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  1. I've been using the new app for a while too - for my use cases it's working very well. There are always complaints on here when things change (people don't like change) and those complaining about missing features also aren't telling Evernote much as I'm sure they'll add the ones that they believe give the most value as and when they come. All in all, I see v10 as being a vital step to Evernote continuing to be a viable commercial entity and given my long term use (I was on their first server) and dependency on the app I'm pleased with the progress.
  2. If you'd been here before new posters were approved you'd have seen the 100s of spam posts every day...
  3. As a VP of UX I'm sure that along with user feedback you also gather tons of metrics about how your apps are used. I'm sure as an experienced VP of UX you also understand that lots of people just hate change and they will complain about it, even if the changes are positive. The forum makes up a tiny percentage of Evernote users, whilst the feedback is definitely interesting and useful, people shouldn't get carried away into thinking a few dozen people complaining here equals a mass exodus of users. Take a look at any of the dramatic "I'm leaving and I'm not coming back" threads on this fo
  4. Do you have some special insight into their Balance Sheet? I'm intrigued as to where you get this insider knowledge...
  5. oh the drama in here... If the feature you really need isn't supported on the new apps then stay on the legacy apps until it is or until you know it definitely won't be or until you've found another better option that meets you use case. There won't be any refunds, they aren't going to stop developing v10, they'll ship the features that give them the most bangs per buck the quickest.
  6. People can still use it for free for as long as they want - they are just limited to 2 devices. If you are using it on more than 2 devices then you probably realise that it's quite useful and you should pay for it...
  7. I do love the drama of these threads - if you've made your decision why don't you just carry on with what ever you've decided to do?
  8. At a guess, it's a feature that's used by a very small percentage of users and so hasn't been prioritised. Best bet is to stick with the old version for the time being. If it's a key feature for you and they decide not to bring it back then it's time to take you $$s elsewhere.
  9. It was I believe said in the beta forum.....although now I can't find it....
  10. They've said Local Notebooks are coming - if they are important to you, stick to the previous version.
  11. I've been seeing the same thing with updates. I've had to search for Evernote in the app store and then select it, instead of the open/get button there's an update one there..no idea why...
  12. Evernote continued to not show up in apps queued up to be updated. I searched for it in the App store and then viewed the app store description - instead of Get I had an update button.
  13. @Shane D. UK user and I haven't seen an update yet...every other app seems to have wanted to update twice in the iOS 14 panic!!!!!!!!
  14. It seems pretty well known (it's certainly being discussed on other well know internet discussion places) that there are beta clients being used on a number of platforms. My guess is that they'll run betas till they are happy enough to release clients to the entire user base. Whilst they may have some sort of plan for this, it's really a how long is a piece of string question? If you want to see where they are up to I suggest you apply to join one of the beta programs or just carry on using the software that again I'm guessing already works very well for you.
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