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  1. If it is not working for you (maybe you are on BETA releases)? You can try this: Uninstall your current FF. Then download and install Updte 66.0.4 (not some other update). That should fix it. Good luck !
  2. I was somehow spared this latest upheavel with the clipper. I disabled "automatic updates" in the Clipper as well as in Firefox. Both are working now for me. But I will let it run WITHOUT the latest updates for a while.
  3. After Firefox updated yesterday, the Web Clipper stopped working. When I sign in, to clip a page, it works. After finishing Firefox and re-open it again, a red dot appears unter the WEb Clipper (Elephant) symbol and I have to sign in again, for every single clip. Very tedious. I know, it is the Firefox settings. I have tried for hours and nothing works. Can anybody provide me with the Firefox settings that I need to check, so the web clipper works? Thanks.
  4. Hi Austin, thanks for the info. I can confirm this as I was able to check with Kaspersky and they came to the same conclusion. False positive !! Cheers Wern
  5. Still no response from anybody at EN. Hey, this is a serious issue with potentially harming thousands of users around the world. Very disappointing. Nobody from EN looking into this and recommending a remedy?
  6. No response so far from EN. Is anybody else having this virus warning?
  7. Thanks, I submitted a support ticket. By now, that should be a well known issue for Support and/or the Security Team.
  8. Same here. "HitmanPro" is reporting a virus in EvernoteTray.exe after upgrading today to newest build. Is this real ?
  9. It all depends on the SEQUENCE you are clicking your notes for merging. If you have notes no 1, 2, 3, you are free to merge the notes in any sequence you want. (List view is good for that). In your example above: Click the note with "Greetings" first, then (holding down Ctrl-key) "Hello" and merge. That should do the trick. Wern
  10. Your message is too cryptic. Tell us what you want to accomplish and someone will help you out.
  11. As usual the SEARCH function here in the forum will give good answers. After reading the following thread, you should be fine and your problem solved: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39301-mac-note-sort-order/
  12. Hi and welcome to the forums! Yes, what ZZZ is saying is correct. The notebooks do sort themselves alphabetically by default. If you are using a desktop version, quit the program and open it again. As mentined above, logging out and back in for portable devices should fix this issue.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forums ! Glad you found a way to organize EN in a way that meets your personal needs. Some of your ideas are good but most of it has already been discussed here in great length. Thanks anyway.
  14. Cameron, go to Evernote.com (Web version) and look into the trash. If you are lucky, your notes are there. You may also be lucky with "Note history" if you are a premium user. You need to be a premium user to be able to see the note history. Here is a short video on how note history works: http://discussion.ev...ry-in-evernote/ Hth Wern
  15. As Jeff said above, use notebooks sparingly (many power-users have only one notebook) and less tags may be better than too many. It really pays off to think about a tag structure first. And yes, less tags is usually better than too many. You can also re-organize your tag structure later. Try to describe the content of your notes in the note header (title). Don't be afraid to use several words. That way you can find your notes even without tags. Good luck. Wern
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