sendto shortcut to send the note to that import folder. One thing that isn't often mentioned re Import Folders is the fact that the imported content isn't deleted from the folder after it has been processed (which is/was the case in the legacy). I created a simple batch file which clears notes in my import folder when I login to my PC. If you have more than one folder for different folders then you copy the three lines of code and replace the path in the set folder line for each import folder. Of course replace your_windows_user_name with the one on your PC set folder="C:\Users\your_windows_user_name\Desktop\EN Import" cd /d %folder% for /F "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b') do (rmdir "%%i" /s/q || del "%%i" /s/q) This approach also solves the problem with a sendto shortcut where Evernote 10 strips the file suffix on import via a normal sendto shortcut pointing to the executable file. However, I confess that this approach would make everything a copy-to-Evernote rather than a move. Dragging onto the Import Folder make the move-to function
  19. You'll probably find that it entirely depends upon the location of the source and destination directories. One one machibe source and destination are likely to be the same drive. One the other machine source and destination are on separate drives. Separate drives will copy whereas having source and destination on the same drive will move. As @gazumped suggests, Import Folders are likely to be the best way forward.
  20. Did you ensure that you removed the old data directory and program files? This is essential to this fix. You can do this by using Revo Uninstaller or having uninstalled delete %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote directories. Then reinstall. If that doesn't work then a support ticket is the way to go.
  21. The sync time is a function of Google Calendar. Evernote is just taking whatever the Calendar delivers. Others who have this issue have been on the new Personal level and not realised that only one Calendar is supported. They had to ensure they put the events in the calendar that was connected to their Evernote account rather than one of the additional calendars they had in the Google account. I hope that might solve your problem. Otherwise, a support ticket seems like the way forward.
  22. @LJPF Of course it isn't too much to expect support but for paying subscribers that route is via a support ticket. Yes, staff do come around - especially to make announcements - but at the top of almost all the forum areas is the following (taken from this Android sub-forum) Your fellow users do their best to help and we have broad enough shoulders to absorb an occasional rant but chances are it won't find a staff response...
  23. For you... But it is working for others... I just annotated a PDF without any trouble whatsoever. The normal first step would be to completely uninstall the Evernote app - being sure to remove all the data and program directories and then reinstall and allow Evernote to rebuild your installation. Revo Uninstaller is great and achieving this or do a normal unistall and then be sure to delete the two directories %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData\Programs\Evernote If that doesn't do the trick then raise a support ticket.
  24. This happens because the more or less instant sync with the servers means the snippet is created before the encryption is done. I find that the snippet updates within a few minutes.
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