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  1. @Artgirlofnm: checked up on your open case today and it looks like Jason is taking care of you. Glad we were able to get you that additional info! @voicnick: please submit a ticket here: and feel free to private message me or provide the ticket number you receive in this thread. We'll have an agent reach out to you with additional details.
  2. @Artgirlofnm Of course! We're happy to help. An agent should have reached out to you and followed up with more detail yesterday evening.
  3. @xvisto thanks for submitting a support ticket. I've assigned it to one of our agents reviewing tickets on this incident and we'll get back to you with additional detail. Please note we're working through a high volume of tickets so may be a little delayed from our usual response times.
  4. Error on our side while shifting things around, forums dropped into Penultimate. Thanks for the catch! (should be fixed now)
  5. Hey everyone! Apologies--we erroneously removed a beta thread yesterday and have been unable to retrieve the conversation. The core issue has been fixed but the thread remains in the dustbin. Our regularly scheduled beta releases will continue as normal from @Chantal Leonard and company, but for now here is the download link for the latest posted beta. Please feel free to continue to leave your feedback on the release below.
  6. Hi, tried evernotehelps, tried evernote on Twitter, as well as trying to get help on Evernote site................. Guess what?.................... None, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Zero...............

    I am dealing with suspicious activity, quite serious but getting customer service from Evernote is non existent..... Premium payer here. What is it exactly that I pay for?

  7. Hello Sir, I am the new user of evernote, but at the very begining I have met horrowing experience of losing important content. I have sent you detailed message regrading same, including activity logs of my all devices. Thanks in anticipation of early help. 

  8. Login/Account/Email issue

    Hi @Kerryn Howell--deepest apologies we haven't been able to get back to you--it looks like we've sent replies to your old email and not your new one. I've gone ahead and created a new ticket for you, cc'ing your new email address, so you should receive a reply. I have also escalated in our queue for someone to check out ASAP. We'll likely want to check out that reactivation flow, but first we'll also want to get your account access sorted. Please do reach out to me if you do not receive the new ticket info from us.
  9. Today we’re celebrating Evernote’s 9th anniversary. We’re honoring the origin of our co-founder Stepan Pachikov’s idea for Evernote, and how Evernote’s technology has impacted our lives. To celebrate, we’re capturing and sharing community posts on social media with the #ThankYouStepan hashtag. Has Evernote helped you achieve something important in your life? We’d love to hear your story below or on social media. If you haven’t seen our historical and celebratory posts just yet, check them out below and please share the inspiring news! Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn:
  10. I am trying to find out how I can speak to someone at Evernote regarding my premium account.  please could you advise who I need to call or email  urgent  thank you  diane


  11. As of June 29, 2017, we’ll be discontinuing support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so. Evernote, however, will no longer be available for download on these devices and we won’t be making any further updates. Your notes and notebooks will not be affected by this change. As always, any notes you’ve saved and synced to Evernote will always be available to you on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or via your desktop web browser. Learn more. *If you're new to our forums and would like to join the discussion, click "Sign In" at the top right, enter your Evernote account info, select a Display Name and you're all set. Welcome to our community!*

    Hi aceybreezy: reached out to you via PM and looks like you were able to submit a ticket and get support from our team--hopefully we'll be able to get you sorted. In the near future we'll be improving this experience to make it easier to find support options. You can also submit a ticket directly through this link here, which is available in our Help Center.
  13. Hi gbarry - My dad is in his late 70s and has been working on a novel that he is writing on evernote.  Recently, he lost a big chunk of the book and he is devastated.  He can't seem to reach a live person to talk to and help him recover his work. Can someone PLEASE call my dad?  His name is Bruce Moyer and his email address is  He is really upset.  Thank you.



  14. Heads up! We’re running maintenance for ~30 mins on 5/1 @ 2 PM PST. Emails like shared notes & password resets from Evernote may be delayed.
  15. Hi gbarry,

    working with Evernote Work Chat on Windows.

    Any link to an internal Evernote NOTE always initiates to open Web Evernote via standard browser & asks then to open my local Evernote Windows client again.

    Any chance to work chat incl. link to notes within Evernote Windows clients only?

    Thx in advance & greetings from Munich,