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  1. Probably a multi-field comparison. Title, for a start. Source URL, tags, attachments, subject, author? They wouldn't all need to match, but it would be a start, maybe put a percentage on it. But I'd definitely start with title, then source URL, and winnow from there.
  2. I'm guessing not. On the other hand, from a previous episode: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120075-behind-the-scenes-series-improving-search-in-evernote-web/?do=findComment&comment=538278, @Ian Small said: I guess the follow-up to the follow-up ought to have been to determine whether the local note stores are transient a la mobile (modulo online notebooks), or however Windows' on-demand sync works (which I've never used) or permanent (our old friends, .exb files). Also, it's not clear to me that the Windows Preview is the basis for the forthcoming beta. I'm guessing not.
  3. Initial reaction: some helpful hints to beta users (all common-sense to folks who have engaged in software development and related support work), clarification on preview vs. beta in the Evernote world, a RealSoonNow tease as to availability, and of course, how to join up. Laying the groundwork, I'd say; nothing too specific or momentous, but all fair game. With respect to desktop betas, as mentioned, side-by-side installations would be great. I had been using both the beta and classic versions of Evernote web because the beta wasn't feature complete. The question I have is whether they also run on the same underlying local data stores (i.e., in Windows, the SQLlite .exb and associated files), and if so, could the two clients be used at the same time? Not a huge problem if not, but switching between classic and beta in the web application is simple and painless (hats off the the web team for that).
  4. I implement this sort of functionality myself using reminder notes. Reminder notes are displayed as a separate list of notes at the top of any note list they appear in. Reminders may be configured to be ordered by date or arbitrarily (drag/drop). Edit: another possibility: using a shortcut to identify master notes (via tag or title, maybe; I'd use a tag) would make it easy to isolate your important high level information and navigate to the sub notes for that project.
  5. The Evernote web clipper does this sort of thing: https://evernote.com/features/webclipper
  6. Is this using the Evernote web application? Beta or Classic?
  7. They got rid of the Plus plan on purpose; the forum announcement and ensuig discussion is here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112951-update-to-evernote-subscription-plans/ Money quote: That being said, by ditching the Plus subscription, they also don't gather any further information on how the middle tier does vs the premium level. But I don't have any insight into their data gathering processes or results. They did grandfather in Plus users at the time; they probably got some data out of that segment.
  8. So you're saying that the document is showing as updated in the note on the machine that you edit it, but the attachment isn't syncing to your other device? Is this on Windows? Mac?
  9. Probably got merged, as happens with frequently requested requests (and as this one probably should be). I don't follow RTL status, but this sounds like something that thay'd want to tackle with the common editor, which should then propagate out to the different platforms.
  10. I don't think that there's any notebook author information in an Evernote notebook, though there is in an Evernote note, and that's retained (as may not be the actual author of the note). The notebook should be yours, and synchronisable; right click on the notebook and select "Properties...,". You rename the notebook to whatever you want; Evernote gives it a generic name, I think.
  11. Try exporting the notebook to ENML format (right click on notebook, then select "Export notes..."), then Importing the resulting .enex file back into Evernote (File / Import... ).
  12. I see this working for me. Motorola Droid Turbo, Evernote version 8.12_beta1 Getting results seemed slower, maybe because shared notebooks cannot be marked as offline (as far as I know)?
  13. Hmmm, I see this working in both the beta and classic versions of the web editor. Tried it with text and tables both.
  14. Doesn't seem to. I have a free account at work, and I just tried it out. Worked fine.
  15. Sorry for the topic drift; it happens sometimes. We are all volunteers, not Evernote employees, and we can't fix Evernote. We often are able to help other folks to use Evernote better; If you want better forum help, then feel free to pitch in.
  16. Well, stacks too, even if their implementation is a little evanescent... Main feature request for an Evernote archive facility is here:
  17. Flip side of this is that moving a note *to* a local notebook from a synced notebook also doesn't get a notification, and that's inherently dangerous because now that note will not be synced to the Evernote servers.
  18. Alternative method that works for multiple notes: in your note list, press and hold one or more notes so that they're marked as selected (you'll see a green check to their left and a selected count up top). Then, tap the three dot menu at the top right of the display, and select "Tag".
  19. Got it. I suppose you could also just do a hash of the account number using a random seed value (that's retained for reproducibility), which might make it easier to produce a specific percentage that's not evenly divisible by 10. But yeah I get the idea.
  20. Good to know (though I'll probably forget)... But this is a rare case -- sort of a cautious rollout, I guess -- wondering whether this is aimed at specific classes of accounts, or first-come-first-served on auto-update events, or just random, or something else? My curiosity aside, the general case still stands, though. Thanks for the insight.
  21. To check for updates yourself: Help / Check for updates To have Evernote check for you automatically: Tools / Options / General --> [ ] Automatically check for updates
  22. You're in the correct registry folder, now you need to locate the "EvernotePath" value on the right side of the display, and change it to point to the file system folder you want it to be.
  23. web search on "windows 10 on screen keyboard"
  24. We tend to repeat certain types the advice because: Nested notebooks do not exist in Evernote currently: Tags and stacks/notebooks (and Spaces in the business product) are all of the facilities that Evernote has to organize user notes. It would be exceedingly dumb and useless to suggest that someone should use facilities that don't exist. It's a long thread, and not everyone takes the time to read all -- or even much -- of it. Some Evernote users don't know that tags can be nested, and can be used in a file system-y way to organize and navigate their notes. Yes, at least in in the Windows application, I can just drop a note on a tag (a facility that should exist in all Evernote platforms). Giving that advice in no way lessens the effect of other Evernote users' advocacy for nested notebooks. It doesn't lessen the vote total since there's no downvoting (and I'd guess that more than one person who gives out the "try tags" advice has also upvoted the request), nor does it make Evernote forget that there's a demand for them. We cannot change Evernote ourselves and have no influence over Evernote's direction than any other user here; the best we can do is to get other users to use Evernote -- as it exists -- better. So sorry that it's tiresome to you., but it's all just practical advice, and in no way is it meant to rain on your day; in fact, it's not intended for you, since you've already concluded that tags don't work for you.
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