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  1. Well, that's pretty lame design. First, it's inconsistent with the PC version, which can handle this. Second, yes, I actually restart my computer and exit applications from time to time. One reason to do this is for the sake of security (although I wonder is the local Evernote database is secure... I kind of suspect that it isn't). But thanks for helping. I thought maybe I had missed some subtle menu or option.
  2. I have a Mac Air. I'm running the Evernote application on the Mac. I'm talking about offline access, so of course I'm not attempting to access it through the web. I also have the application on my Windows laptop, where I am able to log in and see local notes even without net access. But not on the Mac.
  3. I need to access notes on my Mac when I am not online. However, when I'm not connected to the net, I get a log in window that obviously won't log me in, and apparently nothing is available offline. Actually it won't even let me make a note when I am offline. What gives? I have a premium account. I read somewhere here that notebooks can be designated for offline use. I looked all over for such a feature. I tried preferences and right-clicking on a notebook. I looked at every menu I could find. Nothing tells me how to do this. There's something called a local notebook, is that what I need? Will that be synced when I get online? I have jillions of notes. I want to share them across devices. But I am often no online. What to do? Please help me.
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