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  1. Thanks for reporting this @dbareis, our developers will have a look.
  2. Thanks everyone. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it.
  3. Thanks @PStirton and @gazumped for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue on Windows (but not Mac) with same Clipper and Chrome version as @PStirton. Our developers are aware of this happening at some sources and are working to resolve it.
  4. Hi @lisec, I understand how frustrating it must be to complete a clip and then view it in Evernote and see that error. Are there any specific share sources this happens most frequently for you (if you're comfortable sharing) or does it seem to be at random? We're aware of some sources but any more information could be helpful. If it's an issue happening across all your shares, please get in touch with our support team to take a closer look if you haven't already.
  5. Hi @PapaCr, if you force quit the app (don't reinstall), then reopen it, do the clips import and complete the sync on the version you're currently on? If they do, please then update to 10.6 where we have fixes that may help resolve some import process issues going forward. If you're already on 10.6 and they still aren't importing even after a force quit/reopen, please save your logs and get in touch with our support team so we can take a closer look with you.
  6. Thanks, all. Our apologies. We can also reproduce this and are working to resolve it.
  7. @C Phil thank you for letting us know - we're aware of that site and are working to capture the correct content there and other sites affected by that error.
  8. Hi @Doc Molly, I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering this. Please try to 'force quit' your Evernote iOS app and then reopen it to see if that gets your saved clips importing again. Don't reinstall or you'll lose your pending clips to be imported. If the force quit/reopen doesn't work, please get in touch with our support team for further assistance.
  9. @BananaBreadin this circumstance, if you haven't already, please get in touch with our support team for more personalized help to dig deeper into what you're encountering.
  10. @Twitchly Thank you for mentioning this issue from this source of Wall Street Journal, we are looking into it. @BPBear It sounds like what you're encountering may be different if you're not seeing any indication of the clip being created or importing into the main app and if you're not seeing the note being created at all with the "Error syncing url, cannot convert" after sharing from some websites. Does an iOS "force quit" of the main Evernote app (don't reinstall or you will need to re-share any prior pages that haven't imported and synced yet) help with new mobile shares? Not a guarantee, but sometimes it can wake the sharing/importing processes back up in similar-sounding scenarios. @enpeef Are you comfortable sharing some of the affected websites you're seeing the "Error syncing url, cannot convert" message on? So far we're aware of some mobile Twitter, Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Fox News, Wikipedia, webpages that may be affected. If you're seeing it anywhere else specific and don't mind sharing - this will help our investigation. Our apologies you're all encountering these issues. The team is working towards solutions in these scenarios.
  11. @BananaBreadif you're sharing a note or notebook already existing in your Evernote account to someone - you'll want to go to the specific notebook/note and control the share from there as you're the owner and it won't be listed in 'Shared with me'. If someone's shared a notebook or note to you, it should be listed in the 'Shared with me' menu. If you're not seeing it listed there, try checking in 'Work Chat' to see if it may have possibly been shared in an earlier chat thread with you and that person. Here's more info on sharing notes and notebooks. @romelden it looks like this thread was originally marked as solved due to a question about the mobile clipper, or 'share extension' (sharing web pages/content into Evernote, not sharing between users) -- that was resolved for the person asking the question when they did a reinstall of the app. That doesn't mean there may not still be possible issues one may encounter with sharing mobile clipped content into Evernote, or when trying to share content already existing in Evernote between users, just that the original question for the thread creator was resolved.
  12. Hi there @romelden, I hear you - this sounds frustrating. If you haven't already, getting in touch with our support team is the best route to work towards resolving what you're mentioning. Please do feel free to also post any more details here on how the share feature is not working on these devices. We'll see what options may be available to help resolve this, we're here for you.
  13. Hi there @BananaBread, after a fresh install, try going into 'Shared with me' in the main Evernote app and adding the notebook(s) you're joined to. Once added, if you have edit permissions, these notebooks should then appear as a destination when sharing content into Evernote from your iPad.
  14. @Mozzer181920Thanks for mentioning this. Strange, I noticed the same on my iPad today for a bit. I restarted my iPad and then I saw Evernote as a share source again. Does the same happen for you? If not, by chance were you ever part of the Evernote beta program and do you/did you have the app 'Test Flight' installed on your iPad?
  15. Hi @ToddMS, agreed, it makes more sense to display the default title right away rather than as originally implemented to leave the title window blank to enable quick custom titling/tap save to get the website's default title. We do also want to ensure we have record of any news site that may not be accounted for yet - do you have any examples that aren't working with saving the default title or article itself? We're working on improving in all these areas, but no specific eta available yet. Thank you for mentioning this.
  16. In the meantime, on the new version it seems like you may be able to work around this and still get the desired result by actually leaving the share window title blank and saving. Then when you view the note in Evernote, it will be created with the default title from the webpage without having to manually add/copy it. This should quickly get you the same default automatic title content you'd get from the previous version if you don't want to add a custom title yourself. During save with no custom title added Appearance in Evernote after the save
  17. Thanks everyone for reporting this. For sharing multiple screenshots causing the "error syncing" notice, we're aware of this and working on a fix. If there are any other specific circumstances that you notice can cause the "error syncing" notice, please do let us know.
  18. @PinkElephant, that's a great workaround, thanks for suggesting it. @captianslocumthanks for the video - after watching it there is an issue specifically with using Safari Clipper's Screenshot clip option on a YouTube video area. Screenshots of other places shouldn't be affected. The issue is known by the developers but I don't have an estimate on when to expect a fix so please do continue to use the Mac Evernote Helper crosshair screenshot function workaround for the time being. Concerning the length of time when queuing up and clipping 30 web pages, that depends on a few different things like how big each page is and the internet connection as all clips do need to sync to Evernote and the 30 websites could also possibly be using and moving between computer RAM as well. So Clipper will have to work through both initially loading, then capturing, then syncing all that data for the 30 pages if numerous clip process are started before prior ones are finished. It's not a feature of Clipper at this time to save something locally and send it to Evernote at a later time, but it is a great suggestion!
  19. Thanks for mentioning this, I can also reproduce the issue and have reported it to our developers who will take a closer look. Concerning the different Clipper version numbers on different browsers, we are working towards releasing the same Clipper version on all major browsers at the same time when possible.
  20. Thanks for mentioning these issues @captianslocum. I too enjoy Safari and understand your concern with Clipper not behaving as you'd expect there when compared to other browsers. As it turns out, I haven't been able to reproduce the screenshot issue in Safari so far - do by chance you have any specific website links this happens on or steps to reproduce the unexpected behavior? Concerning the PDF issue specifically in Safari, we're aware of this and the developers will take a closer look, thank you!
  21. Hi there everyone, thanks for mentioning this. Here are the details about the updates containing the fix for YouTube pages not loading Clipper depending on your browser of choice: If you prefer Chrome or Edge, the updated version containing the fix is If you prefer Safari, the updated version containing the fix is The version number is different from Chrome and Edge, but functionally the same release. If you prefer Firefox, this is currently still on and does not contain the fix yet. Additional unrelated changes are necessary for Firefox and we're working on getting this updated and released as soon as possible, but no estimate at this time. If you use Firefox and need to clip a YouTube page, while not ideal, please use another browser in the meantime to work around the issue. Thank you!
  22. Thanks @cornetg. In those 9 tabs do you ever have Clipper open and running (e.g. you click the Elephant icon and leave it open in a tab but don't complete the clip and close clipper) in any of them? Or do you have a Business and Personal account signed in at the same time? After the crash happens, would you mind sending your Evernote Clipper activity log? Any other details on steps to reproduce these random crashes would be helpful so I can then get this relayed to the development team. Thank you - you stay safe as well!
  23. Hi there, it sounds like you're encountering some difficulties with the Safari Web Clipper. It is strange to hear of these specific issues you're seeing and I feel you on the frustration. Let's investigate this in more detail together. First, in your Safari Clipper > Settings screen, if you're seeing version - 1.0.5 (30) listed, this is currently the newest version. The 7.12.4 version you see in the App Store is actually the 7.12.3 version in the Clipper itself. Definitely confusing and is due to a mismatch between the build we post and the build Apple displays. This is something we're working on resolving in future releases as yes, both should be consistent. That being said, if you're seeing - 1.0.5 (30) in Clipper's Settings, you shouldn't also be seeing the ability to update in the App Store as you should already be on the latest version. Does an uninstall and reinstall possibly help resolve this so you see - 1.0.5 (30) in Clipper's Settings / 7.12.4 in MAS (but with no ability to "Update" only the ability to "Open" in MAS)? Second, for the crashes you're seeing in Safari 13.1, some more information may be helpful to try to pinpoint the possible causes. A list of the websites (if you're comfortable sharing them and if there's any consistency about where/when/how you notice the crashes) would enable us to try to recreate this on our end. Additionally, and other details of how you isolated the crashes to the Web Clipper could also be helpful at your convenience.
  24. Hi @DTLow, if you mean Context in terms of the "Related Notes" feature in the Web Clipper itself - yes, that was also fixed without requiring an update to Clipper. In terms of the Evernote application Context feature, I'm not sure if that was related to this or not (but am glad to see it seems like that may be resolved as well).
  25. Yes, the issue should now be fixed without requiring an update to your Web Clipper extension. Thank you for your patience.
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