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  1. I agree - this was so needed, and so appreciated! Thank you Evernote. Regarding handling of PDFs, this is the same thing that was happening before it was removed. You can still flatten the email in Evernote, and then the PDFs and attachments are handled well.
  2. Same problem for me - just started when I upgraded to the new version of Outlook (which my company mandated). Very frustrating, because it was the only saving grace when the web clipper stopped working with Gmail. Any workarounds? I guess just forwarding the email to evernote, rather than clipping. Yuck. Anyone know if Notion has an Outlook add-in? E
  3. Sounds good - I will email feedback@evernote.com. Clip As Article definitely doesn't work. When I'm in Gmail, the entire screen goes gray. If I click 'Save Clip' with Article selected, it clips a completely different email (the one I previously used the Gmail extension for), and the attachment (a PDF) isn't included at all.
  4. I agree 100% with everyone on this thread. It was an essential part of Evernote Clipper for me. The Gmail extension isn't as good - it's slow, and it's very difficult to syphon emails into specific notebooks (since I have so many notebooks). It also sometimes doesn't include attachments. Evernote (is there anyone there still working on this product?) - please reinstate this!
  5. Hi all, Over the past 1-2 weeks, I've had trouble with the Chrome web clipper in Gmail. When I clip an email, it goes to Evernote as usual. However, the attachments are corrupted and I can't open them. In fact, even Evernote recognizes them as corrupted because it won't preview PDFs. Help! Eric
  6. Finally fixed!! I updated Chrome, uninstalled the Web Clipper and then re-installed (version 7.17.0 for Chrome for Windows), and it seems to be recognizing Gmail again. Yay! This took a long time to fix, with minimal communication from Evernote. It has me worried...
  7. Got the following response when I submitted a ticket. At least they know there's a problem. Raven B. (Evernote Help and Learning) Oct 21, 2021, 7:58 PDT Hello Eric, Thank you for contacting Evernote Support. I'm Raven, and I'll be looking into your concern. I understand that you're having trouble with clipping your emails with the Evernote Web Clipper. Please know that we are aware of this problem you experience and that our developers are working on a fix; however, we are unable to provide a definite time as to when it will be completed. In the meantime, you may try these workarounds until a permanent fix is implemented: The issue where the "Email" option doesn't show is usually the first time you click on the Web Clipper. A possible workaround is to close the Web Clipper box > and click on it again. You can also save emails to Evernote using your unique Evernote forwarding email address. I apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused, and hoping for your patience and understanding on this matter. Kind regards, Raven B. Customer Support Representative
  8. Yes - it seems to be happening again. It was fixed for a few weeks, but now it's back. Sad...
  9. That was an older problem. I was having that problem before as well - whenever I rebooted, this would happen. Clicking on the clipper a second time would make it recognize Gmail as email. However, this other problem didn't fix itself with a second click. It kept happening. Seems still to be fixed for me (24 hours later).
  10. It seems to be fixed now! Not sure if it's working for others, but it works for me now!
  11. @PinkElephantCan't really blame Google when it's happening with Edge as well. It might be Chromium (since they both run on this), but that's 90% of the browser market, so Evernote really has to fix the problem. I'm sure they will, but it's been >1 week and they don't seem to know about the problem yet...
  12. Hi @Jay-Bob- thanks for responding! The problem with the clipper is universal with Gmail. I've tried it with multiple emails, on multiple days, and with both Chrome and Edge as a browser. It doesn't recognize the email as email - it only offers to take a screenshot, or clip the 'Full Article', which doesn't provide the threading format or attachments. @gazumped- the Gmail clipper simply isn't as good. You can't search for a notebook and it's much, much slower than the Extension for Chrome. It works, but isn't really functional for my workflow.
  13. Anybody else having trouble with the Web Clipper and Gmail? It no longer recognizes Gmail as email - I can only clip 'Full Article', 'Simplified Article', etc. Until this week, it could clip the email format to Evernote 10. I'm using Clipper version Eric
  14. @doctorkeoNot sure what you mean - I can copy an internal link now (it was created a few updates ago). The hotkey is CTRL+ALT+L when you are on the note. This will copy the internal link, and you can paste in any program. It works for me.
  15. Thanks, but why was this never an issue in Evernote versions before 10? It seemed to work fine in previous versions, and in the Legacy version.
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