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  1. I have a few notes that are in my Shared With Me section in the left nav of my EN. Two of them are from a previous job. I'd like to get rid of them. How do I do that? I can't seem to find any menu selection that let's me get rid of these notes.
  2. Yeah saw that, thanks. Just wan't quite getting how an embedded browser might be being used in this use case. But maybe I'm just not thinking it through well enough.
  3. @jefito What does CEF (I'm assuming that's Chromium Embedded Framework) do in this context? What's the method of action, if you will? I'm curious if you don't mind breaking that down a little more.
  4. This helps, thanks! At least I can stop pasting it to Outlook first, now. I'd much prefer to see the actual bug get fixed by Evernote, of course. There used to be no issue pasting a transparency into Evernote, at least from Snagit which is a hugely popular software in the software design/development community.
  5. When will we see dark mode for Windows? This is by far if more interest than mobile, although I'm glad we have that finally.
  6. Man, I was really hoping this was going to work for me. It almost did. When I used that I got some emails but they were from my old job where the server configurations must have been different or something. Doesn't work at current employer. Odd. Both companies were/are MS Exchange shops. Also can't get tagging to work from MS Outlook add-in, as noted here. Just in case the two issues could be related.
  7. Honestly I don't understand why this would be so hard to fix. The Outlook clipper works great but just won't pass tags. I seem to recall it did this well at some point. I also wish it would have the option to open the note in EN after posting it, but that's probably trickier. I though it used to do that too but may have been my imagination. Often I am posting an email to EN so I can do some work on it right away (convert parts of the email to tasks and then check them off as I do them). But I can work around that.
  8. Ok I have an update on this issue. Would have posted this earlier but by the time I figured it out, I had almost forgotten that I was participating in this thread! The update is how to reproduce the issue when pasting from Snagit Editor to Evernote. Copy/Paste works fine as long as you don't have any transparent background in the Snagit image. Here's a short Youtube showing the issue in action. NB: pasting an image which has no transparent image is no problem. It's only when there's even the slightest transparency, like if you slightly widen the background or add another image which exceed the original margins and the Snagit background resizes itself. Oddly, one can paste a transparent background Snagit image into something else, like an Outlook email body and THEN copy/paste from that into Evernote without issue. Even though in my video I say Snagit is the "cause" of the problem, what I meant was it is where I have to show the problem so I couldn't use it to do the screencast. I'm about 90% sure this is something that came after a new Evernote version, although I couldn't tell you for sure which one (about 2-3 updates ago it seems to me. (EN updates much more frequently than Snagit, too, so that adds to my relative certainty that this is where the change happened, not on the Snagit end.) Hope this helps resolve this elusive bug!
  9. Honestly I'd be happy at this point if I could just copy from cells in an EN note, and have them paste into a Google sheet's spreadsheet and/or Excel, cell for cell. Right now all the values from all cells in EN paste into a single column in Google/Excel. That's not helping me at all. Bonus would be if I could spawn a new, blank Google Sheet from the Evernote. I just want to tee it up in EN and move it quickly into some sheet where formulas are possible.
  10. I spoke to Evernote Customer Support and was informed of the following: Corey Ok, so it looks like our development team is aware of this issue and currently working on a fix. In the meantime, as a workaround, tags will need to be added after-the-fact within Evernote.
  11. When clipping a note from Outlook using the clipper, the tags never pass to Evernote. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. No improvement.
  12. I'll see if I can troubleshoot this some more. Good suggestion.
  13. Upvoting this here. Reasoning: I want to be able to start as much as I can in Evernote and then eventually move some of thoses I started into a more robust environment for taking it it all the way home, as it where. E.g.: Writing articles: 1. Tee it up with some loose thoughts before I lose them, in EN 2. File it away for a while 3. Come back to it and massage it some more 4. Notice it's taking shape and could be publishable 5. Move into Google doc I'd like to be able to do the same with spreadsheets. EN would just be a staging area that way. Plenty of ideas would die in EN for lack of attention, but some of it would see the light of day through something like Google Sheets.
  14. When I play back an audio I recorded in EN, the animation doesn't work. You can see it here: https://www.screencast.com/t/wd41Rivb Timestamp doesn't change and the little control point (not sure what that's called in UI-ese). I can drag the control to a point and play from there, but point doesn't move as the audio plays back. If I stop the playback, the control moves to the beginning and I have to start over again. Super frustrating here as i attempt to move to different time stamps in three different recordings in a recent note from meetings. I tried closing EN and reopening and no change. Also, I was typing while the playback was happening (transcribing some things from the audio) and the player closed without warning. So something is funky there too. EN version: (307646) Windows 10
  15. I'm having the exact same issue and it seems to have started about two versions of Evernote ago (I'm presently on (307027) ). It's a bit sporadic, but I seem to be able to reproduce the issue by expanding the size of the image I snagged. So if I drag one of the corners out in Snagit Editor, and paste it into an EN note, I only get the blank line the width of the image. If I just copy/paste the image without the extra space created by dragging a corner out, it pastes fine. I'm not sure whether this has always been the case when I'm pasting into EN and the problem appears, but I do seem to be able to reproduce the problem this way.
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