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  1. It is very dumb that this feature is not present already. It's kind of infuriating that I have to do so much editing after saving an article through the Web Clipper. And one of those is changing the font size. It would save me a lot of time and frustration if I could at least control the default size of the font.
  2. By the way, a lot of times an old version of web clipper actually produces better results than the new one. I see this because I use PaleMoon. It's a fork of Firefox, and because of the fork in the code, I have to remain stuck on web clipper version In some cases, when I use the "article" mode (not "simplified article") in this web clipper version on my PM browser, I get the best results: the images are all there and not distorted in size. I just verified this with the same article that I linked above. I got the best looking final result in my EN client on the PC after I clipped it in PM browser with the old web clipper version, better than the result I was getting in Firefox with the latest web clipper version. I think the developers should prioritize fixing bugs and improving the function of already existing features, before moving on to new design goals.
  3. Ah. Yeah, the "simplified article" mode looks to be identical to the Firefox reader mode, so I guess the EN web clipper is not actually bringing any new technology in this mode--just using the browser's built in function? Well, in any case, I wish the web clipper worked better, because this is pretty much my entire reason for using Evernote at all--to collect and sort articles. The regular "article" mode usually results in the saved article having some issues/artifacts.
  4. I like to save articles, and the "simplified article" option used to work quite well for me. But I noticed very recently that it's having problems with images. For example, in this article here, https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2019/06/28/how-healthy-is-us-economy-heres-what-key-indicators-reveal/?utm_term=.7e8fc7b91bd4, all of the plots are completely missing if I try to clip it using the "simplified article" option. The regular "article" option has always given somewhat messed up results, but it's really sad to see that the formerly reliable option is now also busted. I'm not 100% sure that the "simplified article" feature used to always work properly with web pages like this, but I do have the impression that it somehow became more buggy just recently. Attached is a screen shot of the simplified article view with all the graphics missing. I'm using web clipper on Firefox on a Windows PC. Are any other details about my system relevant?
  5. Ah, sidebar is what I should have called it. Anyway, to clarify, this is the previous sidebar design: Somehow, it looks much better to me than the new black one (or the light theme), even if objectively speaking, the color difference between this and black is not drastic. For some reason, it still makes a big difference in aesthetics.
  6. Thanks for trying to help, but the tip does not help. The light theme is also ugly, unfortunately. The old color was much better.
  7. I have a simple piece of feedback. Some time ago the panel on the left side of the Evernote desktop application was some kind of deep shade of blue, and it looked nice. Then, at some point this was changed to a black color. I believe the text color was also different? Not sure on that, though. In any case, it looks much uglier now. The whole application was substantially more visually appealing under the older design. It would be great if you could bring back the old design OR add some flexibility in picking colors/themes for users. Maybe others will prefer the new style. But I pretty much hate it.
  8. Oh okay. Well, I would like to respectfully mention that to me it seems slightly inappropriate to comment as if from their perspective, regarding "no such thing as 'not too much work'" and etc., if you're not actually on their team. But thanks for your input regardless. Ironically you were somehow indirectly responsible for my solution (thanks!) because I gave it another shot and found the older version of the extension after checking your post. Anyway, this is the product feedback forum, so I was hoping the developers would see it and at least consider sticking it somewhere at the bottom of their to-do list. I might not be able to operate on the outdated version of the Clipper forever.
  9. Hi gazumped, They? So you're not on the development team yourself? Just curious. Also, good news! I discovered an older version of the extension works. The current one failed to install, but seems to be operating fine.
  10. Dear Evernote developers, I just started using Evernote, and I'm already kind of excited. I'm especially excited about the Web Clipper concept because I read many articles and have been looking for an efficient way to collect and organize them. However, I'm also a Pale Moon user, and the Web Clipper does not work with this browser. Would you consider making a version for Pale Moon? It's a split from Mozilla's Firefox project, which basically retains the look and features of "old-school" Firefox. I'm not a developer but I'm thinking it might not be too much work since it's a fork of a browser you already support. Thank you
  11. Thanks! What's the difference between "bookmark" and "page"?
  12. I'm new to evernote, and I'm confused. The official explanation for how to use web clipper on an Android mobile device makes no sense. Here it is: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313678-How-to-clip-web-pages-and-content-from-Android-and-iOS-devices It says, "To clip a web page from your browser, simply tap the options menu button on your device (for example, '...') and select Evernote". Um, what? When it says "options menu button" does it mean the options button in my browser? (The device would be the actual phone.) If so, then there's no "Evernote" menu in my browser's options menu. Obviously. Since they're separate apps. What other "options menu button" is it talking about? The only thing that seems to make sense is I tap my browser's option button and then select "Share" and then "Add to Evernote". Is THIS what I'm supposed to do? Thanks!
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