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  1. Less a revolution than a realization. Dashboards, the Ruby Slippers of Evernote?
  2. A useful thing for Evernote for Windows, for sure, but ultimately a very unfortunate -- and disappointing -- thing for Evernote in that they didn't carry this feature out to the other Evernote clients..Here's hoping that this gets carried over as they explicitly move towards feature parity across all Evernote platforms, which they've talked about in their Behind the Scenes video series: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/306-behind-the-scenes-series/.
  3. I don't know what post of mine you're responding to, but I certainly get that Markdown is an important feature for a fair number of Evernote users, and indeed, some Evernote clients (the Windows client anyways) do actually support use of some Markdown-ish syntax as a one-shot operation (e.g. I type '* ' and it adds a bullet point), and all of that's fine and should be added to other Evernote clients as well. My problem is that some folks expect more, like the ability to go back and forth between Markdown and Evernote formats (i.e. View as Markdown vs. View as Evernote), and that just doesn't seem feasible. These are two separate features, and a lot of folks are asking for the latter, as far as I can tell. If you're asking for the former, more power to you. If you're asking for the latter, well, I have my doubts. BTW, on Windows, Ctrl+Shift+L gives me a new code block (or creates one containing any selected text). It's not clear to me why the Markdown would be easier than that. Horses for course, I guess...
  4. Evidently Joplin used Markdown as its native format. (https://joplinapp.org/#markdown). Evernote does not (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php), and that's the crux of the problem. Round-tripping from Evernote format to Markdown and back to Evernote is not trivial. Not sure where Joplin lines up vis-a-vis feature set (or performance, or convenience, etc.), so no opinion there. If Markdown is critical for your use case, and 3rd-party tools like Marxico don't cut it for you, then you should probably use a tool that handles Markdown well. If that's Joplin, well then, there you go...
  5. And that's a perfectly valid use. But if you see something in the fancy dashboards that you can use, by all means take advantage of it. There's no real rules as to what's over- or under-using Evernote -- it all depends on what you're trying to do.
  6. Never said the number was 0. Just small compared to the total number of Evernote users. Hopefully OneNote is working well for you; it didn't for me (importing my notes was a disaster, and the overall note storage structure didn't really seem to suit me), but many many people use OneNote and that's great. First off, I am not an Evernote employee, just an Evernote user like you (thread commenter @dconnet was an Evernote employee who had their mitts on the Windows code, and you should read those posts for more insight if you haven't already). Second, nobody here said anything about being "proud of" whatever technical debt Evernote is carrying around. But technical debt is certainly a reality in the business (including with Evernote), and must be accounted for when making prioritization decisions. You don't just blithely wave it away with a magic wand. Thirdly, you should note Evernote is a Win32 application, not WPF, so that technology doesn't really apply in this case. According to those who should know best, dark mode is a big deal for the Evernote Windows application.
  7. As you know, a summer cold is a different animal, but a winter cold still sucks.
  8. Funny -- I use the Evernote Windows and Android applications every day, for work and personal uses, and find that they work just fine for me. Of course, if you go to the Mac and iOS forums, I'm sure that you'll find the same sorts of complaints there that you see here. *shrug* It really helps if you point out specific requests or problems that you may be having with Evernote products.
  9. Well, mine was rhetorical, but thanks for the answer. Just got over a Christmas cold myself; buck up -- hopefully yours departs soon. Made chicken soup yesterday, can I send some over via Work Chat?
  10. ~~ looks up at the forum header ~~ Not on the web client, it doesn't...
  11. Me, I wonder Who Wrote the Book of Love, but I don't wonder about this. With respect to dark mode, I'd guess that the number of people who choose One Note over Evernote solely on the basis of dark mode rather than other, more functionality-based reasons, is vanishingly small, so I doubt that that's much of a factor. That, combined with the fact that dark mode isn't trivial for Evernote to implement (by all available evidence, as noted above), means that this gets prioritized down. If it were easy to do, they would have likely already done it.
  12. Interesting. Raymond Chen just wrote about a similar scenario (access control for nested registry entries) a couple of days ago: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20200102-00/?p=103287. Just another reason why seemingly simple tech problems can have much deeper implications that is easily apparent. Like @DTLow, my instinctual preference would be to make things more granular; i.e., that read-only properties not be inheritable in the case of contained notebooks. But I know that I haven't thought through this -- as you folks are in the process of doing -- so I'd be wary of pushing my opinion too hard either way. As always, I appreciate your comments here on the forums and the insights you give us as to (at least some of) what you folks are thinking. Cheers and Happy New Year to all the Evernote folks!
  13. Nice tip, but that's only if you use checkboxes for to-do items -- which is a common case, I'd guess, but not universal..
  14. That would be my preference, rather than having notebooks or notes being able to reside in multiple containers. Probably because of symbolic links in file systems. How about links to notebooks that could be contained in another notebook or a note? I'll be curious to see how this all plays out with the search language. I'm going to assume that a search in a notebook will return matches from linked notes as well as contained notes. Doesn't make sense otherwise. With nested notebooks, can we search an entire notebook subtree? (I have syntax for that, btw: *notebook:SomeNotebook searches SomeNotebook and all of its subnotebooks, similar to my old old proposed syntax for seaching tag subtrees: *tag:SomeTag. No problem, happy to help out. ). This is going to make my oft-parroted Evernote Structure Rules a bit more complicated though... Appreciate the comments, Scott. No actual need to reply, just stuff that's been rumbling around in my head for awhile.
  15. Hotkeys for this (they're on the extended menu): Ctrl+Space : Simplify formatting Ctrl+Shift+Space : Remove formatting Both of these retain the hyperlink Ctrl+Shift+R to remove the link
  16. I see this working fine with the native split-screen that comes with Android 10, on a Pixel 3a. Evernote appears to play nicely with GMail, at any rate. I could resize vertically as well. I didnt know how to do this previously; I used this guide to figure it out: https://www.wikihow.com/Use-Split-Screen-on-Android. Kinda neat, actually.
  17. This is very much related to the existing topic:
  18. Not sure why that is. Are you trying to perform aa formatting operation that's not on the editing toolbar?
  19. OK, this is really weird, but I can replicate pretty easily on the Windows client: Forward an email into my Todo notebook Update a different note in my Todo notebook Move to a list view and verify that both of them were updated today (minutes ago, in fact by examining the "Updated" field). Use search term "updated:day" to filter the Todo notebook: the emailed note does not appear, while the other note does as expected). This is broken. Use search term "created:day" to filter the Todo notebook: the email appears (though the other one disappears as expected, as it was created earlier this week). This is fine. Look slike a bug to me. Seems to work fine on Android, FWIW...
  20. Hmm. I seem to recall that attachments used to come in in the order chosen from Explorer. Doesn't seem to work that way now. I wonder if they implemented some sort of threaded (i.e. parallel) loading to make things load faster, but now the ordering is not retained.
  21. Um, sort of, but probably not what you want. You can isolate to all the notes in the notebooks in a stack; the resulting note list will be sorted by whatever criterion you choose, which can be notebook name. You can also isolate to notes across multiple notebooks using other search criteria -- by tag is popular.
  22. In Evernote, there are notes, notebooks, stacks, and tags. No "folders", though it's generally understood that a "folder" is the same thing as an Evernote notebook. In any case... Some rules: A notebooks is a collection of notes, but cannot contain other notebooks or stacks. A stack is a non-empty collection of notebooks (no notes or other stacks). A note belongs to exactly one notebook. A notebook belongs to either one or zero stacks. Tags are labels that you can apply to notes, regardless of which notebook they belong to. A tag may be placed on multiple notes, and a note may have multiple tags. A simple structure might look like this: Stack 1 Notebook 1 Note 1, tag "Todo" Note 2, tag "Complete" Notebook 2 Note 3, tag "Todo", tag "Waiting" Note 4 Notebook 3 Note 5, tag "Todo" Note 6 If you tag todo items with the tag, say, "Todo", then if you filter your notes by the "Todo" tag, you'll see all of your todo items, no matter which notebook they live in. So from the above, filtering on the "Todo" tag should give you the following list (so long as you've specified no other filters): Note 1, tag "Todo" Note 3, tag "Todo", tag "Waiting" Note 5, tag "Todo"
  23. Oh, a woise guy... woob-woob-woob-woob...
  24. When I clipped this, on Chrome in Windows, I got the title "5 Famous Film Places In Europe | Save A Train", which seems correct.
  25. Take your pick. There were 6 actors who played stooges over their history (though Moe and Larry were always present; the third stooge role was played by four different actors). Gaz, being British, may not be up on the 3 Stooges phenomenon, so we can probably pawn off our least favorite on him... I would take Curly, as I can do a fair imitation finger-snapping "gna-ah-ah-ah" bit. My hair is a lot longer, though...
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