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  1. I completely understand and support where @Oberdada is coming from and his particular needs. A task management approach should resonate not only with your thinking process, the type of work that you do, your level of responsibility and also your personal and community obligations. A trusted system enables a healthy detachment. For a long time EN was my go to GTD system (I have previously written about it in this Forum); it is now my capture (and reference storage) tool. I also use apps such as GoodNotes 5 for note taking and pdf annotation as Skitch just doesn't cut it. So out if necessity, I am somewhat used to venturing out of the EN ecosystem to gain the sharpest tools. My work has many interfaces, and is high in its intensity- my particular setup helps me to deal with all it's moving parts. I look forward to the day when EN gains and regains sufficient features and capabily, so that I may once again rely on it exclusively for my GTD, and also save a bundle of money on other app subscriptions.
  2. @MvdH You seem to be on a similar journey that many of us who are passionate about Evernote (EN) and GTD have been on. From my own experience, our quest for an efficient and effective workflow, invariably drives us to; minimising the number of tools (or apps), and making the most of our much loved EN which is the best for capture (and retrieval.) The challenge is the GTD piece. It is important that any system does not, consume inordinate time and gamify task management. What ever investment is made in terms of learning, subscribing to and administering a system, should have a tangible return. I have tried all the various techniques that singularly deploy EN (and even developed my own); for me they all fell short in providing the agility and flexibility, and review of my work and personal deliverables. My research and trials; finally led me to settle on Omnfocus which integrates well with EN and my email client; Spark. Omnifocus, allows me to ”slice and dice” my tasks by any vector (perspective, in Omnifocus parlance) such as; contexts (tags)- people, agenda’s, place, projects, and even a return on effort (eisenhower), errands, etc. It is feature rich and includes a cool geo fencing capability. Realistically, EN, cannot be expected to cater for GTD power users , so we should deploy it's power to capture and clarify, and then organise, reflect and engage using Omnifocus or another similar specialised app. Most GTD systems singularly using EN, can become time consuming hacks, at least with the current EN version. Your task management needs are quite heavy; hence I would strongly recommend that you adopt a specialist app to work in concert with EN. Expecting EN to manage a power users task management needs, is no different to expecting say Apple to have a leading edge email client or calendar app, and satisfisfy it's broad user demographic at the same time; an impossible expectation - hence why , Fantastical, and Spark (and a few others) are popular for power users. I hope this helps. In the meantime, let's hope for a better set (and reinstatement) of EN core features such as handwriting, pdf annotation and business card scanning.🤞
  3. Agree, Evernote is now just a basic filing cabinet and no longer a productivity tool. Even the one cool feature of business card scanning doesn't work on iOS /iPadOS devices; due to a bug that continues to deselect settings that sync card details to contacts and forward the scan to a preselected EN notebook and ascribe a tag. We have also lost the super cool LinkedIn connectivity feature.
  4. Agree with you, swstarkey, this has been a frustration for years now. I was an absolute EN fanboy, now, sadly, I find that I am increasingly using alternative tools. For handwritten notes/pdf markups - I use Goodnotes 5 or PDF Expert, for GTD/task management-I use Omnifocus and Monday.com for team collaboration. Evernote, has largely become a legacy app; which due to a lack of strategic leadership has lost valuable ground and allowed passionate and progressive competitors to take away it's market dominance. This is perhaps best represented by Penultimate and Skitch; which are lagging so far behind their competition that they have become quite jolting reminders on how far Evernote’s star has dimmed; they should be gracefully phased out.
  5. Totally agree - Penultimate which like Skitch is in the Evernote ecosystem has been left languishing, I find myself increasingly buying other apps to fulfill functions and then integrating them into my business EN account. The leadership is remaining quiet, which is a concern. Google or Apple should buy Evernote as the current corporate strategy isn't working.
  6. @JoeTaxpayer Noteshelf 2, has one of the most extensive free stationery "cupboards" of any app, including a wide range of grid/graph and technical papers. The best part about the app is that it syncs automatically to my EN account and my notes are available quickly from any device via the super EN OCR.
  7. Agree, that GN5 has an excellent handwriting engine, for me the killer feature of Noteshelf 2 is the automatic EN sync, resulting in all my notes being searchable via EN’s powerful OCR.
  8. Hi pdunningan, I had the same issue. If you are using a Mac, 1. Download the following app cleaner to completely remove all Evernote app files; https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ 2. empty your trash, and then 3. down load the Evernote app from the Evernote website. Hope this does the trick, Kindest, da
  9. I am having exactly the same problem, I uninstalled using Clean my Mac and then tried reinstalling ( via app store and also EN website)-have reported the issue to support no response as yet.
  10. The best writing app that also automatically syncs with Evernote is Noteshelf 2.
  11. Hello DTLow, I would simply add a Reminder (ie activate the clock icon) without adding a date/time. In this way you will see the item as a reminder when viewing the "all notes" option in your EN side bar -(in reminders mode), and it will not appear as a calendar event. I should add that in the EN viewing panel you have the opportunity to mark the reminder as done. It is also a very good synopsis of all event based or non event based reminders. For me at least, EN does the job elegantly particularly when paired with Smartsheet for team endeavours. Cheers,
  12. Check out http://bit.ly/2CZrGzq I hope that helps. Good luck
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