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  1. Thank you. Is it possible to configure android EN for taking photos as JPGs?
  2. Thank you, ALL. EN previously provided the functionality and option to choose between JPG and PNG. This demonstrates the primitive formatting capabilities of EN still in 2019... which Power Users have brought to EN's attention for years now. Much appreciate the effort and feedback. ~ Alan
  3. Yes, I am aware I can take the time to convert images in a 3rd party image conversion software, either HDR or online. I would prefer to simply "Save As" a JPG (much smaller file size than PNG)... and definitely not have to convert myriads of images. Thank you. ~ Alan
  4. Hello, Power Users: Does an option currently exist to create JPG images vs massive PNGs? THX. ~ Alan
  5. Hello, @CristiPro. Thank you for the FIX. Have a Samsung S8... did not realize I had enabled DARK MODE... G-searched and found HowToGeek article "How to Enable a Night Mode in Android to Reduce Eyestrain" to accelerate my learning curve... disabled NITE MODE... opened EN... and voilà!!!... white background was back in business!!! A superdeeduper thank you! I hope this proves helpful to others in pain! LOL! ~ Alan
  6. 10-4. Understood. Interesting article just the same. ,) Alan
  7. Howdy, @CalS: I have not yet replaced Chrome... EN external links still not functional... I just found this article about Brave that may be of interest: Brave Browser Sacrifices Security https://securityboulevard.com/2019/02/brave-browser-sacrifices-security/ I'm sorry to see this unfavorable news when user hopes have been so high. Alan
  8. Hello, @skala... I was waiting for you to respond to @gazumped 's post: "That particular post and all its comments seem to be 7 years old..."
  9. Back to the PRIMARY question of this thread: Has anyone figured out how to PORTABLIZE Evernote and keep it current portablized following periodic updates? THX. ~ Alan
  10. @ CalS : 10-4. Understood. Based on the following (3) article paragraphs (below)... I am going to support Firefox Quantum's priority for SUBSCRIBERS first. Thank you for thinking out loud with me. Appreciate. ~ Alan Chrome’s Dominant Market Share Gives Google Power Google has been pushing the boundaries on their browsers, by allowing more overt surveillance to show itself to end-users. We saw it in late 2018 when Google forced users to sign in to Chrome when they signed to any Google services like Gmail. The market dominance of Chrome (and Chromium) is what allows Google to make bad changes with impunity. Other browsers like Mozilla Firefox have recently made significant leaps forward in speed and efficiency. Firefox is open-source and developed to be fast and responsible. It respects your privacy and doesn’t limit what you can do. If you like uBlock Origin and uMatrix, those extensions will continue to exist on the free and open web. If this is the last straw for you as a Chromium browser user, feel free to check out our Firefox Hardening Guide to see how to make Firefox more private and safer than Chrome. SOURCE | Chromium to Weaken Ad-Blockers – Impacts Chrome, Edge and Brave Browsers |
  11. Howdy, @CalS and Members: I just found (2) articles which spell unfortunate news for Chromium users who utilize ad blocking as I do: Chromium to Weaken Ad-Blockers – Impacts Chrome, Edge and Brave Browsers Google rejects Brave (BAT) ad campaign as “Malicious or unwanted software”. : CryptoCurrency I hope this proves helpful. ~ Alan
  12. Hello, Dave-in-Decatur: YEP. Appears to be same issue... however NOT yet resolved. THX. ~ Alan
  13. @CalS... I just followed these instructions... External LINK Issue still not resolved. THX. ~ Alan
  14. Howdy, @CalS: After reading many reviews on Brave browser... I'm inclined NOT to install it because of the LIMITATION it places on extensions... many of which I need. External LINK Issue still not resolved. THX. ~ Alan
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