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  1. @JoeTaxpayer Noteshelf 2, has one of the most extensive free stationery "cupboards" of any app, including a wide range of grid/graph and technical papers. The best part about the app is that it syncs automatically to my EN account and my notes are available quickly from any device via the super EN OCR.
  2. Agree, that GN5 has an excellent handwriting engine, for me the killer feature of Noteshelf 2 is the automatic EN sync, resulting in all my notes being searchable via EN’s powerful OCR.
  3. Hi pdunningan, I had the same issue. If you are using a Mac, 1. Download the following app cleaner to completely remove all Evernote app files; https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ 2. empty your trash, and then 3. down load the Evernote app from the Evernote website. Hope this does the trick, Kindest, da
  4. I am having exactly the same problem, I uninstalled using Clean my Mac and then tried reinstalling ( via app store and also EN website)-have reported the issue to support no response as yet.
  5. The best writing app that also automatically syncs with Evernote is Noteshelf 2.
  6. Hello DTLow, I would simply add a Reminder (ie activate the clock icon) without adding a date/time. In this way you will see the item as a reminder when viewing the "all notes" option in your EN side bar -(in reminders mode), and it will not appear as a calendar event. I should add that in the EN viewing panel you have the opportunity to mark the reminder as done. It is also a very good synopsis of all event based or non event based reminders. For me at least, EN does the job elegantly particularly when paired with Smartsheet for team endeavours. Cheers,
  7. Check out http://bit.ly/2CZrGzq I hope that helps. Good luck
  8. The book; "Getting Things Done" by David Allen has not only motivated many to become better organised, it has also sparked a raft of task management applications, some which integrate with Evernote. David Allens book was inspired in the way it succinctly expressed a natural workflow, which if applied with diligence can lead to high creativity and productivity. I say “natural” because most productive people tend to have approaches that include GTD principles. Task management applications, some of which leverage off this GTD process flow and the ever increasing focus towards productivity all jostle for supremacy as the best new shiny solution. Developers hence take on an unenviable challenge, as they try and cater for consumers all with varying needs; from a simple to do list to a system resembling a project management system. Often the result is an app with an incredible UI, that tries to serve many masters. In addition, these task management apps take on a dynamic that resembles a gaming experience, which only reduces productivity by the obsession and complication that it creates. For me, Evernote, which I like to think of as my second brain, is the obvious go to system. With my background in project management, I also recognise that teams need to collaborate effectively, in realtime, with granularity and have access to contextual data. Some of the approaches that I have studied (including one known as " The Secret Weapon" or "TSW") make extensive use of tagging. To me this adds complication and drives unnatural ways of connecting our brains to information. The link that follows is to a considered blog on the subject: Evernote and the Brain My task management approach is based on David Allen's GTD philosophy and uses Evernote’s built in task management functionality in concert with another app for projects that may need to be done collaboratively with others or that need a tactical framework. In summary; - I use “GTD” to prefix my notebooks and stacks to highlight a call for energy and action. - I review my GTD notebooks regularly but no less than once daily. I harness Evernote’s powerful capture capability to deal with inflows which come via many pathways. For email; - I use Outlook, which integrates well with Evernote, I direct an email, (and even tag it) to a specific GTD notebook or reference notebook (Spark email is also very good in this regard). Outlook provides the added capability of linking an Evernote reminder to the Outlook calendar. Alternatively, by using the Cronofy Evernote connector, reminders can be sent to any calendar. With Fantastical for example upcoming actions can be highlighted via the summary view. - My GTD notebooks are in my Evernote shortcuts for easy access and to give prominence. - My stacks/notebooks are numerically prefixed to ensure the appropriate hierarchy. - I limit my tagging for people, or standing meeting names, so that when I turn up my agendas notebook for example, I can quickly attend to the matter at hand and have all the contextual information right there. - For projects, I integrate my Evernote system with Smartsheet (gantt and kanban) http://bit.ly/2CZrGzq My stacks and notebooks: 000. GTD Inbox (default Notebook) 100. GTD Next Actions (stack) 110. Office, 120. Home, 130. Anywhere, 140. Agenda, 150. Phone 160. Online 170. Errands 200. GTD Waiting for 300. GTD Projects (stack) 400. GTD Someday/maybe 500. GTD Read/Review I hope that this helps. Dario A
  9. Agree gewappnet, Noteshelf 2 plays very well with EN. In particular with the sync, searching for content or any minute detail via EN is a breeze.
  10. I agree 100% with the comments made in this thread, like amcoffin who commenced this lively discussion, I too confess to being a bit of an EN fanboy. I am also an Evernote Community Leader, and when I asked the same question in a closed Facebook Evernote Community Leader group, I eventually received a very short and sharp response to visit this forum! So much for the loyalty. Penultimate and the Skitch remnant features in EN are not viable for any serious workflow that involves PDF annotation or harnessing the full capability of the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. The silence from EN is very disconcerting for those of us who seek to harness and promote the tool in the business community. My current work around is to use Noteshelf 2, with its deep integration with EN to work with PDFs and through its automatic to synch with EN, my documents are then easily discoverable via OCR. COME ON EVERNOTE.....COMMUNICATE PLEASE ………
  11. Hi Jack I have been using LS3 and EN for a couple of years now and must agree that it is a great tool. I read some time ago that this type of thing can occur if you have automatic sync set on multiple devices. Good luck and regards D
  12. I agee with the MindMeister suggestion. It also has a Kanban task management companion called MeisterTask which integrates with EN and IFTTT. UI is clean and maps can be shared in presentation mode.
  13. Arrow, I understand perfectly your frustration as I felt exactly like you when I invested in the relatively expensive JotScript stylus and expected it to work perfectly with Penultimate, Evernote's in house writing App. I have since accepted that Penultimate is not the solution (with or without the JotScript) and have moved on. I am very happy with my JotScript now that I have discovered an app which allows me to write creatively and that syncs perfectly with Evernote. It is disappointing though particularly for those of us who have been serious Evernote Advocates.
  14. Agree with the comments about the total lack of performance of the JotScript with both the old and new versions of Penultimate. I cannot fathom such a lack of product performance given the heavy promotion (and branding of JotScript) ? I am using the latest iPad Air 2 and a brand new JotScript and the result is shocking to say the least. I am quite happy with Noteshelf which also has the added features of being able to annotate PDF's, work with the Livescribe 3 smart pen and most importantly is able to sync effectively with Evernote. I have tried to love Penultimate but it is nothing more than a rudimentary "mobile white board" for finger writing. Evernote should just forget trying to deliver something I house and form close alliances with some of the more advanced and leading apps that have developed and kept pace with those of us that like a tactile writing experience.
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