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  1. Welcome to the new feature requests forum for Evernote. This is a space for all Evernote service wide requests. Ideas that are not platform specific (so not explicitly about iOS, Windows, etc), ideas that are big (sharing, structure, to do), ideas that are super specific. We'll be spending the next few weeks ensuring that some of the best ideas that've been discussed in our forums over the years are moved from our General Discussions forum and into this new area. Unlike our product specific feedback areas, upvoted topics will automatically stacked by number of votes. As a reminder, if you have a specific piece of product feedback related to a platform (a request or UI tweak that is only related to Evernote Mac for example), please vote or post in the appropriate product feedback area:
  2. Same account for login, but we're just using your Evernote account to authenticate you here. I can remove your account and it (should) retain your comments in a guest status mode (if that's what you were looking to do).
  3. All--I'd like to remind you that this is an Evernote support forum. I'll begin to remove content that gets into nuanced support and discussion of Onenote. I've allowed active discussion of competitors, but they do have their own support forums. If you've moved off our service and are currently exploring another product, please take your discussions elsewhere.
  4. Cleared out the last round of posts. Apologies if you spent any amount of time on a post and it was deleted. Keep it on topic. As much as I would like to keep this thread going for users who want to continue to voice their opinions on our price change in the "main thread", I'll permanently close if we get very off topic again. As a final point of clarity on the motivations of supporters here. At one point in our history hosting this community frequent contributors were occasionally given gifts--a common community practice. This is no longer offered, and hasn't been for a long time. No one in our forums (save employees, who get Evernote for free--perk of the job) are currently receiving Premium for free from Evernote, though they may have taken advantage of past offers or points, etc. Furthermore, if you look at their comment histories (a significant task, given some of them go back as far as 2008/9), they are also some of the our loudest critics, and have constantly pushed us to improve. Again, I'll delete any posts that veer outside the topic of our recent price and Basic plan changes, and close this topic if necessary. Please keep things civil, and carry onward and upward.
  5. @RightDecision: employees of the company are identified by "Evernote Employee" in their title, or "Employee Alumni" if you run across content for someone who has been previously employed at Evernote. DTLow, Jefito, and others are not employees and do not represent Evernote, nor does anyone else in this thread not identified by the employee title. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinions and we let them express them quite openly. Furthermore, unless you are an employee, regular forum members/contributors are not able to remove other member content. Please stay on topic and keep your comments related to our recent price changes. I will begin to delete off topic content if it continues.
  6. @Metrodon, @jefito, and @gazumped : I've reached out to you with some questions. It's likely because of your previous status as Evangelists that we missed you. @Tercel: we've seen some related issues and are investigating. Reach out to support at: and an agent should be able to rectify the error. Feel free to PM me your ticket number and I'll get someone from our commerce team on it ASAP. @JasonKB: Understood. You received that message not because you weren't already under the device limit, but because we're making a good faith effort to over communicate the change (a large number of users wont see the first email, for example) which also includes the 50% offer for Basic users impacted by the changes.
  7. Are you logging into ? That's the sign in portal to access all support options on the form.
  8. Closing this thread. We have a back to school offering running through September 30th, 2016. Details are here:
  9. Closing this thread. We have a back to school offering running through September 30th, 2016. Details are here:
  10. We introduced the free month of Premium to give Basic users who did not receive (or opted out of the month+ of device selection screens) an additional month of flexibility to ensure that we weren't disruptive to any workflows or usecases once the device limitation was enforced. This was planned in addition to the blog post, in-app notifications, and email updates we've been sending since the announcement. No one is required to stick with Premium, and no one will be charged for the month. We are not opting you into a recurring subscription, etc. Regarding grandfathering: if you are eligible for grandfathering (based on subscription age and payment method), you should have received an email with your grandfathered price and grandfathering end date. We'll be introducing a way to check your price in your settings very soon.
  11. We have a new back to school offer running. Details are here: And the FAQ is here: Who's eligible for this offer? To be eligible for this offer, you must: Be a college student in the United States or United Kingdom with a valid school-issued .edu or email address Be a new Evernote user or existing Basic user Use the dedicated offer page to verify your school email address and sign up for one year of Evernote Premium Have not already used your school email address for this offer before How do I get this offer? Go to the offer page and create a new Evernote account or sign in to your existing Basic account. Enter your school email address that ends with .edu or You will be sent an email verification. Click the verification link in the email sent to the address you entered and complete the check-out process by September 30, 2016.
  12. RE: " Changes to Evernote's Pricing Plans

    How do I discontinue receiving postings for the above forum in my email? It seems that a lot of the the postings are non-constructing venting by those who can't get over it.


    Cornell Tramontana

    1. gbarry


      You can unfollow the thread in the upper right hand corner of that particular thread. 

  13. @waukeag DTLow's Contact Evernote Support link does the trick. Contact support links are also available in the Help Center (generally at the bottom of every article or section of articles) as well as the "Contact" link footer on Please be sure to hit the support login page before you reach out to us.
  14. What is the correct eddress for support?

    I sent an email to "," and received this:


    We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (support) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren't able to post:

     * You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.

     * The owner of the group may have removed this group.

     * You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.

     * This group may not be open to posting.

    If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at

    Thanks, admins

    1. gbarry


      That reply looks to be in error, so we need to adjust that message. Allow me to investigate. In the mean time, please send a message through our contact form, starting here: (you'll be redirected to the submission page after you log in). If you're Plus / Premium, you'll have access to full email (and chat if you're Premium). Basic users can still contact for account/billing questions. 

  15. Thanks for this. Pinning. I'm working on a number of changes in Q3 that should help drive voting further and welcome the feedback. Is coming soon. We're going to reorg general feedback to have platform agnostic feature voting Unsupported at the moment by our forum vendor, but we've requested a change that would allow us to combine threads while retaining votes I think we'd rely on the community for this kind of redirect, largely We're working on continuing to close the loop on communicating back when fixes come out or features are added that have been either publicly requested or requested via ticket. (I think this is what you're suggesting?) I would add to that very soon: How to vote info will be placed on top of every product feedback forum (similar to iOS) As was pointed out in the editor thread, voting has been slow. That's partially by design, b/c we haven't pushed hard to promote it. Yet. I'm looking to increase chatter and promote once the general feedback portion is live, likely some form of regular campaign.