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  1. When I right click to copy internal link, and paste it within another note last time, the TITLE of the note will be displayed along with a clickable link to that note. Nowadays, it gives me an ugly hyperlink like such: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s200/nl/25111373/1968c48b-e9c5-46cf-840c-93546 How do I revert to the original behavior? On Evernote Legacy latest version here (please don't tell me to use the sucky new app on Windows).
  2. The Legacy version lags like crazy, and the new version is crippled, with basic things like copying images from Evernote to Gmail non-existent. Thinking whether it's time to jump ship to Notion. For those who also use Notion, what are the detailed pros and cons? I am using it purely for note-taking/archival of knowledge. Any pesky restrictions on the free plan that I need to be aware of?
  3. In Legacy, I can just check it and the reminder will go away while still remaining in my notebooks archived. Now I have no choice but to delete the reminder, is that correct? Also, is there a way to Checkboxes Gone in Reminders, and I can't default to Reminders for first view rather than my notes?
  4. On Windows & Android. the point is not on advanced search operators. I know how to use them, but it is frustrating to have to use different variations (apple, apples, BigApple) to find the note.
  5. For example, if I search for "Apple", my note titled "Apples" won't come up. How can I make it smarter like Google search? 🤔
  6. The problem is Evernote. My source text always starts with Evernote, then pasted into other apps like Word/Whatsapp/Telegram. 😕
  7. am I the only one still facing this issue? It's the same on different desktops/laptop configs too ☹️
  8. Using Acrobat PRO DC. I opened within Evernote initially to make changes, but it wasn't saved in the note.
  9. Using the Desktop app here. After right clicking Open and making a rotation to the PDF >> Save >> the change doesn't get saved in Evernote. Any idea whether I must save on my Desktop first >> delete old attachment and re-attach new PDF for it to work?
  10. This won't work for me as I have multiple desktops with different screen resolutions. Is there no way that I can navigate to the Arrow button using keyboard shortcut on the reminder? ☹️
  11. Hi there, Just tried your method. This method only gets to the TOP Note, but not the TOP reminder. I can't seem to scroll up further using keyboard shortcuts. Any workaround for this?
  12. There are 3 segments in Evernote. Every time I open Evernote, focus will be on the last note I opened (middle segment), instead of scrolling all the way to the top. My aim is to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the Add Reminder segment, or at the very least, to view my reminders as the default (rather than viewing last note). How do I achieve this?
  13. I'm running on a Samsung 970 PRO that has 3500MB/s read speed, so this doesn't make any sense at all..
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