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  1. Bump-bumpedy bump bump bump. Really would love to collapse that sidebar in the Mac client and have my shortcuts up in the toolbar. There's so much wasted space up there. That would be pretty killer.
  2. Nice. I thought I was going crazy. I kept thinking I was accidentally hitting a shortcut or something. It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm in a new note or not. I'll just start typing away and then the focus jumps. I assumed it was an issue with syncing.
  3. Wait, did you say 8.2 is out?
  4. Are you saying delete, reinstall, and turn off offline notebooks or turn it on?
  5. Folks, if you're going to continue discussing peanuts, might I suggest looking for forums over at the Planters website. Evernote doesn't pay for these forums so that we can discuss nuts and legumes and other plant-based protein sources. I'm looking at you soy! 😝
  6. LastPass was a game changer for me. I'm not a hacker, but I have to think they're looking for the weakest links (Yahoo perhaps) and other places where the security is lax, and maybe the servers aren't updated regularly. LastPass could go out of business tomorrow if they don't take this stuff seriously. That helps me trust them. I assume their employees like to put food on the table just like me.
  7. You should get out more.
  8. Because some people might be frustrated with Evernote and looking for alternatives. I think that's fair game. If we were on a forum devoted to the Atlanta Braves and someone wanted to compare them to another team, that would be reasonable. Same thing but with software.
  9. Yep. I'm over 2 weeks in with offline syncing and it's still not done. I don't have that many notes. Not like some folks.
  10. This is IT in a nutshell! I read the Medium piece from the product designer and even posted it in the forums. The issue with v8 isn't because we hate change. There will always be people who hate the new paint color. This is about coming home to find that walls have been removed and now your house slants a little making all the doors difficult to open and close. I'm not mad about the paint. And yes there will always be bugs when you use new software, but this is above and beyond, and I think anyone can see that. I have to assume they are working hard on a new version, but would it kill someone on that team to take two minutes and say, "Hey folks, we are burning it at both ends to fix x, y, and z. Update imminent." Just a tiny morsel of transparency. So update...still slow on iPhone6, if it responds at all. Sometimes it just dumps me out to the home screen. Still waiting for offline notes. Should be done by October at this rate. I'm starting to think that the offline syncing is impacting the rest of the application. Just a hunch.
  11. Very interesting Medium post from Kara Hodecker on the design of the iOS app. https://medium.com/evernote-design/redesigning-evernote-for-ios-2c72d8dce419#.y85fhud2k I think it's important to be reminded that there are real people behind the products we love. With that said, I find the following (about v7) very shocking: Is this what happened for v8?
  12. Just finished reading this article: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/2/14785264/evernote-replacement-bear-app I've heard Bear mentioned a couple times. I'm not saying I'm migrating to it or anything, but they do have an Evernote import tool. I downloaded it for my phone and thought I might play around with it. I thought others might like to check it out. If you're currently using it, I'd love to know what you think.