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  1. Maybe they need to fix the note sharing features first so they can learn from each other's mistakes! 🤣
  2. Are there any noticeable performance enhancements in the latest version? Anyone on v10 who can keep us v6 holdouts informed on this point? I'm kind of assessing when it's ok to dip my toe back into the pool and the main thing keeping me out was the greater than "two mississippi..." count between when I clicked a note and actually saw my data appear.
  3. Having worked at a publicly traded company for a number of years, I can attest that Board pressures are real! I think about the only thing we can do at this point is watch and note (in version 6, haha) what happens while continuing to test other app candidates out there. Incidentally, if anyone is on Reddit, there's some chatter there which might be worth following too, like this thread:
  4. In many ways, EN is starting over. It's really less version 10.0.10.xxxx and more like "the new version 0.xxxx". That's not to say they should have released it at this stage. They shouldn't have. But I won't pretend that other factors don't exist, too, such as pressure from the Board or the need to commit everyone fully to a path by "burning the boats", perhaps. Probably some of that going on in one flavor or another as well. Again, not justifying for them. Just thinking out loud while hoping they sort the speed thing out sooner than later. I think that would bring about the first bit of calm in this particular storm.
  5. Speed issue can be caused by a number of factors. I guarantee you they didn't release a slow app knowingly. No developer ever would, especially one like Evernote where speed would be a driving factor for customer satisfaction. E.g., you might have some other app where the app is expected to take x seconds/minutes to do whatever it is doing. So speed is of course relative to expectation within any given context. So this could be some fundamental architecture issue, could be they just miscalculated some factor which, now that it is "in the wild" has become an obvious constraint, etc. Hard to say what that might be (could be a line of code or it could be a deep architectural issue, or even some hardware, although that's much less likely...point is: lots of factors make an app "fast" or "slow"...] Three decades of software experience tells me: these things happen. We can make judgments at this stage as to how it shouldn't have and so on (not you, just speaking generally here) or we acknowledge that it has and now see what EN does or doesn't do. All speed issues are "resolvable". Let me put it another way: anything can be fixed given enough time and/or money. 😄 So the question, now that we all KNOW it is slow, is: what's the actual cause and how long will it take them to find that cause and resolve it. Not sure we the users will ever know what the problem is (they probably won't give us whole story, especially if it would reduce goodwill or public relations somehow). So don't expect to "read all about it..." necessarily. Just look to see what happens to this specific problem. In other words, we'll just have to see how this goes over the coming weeks. They have everything to lose on this so they are either going to get this speed thing fixed or they aren't. Slow apps won't be tolerated, typically. A slow EN app, due to its very nature in terms of function for the user, would be even less tolerated. So I say hang tight, use 6.25 and let's see how EN pivots and navigates this key performance issue. That will likely tell us a lot about what to expect in the coming months.
  6. How does one use the MultiQuote feature in the forums? Example: someone posted multiple paragraphs in their post and I want to respond to each one separately by having my text appear below the quote object containing their text. I see it sometimes but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. And there doesn't seem to be a post which covers this, at least not with the term "MultiQuote" in it, which I assume is the right word for it (got that from the checkbox at the bottom of each post).
  7. Yes, we are Task/Process Nerds. But I think this may be a larger cohort than EN may realize. the Get Things Done type folks, I mean. I think that would be the "parent cohort" if you will. And there's a subset of those type people who are outgoing enough to get in here and nav the forums to post their complaints. But how many of the larger group are just saying "well, that's it. I'll go find another app...", especially given that the app has slowed by a factor of 3-5x (in my estimation)?
  8. Totally agree with you here. Speed is 90% of the issue for me. I was willing to keep it loaded on one of my two machines in order to give v10 a chance and learn it better. But the lack of speed keeps me from doing so. I can be patient with a lot of things in my apps, but not massive lags between when I tell it to do something and it finally gets back to me. When that is resolved, I'll give a new test, but at arm's length until it's confirmed speed is up to par. "Par" for me is sub 2 secs. Anything over that is a hard pass. v 6.25 is basically instant most of the time--not including searches. I can click any note in my present view at any time pretty much and I'll get instant data in showing in the note. If I change the view, I'm willing to allow a few moments for things to re-settle, so to speak. But after that, responsiveness needs to be pretty much instant.
  9. Interested to hear what they say, but if they think they can have "unrestricted..." rights to my data, they can forget it. I'll never give them my data. Thanks for pointing that out. Evernote isn't particularly secure either, but I don't think they have anything like that in their T&C. I should probably recheck it though... Have you looked at theirs lately @wbutchart?
  10. @david@davidbernstein.com did you ever get a reply from Evernote Support on this? I just ran into this again myself. It had happened a couple versions ago and now it's back again after a fresh install of v.
  11. I had a couple of immediate issues with it, one of which was a bit too odd for my liking: Web clipper did not provide consist results and sometimes couldn't understand what I was clipping. I need a rock solid clipper and love EN's. When I tried to schedule a reminder, the calendar landed on the correct date and everything, but the DAY was wrong. It said it was Friday when it was actually Wed. So +1 for the calendar's wishful thinking, but -10 for developers having a bug of this kind in a simple calendar function.
  12. Glad you liked it. Your note reminds me to check out Notion. 👍
  13. I had never heard of this app before. Thanks for mentioning it. Not sure if I'll need it, but it looks pretty neat.
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