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  1. Yes, this new Webclipper is very disappointing. Whenever I open firefox, the Web-Clipper HELP page opens in a separate Tab. I don't want this. I have disabled the Clipper for now. Also there is no way I can change the Shortcut for the clipper. I triedf to change it, but after the change it still uses the old shortcut, despite the "change". If this is not fixed I have to stop using the Clipper. It is simply too annoying.
  2. Tag Michael, dies ist ein Forum auf Englisch, deswegen wirst du kaum eine Antwort auf deutsch kriegen. Ich antworte daher ebenfalls auf englisch: You probably have some leftover files on your harddisk from an old installation (or attempt to install). Download REVO uninstaller (free version is fine) and do a clean Evernote uninstall. Mmake sure you backup your username.exb file (that's where all your notes are stored). Then install Evernote again and you should be fine. hth, Wern
  3. Hi and welcome to the forums ! Go to Evernote.com, log in with your password, click Account SETTINGS, scroll down, you'll find your email address. Click RESET. A new one will be sent to you. Wern
  4. Hi and welcome to the forums ! Das hier ist ein Forum in Englisch und deutsche posts werden nur von wenigen gelesen. Man kriegt also eher keine guten Antworten. Deswegen ist es besser, hier Fragen auf Englisch zu stellen. Ich antworte daher auch auf Englisch: --------------------------------------------------------------------- You cannot password protect EN on your desktop, only text of individual messages (select text, right click, encrypt). That encryption is not very strong, by the way. But you CAN password protect your computer, which is a good idea anyway, if you think others should not have access. You can also use TRUECRYPT which is easy to install and will encrypt your drive. This thread may be useful for you: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39180-password-protect-evernote-in-total/ Viel Glück! Wern
  5. windows 8

    Hi and welcome to the forums ! You have to SYNC to get your machines updated. If that did not work, please describe in more detail what you did or what is happening.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums ! You CAN of course delete or rename TAGS. What OS are you on? In WIN, it is simply a right cklick on a tag (tag tree open), to either delete it or rename it. Hope, this helps.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forums ! The hierarchy of EN consits of: Stacks Notebooks Notes Right click on a notebook >> Add to stack >> New stack Create a new STACK and move the notebooks you want inside this stack. Voilà, you're done. Wern
  8. windows

    EN is not hardware dependent. You can use it for just about any OS you wish. I don't know about this particular tablet but there shouldn't be any problem.
  9. It all depends on the SEQUENCE you are clicking your notes for merging. If you have notes no 1, 2, 3, you are free to merge the notes in any sequence you want. (List view is good for that). In your example above: Click the note with "Greetings" first, then (holding down Ctrl-key) "Hello" and merge. That should do the trick. Wern
  10. It is understandable that users want subfolders. But as has been pointed out, there aren't any and most likely there won't be any, at least not any time soon. This topic has been discussed many, many times here on the board. If you want more info,just use the SEARCH funktion here. The practical way out - for the time being - is to learn how to use TAGS cleverly. I am closing the thread.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forums ! Encryption is easy: Open your note >> select the text you want to encrypt >> right click >> Encrypt with Password and voilà, your text is encrypted. Make sure you remember the password. EN has NO access to it and can't provide it in case you forget. By the way: IOS cannot encrypt. It can decrypt though. Also, it is not a good idea to give your email address here, as spammers will jump on it. Better to just ask questions here on the forum and someone will help you out. I deleted it from your post. This link has more on encryption: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50889-evernote-encryption-no-longer-working/ hth, Wern
  12. Yes, EN is aware of this problem and does what it can to minimize it. This forum is monitored 24 hours by mods and we do clean up "by hand" those spams that the automatic forum software filters are missing. Just with "normal" spam on your private e-mail though, no system exists that can take care of this problem automatically and reliably. This EN forum is big now and therefore "worthwhile" for spammers. If they can get a few clicks out of it, they are happy campers. Please be assured that EN is aware of this and the issue is constantly monitored and discussed.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forums ! You CAN use Excel in connecton with EN. What OS are you on? Assuming it is WIN. Just create an Excel file as usual and drag it into a new note. You can also create an "import folder" (Tools >> Import folder) somewhere on your harddisk, save the Excel file there and it will be automaticall saved in the EN desktop app. When you click on the file symbol within your note, Excel will open. Do you calculations and save. It will then be saved in EN. Have fun! Wern
  14. Hi and welcome to the forums ! It helps if you tell us what OS you are running. If you have not synced yet, you can still find it in the trash of the Web version. Go to Evernote.com, log in with your username and password and look in the TRASH. Your note should be there. Good luck.
  15. windows

    Hm... Several things could play a role here. Before digging too deep and trying here and there, I'd back up the username.exb file (that is where all your notes are stored) to an external stick or harddisk. Then uninstall EN with REVO uninstaller und re-install a clean copy of EN, replace the empty exb.file with your backup. Doesn't hurt to run a registry-cleaning program, like CCLEANER as well. Good luck, Wern