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  1. @Paul A.Amazon fix is ready and released in 7.15; Gmail fix will not be in 7.15 or 7.16. The Gmail fix is still in development but will be coming asap, but no eta at the moment. Possible workarounds to consider in the meantime, hopefully the Evernote for Gmail add-on or forwarding to the incoming Evernote email address can fill in until then.
  2. Hi @Reuven, this should be fixed on version 7.15. Can you please double check and see if your extension has updated? If the issue is still happening for you on 7.15 please do get in touch with our support team.
  3. I'm glad to hear it! This does seem to be an intermittent issue though, so be aware it may return at some point (hopefully not). Our developers are working on resolving this in all scenarios, but no eta at the moment.
  4. Hi @EricBen, thanks for mentioning this. We're aware of an intermittent issue where this may occur but it doesn't seem to be consistent. I've been trying to reproduce as you mention but have been unable to on my end on 7.14 so far. Anything change in your setup or the type of email where this happens most consistently or did it simply just start happening across the board for you this week? We don't have an estimate on when to expect a fix at this time, but any details you may have are welcome. @gazumped's suggestion could be a good possible workaround in the meantime to give you greater Gmail clipping consistency.
  5. This issue has been resolved and the fix will be included in the next web clipper release. There's still other fixes also being prepared for the release so no eta yet. We do understand Amazon is a very popular page and are working to get it to you all as soon as possible.
  6. @Roxie68that is definitely not expected for all web pages. SSome sources may be more likely to trigger that message than others, but it shouldn't be all pages. Please first make sure your app is updated and then get in touch with our support team to investigate what you're encountering in more detail.
  7. @Allan Bogildit sounds like you may be encountering a different issue than the one mentioned in this thread, but defiintely still an issue. Is it a specific source you are sharing when this happens? Is it all webpages from Safari or just certain ones? If you force quit (don't reinstall) Evernote and reopen the app, do the prior shares start to show up?
  8. @Roxie68the issue you're encountering should hopefully be resolved in an upcoming update. If you still see this happening in the coming weeks, please mark down the source content you were sharing so we can try to reproduce the issue, and get in touch with our support team.
  9. Thanks for reporting this @dbareis, our developers will have a look.
  10. Thanks everyone. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it.
  11. Thanks @PStirton and @gazumped for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue on Windows (but not Mac) with same Clipper and Chrome version as @PStirton. Our developers are aware of this happening at some sources and are working to resolve it.
  12. Hi @lisec, I understand how frustrating it must be to complete a clip and then view it in Evernote and see that error. Are there any specific share sources this happens most frequently for you (if you're comfortable sharing) or does it seem to be at random? We're aware of some sources but any more information could be helpful. If it's an issue happening across all your shares, please get in touch with our support team to take a closer look if you haven't already.
  13. Hi @PapaCr, if you force quit the app (don't reinstall), then reopen it, do the clips import and complete the sync on the version you're currently on? If they do, please then update to 10.6 where we have fixes that may help resolve some import process issues going forward. If you're already on 10.6 and they still aren't importing even after a force quit/reopen, please save your logs and get in touch with our support team so we can take a closer look with you.
  14. Thanks, all. Our apologies. We can also reproduce this and are working to resolve it.
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