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  1. That's correct, as far as I know; in fact, the notes in the result list don't contain any of the notes referenced in Assisted Search; they match just what you asked for. Assisted Search just gives you some hints in case you're not finding what you're looking for. Nice feature, that, including the inclusion of Trash, since people sometimes delete notes by mistake, I'm told...
  2. Not seeing this in (308477) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  3. Please see the following relevant topic, particularly posts by @Rich Tener:
  4. What kind of text is it? Is it a URL or other link-resembling text? I paste from web pages into the Windows client a fair bit, and I don't see this happening.
  5. Please post the version number that this problem occurs in.It's in Help / About... Edit: I do see the same thing in version (308477) Prerelease (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  6. The poster is just saying that they are not using the pro version of the Tiny Scanner app, so they cannot comment on how that version works.
  7. Re: the forum. Evernote didn't build it; that would be the folks from the link at the bottom of the page: https://invisioncommunity.com/. Obviously Evernote configures and administers it. You should probably check your forum notification options, if you haven't already: https://discussion.evernote.com/notifications/options/, and if you find that you're not receiving forum notifications as you should, you should report that so that the forum admin can look into it.
  8. You mean like this, from the Windows client, at the bottom of the note, with the status bar turned on (View / Status Bar):
  9. Urp, you are correct. I claim brain cramp.
  10. Nobody wants to do anything "a lot" needlessly...
  11. First, you didn't understand what the first poster was saying, and it would really help if you learned to use the forum quoting mechanism so it would be easier to see what you were objecting to. I am guessing that it's this post: This is not saying that it's not possible for Evernote to implement such a feature, just that the OP cannot do what they want in the current Evernote world. Second, the person who wrote the above post is not an Evernote employee; he's an Evernote user just like you and me. Again, nobody at all is claiming that the feature is impossible to implement. Nice rant, but irrelevant. Add your vote, and move on.
  12. Nice find -- I didn't know about that. And I think it's germane to the OP. I did see that if you turn off text, the vertical space required by notes with no images did shrink, so that does have some effect, though there's still some blank space that seems unnecessary, an dcoul dbe shrunk.
  13. Of course, but it seems clear that the original poster is looking for the reminder list. In any case in all views, you can always just use a search of reminderorder:* to filter to just the reminders in a particular context without using a list view column. Unfortunately, you cannot sort on reminder time (at least in the Windows client). For that, you would indeed need a list view.
  14. The Evernote for Windows application allows you to rename both shortcuts and saved searches.
  15. Reference is here: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Specific quote for this case:
  16. In current versions of the Windows client, the shortcut for that seems to be Alt+Shift+N. Doesn't work in all contexts; only when your note list is present (so not when the notebook or tag panels are active).
  17. Probably. If you're using it, you should have received a link to it, or at least a way to provide feedback on the preview. I'm not part of that particular preview program, so I can't say or sure, but it would make no sense if there was no way to provide feedback.
  18. Because they are different. Evernote is working on that.
  19. You'd need to speak to the guy in charge for that one...
  20. Sure, no question: organizing many tags (can''t recall that it was 100K back then, 10 years ago, but it was certainly more than is manageable in a single list), but it was also offered as a hierarchical way to organize notes. The earliest replies by @engberg in the great nested notebook feature request (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/96180-nesting-multiple-notebooks-creating-sub-notebooks/?sortby=date) show that. But UI is the problem here. Multi-parented notes turn tags from trees into graphs (https://freefeast.info/difference-between/difference-between-trees-and-graphs-trees-vs-graphs/). Common UI controls are lists (1-dimensional), menus (aka trees), file/folders (more trees), radio buttons (more lists), among others. Users are very familiar with these types of UI. But I can't think of any graph controls. Sure there are graph structures (mind maps, for one) but I can't think of any off the top of my head that are used as UI controls. And in a system where notes are the focus, you probably don't want to burn a lot of screen space just for navigational purposes. Beyond that, since graphs are then (potentially) non-hierarchical, you kind of lose the potential for navigating them easily
  21. No. All Evernote notes have a certain amount of associated metadata.
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