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  1. When I copy and paste a table from Word to Evernote, it not only does not retain the table format but shows up in the most unreadable format possible, sometimes showing one single narrow column of the entire table. Am I the only one facing this crucial issue? I saw a couple of threads in my search. None of them had solutions, except one. That one had a workaround didn't make sense in terms of time wasted. Has anyone figured out a really good workaround or does anyone know if EN is working on it?
  2. I am finally looking at OneNote after giving up on Evernote support. I checked out Google Keep. FYI - They are removing support for the app version. Which means there would be no offline access unless they provide some other alternative. So OneNote it is for now. I want to share a thought on Evernote support. Not only are they not acknowledging this issue, I even have separate tickets opened with Evernote on this and another topic. They have taken a long time to get back to me with no resolution. When they start ignoring their most dedicated and loyal customer base, it is clear that they are not interested in them. It is clear that their growth strategy is pivoted to something else. No hard feelings, but we should move on too.
  3. This is from Support's email to me - "Wanted to follow up to confirm that I was able to reproduce both issues after testing further."
  4. The ticket is "Ticket# 2335509 - Ctrl Alt N global hotkey is not bringing new note to the forefront". Actually, the support was able to replicate my issue according to his update to my ticket. But his only recommendation was to downgrade my version, which didn't work.
  5. Thank you for your effort. Not sure how that addresses my problem. But I went ahead and did your steps. Assuming I did them right (never done this before), it just imported a new note when double-clicking the .enex file within the app itself. I didn't understand how does that address my problem. But I went ahead and tested my issue again. Still, the same issue remains. New notes are created and remain in the background. Even the new notes created from .enex file are created within the app and remain in the background.
  6. I am sure it doesn't happen to everyone. It happens to me. The Evernote support shadowed my session and verified this is an issue. Because I have not gotten any effective help from them, I was just posting here. If someone else experienced the same issue and/or if they did anything that helped?
  7. I have spent 2 months with a mostly lacking support team to figure out my issue. I finally identified the cause, with no help from support. Can someone please help me figure out how can I escalate it in Evernote? My current support person has been ineffective in handling this issue, and I don't know how to go around him? I even demoted my Evernote version upon his suggestion, but that didn't help either. This issue is killing my productivity big time.
  8. I was wondering if someone else had this frustrating issue and how you dealt with it. When I use the global shortcut key to open a new note in a new window, the new note is created as expected. But it not coming to foreground anymore, unfortunately. Instead, Evernote opens the new window and keeps it in the background. After spending months with Evernote support and getting no effective help (paid customer), I have been troubleshooting on my own in parallel. I finally figured out that the issue occurs only when Chrome is running. As soon as I close chrome, the new note does come into the foreground. All other global shortcut keys work as expected while Chrome is running. Even the shortcut key for the new note in a new window is working. So there is no keyboard shortcut conflict with chrome. It is just that it is not bringing the new note to the foreground. I also demoted my Evernote version all the way to 6.7.5 upon support's suggestion. But that didn't help either. Can someone advice or help please?
  9. The whole cursor disappearing thing happening to me too. Is EN support saying anything about this? What version would it be fixed in? On top of it, does anyone else has a problem with the global key for bringing up new note? The new note is created but it remains in the background. P.S. I know I have posted in two different threads. So before the gurus and the EN wellwishers scold me, understand this. I have been living with the frustration of this double whammy for months now. I contacted EN support but they weren't able to solve by email after patiently waiting for their response for a while. I am going to do a remote session appointment with them soon. I have been a paying customer. Maybe I don't pay much. But I really don't want any EN wellwishers here to snap at me for posting the same problem in two different threads. I know you have done so in the past. So please reduce your zealousness and instead help us paying users by escalating issues to EN.
  10. I am having same problems. Super frustrating. This is in addition to the fact that when I click the global key for bringing a new evernote note, it remains in background. Perhaps these two issues are unrelated. But the double whammy has managed to kill my productivity boosts from EN. Seriously, any help?
  11. Okay I uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote and did all of the above tricks. It worked only once. And it is back to opening the new windows in background :-( Should I escalate this to Evernote support?
  12. Is there an easy way to identify local notebook? When I right click on a notebook I can see if it is local or synchronized by clicking on Properties. But that is a super tedious way to go through bunch of notebooks and right click each of them. Perhaps I may have missed something more obvious? I did notice one local notebook in grey color. Is that a reliable indication if a notebook is local?
  13. When I create a new note, I want to have zero distraction (like the F11 key in Chrome), so no kind of menu at all. Is there a keyboard shortcut or something in setting that can make the note you are editing show up without any menu or toolbars?
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