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  1. As above - IS there any way I can get Evernote to display the PDF content immediately after I open the note on Android?
  2. I have 10 questions that I ask myself everyday (e.g. What did I do well today/ What are the 3 things I can improve on) and I currently use Google Forms so that it can be tabulated into an Excel sheet when consolidated in the future. Is there any proper, cross-platform (Android and Windows) app that allows me to do this offline with a nice UI to boot? Thanks!
  3. Is this feature still not available in Evernote? I have a note with a long wall of text (think 20 pages with 5 sub-sections), which could be enhanced with internal links/anchors.
  4. I am not getting the Premium version of Evernote because: 1. The OCR is not as accurate as the leaders such as ABBYY and 2. I don't need all the other add-on features. As such, I'd like to ask if anyone has an established workflow (both Android and Windows) on seamlessly OCR-ing documents before archiving them in Evernote. Docs can be in image or PDF format with text.
  5. jefito is correct. gazumped: i can do that, but may result in syncing conflicts or they may simply treat it as 2 separate local notebooks...
  6. As above - why is it that I can only select local notebooks for my widget instead of shared notebooks I have with other people? Any workaround for this please?
  7. Is there any script that allows me to: 1. Follow a specific Facebook Photo Album from my friend; 2. When a new photo is added, copy the photo captions as a Note in Evernote. If there is no pre-built script, what will be the easiest way? Doesn't seem available on Zapier and IFTTT.
  8. Hi guys, I'm going to start daily reflections on Evernote soon, but have a few questions as follows: Assuming I have 4 questions that I need to ask myself, 1. What did I do well today? 2. What can I improve on? 3. What are the top 3 tasks to work on tomorrow? 4. What is my mood rating? (1-10) How do I structure the template such that it is easy to merge all entries (say 2 years' worth of daily entries) into an excel spreadsheet, or any other format, for me to do further data analysis? Separately, Evernote does not allow me to set recurring reminders, which links to a NEW note that allows me to quickly jot down my 4 answers. Which will be the most straightforward way to achieve this portion?
  9. After the reminder time, I may sometimes choose to procrastinate because I feel it's not the right time, too difficult, too complicated, needs to be done in conjunction with other tasks or as a sequence. Evernote does not allow us to set recurring reminders or even customise them. As a result, my list sometimes grows longer over time without me knowing. How do you best work within Evernote's constraints and still use it as a task tracker/to-do list successfully?
  10. unfortunately, i'm not a paid subscriber currently.
  11. Please see my screenshot above. It only allows me to select my local notebook (i.e. "useless") instead of any of my other 30+ shared notebooks as default.
  12. Regarding the 2nd topic - it does allow me to select a shared notebook, but it always DEFAULTS to a local notebook, be it in Evernote itself or the new evernote clipper tool in Chrome.
  13. I have many shared notebooks with my friends and often shift notes in and out. This always appears when I shift the note location to another notebook. Any way to disable it? Also, is it possible for a default notebook to be a shared notebook? I have no idea why Evernote forces people to use a local notebook as the default rather than a shared notebook.
  14. yes, that's exactly what i'm referring to. unfortunately, i can't report a bug if i'm a free user. [/img]
  15. Win 10 Pro x64 with latest patches installed and latest version of Evernote. I notice this only happens when I have shared notebooks with other users and not when saving on my own notebook.
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