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  1. Try the latest release - right click plus a bunch of options is now available in the side panel
  2. I think most "normal" people don't have a clue what markdown is and so building a fairly complex feature that will be used by a very small percentage of the user base probably isn't the best way to spend cash.
  3. Thanks for checking I had this key (whatever the hell it is called???) in my shortcut Changed to a different key and it works fine. @Shane D. I guess this might be related to the Mac keyboard layout being different to Windows?
  4. Tried this new feature - + Edited the global shortcut for search. + Hit the new key combo and nothing happens. + Reset to default + Default keys function as expected
  5. The reddit sub is pretty pathetic. Half the people seem to be hawking their own app and the other half love having a whine but don't do anything about it. If the app works well for you, I wouldn't worry about what a bunch of strangers from the internet have to say.
  6. Yup still happens to me on 10.6.9. It's pretty easy to reproduce at least one use case - leave Evernote running for 24 hours without using it, chances are when you come back it won't work.
  7. They'll be gutted that someone who has used the service for a decade for free is going to go to the big bother of going elsewhere.
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