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  1. Thanks, Jack! I've been a Premium user pretty much since the beginning and your quick response reminds me why!
  2. I love all of these ideas, particularly adding a date when a completed task is marked finished, since I often need to be able to see completed tasks. I also really need completed tasks to jump to the bottom of a list, so that completed tasks aren't cluttering up my main view of what needs to be done. Can you tell us about your progress on some of these task updates?
  3. @Peter Olins Sorry if this is a dumb question, but do mean pasting this into another program, such as Word (adding a cmd-V in there) and then saving as a PDF via the print function? Or is there another way to do this I'm not getting? TIA!
  4. Anyone have a workaround?! I'll live with it -- ANYTHING, REALLY -- until EN sees the wisdom of fixing this!
  5. This is MAKING. ME. NUTS! C'mon! Ten years of this being requested and ... nothing?! I used to be able to delete an image to force EN to change the thumbnail, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I think someone once posted a workaround, but I can no longer find it. For the love of all things holy, I've been a Premium user for almost a decade, I'm an EN evangelist in my circles. I'm not ready to switch platforms, but a few issues like this (encrypted notebook, anyone?) have me ripping my hair out!
  6. Thanks for the workaround, @DTLow. I'm glad to try something, at least until we get the solution we'd like ...
  7. Metadata for clipped articles is among the features I most need from EN. So I confess that I might tend toward ill thoughts of anyone explaining the difficulties, however correct or rational. But I can't be annoyed this time at @jefito for being the messenger of bad news because of the artful "Tangled Up In Blue" reference ...
  8. Anyone else also want cleaner, more useful article clips? I'm still hoping.
  9. Not for me, it doesn't. I use a Mac with Chrome and clipper ... And Twitter clips are a mess. Since I use them in research, I would love to have a good way of saving threaded Tweets + replies!
  10. Doh! How did I forget this part of the problem?! I wrote about the potential for search embarrassment and completely forgot about default logon view humiliation! Without a password-protected/encrypted notebook that is omitted from snippets and search, here's what happens. I'm at work, wanting to show someone a file. When I open EN, the left pane has snippets from notes with professional and non-confidential titles such as, * "Really Dirty Jokes to Tell Brother" * "Easy Ways To Fire 50% of Staff THIS WEEK" * "Fine Liquor & Cheap Booze To Try ASAP" * "Quit & Become a Pro Butter Churner? Pros & Cons" * "Dear Dad, Your granddaughter is a genius! Here's her last 10th-grade essay, "The Moon Landing Was Faked & Dinosaurs Could Have Made It To The Moon ..." * "June 18, Reflections: Today I realized WHY I hate this job. It's because of my useless coworkers, loathsome boss, petulant clients ..." Thanks, @Jay Starkey. I'm actually going to add this point to my post above explaining my desperation, so that I'll have allllll my reasons in one place the next time someone asks why people are desperate for this feature.
  11. Well, there seem to be several different feature requests here. There are various comments regarding security of our overall data and encryption, and cloud security, etc. I'm comfortable with the overall security of my Evernote data, even if that is a bit of ignorant bliss. I am "desperate" for something far more basic, something that seems to have appealed to many, many users over the many years I've been a Premium EN user: An ability to password protect a notebook consisting of all the notes I don't want anyone to read or see and don't want to pop up in EN searches. This isn't because I want to keep passwords safe (though that is as good a reason as any), since I use 1Password. I just want a simple ability to keep personal journal entries, certain web clippings, photos and the like, separate and secure with an additional layer of password protection. I'll give you a couple of case scenarios: I am a college professor. Students often literally read over my shoulder while I show them documents or web pages on my screen. I would like to easily switch to Evernote to show them saved files of examples or articles. However, I don't want journal snippets -- or web clippings of gifts I'm eyeing for my family, or recipes I've saved, or photos of my children's artwork or my brother's prized classic car -- showing up in that search. I've had the same usage concern with consulting clients, because I use EN to organize those materials, as well. Another case: Although I use a privacy screen on my devices, none is 100%. I do not want to have to worry about prying eyes next to me or behind me every time I perform a search on my Evernote in a public place. The note encryption is not sufficient, since it balks at my web clips and doesn't tolerate formatting or longer lengths. Last example: The potentially horrifying default logon view. The contents of Evernote's encrypted notes are excluded from search and have a box in place of the contents, which keep them out of snippet view. With an encrypted and password-protected notebook, I'd hope the titles, also, would be omitted from snippets and search. As it is, if I'm at work and decide to show someone an Evernote file, when I open EN, the left pane displays notes with such professional and non-confidential titles as, "Really Dirty Jokes to Tell Brother," "Easy Ways To Fire 50% of Staff THIS WEEK," "Quit To Become a Pro Butter Churner? Pros & Cons," and "June 18, Reflections: Today I realized WHY I hate this job. It's because of my useless coworkers, loathsome boss, petulant clients ..." (ADDED after original post. Thanks @Jay Starkey for the reminder of this predicament.) Of course, there are workarounds, most obviously, not having someone read over my shoulder. I can also try to pull things ahead of time, find other ways of working around nosey neighbors, etc. But I am an Evernote devotee. I use it for everything and I love its search functions and the ability to trip across related saved documents by searching a word or tag. There are times I like sharing my EN screen with individual students, clients or even a lecture hall. Other users share their EN with assistants or family and because of a need to share many things across many notebooks, find it impractical to give others only specific notebook access. Seems pretty easy to understand why they, too, would find it much easier to make one or more notebooks completely private only to them. I understand the notion of using different apps and software for different things. But what made Evernote my Holy Grail of information control was following advice I read years ago: Put EVERYTHING in it, so you have one place to look. I have plenty of exceptions, such as not using it for passwords. But it works best for me if I use it for almost all notes and document storage, personally generated and web saved. Therefore, I don't really want another system for my journal, random web clips, and pictures I've taken of my children's artwork -- even though I don't want any of those things popping up in a search or along my sidebar. Having a private notebook, or several private notebooks, would solve my concerns as well as those of countless other paying EN customers.
  12. I appreciate this solution, since I had the same problem. For those struggling with this issue who didn't check here, wouldn't it make sense to have the "convert to PDF" button do this on its own?
  13. BUMP Still desperate for this feature? Any word?
  14. Hello? @evernote? Will someone let us know about this one? It is a hugely important feature for a lot of people and their workflow.
  15. I, too, would love this feature. In the meantime, here's my workaround: I add a reminder to the note, using the alarm clock button at the top of the note I want to pin. From the Evernote page about that function: "Reminders appear in a to-do list pinned at the top of your note list where they can be sorted, marked as complete, and more. You can opt to receive email alerts on the day timed reminders are due. Once you've completed a task associated with a reminder, check it off in the reminders list. Checking off a reminder does not delete the original note." Hope that helps! MB
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