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  1. Not at all. Every user should be able to customize EN for his or her needs. All comparable apps have this feature. I also do not need Calender and would welcome the ability to disable Calender. EN used to be fast, efficient and reliable. Now it is slow, clunky and unreliable (Search). Making customization available for some features would at least alleviate some of the problems.
  2. I know. Sorry. I DID use the "minus" sign and it does not work. It is showing plenty of notes AFTER January. 2010.
  3. Thank you. "Try it like this: created:20100101" Unfortunately, it does not work. It is finding a few notes, but apparently "at random". Some are before, some are after 2010. Hm......?
  4. I want to weed out old notes and therefore need to find them. I want to find all notes created before 2010. This did NOT work: created:20100101 (find all notes before Jan 1st, 2010) Can someone enlighten me?
  5. Thanks for the answers. I deleted the desktop app with revo uninstaller and then installed the app again. Thank God it looks like all the notes are there. Still think Legacy was faster, cleaner and much more uncluttered but I can live with the new version.
  6. Thanks for the answer. It looks like all my notes are in the Web version of EN. They are not on my desktop. There should be an easy way to sync and therefore downloading all my notes to the Desktop. But there is no SYNC or Download Botton. Then how do I get my notes downloaded?
  7. OK then, how do I download ALL my notes? And will I then get a clickable list of notes as a result of a search ?
  8. I am on WIN 10 and have installed the newest Desktop version. When I search for specific notes, it gives me a number: "X notes found". "Let's say 10 notes found". I can see ONLY one note and do not see a list with the 10 notes. Where are these 10 notes and why is only showing up 1 note? Where is the list of the 10 notes? It just drives me crazy, I have invested one hour to solve this, with no avail. I can't tell you how much I miss "Legacy", which was fast, precise, simple and had a clean interface without the awful clutter that I need to look at now. Anyhow, my requirement is not outrageous: 1. I want to see the notes list as a result of a search 2. I want to be able to just click on one of the notes in the list and read it. Sad to say, that I am getting angrier and more annoyed every day about Evernote.
  9. Vincent, thanks for your thoughtful post. Yes, indeed there are many - probably most - users who are NOT programmers, engineers, math wizzards or otherwise technically gifted or users of complicated search strategies etc. I have been a EN user since 2010. For me it is the workhorse for getting things done. I make quick notes in EN in a matter of seconds, retrieve notes the same way and that is 90% of the work. Occasionally a tag and that's it. Clean and simple interface, no bells and whistles. Legacy was great for this. I think EN should pay more attention to users like you and me and forget about the bells and whistles that they seem to prioritize.
  10. Pink, thanks for your hints. I did what you suggested. It looks like it is working. Thank you. Apparently one cannot print a note while in it. One can only print after clicking on the NOTE TITLE in the note list. Or is there a trick for printing? Also: As far as I can see, all my notes are there, right after installing the new WIN client. EN just asked for my email and Pawwort und Voila: All notes are there. No syncing was necessary. I looked for the SYNC BOTTON and could not find it. Apparently there is none anymore.
  11. Can someone tell me the proper way to upgrade to the newest WIN 10 version of EN? I am using an old Legacy version. I tried to simply "upgrade" from the menu of the Legacy version, I am still using but it failed. Should I uninstall EN first and THEN go to the EN website and download the newest version? My final goal is simple: 1. Side panel on the left with all my notebooks and tags 2. In the middle of the screen (and all the way to the right) a listing of the titles of the notes Thanks. Wern
  12. If it is not working for you (maybe you are on BETA releases)? You can try this: Uninstall your current FF. Then download and install Updte 66.0.4 (not some other update). That should fix it. Good luck !
  13. I was somehow spared this latest upheavel with the clipper. I disabled "automatic updates" in the Clipper as well as in Firefox. Both are working now for me. But I will let it run WITHOUT the latest updates for a while.
  14. After Firefox updated yesterday, the Web Clipper stopped working. When I sign in, to clip a page, it works. After finishing Firefox and re-open it again, a red dot appears unter the WEb Clipper (Elephant) symbol and I have to sign in again, for every single clip. Very tedious. I know, it is the Firefox settings. I have tried for hours and nothing works. Can anybody provide me with the Firefox settings that I need to check, so the web clipper works? Thanks.
  15. This thread may be helpful for you. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/35255-science-class-notes-and-evernote/
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