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  1. Might I suggest Note Links creating like a table of contents or index to the other notes. I use this all the time for things like tax time. I have a Tax Time Checklist for every year and all of the entries in that checklist are note links to the specific documents (W-2, 1099, etc.).
  2. This has not been my experience. Even with background app refresh on, all of my notebooks have a little indicator bar on them that never seems to go anywhere. I had to turn off downloading notes again.
  3. Feature Request: The ability to filter by Tags and Reminders in Search Results. For example, I used to have one Saved Search for all my Bills. I would then filter by Reminder to see the ones that are still unpaid. I get around this now by using two different saved searches. This is normal behavior in the other clients, so I don't think I'm requesting anything strange like asking you to add a widget that feeds my dog. If I open a Saved Search in the Windows client that say pulls back all my bills, I can then filter further by individual tags like credit, mortgage, etc. Would be nice to have here. You already have the filtering in place within the NoteList and the Notebooks.
  4. Bug (sorry if it's already been reported): Saved searches return a count of "0 Notes". I've tried all my searches.
  5. Sorry I didn't give detail. I was on my phone at the time. I have 6 saved searches that are also shortcuts. Only 2 of my recently created saved searches/shortcuts were showing up. The other 4 weren't showing up as Shortcuts OR Saved Searches. They were simply gone. Everything works fine in the Windows and Mac clients. It's an iOS-only issue. I was able to resolve the issue (via the Windows client) by: Removing all of the shortcuts that are saved searches. Recreated all of the saved searches while deleting the originals. Added them back as shortcuts. Everything is now showing up in Saved Searches and Shortcuts within the app.
  6. Still not seeing all of my shortcuts. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  7. Yes, Yes, Yes. Even if the list of bug fixes won't make sense to everyone. Whatever title you give them in your bug-tracking software would be sufficient. I don't even think we're saying post them on the blog. But pasting them here for posterity couldn't hurt. And I think we're all mature enough to realize that just because you squish one bug, a certain behavior could still occur due to another bug. At this point with the iOS release, I would love to know what's being fixed over there in detail....to maintain my sanity.
  8. I don't think I've ever plugged my iPhone into iTunes, but I may have to figure that out to downgrade. At this point, I'm fine with the feature set as-is. I would just love the app to not break ALL THE TIME. I realize I'm just adding to the chorus of p!$$ed off users, and I'm usually pretty reasonable about these things. But this is just bonkers that this is happening. I don't even know if this is possible, but they should just do a recall on the code. Revert everyone back and let this thing bake some more.
  9. I'm running on an iPhone 6 and can confirm the following: Crashing still occurs at random intervals. Sometimes you try to resume using the app and it just kicks you back to the home screen. Still seeing popup for iTunes login Some of my saved searches that are shortcuts don't show up in Shortcuts. They're over in Search. Sometimes the app just freezes without crashing. I've been pretty patient and calm about the whole thing. I'm not going to get on here and make demands and threaten leaving. I do have some SERIOUS concerns though. It's obvious at this point, something went very wrong during the QA phase for this product. I mean, did anyone even beta test this thing on an iPhone6? How long did beta-testing go on? What about internal Evernote testing? Is it like 1 person? I don't want heads to roll over this. We all make mistakes. But maybe it's time to beef up the staff in that area or change some policies or something. This is getting kind of ridiculous.
  10. Jonathan, check the Settings and go under Camera. Business card scanning is in there with the options you need, unless I'm missing something. Moleskine options are in there too.
  11. It feels completely random and ambiguous though. I only knew that because I saw someone from Evernote post it here in the forums. The best way I can describe it is that the Clock in the note list is basically a filter. All it does is show you the Reminders in your current context. Whatever note list you are in with whatever sorting is currently applied. Clicking on the Reminders in the drop down appears to be an entirely differently view with its own sorting algorithm. This is one area in particular where I feel like V7 nailed it. The implementation made sense and worked as expected. Not trying to be a jerk but this new implementation feels like two steps back in regards to that. It's like having a beautiful vase on the mantle, breaking it, and then trying to put it back together in a new way.
  12. Bug Several of my Shortcuts are Saved Searches. I'm not seeing a note count on them. Take for example this Shortcut/Saved Search. Behind the scenes it is simply running the query: tag:"bill" updated:month-6
  13. Not sure what I'm doing differently. I simply click on Reminders in the drop down and get ALL of my reminders sorted by Reminder Date. Reminders with no dates are sorted at the end. I'm not able to change the order to make it descending or anything. We still need that functionality.
  14. Not sure if this helps but you can sort the reminders by Due Date ascending. Unfortunately, it's for ALL your reminders though across all the notebooks. 1) Click on Notebook or All Notes at top. 2) Click on Reminders. This will show you ALL your reminders by Due Date ascending.
  15. Hey PaperQueen, try grabbing the note list and pulling down to sync.