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  1. I workaround this by creating multiple notebooks under a stack so instead of tagging, I move each small note into notebooks topic categories so the next unsorted note will come into view for sorting thus eliminating the notes list from being full of tagged notes that requires scrolling down and multiple steps of thinking, searching, moving hands to mouse, move mice pointer around, squinting eyes to click on the next note to sort, etc what do u think? what are the pros and cons?
  2. i like how evernote is able to proactively prompt user to save photos with text to evernote. but it's a big hassle for user to search and find the photos on his phone gallery to delete as evernote after adding the photos to evernote dont delete the duplicate original photos in gallery.
  3. for next Evernote android update, why not have an option for user to add textbox to draw pad?
  4. wish there is an evernote pop up widget from windows taskbar with cursor blinking for text input like mac. pls make :)
  5. Why not an option in Windows Evernote app > Options settings > user select checkbox so Evernote auto launch when laptop start up or user log in. Please implement?
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