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  1. Thanks @cornetg. In those 9 tabs do you ever have Clipper open and running (e.g. you click the Elephant icon and leave it open in a tab but don't complete the clip and close clipper) in any of them? Or do you have a Business and Personal account signed in at the same time? After the crash happens, would you mind sending your Evernote Clipper activity log? Any other details on steps to reproduce these random crashes would be helpful so I can then get this relayed to the development team. Thank you - you stay safe as well!
  2. Hi there, it sounds like you're encountering some difficulties with the Safari Web Clipper. It is strange to hear of these specific issues you're seeing and I feel you on the frustration. Let's investigate this in more detail together. First, in your Safari Clipper > Settings screen, if you're seeing version - 1.0.5 (30) listed, this is currently the newest version. The 7.12.4 version you see in the App Store is actually the 7.12.3 version in the Clipper itself. Definitely confusing and is due to a mismatch between the build we post and the build Apple displays. This is something we're working on resolving in future releases as yes, both should be consistent. That being said, if you're seeing - 1.0.5 (30) in Clipper's Settings, you shouldn't also be seeing the ability to update in the App Store as you should already be on the latest version. Does an uninstall and reinstall possibly help resolve this so you see - 1.0.5 (30) in Clipper's Settings / 7.12.4 in MAS (but with no ability to "Update" only the ability to "Open" in MAS)? Second, for the crashes you're seeing in Safari 13.1, some more information may be helpful to try to pinpoint the possible causes. A list of the websites (if you're comfortable sharing them and if there's any consistency about where/when/how you notice the crashes) would enable us to try to recreate this on our end. Additionally, and other details of how you isolated the crashes to the Web Clipper could also be helpful at your convenience.
  3. Hi @DTLow, if you mean Context in terms of the "Related Notes" feature in the Web Clipper itself - yes, that was also fixed without requiring an update to Clipper. In terms of the Evernote application Context feature, I'm not sure if that was related to this or not (but am glad to see it seems like that may be resolved as well).
  4. Yes, the issue should now be fixed without requiring an update to your Web Clipper extension. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Also, @c.san and @jdeck469 your macOS version will be helpful to see if there's any possible connection there.
  6. @jdeck469if you enable Web Clipper in private mode in Firefox, then ensure your other add-ins don't also launch in private mode (so Clipper is the only add-in running), do you still encounter the issue? If not, it may be another add-in conflicting with the Clipper. Either way, it may also be useful to get in touch with our support team to dig into this further if you haven't already so we can get to the bottom of this with you.
  7. Hi there, as long as the notebook shared to your account has given you edit access, you should be able to save a web clip to it. Does this only happen on notebooks shared to you or does it also happen with notebooks you're the owner of, too? Does this only happen in the Safari Web Clipper version, or does it also happen in the Chrome or Firefox Web Clippers (just to compare behavior, even if you don't use those browsers)? It also may be useful to get in touch with our support team to dig into this further if you haven't already.
  8. Hi there san, I'm sorry to hear this. What OS and Chromium browser are you using? If Edge is crashing, does the same issue happen in Chrome (or vice versa)? What about trying in Firefox to compare (non-Chromium)? Once Clipper crashes, are you able to reopen it and access the activity log in Settings? If so, would you be comfortable attaching the log in this thread or DMing it me?
  9. Hi all, thanks for mentioning this. Our developers are actively investigating the issue.
  10. Hi all, our developers are aware of this and actively investigating.
  11. Thanks for mentioning this - we're aware of it and investigating.
  12. It sounds like you're using Firefox and right click > Evernote Web Clipper is grayed out for you, is that correct? Or is something else happening? A few questions to investigate this in more detail: If you use the Clipper button in the Firefox add-on bar (the elephant icon) what happens? What webpage(s) does this happen on for you?
  13. Yes, Firefox and Safari (if you have a Mac) both don't use Chromium so they could also be good comparisons. However, Firefox currently uses Clipper 6 and not Clipper 7 (the latest version used in Chrome and Edge) but should still enable you to possibly keep Clipping if this can't be resolved on the Chromium side on your machine.
  14. Got it, thanks for these details. It may be worthwhile to get in touch with Chrome to look at other troubleshooting options if all the steps in https://windowsreport.com/chrome-could-not-move-extension-directory-into-profile/ didn't help. Evernote's extension should be loaded and unloaded like any other extension so there shouldn't be anything specific to the Web Clipper causing this. We haven't heard of other reports of this so it may be specific to your configuration/environment of your computer and Chromium apps. If you use any HTTPS anywhere extensions they may also be related so disabling them temporarily can help if you haven't already tried that.
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