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  1. Moving stuff around is free. I do upvotes for $1000, if anyone will pay me, that is...
  2. Is this a web clipping or a copy/paste of a web page? This sort of thing can happen when formatting from a web page and Evernote don't get along. It's annoying. If it's a web clipper thing, you might try to re-clip it as a simplified web page.
  3. That''s a pretty silly comparison. It doesn't seem like a big user win to me. But if you want to send me $1000, I'll upvote it.
  4. What do *you* think the pros and cons are? What window would be closed? Are you talking about when you have a note open in a separate window? If so, this would not gain mush, since closing a window is so easy.
  5. You're kidding, right? Evernote has tons of competitors. A web search on "alternatives to evernote" makes them pretty easy to find. Some of them do allow import of Evernote content (though I was less than impressed at what OneNote did to my notes when I tried it several years back),
  6. The request is exactly as stated. You don't need to be an Android dev or guru to make requests, nor does a request need to be something that's used by a large percentage of the user base. It's just a request; guesses/ information relating to sort of stuff is of course fine for other users to add, but ultimately it's up to Evernote to process and prioritize. And it's up to @Salvor to decide whether they want their post to be turned into something that other users can support via post and/or vote..Which is why I asked. Not being an Android developer myself, I can't speak from a position of
  7. But for how long? If it's a temporary spike, then not a big problem, I'd think... Remember, opening a new note, if I recall @dcon's notes,, means spinning up one of more of the Evernote subprocesses, which might be a factor. You could dig into things somewhat more deeply than Task Manager using SysInternal's ProcMon tool.
  8. I'd be happy to move this to the Android request forum, so that other users can vote it up. I'd add a vote, too!
  9. That would be more of an Android thing. Maybe try a web search on "android keyboard shortcuts" etc.?
  10. Just have your boss share a notebook with you that has any note templates they want you to use. Duplicate as needed. I find the Evernote note template stuff less useful than just duplicating notes.
  11. Um, sure. But first, please make this request in a separate location than in someone else's specific request, 'cause it seems like you're breaking your own suggestion, y'know? I'd suggest here, for starters: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/
  12. Not any way that I know of. I suppose that you could export your template note to disk, and import it back in; in that case, you don't get the "copy" appended, but it winds up in a new notebook. Or you might be able to import it back in more cleanly using the ENScript importnotes command and a .BAT file or something c:\bin>"c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" importnotes /? Usage: ENScript importNotes [options] Options: /s {file|url} - source .enex file or url. If omitted, stdin is used to gather source specification. /n notebook - notebook to create the note i
  13. My test case: Create a dummy tag "xyzzy" Apply the tag to one of my test notes (that I use for texting Evernote glitches, etc.) that live in a notebook named "Test" Go to All Notes, and do a search for notes with that tag: tag:xyzzy The note is seen in the note list Right click on the note in the note list, select "Move to Trash" The note disappears from the note list. Appears to work. Works the same with Assisted Search enabled or disabled.
  14. You already got an answer to this: Remember? Regarding your topic title: "Why use notebooks instead of tags to quickly organise notes"? It's a matter of taste, and some practicality. If you want to share a collection of notes to another account, you must use notebooks rather than tags. If you want to ensure that a collection of notes is always cached on a mobile device, then you mush use notebooks rather than tags. If you want to keep collections of notes locally on your computer on a desktop device, and never sync to the Evernote servers then you must use notebooks, n
  15. At this time, in Evernote: You cannot add a stack under another stack. You cannot add a notebook under another notebook. You cannot add a stack under notebook. You cannot add a note to a stack You can only add a notebook under a stack, and a note to a notebook I don't know what you're trying to show us in the video, but at 13:22, the screen is showing a note under a notebook, which is the only place that a note can currently live in Evernote at this time.
  16. To back up Moe's Cal's post, some references: Evernote's advanced search syntax: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax A bit more technical: Evernote search grammar: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Basically, any search that begins with any: is an OR search. All other searches are AND searches. No mixing. You can get some measure of AND/OR behavior by using wildcards, for a contrived example, tag:data* language could be used to match notes that have either of the tags "database" OR "data struct
  17. Notebooks are containers: every note belongs to exactly one notebook. Notebooks partition your notes into discrete collections. Stacks can be used to organize notebooks. You can use a notebook or a stack as a search context, or all notes. Tags are labels: a note can have 0 or more tags, and a tag can be applied to any number of notes. In Evernote, notebooks can be used for organizational purposes, but you must use notebooks to share collections of notes, designate a collection of notes as available offline on mobile applications, or designate collections of notes as local (i.e., unsy
  18. Evernote has never had user-controllable secondary sort. Heck, it's not all that long ago (ok, a few years) that they even added a saveable primary sort, and even that was only part of the Windows product: it was always a global setting before. If there is some sort of consistent secondary sort going on, it may be just accidental. Of course there's room for improvement, in many areas, but my guess is that it'll be awhile before we see much of that, at least until the new framework is in place. Edit: I eventually tried out that sort-by-tag thing: I found cases where the tag sets were
  19. Apparently there is no shortcut for Merge in the Windows application. There's none shown on the Note / Merge main menu item, as there are for other operations that do have shortcuts (e.g. Note / "Move Notes Alt+Shift+M").
  20. In general, sure, and clever metaphor, but sometimes the engine mechanic is busy when the bodywork person isn't. Not saying that's what happened, but in the real world, not all developers are equal.
  21. I see this working fine with the Evernote Beta version (Evernote Web v5.30.0) in the latest (or very recent) Chrome on Win 10. The PDF shows in a large window, and if I click on the PDF header, the window outlines in blue, and I get a little popup widget with a download button and a "..." menu that has "Download", "View as Attachment", and "Full Preview" as menu items. Clicking "Download" opens the PDF in a separate windows, and from there I can print, download and peruse the document.
  22. If you filter on that tag, you can then sort by alpha order, and then save the search. When you use that saved search, the tag filter and the order should be preserved.
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