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  1. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.5 Beta 2

    Gone for me too, despite this announcement:
  2. Metrodon

    Evernote death spiral

    A few reasons that they'd be out raising money...they are looking to make acquisitions and require the capital, they see the need for investment to drive the product to where they believe it needs to be, they are running out of cash... One and two are fine, good even. Three, not so much. By the way, any journalist (or forum punter) that knows for "definite" that the company is in a "death spiral" but can't point to financial records is probably having a bit of a guess.....
  3. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.5 Beta 2

    Templates is a really nice and well implemented feature - 👍
  4. Metrodon

    Obnoxious Green 'Share' Button

    Mentioned in here too
  5. Metrodon

    Evernote for Mac 7.5 Beta 2

    I'm not as offended as others but it does seem like a strange UI decision - lots of users never share anything as I'm sure you know. Having a distraction free mode shouldn't be an excuse to make arbitrary changes and having to open notes in full screen shouldn't be required to ensure a button that is never used isn't the brightest and shiniest thing on the screen.
  6. Metrodon

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    I'm also happy to get paid if I'm currently missing out.
  7. Metrodon

    SYNC just stopped working

    this is going to sound like a stupid question - it's not intended to be. Are you signed into the same account on your PC? Sometimes people have more than one account and are signed into something different than they think they are.
  8. Metrodon

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    Glad it's not just me - the sidebar is definitely wrong. (I like change!! so this isn't me just complaining because it's different)
  9. Metrodon

    The Great Big Brand Refresh

    Branding does matter. It matters to the people that work there, the investors and to potential new customers. Whether it deserves the twitter countdown etc is debatable, but I'm pretty sure that the actual impact on development resources was very low.
  10. Metrodon

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    It's working - it just looks pretty bad...
  11. Metrodon

    Hello Evernote for Mac 7.4!

    Dark sidebar is screwed up
  12. You can use 2 devices plus the web
  13. Metrodon

    Missing options for home users

    Any evidence that the Evernote management made emotional rather than data based decisions? The whole idea of a chinese menu of different tiers has been discussed ad nauseam on these and the prior boards - people will always want to pay for feature x but won't for feature y. The more complexity that gets built into the model the more the cost of management increases as I'm sure you know from your software development experience.
  14. Metrodon

    Missing options for home users

    Given that they've actually got the data and they've decided to get rid of their mid-level tier, my guess is that the revenue generated wasn't worth it. Sounds like you are suggesting something that has already failed once. If you have a huge text note, then IMHO Evernote is a terrible solution for your use case anyway. And as you have pointed out there are loads of cheap and free alternatives that can probably do what you need them to do.