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  1. It's unlikely the "legacy" native clients will ever receive any further updates. At some point they will make sufficiently breaking changes to their API and/or the ENEX format that will render the legacy clients unusable — it is only a matter of time before this happens. There's already significant drift between them in terms of markup support. One of the many things I can't quite understand about their idiotic strategy for v10 is the "one code base" argument. See, the thing is, there are still five different applications on three completely different framework/backend stacks (the iOS/Android mobile apps (React Native), macOS/Windows (Electron), and the web version). In each case, the node.js backend also differs substantially. Yes, there is some limited code reuse between the first two and between the later three in both the front end and the backend, but they are ultimately still developing for five major platforms that each require significant work unique to the platform with three completely different framework/backend stacks. Sure, most of their development can now be done in JavaScript, but the trade-off for that is that their UI is no longer native (and they get the fun of having to put in quite a lot of work to re-implement functionality that somewhat mimics native behavior), their application gobbles down compute and memory resources to an absurd degree, and the performance is like molasses to boot (which is a particularly terrible sin in a note/productivity app). To add insult to injury, after running absurdly brief preview and beta periods, during which they largely ignored the flood of alarmed feedback from the customers who were selected to act as preview/beta testers, they then forcibly foist this steaming pile of garbage onto their loyal customers that have been faithfully paying them upwards of $70/year (a number which has kept climbing) for their product (and had been fanatically evangelizing about it for well over a decade). Then, to try to distract customers from the fact that this new app is a steaming pile of garbage that has lost 90% of its functionality, gained a huge number of new bugs, and now runs slower than a pig in molasses, they waste development effort on slapping together a new near-worthless bug-riddled "home" feature that nobody had asked for. Yet fear not dear reader, for DTlow is here to whisper soothing lies about the status of v10 and wax enthusiastically about the relative gloriousness of the abandoned and unsupported legacy native apps, on whose backs this company attained the reputation that it has now ruined and the fanatical customer base that are now fleeing this sinking ship in dismay.
  2. I cannot believe that something as basic as the info button got moved to a bloody submenu entry (along with like four or five other button actions). How on earth could anyone ever think that the way to make it "easier to find the actions you use most" involves REMOVING a half-dozen or so super convenient miniature shortcut buttons and moving their actions into entries under an incredibly awkward and inconvenient to use submenu? And why is the share button now an utterly obnoxious color that doesn't even begin to fit in with the rest of the color theme? Please at least give us an option to hide that share button if nothing else, it's extremely distracting, especially now that it's the only remaining actual button in that area...
  3. Tried several variations of closing and reopening notes and the client — nothing fixed it.
  4. Now when you paste anywhere inside a paragraph (except at the very start or very end of it), the cursor immediately jumps all the way to the very end of the paragraph after the text is pasted (instead of remaining at the end of the newly-pasted text, which is the correct behavior and the way it used to work). This is extremely annoying. Am I the only one with this bug or are other people seeing this too? The couple of other annoying issues that I have noticed so far have already been mentioned before in this thread and acknowledged by the developers. I don't see what all the fuss is about w.r.t. the current syncing behavior — it's working perfectly fine for me, and I actually prefer more frequent syncing...
  5. I'm seeing 12 XHR requests for local javascript files logged in the Chrome developer console from the Evernote Web Clipper extension every time I load a page. None of the (large number of) other extensions I use log anything to the console during normal operation unless they've encountered an error (in which case it's no longer normal operation), but Evernote Web Clipper logs these internal requests during normal operation. This is not normal behavior for a Chrome extension, and it makes using the developer console frustrating due to the number of unnecessary log entries generated. Yes, I can use manually the filter within the console to hide the messages, but that is not a real solution for the issue. Is this going to get fixed at some point? It's a bit frustrating.
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