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  1. Using Acrobat PRO DC. I opened within Evernote initially to make changes, but it wasn't saved in the note.
  2. Using the Desktop app here. After right clicking Open and making a rotation to the PDF >> Save >> the change doesn't get saved in Evernote. Any idea whether I must save on my Desktop first >> delete old attachment and re-attach new PDF for it to work?
  3. This won't work for me as I have multiple desktops with different screen resolutions. Is there no way that I can navigate to the Arrow button using keyboard shortcut on the reminder? ☹️
  4. Hi there, Just tried your method. This method only gets to the TOP Note, but not the TOP reminder. I can't seem to scroll up further using keyboard shortcuts. Any workaround for this?
  5. There are 3 segments in Evernote. Every time I open Evernote, focus will be on the last note I opened (middle segment), instead of scrolling all the way to the top. My aim is to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the Add Reminder segment, or at the very least, to view my reminders as the default (rather than viewing last note). How do I achieve this?
  6. I'm running on a Samsung 970 PRO that has 3500MB/s read speed, so this doesn't make any sense at all..
  7. I currently have 10.5K notes. Nowadays, even if I create a new note (on Win 10 desktop), it will start freezing and showing the "Not Responding" sign until 20 seconds later. Same goes if I edit existing notes after typing a few sentences. I have already flushed and reinstalled Evernote, but still same issue. Is there any way to optimize my enex file so it doesn't lag anymore?
  8. Hi there, My main difficulty is this: Is it possible to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the REMINDERS section and activate the + Sign first? Also, the method above doesn't work with different screen resolutions, so it will be a nightmare for me (6 different PCs in total).
  9. Hi, It's 2020 already. Any idea if Evernote will add this feature soon?
  10. As above - IS there any way I can get Evernote to display the PDF content immediately after I open the note on Android?
  11. I have 10 questions that I ask myself everyday (e.g. What did I do well today/ What are the 3 things I can improve on) and I currently use Google Forms so that it can be tabulated into an Excel sheet when consolidated in the future. Is there any proper, cross-platform (Android and Windows) app that allows me to do this offline with a nice UI to boot? Thanks!
  12. Is this feature still not available in Evernote? I have a note with a long wall of text (think 20 pages with 5 sub-sections), which could be enhanced with internal links/anchors.
  13. I am not getting the Premium version of Evernote because: 1. The OCR is not as accurate as the leaders such as ABBYY and 2. I don't need all the other add-on features. As such, I'd like to ask if anyone has an established workflow (both Android and Windows) on seamlessly OCR-ing documents before archiving them in Evernote. Docs can be in image or PDF format with text.
  14. jefito is correct. gazumped: i can do that, but may result in syncing conflicts or they may simply treat it as 2 separate local notebooks...
  15. As above - why is it that I can only select local notebooks for my widget instead of shared notebooks I have with other people? Any workaround for this please?
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