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  1. Ok. Even weirder. I closed and reopened the app and it's fine now. My bad. I guess I should have tried that first.
  2. Hmm. Ok. Weird. I wonder if it's a synchronization issue. Can you confirm your settings?
  3. I try to use the keyboard to navigate as much as possible and this one is kind of annoying. To recreate: Select a note in the note list Hit F2 to jump to title Hit Tab to jump to note content. You should see the cursor at this point. Try typing. I get nothing. If I repeat F2 and Tab, it works. I also get the same response from hitting Enter or Ctrl + Enter in the note list. Shouldn't there be a way to edit notes from the list using just your keyboard?
  4. How do I make this app work?

    Other possible title: "How do I make this app suck less?" I am running the latest version on an iPhone6. No beta software. The experience was getting better but has since taken a nosedive. Extremely laggy response assuming it doesn't just crash. When it does respond, it seems to take a very long time to do anything. Suggestions please! I turned offline notebooks on thinking that might help, but it feels like they're always syncing and are never "done".
  5. Configurable Toolbar on Mac - a dedicated thread!

    I should have been more clear. I use a PC everyday for work. My Mac is my personal machine. And I much prefer Evernote on Windows. It's just better, in my opinion. This is the conundrum for me. I have no desire to run Windows on a personal machine, but Evernote is my #1 app. So do I go where the better software is? Or stick with Mac because I prefer the environment? It's a tough call.
  6. Configurable Toolbar on Mac - a dedicated thread!

    Still holding out hope that this will get implemented at some point. I'm seriously thinking about a PC for my next computer since Evernote for Windows is more customizable.
  7. Evernote for Mac 6.12 Beta 1 Released

    Any new options for customizing the toolbar in this beta? Or can you have shortcuts in the collapsed view of the sidebar?
  8. Configurable Toolbar on Mac - a dedicated thread!

    Bump-bumpedy bump bump bump. Really would love to collapse that sidebar in the Mac client and have my shortcuts up in the toolbar. There's so much wasted space up there. That would be pretty killer.
  9. Typing Bug V6.5.4.4720?

    Nice. I thought I was going crazy. I kept thinking I was accidentally hitting a shortcut or something. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm in a new note or not. I'll just start typing away and then the focus jumps. I assumed it was an issue with syncing.
  10. Evernote v8.1 for iOS Released

    Wait, did you say 8.2 is out?
  11. Evernote v8.1 for iOS Released

    Are you saying delete, reinstall, and turn off offline notebooks or turn it on?
  12. Verge Article on Replacing Evernote with Bear

    Folks, if you're going to continue discussing peanuts, might I suggest looking for forums over at the Planters website. Evernote doesn't pay for these forums so that we can discuss nuts and legumes and other plant-based protein sources. I'm looking at you soy! 😝