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  1. A newer version should never have an older version number, it is your practice which is at fault which from your other posts you understand... I checked the msi SQL tables and that message doesn't exist so it must be in a launcher exe, surely that message can be adjusted. In any case, you are aware of the issue so that's all from me. Thanks
  2. The Windows installer INCORRECTLY says "A newer version of Evernote is already installed..." it should say "A different version of Evernote is already installed..." (unless it's newer which it wasn't).
  3. Hi, I never said the Evernote importing issue was an Evernote bug... The bugs are the reasons I'm trying to move to OneNote, such as the fact that simply copying and pasting into a note can corrupt it and remove sections of my notes and that Undo doesn't undo (apparently its not supposed to according to Evernote support, go figure). I've reported many bugs over the years and I'm not sure any has been fixed. Anyway I'm asking on a Microsoft forum now, as pointed out people who have successfully converted will no longer be reading this forum.
  4. To be honest I don't know what you mean by shard 21 etc but the whole point is that the Microsoft EverNote importer doesn't handle the links and I proved it in my previous email.
  5. This is what the links in OneNote look like: evernote:///view/2252845/s21/7513a946-84be-49db-b6cf-26e43e1169d9/7713b816-74be-49db-b6bf-26e43d1060d0/ I just tested moving a page from one notebook to another and the link was maintained, sounds like they might have fixed that (OneNote 2016).
  6. Is this still the case? I'm really sick of all the Evernote bugs that never get fixed but I have millions of internal links....
  7. Speech to Text conversion works pretty well but the audio is still not attached on my Nexus 5. Google's note taking app "Keep" has no problems doing this on on my phone.
  8. The device is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, OK looking forward to a future update but am struggling to work out how you can capture a steam of sound then convert it to speech but then not attache it (unless Google is doing all that for you I suppose) :-)
  9. I don't get an attachment, as a sanity check just created another one and still no attachment. Creating them on Android 4.1.1 with Evernote widget. Latest market versions of all products: Evernote v4.2.1 Evernote Widget v2.0.4 If there is an option to attached the audio I haven't found it. Thanks Dennis
  10. Possibly applies elsewhere also but on my Android Phone when I create a text to speech note it generally does a a reasonable job of it but some of it can be quite cryptic. I probably haven't got time to fix it up then and there, it would be nice if the audio note was attached, allowing me to review it and delete it myself once happy. I could do an audio note but there is no text to speech afterwards?
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