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  1. I agree 100% with the comments made in this thread, like amcoffin who commenced this lively discussion, I too confess to being a bit of an EN fanboy. I am also an Evernote Community Leader, and when I asked the same question in a closed Facebook Evernote Community Leader group, I eventually received a very short and sharp response to visit this forum! So much for the loyalty. Penultimate and the Skitch remnant features in EN are not viable for any serious workflow that involves PDF annotation or harnessing the full capability of the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. The silence from EN is very disconcerting for those of us who seek to harness and promote the tool in the business community. My current work around is to use Noteshelf 2, with its deep integration with EN to work with PDFs and through its automatic to synch with EN, my documents are then easily discoverable via OCR. COME ON EVERNOTE.....COMMUNICATE PLEASE ………
  2. Hi Jack I have been using LS3 and EN for a couple of years now and must agree that it is a great tool. I read some time ago that this type of thing can occur if you have automatic sync set on multiple devices. Good luck and regards D
  3. I agee with the MindMeister suggestion. It also has a Kanban task management companion called MeisterTask which integrates with EN and IFTTT. UI is clean and maps can be shared in presentation mode.
  4. Arrow, I understand perfectly your frustration as I felt exactly like you when I invested in the relatively expensive JotScript stylus and expected it to work perfectly with Penultimste, Evernote's in house writing App. I have since accepted that Penultmste is not the solution (with or without the JotScript) and have moved on. I am very happy with my JotScript now that I have discovered an app which allows me to write creatively and that syncs perfectly with Evernote. It is disappointing though particularly for those of us who have been serious Evernote Advocates.
  5. Agree with the comments about the total lack of performance of the JotScript with both the old and new versions of Penultimate. I cannot fathom such a lack of product performance given the heavy promotion (and branding of JotScript) ? I am using the latest iPad Air 2 and a brand new JotScript and the result is shocking to say the least. I am quite happy with Noteshelf which also has the added features of being able to annotate PDF's, work with the Livescribe 3 smart pen and most importantly is able to sync effectively with Evernote. I have tried to love Penultimate but it is nothing more than a rudimentary "mobile white board" for finger writing. Evernote should just forget trying to deliver something I house and form close alliances with some of the more advanced and leading apps that have developed and kept pace with those of us that like a tactile writing experience.
  6. I agree I am a big EN supporter and after much research bought an ix500 rather than the EN version and am very happy with it. It offers all the EN connectivity while providing maximum flexibility in dealing with other export destinations.
  7. Hi Charles I too am very satisfied with my Livescribe 3. Suggest you check your settings and under the send options, choose (PNG). OCR works really well for me with this setting. Good luck and regards
  8. Agree with all the expressed sentiments. I am truly surprised at the direction being taken. Significantly the EN branded JotScript does not perform satisfactorily with the update ( no change really ) and no attemp has been made to accomdate other smart pens such as Livescribe In the meantime other note taking apps seem to be gaining the ascendency and also have reasonable sync options with Evernote. I am really disappointed with the state of this app.
  9. Can relate to your frustration, particularly given that the Jotscript is an Evernote branded product. As much as I am a devotee of all that is Evernote, I have had reasonable success with Noteshelf and the Jotscript. The Sync to EN works well also. Noteshelf have just released an update which improves it's performance on ios8 and iPad Air 2. Also it has a very good interface with Livescribe3 by the way . Anyway suggest you give it a try.
  10. Sorry to hear that sarsdow Only other thing to try, from what I have read, is the battery contact with the cap spring (gently try to elongate) otherwise have the JotScript replaced. I had to do this. Now I am very satisfied with the performance especially with NoteShelf(with EN Sync enabled)
  11. sarsdow With a lack of precise user instructions and some misinformation that is circulating, I too thought I had this problem. What I learnt, by experimentation is that the indicator green light initially flickers while it pairs with your device and the application, it then turns to constant green for a short while indicating that the pairing has been made (the app should also give you a prompt) and then goes into energy saving mode by turning off the light indicator... Suggest you persist and test with different applications..
  12. Great advice.... another piece of advice from a passionate EN user and advocate, is to use NoteShelf (with the EN sync app) for the best experience with the JotScript.... .....otherwise you will be extremely disappointed........good luck ......
  13. Agree Good luck with Noteshelf and the JotScript stylus. It works a treat with the right settings. Keep us updated. Best regards
  14. Not sure about the free version as I just went ahead, on the basis of positive reviews, to buy the App. Be sure to check the setting on the tool bar associated with the page window rather than the notebook / shelf window as there are different options in each. So far I have had a problem free run.
  15. I am a huge supporter of EN and respect Penultimate, however it is rather rudimentary as far as providing a full writing experience and functionality. It also suffers from a poor palm rejection (even with the Adonit Evernote Jot Script). I therefore concluded that notwistanding its ability to sync with EN, it was for me a mobile "white board" or a note jotting app for use when meeting with one or two people and using a basic stylus. In that capacity it is an excellent app. My search for a solution led me to "Noteshelf " which not only provides an intuitive, very functional writing interface with very good compatibility with the Adonit EN Jot Script ( with highlighting, paper, pen and pencil options) but also has the added benefit (through a in app purchase) of sync to my beloved EN. Most importantly it is simple to use. I recommend that you give this a try.
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