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  1. If your end goal is MS Word, and your end product requires features in MS Word that Evernote doesn't have (of which there are many), then a Word attachment is your best bet if you also want to have the content in Evernote. You can still use the note as a place to capture new ideas easily, but you should push them into the attachment when it's most convenient (i.e., pile up some new thoughts, and every so often, push them into Word).
  2. But using File Explorer as a UI? Nah... That's the beauty of Evernote -- it makes tagging operations easy and right up front, rather than hidden in a Properties dialog tab.
  3. They also don't get backed up in the Evernote servers, so something that the user will need to take in hand.
  4. You might try exporting as HTML, which Word can read.
  5. Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? In the Windows client, Ctrl+; (Ctrl_+semicolon) inserts a timestamp into your note at the current cursor position.
  6. If you want specific features added to Evernote, you should post them as separate, specific requests, assuming those feature requests don't exist already (if they do, then upvote and add commentary as necessary).
  7. I don't think that you get notifications for premium accounts either.
  8. Windows? Mac? Looks like the Evernote for Windows client. Anyways, looks like the reminder list being open/closed is based on notebook. In other words, if you have reminders open when you leave a notebook, they should be open when you return. Without doing too much exhaustive testing, with stacks and [All Notes], it appears that reminders are shown if the last notebook had them open, and closed if the previous notebook had reminders closed closed.
  9. Not sure why a single account is a requirement, but to pose a different take: I just use separate accounts, one for personal (premium), and one for my job (basic). I share a a small number of notebooks between account, but the need for that is lessened now that I can have both accounts open on my home machine at the same time. Mainly I want to keep my personal stuff out of my business account, but I have a large notebook related to software development references that I keep in my personal account, but would use in any job. This way, if I were to leave my current job, I can make a whole new separate account for the next job and use that.
  10. FWIW, A little more context on this. The Windows OS has the ability to add text tags to files. I don't use this, myself, and I doubt that many other folks do either, but there it is. So just kicking things around a bit in File Explorer, and with the understanding that Evernote's organization scheme != Windows OS file system.: A file rename operation does not change the file's modified date Tag operations *do* change the file modification date So a bit of inconsistency on the modified metadata always modifies updated date. Me, I don't have a problem with this; other rational beings of my acquaintance do. But more importantly, File Explorer does offer undo for tag changes and file renames both. So my take is that changes to updated date on Evernote notes is a separate issue, but an undo that undid things like tag changes, and title renames would really be the better solution here. I'll upvote this on that basis. Cheers.
  11. For desktop devices (Win, Mac), Evernote keeps a full copy of your data on your local machine, unless you you have "on demand sync" enabled, which is a Windows feature (don't know about Mac). Aside from that, Evernote stores all of your Evernote data except for local notebooks on its servers, so long as you are online, which is required for syncing. Evernote also keeps note histories, generated every so often, also stored in the Evernote servers; paying customers can access these.
  12. Basically, if you ship a Windows application, then you need to install the appropriate redistributable set for the libraries that you use. That's the rules.
  13. Are you asking for user-specifiable sort order (for example, by dragging a note up or down in the list) or for multi-column sort (sort by date first, then by title, etc.)?
  14. The behavior of not changing the updated date when doing tag operations is by Evernote design (for better or worse). See:
  15. Merged from Windows feature requests to existing general feature request for the same feature.
  16. What is the "memory time"? Do you mean the Created date? The Reminder date?
  17. An AppleScript analogue for Windows would be very useful, probably top of my list. ENScript ain't exactly all that.
  18. Is that just present tense, or a general operating principle? "She runs the gamut of A to B" - Dorothy Parker, speaking of a Katherine Hepburn performance
  19. Not so. You'd be in the shallow end with the rest of us, though...
  20. BTW, since Evernote is a customer of Google's (https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/226885427-Google-Cloud-Platform-FAQ.,) I'd say that this is pretty unlikely. Beyond that, I can't comment. LVL 5 Deep State stuff, you know...
  21. Yes, generally working fine for me, with the very occasional hiccup. Windows 10, Chrome, ...
  22. @rimboma: Having the Ctrl (copy) /Shift (move) modifiers operate the way they do in other applications, including File Explorer sounds like a good idea to me. This is sounding like a feature request -- would you like me to move it to that forum? I'll upvote it if so...
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