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  1. I tried to take your survey but when I got about 35% into it, it asked a question about acceptable annual price per user per year, similar to the previous question. When I attempted to answer (several times with several different prices) the survey would not continue. There was no message about why I couldn't continue, if there was a problem with my answer and no way to skip the question or get help. I had to close the page after wasting my valuable time and losing all my answers. I will not take any surveys from you again. I'm serious considering moving away from Evernote but it will probably take more than this survey to pry it from my cold dead hands. I'm sorry you won't see my responses but I will not reply to any of your emails either. This was a very frustrating experience. I've never paid for Evernote and now it isn't likely that I ever will.
  2. At 61, I'm still a novice at organizing notebooks but you and Evernote have helped me a lot. Thank you.

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