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  1. Thanks for this. Pinning. I'm working on a number of changes in Q3 that should help drive voting further and welcome the feedback. Is coming soon. We're going to reorg general feedback to have platform agnostic feature voting Unsupported at the moment by our forum vendor, but we've requested a change that would allow us to combine threads while retaining votes I think we'd rely on the community for this kind of redirect, largely We're working on continuing to close the loop on communicating back when fixes come out or features are added that have been either publicly requested or requested via ticket. (I think this is what you're suggesting?) I would add to that very soon: How to vote info will be placed on top of every product feedback forum (similar to iOS) As was pointed out in the editor thread, voting has been slow. That's partially by design, b/c we haven't pushed hard to promote it. Yet. I'm looking to increase chatter and promote once the general feedback portion is live, likely some form of regular campaign.
  2. The new editor is live on latest versions of Windows, Mac, Android, and the web client. If you check our forum product release notes (latest is pinned in each individual product feedback area) there are often editor fixes included as we resolve issues or make improvements. iOS is coming very soon, and will have v 1.5 of our latest editor baked in (the others are on 1.0 and will play catch up). PJ may be an alumnus, but we have a new PM managing this project who we'll be onboarding to our forums after we begin to consolidate editor requests and discussions into a global product feedback area.
  3. Since you quoted me twice, allow me clarify my two posts, both of which point more broadly to our focus on safety and security. While it doesn't invalidate your claim that anything can happen, I think it does point to a focus on trust we're intent on continuing (and building upon). 1. Was a proactive notice regarding illicit log in attempts we were seeing made against our service. In this case we were notifying users who may have been compromised by another service and not any incident specific to Evernote. We were on the lookout for your interests. 2. Was a notice that our forum vendor had been hacked. Long ago we took proactive steps to build a forum space *separate* from any log in information and thus remove any chance you could input a password. We take this so seriously we don't even allow you to enter a birthdate in your profile information. As such, the impact of that incident was minimal. Something we talk about a lot internally is trust. You can see elements of that represented in our anniversary post here. The only way we succeed as a company against competitors is if we place an emphasis on trust in your account and your data. It's the reason our business model exists and why our three laws of data protection exist. If you want to know more about tracking, our privacy page has a ton of info, including info on cookies:
  4. We're also continuing to listen and review all incoming feedback. We've been reviewing app store reviews, social media, etc. Anywhere we're seeing feedback, we're paying attention and reviewing. I've also removed a few recent ad hominem attacks on other users. As I mentioned earlier, we're super transparent here and tolerate all level of critiques, but will not tolerate ad hominem attacks against other users. The discussion has gotten circular at times, but new feedback continues to pop up, so I've left this thread open because I want any and all feedback to come through on the most popular thread related to our pricing changes. Additionally: if I see any more pejorative comments related to Alzheimers, you're getting permanently banned. I won't have it here.
  5. Hey all. One of our employees accidentally merged a topic into this main one, but did it incorrectly (basically the reverse), which then swapped titles. Hence the "time to say goodbye" change. It's not particularly reversible, so I've adjusted the original title and have put in a request to update the thread on the original blog post. Notifications were also replaced with the merged thread, so if you stop receiving notifications for this thread, that is why.
  6. @JMichaelTX switch in vendors after our previous email vendor closed up shop, and I've been running through the appropriate channels to get payments going correctly, operations ownership of the account, etc. We should be good to go now and I'm monitoring volume from our shiny new service. I'm also noticing the disjointed nature of notifications at the moment, which I'm attributing to backlog. Or the price change thread has gotten so long the forum doesnt know what to do with them anymore. Let's let it ride for a day or two and if it's still a problem I'll open a ticket with our hosts.
  7. Do you create and share notes with other people at your work? If so, we’d love to talk with you! What are we doing? We are seeking users of Evernote Business to participate in two independent research studies Study #1: Individual Interviews Study #2: Team Interviews Why are we doing this? Evernote is exploring ways to improve the way users of Evernote Business get their work done Our research team would like to learn from our users, gain a deeper understanding of your needs and get your feedback on new design ideas We will compensate all participants for their time! Read on for more details … then if you are interested please reply with the requested information to: Franci McFarland ( Also, feel free to forward this message to other Evernote Business users you think might like to participate! Thanks! Study #1: Individual Interviews What does this involve? We would like to talk about your personal experience using Evernote Business, and seek your feedback on some new design ideas Interviews generally take place via video conference so we can use screen sharing and try some things out together in Evernote Sessions last about 90 minutes Would you like to participate in an individual interview? If yes, please reply back with the following information What email address should we use to followup with you? What is the email address you use to login to Evernote Business (if different)? Where are you located (e.g. San Francisco Bay Area)? Study #2. Team Interviews What does this involve? We would like to talk about your team’s experience using Evernote Business together, and have you try out our prototype periodically over the course of a few days Who are we looking for? A small team of colleagues working on a project together and using Evernote Business Are you part of a small team (about 4 people) that fits this description? If so, please let us know! When would this take place? See below, and kindly indicate which of the following time periods might work for your team: ☐We might be available the week of July 5th ☐We might be available the week ofJuly 12th ☐We might be available the week of July 19th ☐We would like to hear about other future dates on which to participate! Is your team located in the SF Bay Area? This information will help us plan for research logistics, such as differences in timezone Choose one of the following: ☐Yes, the whole team ☐Yes, at least some of the team ☐No, none of the team List all relevant locations ________________________________________________________ If you are in the SF Bay Area, could we possibly conduct the interviews onsite at your office so we can better understand the context in which you work. Choose one of the following: ☐Yes, I think it will be fine to visit our office ☐Hmmm, I’m not sure, let’s discuss this further Thanks!
  8. Hi @rogettw0: it sounds like you may not have logged into the webform when you tried to submit a ticket. Can you start from, log in, and then try to submit a ticket?
  9. Hmmmm. Obligatory request, but I'd check your spam and/or email accounts tied to forum login. The new email service is showing 68K generated over the weekend. It's possible we're hitting some daily overages that are impacting notifications, which I'll be reviewing today. The price change thread alone generates several hundred with each reply, so that's...significant. I may close that at some point and directly link to a new thread just to tamp down on needless notification emails.
  10. To Gaz's point, I will likely bulk unsubscribe the mega thread.
  11. Notifications are back on! Let me know if you run into issues.
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    Test reply.
  13. A couple possibilities @WhoMe It's likely you may have some old devices still registered to your account. If you haven't checked yet, log in via to manage your active devices. If you've already checked your devices in your settings, then its likely you have a second account that has a number of devices on it. We've investigated reports of incorrectly sent notification emails, and thus far every time there has been a second account involved.
  14. Couple things worth reiterating as the thread grows, but really I'm just repeating Nancy M. at this point: We're reading all posts. This thread is specifically for discussion of the price change and device limitations discussion. There are many, many employees actively reading your responses, and thank you for them. Ads: some of your memories are correct. Back in the day we had a small rotating ad that would show Evernote swag as well as Premium. Key here is that it was for products that we owned--to my knowledge the ads were always for Evernote Premium or shirts, etc. The old version of Windows would let you dismiss them. My memory is failing me on Mac. The other ads being referenced were in-app selection screens for Plus or Premium. I've seen some references to us being overzealous with those selection screens--if you ran into one consistently, that was an error since squashed. Reiterating my recent post above--device management for Basic accounts can be accessed here: Plus and Premium accounts allow for unlimited devices. Reiterating number 1: we are listening!