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  1. I like notepad but the design is very annoying. I only have one note but when I open the app in Android, it comes up as top of a list, so I have to click on it to open it I only have one notebook, I'd like to click the app then have the one notebook open. This is how all the other notebooks I've used work - or they have a default notebook that opens automatically. It would be good if this were chagned. Thanks
  2. Interesting, on my Android, 1 year old, 1 note comes up as part of a list and does not need to be opened manually. thanks
  3. Thanks but that does the same as what I have now, I open the app and then click on the notebook, which comes up as top of a list, although there's only one. thanks
  4. Android. It does not do this, there is only one note but I have to click on it to open it after opening the app, as if it is on a list. Thanks
  5. Notebook isn't designed correctly when there is just one note. When opened, it comes up with the note in list form, you have to click on it to open it. Even though there is just one. This is very annoying and unnecessary. If there is one note, then it should just open automatically, when Note book is opened. Making it more efficient. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info All other notes I've used have a default text available, very annoying. I don't have Mac. Perhaps there is another way, as I post in there often. Here is an image of the address bar at the top, can't work out how to get rid of it. thank you
  7. Can I set a default text in Notes? So all text appears in the same font and size? Is it possible to remove the bars at the top, showing file:///C:\Users etc. Thank you
  8. I don't know who this bore is, or why he thinks USING CAPITALS makes his bizarre rant MORE IMPORTANT I asked a simple question about stopping messages from an app, NOT EMAILS. If anyone has a practical suggestion, I would like to hear it, but not to be PREACHED TO BY SOME IDIOT about what I'm supposed to decide. As NOT an elephant I am allowed to say it openly ...
  9. I'm asking where the setting is, to stop junk messages.
  10. I got a junk message from Evernote at 10.30pm, making a suggestion. Did not want to be woken up by junk messages from this company. How can I turn these off? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the information. I dont use MAC I can try this in Windows, would this work in Android too? tanks
  12. What do you mean 'editor'. Can you explain? How do you do this/ Thanks
  13. Any way to get text to remain within the note, when the text is not small I can't see a whole sentence, it goes off the note and I have to move it to the right to see the rest of the sentence. Thanks
  14. Any way I can have all text in the note all the same text size and font - automatically? Is it possible to have a simple note, without all the annoying extras, time last edited, share etc... ? I'm just looking for a simple notepad that can be used on Android. Thanks
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