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  1. My opinion: if you have 50 shortcuts, then they're no longer shortcuts; they's JustOneMoreDoggoneThingTM to manage and navigate through (I subscribe to the 7 +/- 2 rules; any list of 10 or more items is a sign of trouble). The Table of Contents notes approach that you came up with is much better. Tags would be better, too, since they're first-class Evernote organizational objects. The Windows application has a similar facility (which I didn't previously know about): Ctrl+1 --> Ctrl+9 launch shortcuts 1 through 9 respectively. Nice feature, particularly since shortcuts can be ordered arbitrarily via drag/drop.
  2. Curious. I was able to replicate the behavior when attaching a .jpg file on a USB memory stick. So I pulled up the SysInternals ProcMon tool, and watched what Evernote was doing when I repeated the scenario. I could see it locking and unlocking my local .exb database file (LockFile() and UnlockFileSingle() Windows calls), but no other file, in particular the file I was attaching. With respect to the file being attached, I see it referenced in a CreateFile() call, with access Generic Read, disposition Open. So it's opening the file to read it. After that, it performes a CloseFile() call on that file. That seems to be correct behavior. There are also some calls to CreateFile/CloseFile the directory that the file is in, but those also seem balanced. I'd have to look more closely to see if there's something else going on, but the scenario is repeatable. Flip side: when I went to eject it, I got the error, but there's also a "Continue" button, which I used: the device was ejected, with no apparent damage done to its file system.
  3. Again @dcon (and sorry, can't stop thinking of the popular rodent control product line when I see the new moniker), thanks for the insights, your work on the Windows Evernote, and your participation on the forums both then and now. Hope that you find happiness in your new endeavor. I haven't run the Windows preview/beta either, just following the current new web beta, and will try out the next phase Windows application so long as we can run it side-by-side with the old one (with separate databases) as promised. If the lead developer you're talking about was @kvitekp, he was also a great forum resource. I know a fair bit about operating Evernote for Windows, but there's nothing so definitive as the information coming from someone familiar with the code/design. Anyways, cheers!
  4. Ha -- all that was just kidding. I didn't like the timeline version when I first encountered Evernote, but when that was replaced and I checked it out again, I jumped on right away and have been an Evernoter ever since. I think that there actually was a .Net version (3.5??) that was the standard release (not store) but if I recall correctly, its performance wasn't great.=, and it went away in favor of straight Win32, which it's been ever since. Oh, Google to the rescue: https://gigaom.com/2010/01/22/evernote-3-5-for-windows-released/. I think that the original store version may have been the C# version you're referring to, and it was never all that useful to me. I checked it out, but it wasn't even close to what I need. Right. That's the "work in progress" bit that I referred to. The "when" part is not clear currently, its immanence plus the estimated effort to convert the Win32 version to support dark mode means that they're almost certainly not gonna do it for Win32; your comment "Evernote is trying to improve the product, but it takes time, and during this period, old versions will have the least improvement" pretty much nails it.
  5. Talked about, yes, and for a long time. But it's still a work in progress (see the Behind the Scenes video series). And again, the high cost thingy would tend to push it down the prioritization list, most likely. Do you really think that hordes of new paid users would come flooding in due to the addition of dark mode? Really? The fundamental argument is that particular feature requires a lot of time (read money) to implement, regardless of the state of the rest of the code base. Neither you nor I can see behind the walls to say how they make their prioritizations. But it sounds to me -- based on available evidence -- that the answer's no, at least at this time, bcause it's not worth it, for whatever reason (and there are almost certainly other factors going on behind the scenes).
  6. Ha-ha, I was thinking somewhat the same thing but hadn't quite formulated it that well. But hey, lemons-to-lemonade: maybe this could be turned into a backup/version history feature, though: you start the edit, the attachment gets sucked in to your import notebook, and then when it's done, the update gets pulled back into its note as usual!!
  7. Nothing I'd know anything about, except for you having left, of course. Tell me that the old timeline view (from ca. 2008 and before) is still in there!! How do I turn it on?? And wasn't there a C# phase there (or was it Manageg C++ or C++/CLI?). It's all such a blur. But some sympathy, yes -- the code base I work on is ~20 years old, and retains the original MFC Doc/View file names, though it's moved on much much farther than its original scope. Yeah, I was deliberately low-balling that whole estimate so that I couldn't be accused of over-estimating to prove a point. Even so, that's still a little high for the far off corner of the country where I live.
  8. The 12% figure is from the CEO,- albeit indirectly. See his post at https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120075-behind-the-scenes-series-improving-search-in-evernote-web/?tab=comments#comment-538307, and related posts, which you can track down there. It's probably better to say that it's 12% of Evernote usage, rather than user base, since many folks are indeed on multiple platforms. Even so, the comment on exclusive use of Windows has no bearing on this discussion. We know that 'there are folks who want dark mode on Windows, and we know roughly the relative Windows usage, and we can guess -- ballpark again -- at a rough figure for implementation. Um, well, knowing that you have an inconsistency and wanting to remedy it is one thing. Committing a not insignificant amount of company resources to implement the required changes is quite another. Different discussion entirely, since it's a different team, and also depends on your particular use case. I couldn't use the web client for my day-to-day work, so not viable for me. YMMV, of course.
  9. I have tried this in the current web "classic" version on Chrome/Windows, and Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U, and Ctrl+Z all work for me. Can you please post a screenshot to help figure out which version of Evernote you are using?
  10. If it's simple, then you should be able to describe how you want it to work. For example, the answers to questions like the following: What Evernote client are you using? (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?) What mechanism do you want to use to initiate appending to an Evernote note? How is the note you want identified when you want to do the append?
  11. I don't think that anyone knows any such thing. Numbers, please? Here's a number for you: Consider 6 months of developer time to implement. If that developer's salary is, say $100K/year, and there's company 50% overhead for benefits, infrastructure, etc. per employee, then that's a cost of $150K to develop the feature, not including design, QA, etc. That's very much ballpark but should give a rough idea. Now consider that the Windows side of Evernote is 12% of their users, and that Evernote has other competing features that they want/need to be implemented as well, including other user feature requests. How does that stack up against the profit number that you''re going to provide? Good luck. I tried to import my Evernote note database into OneNote, using Microsoft's importer a year or so ago, and it didn't go well, in fact, it was a disaster. Beyond that, OneNote is a good product, no doubt, but Evernote fits my workflow much better. But if it works better for you, then of course you should use it.
  12. Sadly, the emojis don't display properly in the note title field in the note editor -- just a simple box which stands for character-I-don't-understand, I believe. Everywhere else (note list, note), they seem to be OK, though black&white in Windows.
  13. The thought is that you are working in a particular notebook, and you want to move one or more notes elsewhere. So you change the not's notebook, but you stay in your original notebook view, so you can't now see that note. . If you're using the Windows application, you can open the note in a separate window, and change to a new notebook, and it won't disappear. Or wait until you're done with the note until you move it to a different notebook. Or you can work in All Notes, at @DTLowsuggests.
  14. If you're editing using the Evernote web client, then I don't think that you can edit a normal attachment that way. You'd need to save it to disk, edit it, and paste it back in. You can do this using the native Windows Evernote client, though. ALternatively, you may be able to do this for a link to a file on Google Drive, though I haven't use this facility. But attachments, no, not that I know of.
  15. Tags are most definitely nestable in the Evernote architecture, but that nestability isn't exposed on all platforms currently, unfortunately.. That is planned to change; see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/120780-behind-the-scenes-improving-the-tag-experience-for-evernote-on-mobile/. But for that matter, notebooks are definitely not nestable in Evernote. But that entails a change to the rules and the architecture, and would force UI changes across all platforms,, so that right there is one reason: cost of implementation. Meanwhile, tags can already be used in this fashion -- i.e., multiple tags on a note -- and are also better supported by the search language as it exists today, so another reason would be needless replication of existing features.
  16. We users don't have a lot of insight into Evernote's issue list and their prioritization, but there's lots and lots of feature requests in this subforum (specific to Windows) and the general feature request subforum (which often apply to Evernote), We do know, or can infer, from the CEO's comments elsewhere that the Windows platform is roughly 12% of their user base, so that's a factor as well. Combined with that, they'currently engaged in large re-engineering effort across all of their clients; see the Behind the Scenes videos (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/) and any forum postings by the CEO @Ian Small. All of which impinge on development resources. It's not solely a matter of priority, it's always a matter of priority vs. cost. Sure there's technical debt associated with re-engineering classic Win32 API based UI for dark mode. Because it's not supported by the Microsoft APIs. See, e.g. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/e36eb4c0-4370-4933-943d-b6fe22677e6c/dark-mode-apis?forum=windowssdk. There's no magic "Expecto Darkonus" spell, sad to say. The 6 month estimate comes from @dconnet in this very thread. Notice their user badge. I'll leave it to you to discuss with someone who's actually seen the code. For what it's worth, I value functionality, reliability and usability over dark mode, by a wide margin. Eyestrain isn't a problem for everyone (or me fortunately). But all use cases are different, and your mileage may vary. Other platforms evidently get dark mode support "for free", so that's been added as feasible. For the Windows client, a different story. I think that if it were easy, they'd have already done it.
  17. Six months of effort is a huge cost in development time -- development resources are finite. And I can almost guarantee you that there are other items with higher priority in the list. So high cost and lower priority means it's less likely to be done sooner. Simple project management. If dark mode is your critical feature, then you should probably seek elsewhere, unfortunately.
  18. @Ian Small, got it and I appreciate the clarifications, as always. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff and videos, whenever they're ready -- having been around for going on 11 years, patience is not much of a problem for me. Cheers!
  19. This is Windows, correct? I use an application that lets me see what's in the clipboard. In the CF_TEXT entry (plain text), I can see the characteristic '0x0D 0x0A' carriage return / line feed pair after the asterisk. That's likely what a text editor would be looking at. There's also an HTML_FORMAT item, which is what a rich text editor might look at. I'd have to examine that to see whether it matches up with the CF_TEXT version, translation-wise.
  20. If it's Windows, try View / Left Panel. If that doesn't help, look at the Evernote registry setting for "LeftPaneWidth" (should be in "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote"), If that value is small or 0, try shutting down Evernote completely (with left panel enabled), then setting the "LeftPaneWidth" value to something like 250 decimal, and starting up Evernote again.
  21. Understood. Not every forum-goer takes the time to read whole threads, particularly lengthy ones like this one, so you often get repeats on workarounds.
  22. Your post was merged to one of those previous requests. Please add your vote at the top.
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