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  1. Go to evernote.com and get the latest version - this was happening to me and isn't anymore with 10.6.9.
  2. Yeah, the auto updates can be slow depending on where you are. If you want to get the latest as soon as it's released then it's quicker just to go and download it from evernote.com.
  3. I was getting this but it seems to be fixed for me in the latest version - are you running 10.6.9?
  4. Check the ..../evernote/conduit-storage/https:/ and you'll find the sql files.
  5. If you are having problems and you can't resolve them then I think the best suggestion is to install the legacy version.
  6. Assuming what they say is true (and why would they bother not telling the truth?) tags are used by a very very small subset of users. So, tags aren't a big deal.
  7. God these yawnfest drama chasing threads are becoming increasingly dull.
  8. If a feature you need is not available you should use the legacy version of the app.
  9. Why don't you just use the legacy version that is still available and save yourself all this stress?
  10. And me, I find that this happens when I haven't used the app for a number of hours....the session goes stale or something...
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