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  1. People like new shiny things...then there are the people that dislike change and will complain about anything new. Unless there's a good reason to update the UI like a new feature set then I'm not sure of the value.
  2. Running the latest beta and it works absolutely fine for me - I don't use spotlight for Evernote or AS.
  3. MacStories shared a load of iOS shortcuts including some with an Evernote focus https://www.macstories.net/shortcuts/#evernote
  4. So you've fixed disappearing line breaks and instead added new bonus ones? lolz
  5. If I was using an app from a chinese company that sync'd to servers in China, I'd be extremely suspicious about what is being sync'd and what isn't. Anyway, you say you understand the risks and the value/privacy of your data so that is fine. The Linux conversation has been going on for years, there are lots of contributing factors, the size of the user base, the number of distros, the communities preference not to pay for software/services, etc. As a commercial organisation, I'm sure that Evernote (and lots of other mainstream commercial organisations) would jump at the opportunity for a new revenue stream. It does seem pretty clear given the unwillingness for the vast majority of software suppliers to provide a linux solution that this opportunity is not big enough to warrant the risk. If you select a minority OS, this is the risk you take.
  6. Are you trusting a chinese company to take good care of your data? Good luck!
  7. Is there any way to swap the templates round so my templates appear first? Surely this makes sense as these are the most likely ones for me to choose.
  8. Edge case I know... If you are in dark mode in Mojave: + Switch to Reader view in Safari + Copy any text + Paste into an Evernote note Looks like the text is pasted in black instead of white. If you select Paste and Match Style it works correctly. From a user perspective, I'm copying white text (or what looks like white text) and so it should paste as white text (or what looks like white text)
  9. You can change your highlight colour in your OS X system preferences (general) - might make it easier for you to see,
  10. I've been away for a few days, has the new bloke announced a new range of socks yet?
  11. Jumped or pushed? Time for our tin foil hats again!!!
  12. Metrodon

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    In full dark mode, the preview button for attachments does not display - it is still there and works if you click on the space.
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