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  1. Can I download this animated gif so I don't forget what to do? or where would I save it ? How did you do this?
  2. Whoa! I tried one more time after looking at your animated gif. I didn't more my arrow far enough to the right for it to change to double arrow and make wider. Yippee.....That works and now I have the list under the icons. Thank you for the animated gif. I think this would help many people out and you should submit to the evernote support team. Make note that you have to be patient for moving the arrow far to the right before it changes to double arrow. Thanks.
  3. typo problem " the next column with the notes on the right will change in width"
  4. How do I stop the animated gif? I get a bar with one arrow. It will move the column with the note snippets and the next common over with the notes. It will not make the left icon panel wider.
  5. wow That was cool. Helpful but I think my version of evernote is too old. I do not get the line with two arrows. I only get a single bar without the arrow or arrows. Thank you so much. I can not get the full menu as you show.
  6. I am a premium member. I have had bad luck with help from evernote support who are rarely patient and polite. Usually they refer me to Google. Only a couple of times have I had someone who is professional and helpful. I only use evernote on my computers never with iPhone or iPad.
  7. I need to backup in order to do that. Right? Also I have the evernote computer application and it is 6.6.1. Old version but I have issues whenever I update so I have put this off. My Mac is el capitan 10.11.6 Guess I'll just have to live with this for now. Thanks for your help.
  8. When I right click I do not get the choice of show notebook list like your example in previous reply. I have set a note to support but they don't work on the weekends.
  9. I tried that it won't work. I read about making the right window with all the list of notebooks as much to the right as possible and that doesn't work either. What else can I do?
  10. How do I get the lists under the icons on the left panel for mac on the computer not website? They used to be there. I cannot find a view for showing the list of notebooks, tags, and notes in the left panel.
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