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  1. Hello All! After having shown my disapointment i would like to say thank you now for the newest version that is just about what i was used before! There are a few changes - i will deal with it over time! ...and i am quiet positive now about further updates soon. Cheers, Béat
  2. THIS IS VERY VERY VERY ANNOYING!!!! I just reinstalled all my IOS devices (iPad and iPhone) with the older Evernote version using an older backup. and today... as i started Evernote on my IOS devices it started with the unusable version 10 without warning - although my devices (IOS 14) are configured to not upgrade automatically!!! I am really very very upset! I am thinking about canceling my subscription. Why does Evernote make such things as the worse version ever... and on top force their loyal premium user (since 2011) to upgrade!!!????????
  3. I moved back to Evernote 7.x - deleted the horrible Evernote 10. Reinstalled Evernote 7.x. All datas are back! Everything is fine and as expected again now!
  4. A catastrophic upgrade!!!!! How could you? Since 2009 i am using EN on all my devices. This is the worse version ever!!! Just useless because everything is just GONE!! ...and it is soo slow!! How is this possible? Very, very , VERY disappointing!!!!!!! and on top of that VERY annoying for Evernote!! But EN does not seem to care... otherwise they would have a fix already...!
  5. Just sent an email to team@mails.evernote.com by mistake instead of my evernote account. What will happen to this email ?
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