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  1. I would love to have stacks being displayed in the side bar, too. Great request.
  2. Very useful suggestion indeed! Evernote should absolutely capture All the information of an email. It saves unnecessary steps and it benefits the results you'd get when looking up client and project participant information. Upvoted!
  3. Hello Elmar. the best way of realizing a seamless collaboration among teams of 3 or bigger is to use Evernote Business. I would like to help you and your team to implement a workflow that suits your needs. The workflow you described can also be automated, so that you guys do not have to think about adding or delete ring tags at all. The system we work with for this is called http://Filterize.net our consultancy SimProCon also provides templates that make working together even more frictionless. You can contact me via email to info@simprocon.com or Work Chat e.nahler@me.c
  4. You can do this using Filterize add a child tag to a note and he parent Tag will be applied automitcally for you. Best thing is, it is free.
  5. If you happen to own an iOS device Matcha3 is the best markdown editor you want to own on you device to write notes directly into Evernote. http://matchaapp.com
  6. Hey Traveller1, you should have a look at Filterize it is a tool that we develop for full EVERNOTE process automations. Let me know if you need help
  7. Hey geir, you can can easily set up an automation for this using http://Filterize.net
  8. My suggestion would be, that you create a notebook for this assignment. Once you have done your research and handed in your Essay, you can file everything into your cabinet and rename the notebook for the next assignment
  9. I attached a Screenshot, and I ask: "This Print Button ?"
  10. Let's make it very easy to understand Evernote Search. Advanced search: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote-s-advanced-search-syntax Evernote search grammar on the developers page : https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  11. @Inspired Designs, is your data being synced to the web client? If so, it might be an issue with your phone. I had a similar case once. After I deleted and reinstalled the Evernote app on my phone everything went back to normal. Could be a similar issue on your side. Best you file a ticket with support and let them look into it before rushing into any action.
  12. "Any idea how to make work this? Because it was such a good idea:" @muzsi I build custom templates for Evernote. I have built a day tracker template which will keep all the information stored even when you duplicate the note. Hit me up via WorkChat the address is enrico@simprocon.com and I'll hook you up with the template note.
  13. Given the fact that Evernote syncs your data back to their servers and from there to your phone's client I do not understand how placing your phone in closer proximity to your computer could have any effect on the syncing process. It might just be, that the WiFi reception is strongest in the place where you placed your computer. Do you have trouble syncing your data when connected to other WiFi networks or even cellular?
  14. Will Scannable work together with other ScanSnap Scanners or will it exclusively be linked with the ScanSnap Evernote Edition?

  15. Working on new presentations in Evernote.

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