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  1. ab1kenobee

    Trouble installing v 6.6.4

    Hello, gazumped! Thank you... to the rescue even in NOV. 2018. Comment available at your referring LINK: Windows Error Code 2732 workarounds Appreciate! ~ Alan
  2. ab1kenobee

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    zotje: Much appreciate your additional details. I can now make a well-informed decision... OneNote is: not a viable option for my purposes and needs. Thank you much! ~ Alan
  3. ab1kenobee

    Sync OneNote with Evernote

    gazumped: Thank you for responding. ~ Alan
  4. ab1kenobee

    Sync OneNote with Evernote

    Can anyone respond to this cloudhq reference?
  5. Howdy, tacchi. Have you received a response to this question? If not... please contact EN Support... and report back final result. THX. ~ Alan
  6. ab1kenobee

    OneNote vs Evernote - Real Fact

    @Wanderling Reborn... these are critical DISADVANTAGES. Thank you for spelling them out so clearly. ~ Alan
  7. ab1kenobee

    Evernote to Onenote

    Howdy, Don DZ: I just found this post of yours... and would appreciate more details of your experience... and status now. THX. ~ Alan
  8. ab1kenobee

    EN Opens 2nd Chrome Window

    FYI: ISSUE RESOLVED. I don't know WHY... or HOW... however clicking LINK within Win EN notes now successfully opens a NEW TAB in Chrome... instead of previously opening a new Chrome window. I guess this will remain a mystery for now. ~ Alan
  9. ab1kenobee

    QUESTION: Evernote portable app?

    Has @masdeirf received a response from @Geralto?
  10. ab1kenobee

    EN Opens 2nd Chrome Window

    FYI: I submitted this issue to EN Support. After several posts... this is a status update. This is the 1st quality support I have experienced from EN Support. Thank you, Julian. ~ Alan
  11. ab1kenobee

    EN Opens 2nd Chrome Window

    FYI: This issue has not yet been resolved. Previous version did not cause this issue. Anyone have a solution? Thx. ~ Alan
  12. ab1kenobee

    QUESTION: Evernote portable app?

    Geralto: Thank you and I apologize for this much delayed response. QUESTIONS 1. Is not v6.11 much outdated? 2. How to keep portablized EN updated? 3. If standard EN updates run under Sandboxie... would this not also accomplish accomplish also keeping WIN 10 OS registry-FREE and clean? Thank you in advance for a prompt and detailed response to all the above, ~ Alan
  13. RESPONSE FROM EN SUPPORT CHAT: Hope to hear back soon... or find a solution sooner via Forum! ~ Alan
  14. Is the CAMERA setting you show located within EN or Samsung menu?