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  1. Thx gon! it works always with PDF, Images, etc. But with specific APPs as you can see in my shot below there is not sign of "open"... As i said only in the web version!
  2. Just noticed that in the web version of Evernote attachment cannot be opened - unlike it does with the desktop version. The attachment has to be downloaded before it can be used in the respective application. This is unfortunate because this way the attachment and the note are not linked anymore. Making changes in the attachment requests to reimport the attachment file into the Evernote web version. On the Evernote desktop version it works like a charm! Your question will certainly be: Why do i use the web version? Because i am also using Evernote on a Linux platform and Evernote has stopped the support for the linux desktop version. So in that case it remains only the detour thru the web version - which would be ok if this attachment thing would not be... Thanks for your kind help.
  3. No data loss here. In any case Evernote provides recovery Features i have/make regular local backups anyway
  4. Interesting... I did not have to download anything... It just ask me to relaunch Evernote to activate the new version. That was painless...
  5. Super! Waiting pays out... Just updated to 10.60.4 - it looks like the problem is solved!
  6. Had the same issue. But for some unknown reason it does not appear any longer for me... Evernote 10.59.5-mac-ddl-public (5236)
  7. Lets wait what the newest update will have at hand... Being in tech since 1978, i do know for a fact that there is always a possibility for error (humans at work)... Also in the past changing system because something has a bug does usually drive into new problems...😉
  8. After all these years using Evernote (since 2011) i am used to its nice features! Have tried alternatives lately. Unfortunately i am missing a lot of functions there which i am enjoying here with Evernote. e.g.: Joplin: nice but lack of a lot of functions... Notion: not really my taste... Obsidion:to complicate for me... Apple Notes: not really usable for me as i am a multiplatform guy... Only the pricing should not get to high...
  9. Thank you so much PinkElephant! Everything works again the way it is supposed to! I will keep this download in case the next version does not work yet. Cheers
  10. Since the last release 10.59.5 (MAC) i cannot search into a specific notebook... Search syntax "notebook:xxxx" nor first selecting the wanted notebook and either via filter function. The following alert appears: Permissions lost You no longer have access to the ... notebook Is it possible to downgrade to the previous release? Thx
  11. MY SOLUTION: I have installed and use Thunderbird 102 instead of Apple Calendar. Everything works at one place. So when a new event needed, i just intro it in the Thunderbird calendar (that supports Google Auth) - which is open for my email anyway. Evernote calendar syncs - although not even so quickly... but with a moment of patience...☺️ No need to start a separate Browser with Google anymore! May be this would be a good solution for other Mac Users... Thx all for your help.
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