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  1. Yah, sure. Any number have already tried; some do ok, some probably not so much. I don't see how anyone "makes a killing" in a crowded, diverse field, much less kills Evernote off. Edit: Afterthought: remember what Evernote is. It's a web service that lets you access your notes anywhere. It's a set of applications for the web and 4 separate operating systems. It's a web clipping service. It's a service that lets you forward emails into your Evernote note collection. It's an OCR service for your images. There's some AI (or some such facility) that determines related notes. It's an API for accessing note data, used by Evernote clients as well as 3rd party developers. It's a formal for encoding your note content. And more... I think that the cross-platform stuff is easier to manage these days, rather than going native on each device, but even so, creating an Evernote clone from scratch is not exactly a low bar.
  2. Do you mean searches using text terms, or searches that match what you use on your saved searches? Just curious whether you checked to make sure that the updated dates on those notes are actually what they should be to match those search filters.
  3. Not sure why your separate note window is opening there. There might be a registry setting for this but I didn't see anything obvious. When I do this, the separate note window usually opens in a convenient place. In any case, for the Evernote Windows application, a separate note window can be closed by simply hitting the Esc key when the note window has focus. Easy peasy.
  4. Ha-ha. I think you might find others on the forum who would think in terms of "blight" rather than "benefactor"...
  5. You should always be able to enter search filters that implement multi-tag (or other search terms) filters. Not as convenient as selecting from lists (which you can do on Evernote for Windows and maybe for Mac), but more powerful. For example: tag:JohnDonne tag:love For commonly used searches, you can save them for later use. Information on the Evernote search syntax: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php If you specify which phone type you are using (Android or iOS), someone may be able to give you more specific advice.
  6. Just realized that even though I didn't previously have a dedicated dashboard note, I did use Evernote reminder system as a dashboard of sorts. Tasks I need to work on get a reminder date, as do my weekly journal notes and anything else I need to focus on near-term. Now I'll just add a reminder date to my dashboard note as well. 1 percenters FTW!!
  7. Again, I think that at least part of the focus will be on feature parity among the various Evernote applications, including the web. For example, see the Behind the Scenes video on feature parity in the web version: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120633-behind-the-scenes-achieving-feature-parity-in-evernote-web/. Note that I have no inside information; I'm just going by what's been posted publicly, plus anything I pick up from various betas. Nothing yet on note merging that I've seen for the web or mobile clients, though. I definitely agree that having the web client having feature parity with the desktop clients makes a lot of sense. BTW, the rest of the Behind the Scenes videos are worth the time to watch as well. The crux of it current situation, as best I can tell, is that Evernote has focused on (and achieved, I think) financial stability and sustainability as a company, and is currently making sure that its technologies are something that they can more easily build on for the future. They listen to all customers, paying and non-paying. They don't always feed back.They don't always do what everyone asks. Evernote has a large and diverse user base. Not everything that you think you need is something that I'd ever use, and probably vice-versa. For example, I was shocked to find that only 1% of Evernoters use reminders (this came from the Evernote CEO); to me, reminders are critical to my Evernote usage. This is an age-old software development problem: with limited developer resources, what should be put in and what should be left out? A note on aging software: sometimes it takes a lateral step to get into position to move forward again. Lateral steps cost developer resources (time, money) and take away from innovation. It looks like the current focus is on taking a lateral step of sorts before that can get back into innovation. We'll see how that plays out. In any case, sure, lots of people are looking for/at Evernote alternatives -- heck, I (a 11+ year Evernote user) look myself, just to keep up with what's out there. But for my use case, Evernote seems to remain the best application available. Some folks fudge around with the Notions/OneNotes/Joplins/Bears/WhatHaveYouNotes of the world (all viable alternatives in some fashion, but all with drawbacks too) and move on from Evernote, but some come back. Evernote remains a hugely popular application/service in a software realm where there are diverse needs and use cases for note-taking and note-keeping applications. No single application solves them all, as far as I can tell.
  8. Actually is should say "+ ADD TAG", but if you're not seeing it, it may be a restriction based on number of posts you've made in the forums. As the post creator, you should be able to tag it appropriately, in my opinion.
  9. At the top of the post, under the "Asked by LDB" line, you should see a '+' button. Click is and type "Reminders"
  10. No, not currently possible. Tags are just case-independent labels, with no special properties, and bear no relation to other tags. Even tags that are organized hierarchically bear no relation to other tags in the same sub-tree (except for one usage in the Windows client, which I've found to be pretty much useless, as it's a global setting, and unsupported in the search language).
  11. Um. The Windows application has just received a new public update -- I track the betas as well. The Android version was last updated on December 16, according to the Play Store.
  12. Why not make a shortcut to your dashboard note. Shortcuts are generally readily available on all clients; on Windows, you can show your shortcuts as a toolbar.
  13. I don't understand what a "notebook sidebar" is. Are you on Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? Web? Can you provide a screen cap?
  14. No way that I know of. Bullets are always indented in Evernote, even when they're not in a table.
  15. Or right-click in a cell on the bottom row of your table, and select "Insert row below"
  16. The search language should be implemented as it's documented. This is most likely a bug in the Android client.
  17. Well, you can actually accomplish that, with a little bit of trickery. Go to https://www.evernote.com/Login.action. Let it complain that it can't display Evernote on the device type, then go to the 'three-dot' menu, and select "Desktop ste". You should see the web browser version at that point. Hint: if you're on a phone, you'll be scrolling a lot.
  18. Is this on Mac? That auto-formatting sequence (```) doesn't work on Windows, and I just inserted a code block in a new note on Windows via the editing toolbar, and was able to add text beyond the code block with no problem.
  19. Just for completeness' sake, in the Windows client you can do this in snippet view, or any of the other view types as well. Click on the icon the red arrow is pointing at, and select "Sort Notes By" and you get a dropdown that allows you to select the field that you want.
  20. You might check out Behind the Scenes video on feature parity here:
  21. You might check out the Behind the Scenes video on search, here:
  22. Folks, maybe time to back up a bit from the finger pointing; it's irrelevant to the case for notebooks. Fact: Evernote doesn't implement nested notebooks, for whatever reason. At least one Evernote employee has posted about level-of-effort to implement being a big factor; you may choose to believe it or not, but you should consider the publicly available Evernote API and implications on the search language, sharing and other UI (which must be implemented on five separate platforms, at least currently), not to mention the server and sync stuff, to really gauge the impact that that change would necessitate before making a judgment on their sincerity. Fact: nested notebook support is undeniably a very popular feature request. Frustration at the situation is real, and sometimes expressed politely and sometimes not so much, but adding support for nested notebooks would make a lot of Evernote users really happy. Fact: regardless of the lack of nested notebook support, Evernote is an extremely popular software application. How much more popular it would be with nested notebooks is anyone's guess. My take: I accept the level-of-effort explanation, particularly in a time when they're publicly aiming at something else (see the videos in the Behind the Scenes series: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/). It's a familiar notion to me, as it's something that I often face in the software development work that I do (in my case, a 20+ year old architecture, though implemented solely on Windows rather than multiple platforms); re-architecting a large and aged and entrenched code base is not always (or even often) a trivial undertaking, no matter how much you want it to happen or what other new improvements it might unlock. Beyond that, adding nested notebook support probably wouldn't influence my use of Evernote a whole lot -- I don't use a lot of notebooks to start with, so nesting the few that I have would be pretty useless for my needs; stacks suffice just fine (hack through they are). But I'll tell you what: if they were implemented, I'd make sure I knew how they worked because 1) I'm interested in the Evernote architecture and range of usage in general, and 2) so that I could help out other users who might be having difficulty with them, just as I'm sure all of the other regulars participating here would, regardless of how they feel about the feature, just as we do with other features that we don't use or use infrequently.
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