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  1. I am talking about search inside a note. My point is that once the search finds something, it highlights it, but it does not place the cursor at the highlight, like legacy used to do. The workaround is to use your mouse to click on that highlight first, before hitting escape. I don't like that workaround because now I have to use the mouse, which I didn't have to in legacy.
  2. This is a pet peeve for me now. When I find something in the note, back in legacy I could press esc and close away the find box, and the cursor would stay at the same place where it found my search result in the note. This was extremely helpful. But now in the new version, as soon as I close the find box after finding something in the note, Evernote simply takes me to the top of the note, losing the place where I found my search result. Ugh. Is there a hack or am I doing something wrong to get the legacy functionality?
  3. I am not finding anything equivalent in the new 10 version to open a searched note into a new window, like I was able to in legacy. Here are the steps : I find the note after typing some keywords in search note. I click on the note. The note opens but in a different layout than my usual layout. In this different layout the note list view disappears. Only the searched note and the dark side bar are displayed. Okay no big deal, I say, I will just open the note in a new window and somehow I would be able to get back to my note list view in the original Evernote window. But I can't open the new note in a new window, unless I use my mouse. That's a pain. Any hacks or keyboard shortcuts that you know can help me?
  4. Yes you sensed me right. I don't want to use the mouse. When I use alt-ctrl-4 as you suggested, it takes me to the list of notebooks. But because of your nudge, I found out that ctrl-alt-2 is what I use to get to the list of notes. Thank you. I was hoping for more like a legacy behavior. But this will work.
  5. After I search something and finding my note, the search keyword continues to stay in the search box and I can't see all the notes. Is there a way (like we could in legacy) to be able to clear the search criteria and go back to all notes view on the main Evernote window? And can we do this without having to use the mouse?
  6. @gazumped am I interpreting you correctly here? Are you saying that there is a way to go back to legacy in Android too? Please enlighten me! Just went back to legacy with Evernote on one of my laptops after getting frustrated with 10 over a month now. But don't know what to do with my Android version.
  7. Thank you for sharing the legacy download link. It says this legacy version can co-exist with new version. So that's what i am gonna do. Would you know if each of them have their own separate local databases?
  8. This! Evernote staff, are you reading this? Frustrated with so many performance issues. Even trying to press search within a note, I have to wait a couple of seconds before Evernote allows the cursor to be active and the search criteria to be typed. This is when the last straw hit on my camel's cart! Now have to figure out how to get back to 6.25. In parallel, Evernote marketing team very casually sends me emails to upgrade from premium to professional. Nicely done - left hand and right hand of Evernote!
  9. No bueno. I uninstalled and reinstalled. It behaved nicely for couple of days. Then it went back to asking if I wanted to update to latest version. I thought there genuinely was a latest version. So I said yes It "installed and updated". Next time I restart Evernote, it again asks me the same. And it was the same install. And ever time the computer restarts or evernote app restarts, it keeps asking me. Frustrating. What am I missing? I want to avoid a complete uninstall and wipe of database if it could be helped.
  10. I seem to have fallen into a loop where Evernote is asking me to download and install update even though i had already updated it multiple times. Now when I agree to the request, it keeps installing the same update and says it was successful. And yet on next restart, it again asks me to download and install updates. What gives?
  11. Would like this feature is reinstated ASAP. Just upgraded to v10 after a long time, thinking I was smart to wait until the thing stabilized. Oh...how little did I know.
  12. Thank you. Do you know what is the legacy version I should go to? A related question - I read somewhere that the new V10 changed data structures. If I went back to legacy, am I at the risk of losing something? (Maybe not because everything is in the cloud but just wanted to know)
  13. Hi before the upgrade, the note would take on the first line as the default title. This was extremely useful and saved lot of time separately clicking on Title first and putting something there. I noticed after the upgrade that this is no longer the default setting. Is there anything in the settings I can change to revert back to how it was in the legacy?
  14. Thank you all for the responses. I decided to break up my note into several notes. That was the only thing that worked after trying out several permutations (incl editing first in legacy and then going back to V10). Plus I found out couple of tables that I had cut and pasted from internet were the bigger culprits. So I just pasted them as plain text. That decreased the note size considerably (by several MB). All good now at least in terms of urgency. However, the "simplify and make it editable" magic wand is pretty useless. Even when I tried the wand with a test note containing just a couple of tables, it wouldn't work. Go figure. Maybe I don't know how to use it?
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