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  1. Yes - I'm getting the same error. Seems like a new problem over the past few days. I'm using Chrome Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit).
  2. Once I've completed that task, and I move to the 'next actionable step', the original task (that I've completed) gets archived. The link won't carry over to the new task. In addition, if a note is no longer needed (since the task is complete), there's no way to link that project to the project notebook (each project is a notebook in Evernote). It would be easier just to have a link to the overall notebook in the Project folder, so I can always go to that notebook when needed.
  3. I agree 100% with this feature request. I started using ToDoist for my task management. It allows for Evernote links to notes, so I use the Classic note links (evernote:////). However, it's a pain to relink a task each time I complete the previous task. I would LOVE for their to be a Notebook link. That way, i would put the notebook link to evernote in the Project in Todoist, instead of linking to a task. Much easier...
  4. Wow - the length of time to fix this issue is quite disappointing. Still no word on a fix from developers...
  5. Yes, you aren't alone. When I clip something for Gmail, this is the Evernote note that i now get. Hopefully this will be fixed VERY soon. The problems with Chrome/Gmail in the past few weeks have been very frustrating. Eric
  6. Hey - that worked!! Thanks! (but that's stupid - fix this please)
  7. Hi all, I continue to expereince some significant problems with the notebook search in the new version of Web Clipper (running 7.1.318-ce89aa98) for Chrome. I can see my notebooks on the list, but when I search for them, the clipper can't find it. I've attached screenshots of the problem with my default notebook (0 - Inbox). Help! I've tried clicking "Refresh list" and signing out of Clipper and then signing back in. Didn't help. Eric
  8. I really, really hope they fix this soon. It's not usable the way it is if you have a lot of notebooks. So much for productivity...
  9. Argh! It's worse than that! I used to be able to type in a few letters of the notebook that I wish to clip info to. As of today, the notebook is a big green button (which looks good), but I can't type in the name of the notebook to find the one I want! I use a lot of notebooks, and this really slows things down - I have to scroll through the full list to find the one that I want. It makes Clipper almost unusable. Am I missing a setting?
  10. Thanks all! I hadn't seen the little grid icon under Style - that fixed it!
  11. Hi all, Since my update to Evernote 6.4 (with the black background for notebooks), there's a single notebook within a stack that has black font, so it's harder to see against the black background. All the others use white font. Any idea why? I've checked everywhere (web version and desktop), and there doesn't appear to be an option to change the font colour. Also, the font is normal when I look at that notebook on the web. See attached pic (it's the '98 - Work' notebook). Thanks, Eric
  12. Any word on an update to Evernote to support higher resolution screens? I just bought a new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, and am having this major issue. Works fine at lower resolutions. Considering there are more and more laptops/tablets with higher resolution (like the Lenovo and the Samsung Ativ 9), this really needs to be addressed ASAP!
  13. +1 please! I use NoteTaker HD and this feature is essential (with auto-advance). Also, the ability to rotate the page from landscape to portrait without having to change paper type. Isn't there a wrist-guard already in Penultimate? (In settings) - I haven't used it...
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