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  1. Metrodon

    Update to 7.2.3

    Yeah, thanks I'm aware of the process. It's just a PITA and I've got better things to do.
  2. Metrodon

    Update to 7.2.3

    Oh ffs, I should check here first. Why is it still available if if you know it's broken? When will a fix be available?
  3. How do you know any of that? They aren't public - they don't release employee salaries. "righteous act" - wow.... Tweet away.....
  4. And maybe also some thought....Evernote employs people, it pays their wages which helps to house and feed their families. Just because the app doesn't do something that you feel it should, or you feel it's really easy to do, doesn't feel like enough of a justification to me to suggest that you are going to actively go out and damage their business. Because, if you damage the business, you damage people as well. (Don't I sound nauseatingly sanctimonoius?)
  5. I love this stuff. I'm sure all your followers who are also Evernote users will have jumped to Google docs by the weekend. Lolz.
  6. No problem - glad you are back up and running (I was guessing that All Notes was a search but rebuilding the index certainly wouldn't have caused you any harm)
  7. Metrodon

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    I'm always surprised at the number of people who will install a beta version of an OS on a machine that they are dependent on.........
  8. Press Alt and select the Help menu - Troubleshooting - Recreate Full Text Index Search That should rebuild your index so that searches (All Notes is a search that returns all notes I reckon) will complete correctly.
  9. Format Menu - Tables - Insert Table
  10. Metrodon

    Is Evernote Shutting Down?

    I know it sounds like a dumb question, but when you deleted the app, did you restart your phone before installing again? Seems like sometimes iOS doesn't clear everything out till you do a full switch it off and on again.
  11. Metrodon

    MacOS 10.14 Mojave causing Evernote Crash

    Historically, Evernote have not provided any sort of support until a Mac OS update is officially released - so....at your own risk.......
  12. Metrodon

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    Let's face it, the last Web UI was a cluster.... I'm sure the Notebook list will make it relatively quickly.
  13. Metrodon

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    It's the first public beta....give them a chance. I just wasn't sure if I was missing something.
  14. Metrodon

    New Web Experience Beta now Available

    Am I being really dumb (don't answer that Jeff) - is there a way yet to expand Notebooks in the sidebar?