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  1. Earlier in this post someone mentioned non-file protocols (I only care about web or file ones though), all protocols should be supported or at least those that used to work. Copy and paste the code, how hard can that be?
  2. I can confirm that it appears to be working here as well (extension: v7.14.0) and on Google Chrome v92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit).
  3. I spent ages looking for the old product that people recommended as they gave it their own fancy made up name, you have given it another, I used classic as that is what it is called on their website.
  4. It is not just local files that were dropped, all protocols apart from http, https seen to have been. Also note, there is obviously a huge deficiency in Evernote, not being able to backup the DB! Is backing up the local files good enough when these are synced to the cloud? More importantly, in this case all the links with non supported protocols are not lost, reinstalling the classic version v6.x from their site restored these for me. The DB doesn't appear to have changed, and EN's info also implies this. I'll be staying on classic from now on.
  5. I literally had hundreds but more likely thousands of file and folder links which Evenote has just removed, not only that but it will no longer let me add them back. It will be on the slow burner for now but I'm looking for an alternative, this is the last straw.
  6. Web Clipper says "Success" quickly but fails (to load dialog) if you have selected "When you Click the Extension" in it's "This can read and change site data" permission. This is latest Chrome on latest 64 bit Windows. The reason I did this was to workaround another bug which is not fixed:
  7. I have tried to make the extension "on click" enabled and if I click the extension it flashed something and I quickly saw "sucess" at least once but it doesn't work. Right clicking and "clip full page to evernote" also fails. THIS WOULD BE A SECOND BUG/ISSUE.
  8. If I enable the "Evernote Web Clipper" (v7.13.8 - latest: chrome://extensions/?id=pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc), then the spacebar will not select and deselect checkboxes, if I disable it they work. If you don't know what the above means then try the following without then with the web clipper enabled to see the difference: Navigate to a html page containing a form with checkboxes (radio buttons etc might also fail but I haven't tried that), I used this form: https://www.familyhistory.bdm.qld.gov.au/ Click inside the "Given name(s)" field to give it focus press the TAB key to move the focus to the checkbox underneath it Press spacebar a few times, when web clipper is : Enabled: the space bar doesn't do anything Disabled: Box state toggled as expected (selected, deselected)
  9. What does it take for Evernote to provide this basic functionality. Big demand going back at least 8 years. A FIX: Image->Right-Click->Make Note Thumbnail, can't be more than a couple of minutes work.
  10. OK apparently this was a big thing around 2012 with many threads being merged into a master thread and yet in 2020 we still don't have this basic feature.
  11. A newer version should never have an older version number, it is your practice which is at fault which from your other posts you understand... I checked the msi SQL tables and that message doesn't exist so it must be in a launcher exe, surely that message can be adjusted. In any case, you are aware of the issue so that's all from me. Thanks
  12. The Windows installer INCORRECTLY says "A newer version of Evernote is already installed..." it should say "A different version of Evernote is already installed..." (unless it's newer which it wasn't).
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