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  1. Nice summary! Thanks for taking the time and also sending it to EN on proper developer/support channels. Hopefully they hear you. I've been stumbling through the use of V10 for the few months and it's usable, but definitely slower than it used to be. I miss the speed with which I could move in v6 and sometimes I go back to Legacy 6.25 in Windows to get certain things done. My biggest gripe is probably the 50 note limit. That and the fact that mobile for Android appears to be in VERY bad shape, judging from the almost endless stream of very low reviews in the Play Store. It's so bad that I'm actually concerned for the future of Evernote. I've seen no indication from EN that they are even aware of the lambasting they are taking there from their customers, although I can't imagine they've not noticed. But there's no response from EN that I can see anywhere. Half of my time on EN is mobile and so I've turned off all autoupdates and am manually selecting 100+ apps to update, one at a time, in my Samsung Note 10+ just to avoid an update to Evernote. My patience on that point is getting thinner and thinner, I must admit. Evernote should communicate back to their userbase on their crappy mobile experience. The last meaningful video from management on mobile seems to be from a year ago. Meanwhile, check these reviews out... These are just from the last 24 hours and they are almost all one star, maybe 2. EN should start talking to their users about this or they are going to find themselves in a tight spot, IMO, and having a real tough time recovering from the negativity the mobile app is generating, at least on the Play Store. Also, I'd really like to get back to letting my phone upgrade itself for a change.
  2. Yeah and I'm a techy so I should have thought of it. But sometimes when you're in it, you kind of 🥴! Thanks again for the common sense reminder.
  3. Ok that did it. Appreciate the quick responses, @gazumped and @PinkElephant and @Mike P. I should have thought about killing and restarting, which is all it took. Will remember that next time (he said)!
  4. What happened to Tasks early access in this latest update? I went to add some tasks to a note and the feature is totally gone. Feeling a little gaslighted, I went to my notebook where I had not yet upgraded to confirm I had it to begin with and I did. So Tasks feature definitely disappeared for me during the latest update.
  5. One of the features that keeps me firmly embedded in EN is the OCR and resulting ability to search notes, handwriting, PDFs, etc. I've not found any alternative solutions that will do that as seamlessly as EN has.
  6. I'll give that a fresh look at some point too. I tried Nimbus about the same time as you did, it would seem, and it was too rough for me. Can't hurt to look again though.
  7. Which Scansnap do you have @PinkElephant? I've got an older S1300. Works GREAT, but I currently have to have middleware from Scansnap (Scansnap Manager) and that only seem to work with Legacy 6.25 (not V10). I've not tried real hard to configure the ScanSnap Manger to work with V10 to be honest. But on cursory glance, it would appear it only looks for "Evernote" and I suspect it is looking for the older Windows version of Evernote and would not see HTML5 version. Honestly I wonder if it's even possible to have HTML5 Evernote (v10) interface with scanner middleware. Maybe I'd have to tell scanner to just "Scan to Folder" (see below) and EN will one day be able to regularly poll a folder for new scans? Here's a question, though: under which current v10 menu would such a "poll this Windows folder for new scans" setting go? There isn't even a menu item called Settings, as far as I can see. Just noticed that. There's Preferences, but it has all of two settings right now: Spell Check and Save Data At Logout. Doesn't look like there are going to be many settings, as such, for this new Evernote we are getting to know.
  8. Thanks for all that! I gave Joplin a fresh look last night and imported about 2,000 of my most active notes into it. Unfortunately, Joplin is too rudimentary for my workflows. I immediately started hitting some walls and it would just mess with my world too much right now. I probably generate 10 new notes a day on average and it start with the web clipper most of the time and then I have saved searches I use daily and the like. But it was fine to give it a quick test.
  9. Interesting. I've not experience this personally. I did in the early days, but not in the last month or so. Maybe two hangs, total in that time period.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how many EN notes are you migrating and what sorts of major challenges, if any, have you had migrating over to Joplin? I don't currently have any plans to migrate away, but I'm curious just in case that changes.
  11. Oh man! I am bummed to hear this, but not at all surprised. I disabled auto-updates on my Samsung Note 10+ quite a while back when I saw the utterly abysmal reviews for V10 on Google Play Store. I mean it was really ugly in there. Windows v10 app having left a mark on me initially, I didn't want to lose my right arm (read: functioning Android EN app which I rely on so heavily). So disabling auto-updates was my hack to keep moving forward and still use Windows V10 when it was ready enough. Been using Windows V10for several weeks now. Not looking back. However, I did have to do one thing in Legacy v6.25 today, which was print a note. Last time I tried printing a note it was a complete fail. Literally. Basically a blank page. That's my State of the EN Techno Union at this point, for whatever that's worth to someone out there.
  12. Here's an idea for note-linking which would be very, very fast and would save a measurable amount of time and clicks. What do you ENers think of it? What if you could use some very specific characters (like Markdown or something like that) in a first note, place it around some text and that would tell EN to automagically create a new, second note with that marked text as the new note's title? Use case example: Let's say I would be writing a note with some tasks in it. It would be kind of high-level for the day's todo's: [ ] Get XYZ task done [ ] Create ABC Project and get it started But ABC Project would need to have more text and tasks than I would want to put in this first note. So what I would really need would be a new note to house the many tasks and subtasks in ABC Project. Create new, second note without leaving first note When I would type that second task, still from within my first, original note, I would do something like "...{{ABC Project}}..." The "{{ }}" would trigger EN to create that brand new note for me with the title "ABC Project" and would hyperlink it to the first note -- WITHOUT EVER LEAVING THE FIRST NOTE. So now I could click on "ABC Project" and jump right to that new note and would be able to start typing the project up. No extra clicks, no leaving the original note. Instead I would have completely bypassed the multi-click process of making a new note and then linking it back to my original note, etc. And when done, I could gracefully use the "Back" arrow to return to my original note. Magical! --- There is a feature like this in the text editor Obsidian and I just thought it was brilliant. Unfortunately that app doesn't work well as a task manager, or I would practically have jumped over to it just for that feature. The primary benefit for this is the the ability to maintain one's FLOW while writing and creating new linked notes.
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