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  1. Sorry I meant locking it down. I am working and multitasking so not always using the correct words. My computer locks after a few minutes. As on my phone - I wanted to source an app locker to lock certain apps whilst leaving other things on my computer available for the family. Despite you not being able to imagine why, you have recommended an app that does just that. i suggest you google Gameprotector and read the list of reasons it gives as to why it might be useful. I have not misremembered a password I thought of literally 30 seconds before using it. I used the app to lock Evernote as soon as it was downloaded and then used the password I had , only moments before, set up, to unlock it again. Oddly some apps are rubbish and go wrong. Can you please stop calling me ridiculous and silly. The fact that my lifestyle isn't one you can "imagine" doesn't make it "silly", thus the existence of apps such as Gameprotector and the CM app locker on my phone. I got some genuine good advice from Gazumped, thank you very much for recommending Gameprotector. i suggest if you have any more insults for me you don't stick them on here to make an already stressful work afternoon more so, but go shout them to your cat or something. Thank you
  2. Mine shuts down after so many minutes as well. I'm not talking about shutting down the PC, I'm talking about password protecting one particular app. I need to have my PC open at times with no access to certain apps. I'm sorry your imagination cannot accommodate my particular lifestyle. I shall google Gameprotector. Thank you I'm not an idiot and do memorise my passwords, the app I downloaded has decided the password I memorised is incorrect. I hope you do not take such a hectoring tone with all the comments you moderate - I am merely looking for help. M
  3. Thank you, I wanted more like an individual app locker, its impractical for me to lock down the family computer :/ I downloaded an app locker now and it's locked Evernotw and WONT LET ME BACK IN - so Im miserable :/
  4. Hiya I have Evernote on my Android, it is password protected with an app locker app. It is synced to my PC but on my PC there is no password and I can't fins a similar app in the shop. Any ideas?
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