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  1. I did not say there wasn't use for 'junk' whether or not I personally need it. I said there should be an option to hide it and for me its 'junk'. I'll try the web version thanks
  2. I like notepad but the design is very annoying. I only have one note but when I open the app in Android, it comes up as top of a list, so I have to click on it to open it I only have one notebook, I'd like to click the app then have the one notebook open. This is how all the other notebooks I've used work - or they have a default notebook that opens automatically. It would be good if this were chagned. Thanks
  3. This notebook is good but there is no option to hide all the junk at the top. I don't want links to files, share, time etc. All I want is a notebook. Why can't these be hidden. Why do I have to keep having a link to a file I opened, I don't need this. No matter how many times I had the formatting bar it comes back, then I have to hide it again. Every other notebook I've used either has these in options, or has the option to hide them. This is a great part of the app, but it is ruined by making it over-complicated, messy and annoying by adding features that cannot be turned off or hidden.
  4. The problem is not 'find it to be more than you really want' The problem is there is no option to hide. Every other software I have used allows the user to hide features. For some reason Evernote has decided everything must be present, all the time. Lots of software has different features, but these can be seen or not seen. This is the problem.
  5. Interesting, on my Android, 1 year old, 1 note comes up as part of a list and does not need to be opened manually. thanks
  6. Thanks but that does the same as what I have now, I open the app and then click on the notebook, which comes up as top of a list, although there's only one. thanks
  7. Android. It does not do this, there is only one note but I have to click on it to open it after opening the app, as if it is on a list. Thanks
  8. Notebook isn't designed correctly when there is just one note. When opened, it comes up with the note in list form, you have to click on it to open it. Even though there is just one. This is very annoying and unnecessary. If there is one note, then it should just open automatically, when Note book is opened. Making it more efficient. Thanks
  9. Not sorry (not at all) your post was offensive diction. If you want to make rude and offensive posts, be aware you could be reached at … Still hope you annoy someone else, why not.
  10. I am not on BASIC, think before you USE UNCESSSARY CAPITALS: 1) I am not on a free ride. The horse is not donated, and I have every right to complain it is badly trained. 2) I think about HOW insane the above message is. 3) If it is so useless and messy, then I should get up and walk out of the door - but not SILENTLY as others have are also finding it annoying. Do not have a nice day !
  11. This is the problem with Notebook - you cannot turn off all the stupid, annoying add ons. All I want is a simple Notebook, but Evernote do not let you turn this off. I do not want date, tag, share or a long address to some file that I happened to have opened. I can find a Word file if I want to. I don't need a link. I am thinking of just asking for my money back. The design is very bad. Complicated, messy and - as you said - useless and irritating
  12. I'll do this when it happens, it is in the Tagg section. thanks
  13. In Windows I keep getting a link to a recent file opened - at the top of the Notebook. I don't want this, it is very annoying, a long pathway to a Word file on my PC that I don't need. How can I stop it from happening? thanks
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