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  1. Yes - I'm getting the same error. Seems like a new problem over the past few days. I'm using Chrome Version 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) (64-bit).
  2. Once I've completed that task, and I move to the 'next actionable step', the original task (that I've completed) gets archived. The link won't carry over to the new task. In addition, if a note is no longer needed (since the task is complete), there's no way to link that project to the project notebook (each project is a notebook in Evernote). It would be easier just to have a link to the overall notebook in the Project folder, so I can always go to that notebook when needed.
  3. I agree 100% with this feature request. I started using ToDoist for my task management. It allows for Evernote links to notes, so I use the Classic note links (evernote:////). However, it's a pain to relink a task each time I complete the previous task. I would LOVE for their to be a Notebook link. That way, i would put the notebook link to evernote in the Project in Todoist, instead of linking to a task. Much easier...
  4. Wow - the length of time to fix this issue is quite disappointing. Still no word on a fix from developers...
  5. Yes, you aren't alone. When I clip something for Gmail, this is the Evernote note that i now get. Hopefully this will be fixed VERY soon. The problems with Chrome/Gmail in the past few weeks have been very frustrating. Eric
  6. Hey - that worked!! Thanks! (but that's stupid - fix this please)
  7. Hi all, I continue to expereince some significant problems with the notebook search in the new version of Web Clipper (running 7.1.318-ce89aa98) for Chrome. I can see my notebooks on the list, but when I search for them, the clipper can't find it. I've attached screenshots of the problem with my default notebook (0 - Inbox). Help! I've tried clicking "Refresh list" and signing out of Clipper and then signing back in. Didn't help. Eric
  8. I really, really hope they fix this soon. It's not usable the way it is if you have a lot of notebooks. So much for productivity...
  9. Argh! It's worse than that! I used to be able to type in a few letters of the notebook that I wish to clip info to. As of today, the notebook is a big green button (which looks good), but I can't type in the name of the notebook to find the one I want! I use a lot of notebooks, and this really slows things down - I have to scroll through the full list to find the one that I want. It makes Clipper almost unusable. Am I missing a setting?
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