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  1. Thanks for checking I had this key (whatever the hell it is called???) in my shortcut Changed to a different key and it works fine. @Shane D. I guess this might be related to the Mac keyboard layout being different to Windows?
  2. Tried this new feature - + Edited the global shortcut for search. + Hit the new key combo and nothing happens. + Reset to default + Default keys function as expected
  3. The reddit sub is pretty pathetic. Half the people seem to be hawking their own app and the other half love having a whine but don't do anything about it. If the app works well for you, I wouldn't worry about what a bunch of strangers from the internet have to say.
  4. Yup still happens to me on 10.6.9. It's pretty easy to reproduce at least one use case - leave Evernote running for 24 hours without using it, chances are when you come back it won't work.
  5. They'll be gutted that someone who has used the service for a decade for free is going to go to the big bother of going elsewhere.
  6. Go to evernote.com and get the latest version - this was happening to me and isn't anymore with 10.6.9.
  7. Yeah, the auto updates can be slow depending on where you are. If you want to get the latest as soon as it's released then it's quicker just to go and download it from evernote.com.
  8. I was getting this but it seems to be fixed for me in the latest version - are you running 10.6.9?
  9. Check the ..../evernote/conduit-storage/https:/ and you'll find the sql files.
  10. If you are having problems and you can't resolve them then I think the best suggestion is to install the legacy version.
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