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  1. I cannot believe that something as basic as the info button got moved to a bloody submenu entry (along with like four or five other button actions). How on earth could anyone ever think that the way to make it "easier to find the actions you use most" involves REMOVING a half-dozen or so super convenient miniature shortcut buttons and moving their actions into entries under an incredibly awkward and inconvenient to use submenu? And why is the share button now an utterly obnoxious color that doesn't even begin to fit in with the rest of the color theme? Please at least give us an option to hide
  2. Now when you paste anywhere inside a paragraph (except at the very start or very end of it), the cursor immediately jumps all the way to the very end of the paragraph after the text is pasted (instead of remaining at the end of the newly-pasted text, which is the correct behavior and the way it used to work). This is extremely annoying. Am I the only one with this bug or are other people seeing this too? The couple of other annoying issues that I have noticed so far have already been mentioned before in this thread and acknowledged by the developers. I don't see what all the fuss is
  3. I'm seeing 12 XHR requests for local javascript files logged in the Chrome developer console from the Evernote Web Clipper extension every time I load a page. None of the (large number of) other extensions I use log anything to the console during normal operation unless they've encountered an error (in which case it's no longer normal operation), but Evernote Web Clipper logs these internal requests during normal operation. This is not normal behavior for a Chrome extension, and it makes using the developer console frustrating due to the number of unnecessary log entries generated. Yes, I can
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