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  1. Its junk to me, I can't stop it. Yes, notifications doesn't work, but I'll try to reinstall, that's a good suggestion. thanks
  2. Here is a picture of the junk messages, I cannot find any way to stop them thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. Turned out to be an account problem, fixed now
  4. You must turn off automatic updates, then install, this installed legacy, then I did not install the very bad new version. It was a few months ago, I'm not sure about now.
  5. Did not work, did the complete uninstall. Any other ideas? Thanks
  6. OK Maybe I'll try that. LEgacy works fine on my other Win10 PC. thanks
  7. I do not understand any of that. Can you say that in normal English?
  8. Tried deleting, reinstalling, CTl clicking on Exclamation point - nothing works Emptied the Trash also. Is there a cashe somewhere I can delete that might be causing this on the one PC? It just suddenly decided to stop working Any other suggestions? thanks
  9. I have contacted them. The last time I did this I think I had to close my account. But I've paid for this one - is it possible to transfer my subscription to a new account? thanks
  10. Thanks but nothing works This is the 3rd time this has happened. The Windows app will suddenly stop working. I've tried reinstalling, deleting notes, making new notes - nothing works. I CANNOT use the new app, which has terrible design. Full of annoying garbage at the top I cannot get rid of. I do not want Formatting or Share etc. Yesterday the Windows app suddenly stopped syncing, after working for 1 year. Any other ideas?
  11. Anyone know what to do with a red exclamation mark on the Sync button. This is legacy version - I will cannot use the terrible new version. I noticed the notes were not syncing yesterday, which is not normal. I deleted the note and made a new one but now there's a warning sign. thanks
  12. I like notepad but the design is very annoying. I only have one note but when I open the app in Android, it comes up as top of a list, so I have to click on it to open it I only have one notebook, I'd like to click the app then have the one notebook open. This is how all the other notebooks I've used work - or they have a default notebook that opens automatically. It would be good if this were chagned. Thanks
  13. Interesting, on my Android, 1 year old, 1 note comes up as part of a list and does not need to be opened manually. thanks
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