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  1. I think it's a dreadful idea to depend on a third party for the safety and recoverability of my data. Yes Evernote does very well now, but what if they have a disaster that they can't recover from or recover from quickly. It's my data, I'm responsible for it. I back up the stuff I can't do without.
  2. Uses another app for 2 years and still comes here to read and post. My troll bell is ringing.......
  3. Sure, so pick the plan that gets you the best value for the investment you are willing to make. This doesn't mean that Evernote should subsidise your desires.
  4. Well, many don't - certainly for utilities, mobile phone contracts, insurance you get a better deal if you move around. In fact, lots of services (and Evernote is a service) will discount their price to attract new customers, partly because they know that once in people don't move often and partly because analysts also look at new customer acquisition numbers. Your second point has no validity, how do you know that there will be no rights for future upgrades? You can upgrade your plan now and get everything that's available or you can choose not to and stick with what you have or go somewhere else.. We don't have access to Evernote's metrics, but it seems to me they've stuck to their guns throughout the v10 roll out and they'll do the same for the new pricing. So, they've probably got some attrition built in, but also some growth and we know that the core reason for v10 is to reduce cost. Maybe they don't need as many paying customers to be a healthy company? Who knows? Again though, if you've paid for something for years and had value for it, then i don't see why that makes you feel entitled to something special.
  5. Honestly, people need to grow up. You paid for a service for years and got value from it. Otherwise I'm assuming as relatively intelligent people you'd have found a service that better suited you or a better price. Paying for a service for years and getting value for it doesn't entitle you to anything and why should it? Did your feelings get hurt because the name of your service isn't the biggest boy's name? Evernote is a business, it exists to make money money for it's owners. The owners have put in place management who they think will maximise this return. The management will pick and choose the features that get added to each tier to maximise their revenue. They might get it right, they might get it wrong, they'll probably do a bit of both. What I'm sure they won't do is make changes because people don't think it's fair.....
  6. Chat support hasn't (I don't think) been up and running for a while - volume of contacts, the plague, version 10, new payment plans etc etc... Either way, the support person isn't going to answer those questions.
  7. Try logging out and back in again, that seems to fix this issue for a number of people.
  8. I'm assuming that this is partly why there is a 50 note restriction on exporting (as well as whatever technical stuff is going on)... Requires a professional sub. Making it hard to get my data off your platform and to back it up does not endear Evernote to me. This should be the most basic of features.
  9. Lolz at the idea that Libin was some deeply caring awesome custodian of this app. He blew millions of dollars for very very little return. Part of the reason that Evernote is currently in the state it is in is because he focused and spent badly. Whether you like the direction or not, right now there is clear direction and a purpose that may end up being an app that millions of people end up paying for.
  10. People love to complain, people hate change. Anyone experienced with product management would have known that the sort of changes that Evernote have had to make in order to survive were bound to cause lots of complaints (especially from those who use the app in their own "special way"). I'm sure they've also figured in a certain amount of the paying user base who will go away and never come back. Doesn't matter, they had to change to survive and if they believe that the new model will allow them to do more with less then the user numbers will recover and hopefully increase. Worry about how the app is working for you and less about everyone else would be my best advice.
  11. Dead easy in V10 - just right click on the name of the notebook and choose the options you want.
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