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  1. If this is helpful, please note that Evernote is currently undergoing some renovations to the note editor experience. See: Behind the Scenes: Redesigning the Note Editor in Evernote So, there are changes coming that may make auto-linking behavior independently of Apple's iOS editor.
  2. For those looking for a quick-and-dirty way to exclude a notebook (as I couldn't see that that it is already explained above) from search: Go to the notebook you want to exclude, select all notes (Control/Command + a). Create a new tag for filtering by typing it into the tag field that appears. (I use "x".) I let Evernote synchronize just for good measure. Now, you can create a search using -tag:x to exclude notes in that notebook. And, you can base a Saved Search off of this method. If you plan to do this regularly, just remember to repeat steps 1-3 during regular maintenance of your notes before doing step 4. I do this during my weekly review (in GTD lingo). If you'd like to do a bit of automation, you can create a free Zapier account (free account allows up to five automations ("zaps") and trigger Zapier to add that "x" tag when a new note is added to that notebook. I have this set up for my "zArchives" notebook which I explicitly don't want to show up in many of my Saved Searches. This works quite well for me. I've voted for the feature, but I'm not holding my breath for this low-priority feature. Hope this helps!
  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this behind-the-scenes video series, to see what Evernote is up to, and learning more about the future of the Evernote product suite. 👍🏼
  4. @macfixer - Are you talking about the feature that created a new meeting note when based on your Google Calendar events? If so, that's a fantastic feature and if that's what you're talking about I'll gladly upvote this suggestion.
  5. Ah, yes, that is a use case for having the default notebook set to a Local Notebook. As @DTLow noted, your best bet is to submit a feature request for the Evernote Helper menu having an advanced setting to save to a Local Notebook.
  6. I always thought the Default Notebook needed to be a synchronized notebook, as that's where Evernote deposits notes, clips webpages, etc. I'm curious, what function do you need for your local notebook, that the Local Notebook needs to be the Default Notebook? I can't think of any, that wouldn't require it to be synchronized.
  7. Modifying/appending your skeuomorphism analogy...I use notes as pages in notebooks; stacks as a grouping of notebooks; and, tags can be visualized as post-it notes you can adhere to specific pages (notes) and multiples to them as well, throughout any of the pages in any notebook, for easy reference and grouping.
  8. You may want to check out the OneNote Importer: https://www.onenote.com/import-evernote-to-onenote Also, I saw this a few years ago, but not sure it still works: https://www.onenotegem.com/document/how-to-import-existing-h-t-m-l-files-with-folder-structure Good luck!
  9. Hi, Andrew, I've seen no public statements about Evernote's environmental impact. They run their data center through Google Cloud, so this may be helpful: https://cloud.google.com/sustainability/. As to their offices, you may want to email press@evernote.com and see if they can provide more help there. Not sure. Good luck.
  10. Agreed, @jefito, that the Android beta community makes sense to be here with the rest of the discussion forums. Google+ has halted new profile/page/community/event creation as of yesterday, and so it's best for us not to wait until April to transition the community there. @Shane D., perhaps you (or whoever is on point for this) can let us know when the decision is made? Thanks!
  11. So, was this screenshot from you displaying the Reminder keyboard shortcut from FastScripts, or was that from 7.6 Beta 3? Thanks.
  12. Thanks, @DTLow. I hope they figure this out. It's a real productivity drain for my clients that make heavy use of Reminder notes (including me).
  13. Question for those using the 7.9 Beta 1: I saw in a screenshot of a prior beta release that there looked like a keyboard shortcut for setting a Reminder for a note was impending. I'm now running: Version 7.8 (457453 Direct) Editor: 62.1.7539 (b406110) ...but I don't see the keyboard shortcut. Is it present in 7.9 Beta 1? Thanks. That would be a marked improvement from it now missing from the toolbar in the Note Editor.
  14. @Austin G Thanks, Austin. In my EN instance on WInOS 10 machine, I believe it only has one account. But, I'll confirm in the morning.
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