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  1. I feel like Evernote is gaslighting me right now. Everything was going pretty well for the last few days using 10.5 for several days in a row as my daily driver (was on legacy 6.25 prior while EN caught the new version up, mostly in its performance speed). I have a note I use called my "Super Focused Battle Plan" which I keep as my Pinned home note. It contains tasks for each day. Anything I don't complete, I drag up to the top of the page where I've made a header for the next day (see below). I love the new draggable tasks. It makes this very smooth. So last night, I
  2. Starting to come around regarding version 10 of the Windows app. I've been using it for the last two weeks as my main work driver and it's been going pretty well. 

    Coming from the fact that I have been deeply ingrained in the "old way" represented by versions leading up to v6 when we made the jump to v10, that's saying a lot. 

    Suffice to say I was pretty rattled by the shift to an app that had almost no features by comparison to its predecessors.

    Still a ways to go, but here's what I'm liking so far:

    • Dashboard > Pinned notes: this is keeping me focused. I write a daily "battle plan" for work and pin it here during the week. During the weekend, I have a different note pinned to help me power through my honey-do's and the like. I'm getting more done
    • Note editor.  I'm loving the markup shortcuts, like the use of "#" from 1 to 3 times before typing to initiate the appropriate header, marking off a section of my text. I'm all about helping myself visually in my notes so it's nice to have something I can quickly use on the keyboard to do this as I go.
    • Tasks are greatly improved for the most part. Dragging todo's to reposition them based on what's happening throughout the day is assisting my focus greatly. On this point, I do wish I somehow had the option to show that a task is done in some other way than by strikeout.  Having a line straight through the item is a bit much sometimes if I have to read them again. I'd be nice to have it grey, but maybe not strikeout--to make that configurable. But that's probably minor in the grand scheme.

    Performance has improved enough for me to use EN v10.x as my daily driver. It could improve a bit more to make it truly "fast", but at least I can start dialing in my own v10 habits at this point which helps me to relearn what I need to in order to rebuild some of my workflows.

    I'm optimistic we'll end up with a strong app in the end, so to speak.

    Now if only someone could right the Android app which, according to Google Play Store reviews, is a sinking ship.


  3. I was about to say it's missing again (after I had re-installed it again yesterday). But it is on my PC and I managed to get it to run. But it's odd because Windows Start doesn't have an icon for it. I was only able to run it by using Windows and typing Evernote. 🤔
  4. I had v10.x installed. Latest update (released yesterday) asked for permission to update. I let it proceed. Afterwards, no more EN shortcut anywhere on my PC. Just the Legacy app. Guess I have to reinstall. So weird. That's never happened in about 4 decades of Windows use.
  5. Ok understood. I don't have the exact same concerns/complaints, but I definitely understand you have yours and they should be communicated. Best way to get that back to the developers is use the Submit Feedback feature here (also present at very bottom-left of screen) in v 10.x: #4 - Tags have improved lately from what I've seen. Used to be the F3 (windows) "add tag" shortcut key didn't work at all in certain situations. Now they are rocking pretty well for me. I must have sent in feedback at least 2-3x on that (every time I would try it and be frustrated by it as I moved back o
  6. @Blackjazz Thank you for posting this!!! I was finally able to get 10.x installed on my main desktop after weeks of putting it off because I didn't have time to mess with it. Just found your post after posting my own issues on this. You just saved my Sunday. 😃
  7. Ok, this seems to have fixed it. Delete AppData folder. Found these instructions from another thread. Worked for me. Now I can install 10.x. Next I'll try 6.25 as soon as 10.x is done updating and everything.
  8. Same issue here. I had Legacy (6.25) installed and that had been working fine. But I've been unable to install any 10.x versions on my main PC and I get same error. So today I uninstalled all Evernote instances (6.25 and what apparently was the newer version even through it wouldn't start) and now I have neither and can't install the newer version (10.x). I'd like to get that resolved before I install Legacy again. Feel like registry edit is needed but I wouldn't know where to start and am not going to attempt anything there without specific Evernote instruction. I
  9. Hi @MentalCompiler There are other long-term premium level users who are experiencing frustrations along the lines of what you are going through. I'm definitely one of them. 10 year user and > 20,000 notes in the app. Folks like us have been using the previous software versions long enough to have deeply engrained workflows which depend on the software functioning the way it has. Any change to the fundamental way the software was built was probably going to cause a lot of trouble for folks like us, no matter what they did. Unfortunately for us, the codebase for Evernote (
  10. I'm forcing myself to manually update all my apps until this gets resolved. I'm somewhat terrified to receive the latest Evernote update (I'm on v 8.13) because of this horror show. It's pretty much 1 star reviews all the way down the list here in the Play Store since the "upgrade" to version 10 of the Android Evernote app. It's like the app is trying to commit user-review suicide.
  11. Geez. I'm panicking now to find my auto-update feature ( to turn it off) on my Samsung Note 10+. I rely heavily on my mobile Evernote every day to work. If they feck it up and I can't continue working with it, I'm going to absolutely lose it. I.e. figuratively (my mind) and physically (the apps and 10 years of paid Evernote loyalty).
  12. I'll pay more attention to those from now on where possible. I kind of tapped out of the v10 updates after this major update fail I experienced. I literally have the very latest update .exe in my Downloads as I write this and I'm eyeing it suspiciously, wondering if it's worth trying again or should I wait a few more iterations. [insert game show thinking music here]
  13. Did they actually say the red bit somewhere? I'm very curious to know if this is actually part of their stated intentions. I'm hip to the first part (stripping it back to fundamentals which will play well on all OSes--resetting to zero, if you will), but I'm still trying to ascertain their intentions vis-a-vis lost features and the future thereof.
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