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  1. Being able to modify dates with keyboard is a very missed feature for me.
  2. Even better, you could actually type out a date in those fields (under Note Info). Now you have to navigate a calendar with your mouse to change the date value. Went backwards in functionality.
  3. Yeah agreed. Evernote used to have an iOS widget before v10. A couple of widget options with either a note or tasks view would be great. They don't mention it in the Release Notes, but they must be working on one. Evernote is one of those all-star apps that Apple likes to show in their slide decks. I can't imagine them not having something in the pipeline.
  4. Yeah. It’s pretty much the only reason I still use Legacy from time to time. Really hope they add it back to v10.
  5. Yeah, I’m with you Rose. I feel the same way about adding or removing tags. Don’t really see that as worthy of changing the modified date. This is why I feel like being able to change the modified date on our own would be a nice feature. This has been in Evernote forever, but only went away with version 10.
  6. That's a good idea. I also feel like I might be able to get around some of it by sort order. I wonder if there's a way to specify the sort order in a saved search. Anyone have any luck with that?
  7. Here's a prime example of why it's beneficial to me: Oh no. I missed tagging the bill from March that was paid on Apr 10. Now when I add the tags, the Updated date changes even though I did nothing else to the note. It sure would be nice to change it back and keep all my notes where I had them.
  8. Yeah I get that. It's very handy having two dates you can modify on a note. I've used it on numerous occasions to sort of pin upcoming bills to the top of my notes list. Maybe it's very challenging to do with the new infrastructure. I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere else, so I'm mostly curious if it's coming back or not. If not, I need to rethink my workflows.
  9. Thanks for throwing in your two cents on how something I use ALL THE TIME isn't useful for you. That's real helpful. 🙄
  10. Maybe this is already in the pipeline. If not and there are no plans to add it, please let me know. It's primarily the main reason why I'm still using the legacy app along with the current release. When I work with my bills in Evernote, I generally make the Created Date be the statement date and then Updated Date is when I pay it. It's very handy being able to update both.
  11. Haha...yeah but that definitely doesn't give you what you want.
  12. So just to be clear, I don't have to pay extra for "any: cat dog" but I do if I want to use "cat OR dog".
  13. I think some boilerplate text in the future telling users to logout and back in would be a good idea when changes like this are made. I never assume I need to do that. Stop and restart, sure.
  14. Yeah I may have jumped the gun there. My apologies. I saw that in the plan comparison and assumed my saved searches were toast. Good on them then.
  15. I'm not sure what they mean by "Boolean terms to refine search results", but my Saved Searches and Shortcuts seem ok at the moment. I wonder if Premium folks were grandfathered in on some of these Professional features. If so, I think I'll just stop talking now.
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