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  1. Were you on the "web wrapper" beta app perhaps? That's what it sounds like if you had a blue icon at one point. I have over 50,000 notes and that 'web wrapper' application was useless to me although I did try to use it. What you likely ended up downloading now is the native windows desktop application instead (there are beta versions for that as well as the actual release versions). This would also explain your couldn't open "page" error you mention (being on the web wrapper app). Like @jefito says, post what you've got for a version number and someone can clarify.
  2. Sadly, I'm seeing a lot of sync issues between working on ios and windows desktop application. I get notes coming back, titles reverting back to "untitled" and more. Usually the tags stay put, but I can't confirm that as I'm usually just frustrated at the point of having notes re-appear in my inbox after already dealing with them and filing/tagging/titling them. I've seen this across various versions of both Windows and iOS too. Reported in the past too.
  3. No reboot required for me - although I did "prepare" for a reboot just in case.
  4. Seeing this too - although, using links in a secondary window isn't a part of my normal work flow at all so I'd likely have never noticed this. This being said... I just tested the prior version for this quirk and found the results "spotty" - sometimes links would follow in the secondary window, sometimes they'd only open in the main window. I found a some notes that stayed consistent - wonder if it has something to do with the link being generated when one creates a note link?
  5. 1) Seeing a lot of crashes - just closes with no warning/no info. This is largely occurring when I drag an image from Evernote into an Outlook email - doesn't happen every time, but 'frequently' - which is 100% more than the prior version of EN. 2) in the note window, I get the text input mouse icon (upper case "I" with serifs looking pointer - sorry, the name of it eludes me) - This seems normal - except over links - I can still click a link and it goes to the link, but this mouse cursor stood out to me - prior version was the hand and pointed finger icon. In full disclosure, I probably need to reboot this laptop anyway - maybe the problems will go away.
  6. 52,838 notes as of today for me (database is over 20gb)... Everything from PDF's, photos, other images, scans, basic text notes, etc. I have no performance problems on any of my laptops (that a reboot doesn't solve - and usually the performance of the entire computer is an issue - not limited to EN).
  7. Image annotation bug where the image gets 'broken' seems to be back... or at least for me it's happening - unless "Filterize" is causing some confusion and sync issues. Anyone else seeing this? I can right click on it and 'save attachments' (to desktop for example) and the image is properly saved.
  8. 1) quirk: had a quirk where screen clipping (using the old Print Screen mapping) was clipping the screen as expected, but notes were "auto selected" after each screen clip - so each time (in a row), I clipped, I'd have those notes 'piling up' as all selected. Went into options and did a reset for the key mapping and used the new ctrl-alt-s and the problem didn't duplicate. 2) suggestion: "insert template" - I use the template feature some-what regularly -but what would have me use it even more is an "insert template" feature. Example is I can take a photo of something - but need to generate a basic report with that photo - it would be nice to go to the photo note and "insert template" to drop that template into place. As it sits I either generate a new note with the template then copy & paste the photo, then go back and delete the photo note.... or the otherway 'round - go to my template, copy & paste it into the photo note. An "insert template" option would be quite helpful.
  9. DATA LOSS: tags are going missing in shared notebooks when the person updates notes in a shared to notebook. In my screen shots, I am the owner of the notebook that is shared with one other person. In the particular example here, I've added a tag "receipt-scuba" to this note (and several others). User #2 (after we all sync), gets these notes but the tags are missing. User #2 can not add these tags back in, or update notes in this notebook with this tag (red error box as shown in second screen shot). I think I've posted this before about tags being stripped in shared notebooks. - Ahh, yes... quick search in my notebook for tag:evernote-bug-open - I see I reported this in October 2018 - screen shot here.
  10. DATA LOSS: Did someone break something in this release with images and notes? Or perhaps this problem existed prior in at least this one note. None-the-less - a note with a broken image place holder and the original image GONE! Yikes! Image thumbnail in snapshot still shows up though. FWIW, I tried 'save attachments' and the image was there though. Brought it back in and synced again. When I synced - the 'broken image placeholder' was gone and the image I recovered was in it's place. Something isn't quite right. Hopefully a one-off occurrence! Did not check web to verify status there.
  11. Do you have any details about your setup and Evernote usage? I'm just short of 49,000 notes - some just a bit of text, others with PDF's (multiple in some cases), images, a variety of web site clips, and on - really, a fair bit of 'everything' I can throw at it -- I've got no speed problems at all on any of my systems. My full database is about 18gb (one laptop runs 'full sync') Two of the machines I'm on regularly have sync on demand enabled - one ends up at 10gb the other at 2gb.
  12. DATA LOSS (image annotation): I did the right-click then annotate image. Finished my annotations and closed the annotation window. The resulting image in the note did NOT show all of my notations. Attempted to right click for annotate image. Annotate image option wasn't available. Note was pending a sync, so I figured I'd force a sync and see if annotate image would come back. Entire image disappeared when the note sync'd back up. Had to recover from note history and start the annotate process again. I haven't tried to reproduce... could have been just some fluke along the way as I regularly annotate images and haven't seen disappearing images in a while. EDIT: happened again... no real steps to duplicate -- annotated an image note, closed when finished. This time it just disappeared out of the Evernote note itself, but was present in the snippet thumbnail of the notes list. Synced, nothing. Did a 'save attachements' (right click on the note snippet) and was able to save my annotated image from there. 2nd update: Since I could right click and 'save attachements', I thought I'd add text into the note and sync (thinking maybe the image would return). Sadly this didn't happen - the thumbnail in snippet view disappeared and I was no longer able to right click and save attachements. Annotated image GONE.
  13. ios sync issues continue... I just had about 25 notes that were added to my inbox yesterday and moved out as necessary all pop back into my inbox a short while ago - happened right after I picked up an ipad with evernote on it that I hadn't used in a few days and let it sync. hopefully nothing more serious than that occurred.
  14. Bug Report: *DATA LOSS* Can not "undo" (ctrl-Z) if editing a pre-programmed field in a business card scan. example: I accidentally pressed a key while copying a phone number. It erased the field and placed the letter I accidentally hit - could not control-z to undo. had to manually re-enter the number. Can not use menu to undo as well. I've labelled this as a data loss issue because if you don't have the information in the business card scan to re-enter into the form field, the data is essentially lost at this point - although recoverable through note history.
  15. Two Notes Selected (but not intended) BUG Report I think someone has posted this before but didn't have any way to always replicate. I've found a way that seems to always replicate the bug consistently. My steps to replicate might be a bit more than necessary - but this is a regular part of my work flow - so I see it quite a bit. Some 'oddness' does follow in screen 2 which I'll explain after the replication steps. In screen 1 - below, step 1 is click to run saved search 'current reminders'. step 2 - is optional - I later tested on other notes where I didn't need to filter a search - but my search for 'canada' gives me a note with a second note link - this is what is critical to duplicate the 'notes being selected' bug (for me anyway). step 3 - click the note with a second note link. step 4 - click that note link. You'll be presented with the screen posted above - where the two notes are now selected - this is not my intended behavior - but Evernote is acting as if this is what a person wants. Below is the strangeness in the action of this 'two notes selected' bug. The two notes are 'selected' - the note clicked on via the note link in step 4 above - but a "not so random" second note is selected. What is really strange is the second note selected changes each time - in my note list below it started at the bottom note and works its way up. Anyway... hopefully someone takes note and can fix this... for me in my work flow, it's quite annoying as it occurs quite often - but it happens so often I deal with it... for some reason, tonight I just spotted the pattern to replicate.
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