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  1. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.8 Beta 1

    Is there any way to swap the templates round so my templates appear first? Surely this makes sense as these are the most likely ones for me to choose.
  2. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.6

    That's a fast service
  3. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.6

    Edge case I know... If you are in dark mode in Mojave: + Switch to Reader view in Safari + Copy any text + Paste into an Evernote note Looks like the text is pasted in black instead of white. If you select Paste and Match Style it works correctly. From a user perspective, I'm copying white text (or what looks like white text) and so it should paste as white text (or what looks like white text)
  4. You can change your highlight colour in your OS X system preferences (general) - might make it easier for you to see,
  5. Metrodon

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    I've been away for a few days, has the new bloke announced a new range of socks yet?
  6. Metrodon

    New Evernote CEO - Ian Small

    Jumped or pushed? Time for our tin foil hats again!!!
  7. Metrodon

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    In full dark mode, the preview button for attachments does not display - it is still there and works if you click on the space.
  8. Metrodon

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Dark mode looks good - that awful Share button looks even more Fisher Price (https://www.fisher-price.com) than it did before. It's OK to put your hands up and say you made a mistake....(you really did make a mistake).
  9. Metrodon

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Check your preferences - General - Use dark backgrounds...
  10. Metrodon

    Where are the data saved ?

    it's definitely the option key, it might be called alt on your keyboard. I doubt the app deleted all your notes....are you sure you are logging into the same account each time?
  11. Played with Notion a little today. It's very pretty. The editor seems to be extremely flexible. The iOS app looks lovely too. No forum, so it's difficult to know what real users are saying about it. Definitely worth more investigation though as my initial impressions are pretty positive.
  12. Metrodon

    Where are you Evernote?

    I'm the same as Jef - a paid personal account and freebie that I share stuff to for work. This lets me have stuff on my disgusting Windows work laptop that I occasionally have to use as well as my Mac. It's a system that's worked well for me for a number of years, but it's very simple.
  13. Metrodon

    Where are you Evernote?

    Didn't they limit the sharing to 1 notebook for a free user account? They may have reverted back since. Some external brain this is...
  14. Metrodon

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    As a Mac user, the last thing I want is for my apps to look like a Windows app. Both OS have different design guidelines for their apps and generally I find Apple's clearer UI styles easier to see and use. In comparison, Windows apps are often ugly and complex. Anyway, the Evernote icon that we are all meant to be excited about looks the same on both.