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  1. unfortunately, i'm not a paid subscriber currently.
  2. Please see my screenshot above. It only allows me to select my local notebook (i.e. "useless") instead of any of my other 30+ shared notebooks as default.
  3. Regarding the 2nd topic - it does allow me to select a shared notebook, but it always DEFAULTS to a local notebook, be it in Evernote itself or the new evernote clipper tool in Chrome.
  4. I have many shared notebooks with my friends and often shift notes in and out. This always appears when I shift the note location to another notebook. Any way to disable it? Also, is it possible for a default notebook to be a shared notebook? I have no idea why Evernote forces people to use a local notebook as the default rather than a shared notebook.
  5. yes, that's exactly what i'm referring to. unfortunately, i can't report a bug if i'm a free user. [/img]
  6. Win 10 Pro x64 with latest patches installed and latest version of Evernote. I notice this only happens when I have shared notebooks with other users and not when saving on my own notebook.
  7. [/img] As above screenshot above. Sometimes, I don't get the mini downward arrow that allows me to click on my ".Do" notebook and change to another notebook. I have to save it first, then manually drag the note to another notebook. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.
  8. As above - I have a specific calendar that I want to sync to a specific notebook within Evernote, including whatever links, attachments, descriptions in my calendar entries. What is the easiest way to automate it? IFTTT doesn't seem to have this recipe working well.
  9. Is there a way to define which notebook to save to while sharing the link to the fb page?
  10. Hi, When I click Edit, it brings me to Quickpic, my default gallery and photo editing app. When I want to save the cropped changes, it prompts me as per my screenshots above. Yes, my device is rooted but I used to have no such issues previously. Also, SD card is my default for saving pictures from camera too. Using S7, on Nougat Rom.
  11. I don't usually close EN, I just minimize it, but it will always highlight the last note clipped (which is parked in Notebook XYZ), which appears in the middle of list under "All Notebooks". The combination above leads to highlighting the first note. How do I go to the top of the 1st reminder in All notebooks instead? Thanks!
  12. As per screenshots. Do you guys have this problem in terms of granting access to the SD card root directory? I have tried reinstalling Evernote but still face the same issue. Have been prompted similarly for other apps, but still eventually able to grant permissions, not sure why Evernote is the only one. I just need to crop my picture after it's taken using Evernote's camera.
  13. By default, I believe Evernote highlights your last created/clipped note, which could be halfway down your entire list of notes. When I open Evernote, I want to scroll to top, showing my reminders, followed by latest created notes in all notebooks, without having to go through so many clicks. Is there any way I can modify this default behavior? I can use AHK, but I'd need a keyboard shortcut to activate the middle list bar (and make it scroll to top) everytime I open Evernote Desktop. All suggestions welcome!
  14. Sure. waiting patiently!
  15. I currently have more than 100 saved links/posts on Facebook. Is there any quick way to port over all article content from Facebook to Evernote (using either Desktop or Android app)?