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  1. Ilia, is there a way in the new windows app to encrypt local notes and transfer to a regular notebook? My use case with the previous version of saferoom was the following: I scan my sensitive documents and they get automatically saved in a local scans folder. I then use the tray app to encrypt and it creates encrypted copies to a regular notebook which is then synced to my evernote account. Though that is a little clunky what I liked about it is that the only notes that get synced are encrypted ones. How would I achieve something similar with this new app? Also another question, once I encrypt a note there doesn't seem to be a way to decrypt it permanently, in a way that I could view it decrypted from the evernote app. The app does tend to crash a lot and just close.
  2. I noticed the new windows version requires logging in with the evernote credentials. I don't think previous versions needed this? Just curious what is the difference? Are there any risks involved? Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering when do you expect to roll out the next version for windows? It's been a few months since you showed the youtube video of it.
  4. Thanks Gazumped. I'll contact them. Is it possible to save an image as pdf within evernote? I don't really need it for storage of high resolution images, but I don't want images that I need to remain legible to become illegible, and this has already happened to me once, I lost information from a picture of a black board because I decided to annotate it. It is now illegible. It sort of defeats the whole purpose for annotating. Even the annotations get pixelated from loss of resolution after saving.
  5. I'm using android app version 7.9.6 First of all If i take a picture in the evernote app, it's a much lower resolution to begin with than the phone's picture capabilities. Even if I import a full resolution image into evernote, after annotating it the picture is re-sized and the resolution looks horrible, to the point that if it's an image of smaller text it makes it illegible. This basically makes the annotate feature useless. This can't be the expected behavior can it? I noticed someone in the mac forum had a similar issue back in May. Does anyone know what's going on or is evernote planning to fix this?
  6. Thank you very much. I've been in communication with Alexey by email. Still no solution, but it sounds like I'm the only one with the problem. He mentioned it worked on windows 10. Also I just installed saferoom on my windows 7 desktop and tried it this morning, and had he same issue. I emailed Alexey and am waiting for a response. I don't know what could be causing this just for me on 2 separate machines. The only common link is my evernote account. I tried with 3 separate Web clipped notes, and there's issue with all 3. Regular notes seem to work fine. I also tried uninstalling and re installing evernote on windows 10, and nothing. I don't know if you have access to the emails I sent to Alexey, but in the windows 10 machine I also had errors with saferoom not being able to find the executable for evernote, so I had to create the notebooks manually in evernote. On windows 7 that aspect worked fine. Thank you for your help, I hope we can figure out what's going on, I'd love to permanently use saferoom in my desktop and Android device if it can work correctly. Doesn't sound like other users are having an issue perhaps it's just me?
  7. Hi, great app! I've installed on my windows 10 machine, and I'm having similar problems as @mwang. I encrypted and decrypted a web clipped note, and the decrypted version is cut short by quite a bit, (yet it is larger in size for some reason.) Here are the notes. the file labeled as 2 is the one post decryption. Five Tomato Growing Tricks You Need to Start Using - GrowJourney - Seeds of the Month Club.html Five Tomato Growing Tricks You Need to Start Using - GrowJourney - Seeds of the Month Club2.html
  8. Love the new update, I'm becoming a believer again. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.
  9. When can we expect this to be the case? It looks like currently the mac and windows editors still don't share all the same features. For example from what I read the Mac version incorporates the basic ability to zoom in and out of notes, while the windows version still cannot do this with CTRL + scroll wheel, as of the latest version rolled out this month. When can we expect for the windows editor functions to catch up, and why are they different if they're all being coded in javascript with one source code? When will the inconsistencies stop? Thank you very much in advance for your answer.
  10. The lack of this feature is frustrating, and it looks like Mac has it (as usual only the mac version is more complete) Behavior should be CTRL + scroll wheel or CTRL + "+ or -" to zoom in and out in a note. Simple feature, all browsers, all word processing programs and other note taking apps like onenote have it. Even evernote has it, but just for mac? Hope you agree. Regards,
  11. As others have said, I don't understand why this even needs to be voted on. I would imagine this is already being worked on, and probably should have been completed prior to retiring skitch. Also is this the best means of voting for changes aside from facebook? How can a non facebook user directly express their support/vote for certain features? Thank you.
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