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  1. Obviously this nice tool does not work together with iPad2...? Tried with iPad Air and it works there! That means I need to trash my good old iPad2 if I want to use Evernote and Handwriting...?
  2. Hello all! Same issue here. Thanks for all the advices. No success!! That wonderful thing does just not want to connect with bluetooth! Penultimate (last version) does not show any of mentioned icon to connect. How can it, when the pen does not even reach any bluetooth connection... Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you DTLow Exactly! on Evernote for OSX = no problem! I am using this with great pleasure. My issue is that I am missing same function on iOS (iPad). There as I said, it is only possible to copy to external apps. Maybe this feature wold come in a next update...
  4. Hello Everyone! I am not sure, but i think this topic has been tried to be answered before - without a real answer... But as i say, i am not sure. Problem: Have attachments to my notes such as spreadsheets, word documents, etc. It does happen from time to time, that a quick correction on an attached spreadsheet is needed. So, the file in question can be copied out of Evernote iOS to an external app. The doc can be edited there (WPS, Office suite, etc.). Only this external tool only saves to its own database or other Clouds - just not Evernote. That means, the edited file has to be e-mailed to Evernote and re-imported manually to the note in Evernote. This leads also to a versioning problem! It would be so nice, if such operation could be done as on the MAC (OSX). There yo tell Evernote once and for all what extension has to be opened by which Application. On the iOS device it would be already very nice to be able to "open in" the attachment in the external application. That would be very pro! But, as i mentioned in the begin, may be such is already solved... Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. error message error "Can’t get modification date of \"!Inbox\"." number -1728 from «class EVmm» of "!Inbox"
  6. Here an update of the script... still not working... with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" activate display dialog "Evernote running" delay 2 set notebookName to ("!Inbox") display dialog notebookName delay 2 set modDate to modification date of notebookName display dialog modDate delay 4 end tell end timeout
  7. Hello everyone! I am certainly not a pro in applescript. i am building an export routine in applescript exporting notebook. I know: this has been the content of a few forums already... and it works well. I just want to make it better... At the moment, the script exports all the notebook i tell him or all of them. That is fine. The only thing I wold like to add is: Tell the script to compare if the notebook modification date if newer than the existing exported file on the disk. For date i need to get the modification of the notebook in question and compare it with the date of the already exported file on disk. That would be no problem, if i would not be stuck on the that d..... modification date. set modification to "whatever" does not work - or i do something wrong - which is absolutely possible! Heeelp! Thanks Here the script (starting version) - if i do not get over this - i cannot continue... with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" activate display dialog "Evernote running" delay 2 set notebookName to ("!Inbox") display dialog notebookName delay 2 set datestamp to (modification date) display dialog datestamp delay 4 end tell end timeout
  8. Thank you to all of you for your great help.
  9. I will try to find some scripting solution for this matter. That will take some time. Nothing urgent anyway. Thanks for your support for now.
  10. Also when I want to automatize the scan naming... Well it is ok if we do not have a tool to rename a bunch of notes. I will take my time and do it manually. It is really no problem. It would have been nice. That's all. But thank you for thinking along with me.
  11. I have a lot of notes containing the date in the title e.g. 2015/01/01. Since in many situations the forward slash is not usable but the underscore sign instead more likely, could any one tell me if there is a to have a batch renaming such note titles. Thx
  12. Hello I cannot get into evernote (version 7) without a network connection anymore!!
  13. Since the update of evernote on my ipad, it does not work offline any more!! very annoying! It does always ask for my login - and when it is offline, it does - of course - not login! on my other ios device, namely the iphone it does work fine with no login. Please help Thx to any one!
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