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  1. Just FYI, if you've tried to reach out to support in the past ~45 minutes, we've been running into an issue with our help desk vendor's servers that we're also working on. Not the best timing, but if you've tried to access our webform and not been able to get through, try back again in around an hour. @HansN: we'll be able to pinpoint the note for you. Note History will be able to retrieve a history of changes related to the note, so you should be able to identify which attachments were gone.
  2. You know what, I should've cross posted this here sooner in our forums, apologies to everyone for that. Support can answer which notes were affected. Reach out directly here:, preferably using Technical issues > Notes > Lost or missing content. Note: this information is only available for users who have received the above email. If you have *not* received an email then you have not been impacted by the bug.
  3. Evernote- the multi-national company that does not own telephones! 

  4. Por favor me puedes ayudar?.

  5. @Rick Conners The reply you received from our agent was not an official response, and we have taken steps to educate the team. We haven’t begun the migration, which begins October 10th and will take a period of weeks to complete. At this time we can’t say with any certainty how this migration will impact your ability to access the Evernote service from China. As we note in our Terms of Service (under the "Right to Modify the Service” section), from time to time you may not be able to access your Evernote content. However, we will try to remedy the situation if you are paid subscriber. If you find that your ability to access the service from China is adversely impacted, please contact customer support.
  6. I updated to the latest app on the App Store. No luck.

  7. Since the change. My iPhone version will not sync. Any solutions?

  8. Brief update: we are extending this until October 31st.
  9. If you're new to our forums and would like to join the discussion with Ben, click "Sign In" at the top right, enter your Evernote account info, select a Display Name and you're all set. Welcome to our community!
  10. Welcome to the new feature requests forum for Evernote. This is a space for all Evernote service wide requests: ideas that are not platform specific (so not explicitly about iOS, Windows, etc), ideas that are big (sharing, structure, to do), ideas that are super specific. We'll be spending the next few weeks ensuring that some of the best ideas that've been discussed in our forums over the years are moved from our General Discussions forum and into this new area. Unlike our product specific feedback areas, upvoted topics will be automatically stacked by number of votes. As a reminder, if you have a specific piece of product feedback related to a platform (a request or UI tweak that is only related to Evernote Mac for example), please vote or post in the appropriate product feedback area:
  11. Same account for login, but we're just using your Evernote account to authenticate you here. I can remove your account and it (should) retain your comments in a guest status mode (if that's what you were looking to do).
  12. All--I'd like to remind you that this is an Evernote support forum. I'll begin to remove content that gets into nuanced support and discussion of Onenote. I've allowed active discussion of competitors, but they do have their own support forums. If you've moved off our service and are currently exploring another product, please take your discussions elsewhere.
  13. Cleared out the last round of posts. Apologies if you spent any amount of time on a post and it was deleted. Keep it on topic. As much as I would like to keep this thread going for users who want to continue to voice their opinions on our price change in the "main thread", I'll permanently close if we get very off topic again. As a final point of clarity on the motivations of supporters here. At one point in our history hosting this community frequent contributors were occasionally given gifts--a common community practice. This is no longer offered, and hasn't been for a long time. No one in our forums (save employees, who get Evernote for free--perk of the job) are currently receiving Premium for free from Evernote, though they may have taken advantage of past offers or points, etc. Furthermore, if you look at their comment histories (a significant task, given some of them go back as far as 2008/9), they are also some of the our loudest critics, and have constantly pushed us to improve. Again, I'll delete any posts that veer outside the topic of our recent price and Basic plan changes, and close this topic if necessary. Please keep things civil, and carry onward and upward.
  14. @RightDecision: employees of the company are identified by "Evernote Employee" in their title, or "Employee Alumni" if you run across content for someone who has been previously employed at Evernote. DTLow, Jefito, and others are not employees and do not represent Evernote, nor does anyone else in this thread not identified by the employee title. Everyone here is entitled to their own opinions and we let them express them quite openly. Furthermore, unless you are an employee, regular forum members/contributors are not able to remove other member content. Please stay on topic and keep your comments related to our recent price changes. I will begin to delete off topic content if it continues.
  15. @Metrodon, @jefito, and @gazumped : I've reached out to you with some questions. It's likely because of your previous status as Evangelists that we missed you. @Tercel: we've seen some related issues and are investigating. Reach out to support at: and an agent should be able to rectify the error. Feel free to PM me your ticket number and I'll get someone from our commerce team on it ASAP. @JasonKB: Understood. You received that message not because you weren't already under the device limit, but because we're making a good faith effort to over communicate the change (a large number of users wont see the first email, for example) which also includes the 50% offer for Basic users impacted by the changes.