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  1. ej8899

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    Sync Bug -- Still seeing sync issues in the shortcut list that surfaces when I use iOS and Windows. Can't confirm which platform really 'creates' the problem - but I end up with shortcuts disappearing as I switch between iOS (ipad) and WIndows platforms.
  2. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    I see that same tag prefix bug as you do after trying it out - seems only with certain prefixes -- I use "!" and "#" and don't see that behavior with those two. the semi colon definitely reproduces what you mentioned. Strangely, I'm seeing a sync issue on iOS (iphone) - that looks similar to what I posted yesterday - several notes in my inbox that were previously dealt with on Windows - but are now lingering in the ios inbox.
  3. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    Sync Issue! Two systems running 6.17. laptop 1 was in use most of today.. various notes added, removed, modified.... it syncs every 15 minutes automatically -but for the purpose of this report, it was 'force synced' moments ago. web and ios devices are showing what laptop 1 shows for updates/changes/etc. laptop 2 also set to sync every 15 minutes. but was force synced a few minutes after laptop 1 was done. Notes are NOT in sync. As I type this, I have 5 notes in laptop 2 inbox that were dealt with on laptop 1 earlier today - notes changed, tagged, moved to different notebooks. Here they are in laptop 2 - no changes seen. The troubling thing is that the revised notes don't show up on laptop 2 anywhere (thinking that I'd see duplication of the notes or conflicting changes/etc). but nothing. I need to look further to see if there are other note issues - perhaps this is some odd fluke, but I haven't seen sync issues for quite some time now. For those testing this version - use some extra caution just in case! after extra testing... 1) if I delete the 'rogue' inbox notes on laptop 2, the notes on laptop 1 that were changed earlier in the day (tagged/renamed/in different notebooks) are deleted. 2) laptop 2 shows 35044 notes, laptop 1 shows 35047 notes. 3) doing a more detailed audit - seeing notes on laptop 2 that were deleted from laptop 1 earlier today - laptop 2 showing them in original notebooks. More testing... 1) Fix Selected Notes quickly cleared the 'rogue notes' on laptop 2 and brought in the updates from the server. 2) trying a "fix all notes" on laptop 2. fingers crossed. Seems like a "scary" process to click on with 35000+ pieces of important information on the line. Not sure of the best course of action at the moment... tempted to freeze laptop 2 from syncing any further then log out, wipe the database and let it download again just in case of database corruption. Anyone else seeing sync issues?
  4. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 1

    Minor cosmetics that seemed to have changed from prior versions (unless I just haven't noticed it before) - but a long note title kind of blends into the note tool bar to the right. I'm pretty sure prior versions looked 'differently' here giving it some natural separation. Yes, I can add a 'separator' icon (and did after the screen shot), but it just seems like something should exist here.
  5. Who's got some good EN shortcuts to share? I've only got a few... "quick evernote (new note)" "clipboard copy to evernote new note" "new note with photo (camera or camera roll)" and "dictate an evernote note". Wish I could pull a list of notes with a certain tag - anyone know how to do that?
  6. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    CAUTION! Data destruction if you're using "ink notes" and merge! Evernote - please implement some testing if we can't merge certain notes together before data is destroyed! Anyway... steps to create the problem: 1) create an ink note 2) merge it with another note (or more). Result - ink note is destroyed. It's turned into an "attachment.bin" file. I tried opening the attachment.bin file but no luck. Result is below... note the "attachment.bin" - now a 'garbage file' that can't be accessed any longer. Ideal solution would be for EN to simply 'error check' note types before an attempted merge... if it's something that can't be merged - a popup indicating so should occur. I haven't tried this with other note types - ie business cards, or audio notes. Although, I do screen shot notes all the time though, so those are clearly working for me with merging.
  7. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    Links (URLs or internal note links) break if you change the font size in the link. I found this when I started using emoji's a while back... I'd increase the font size on the emoji but the rest of the link would break... Of course, I just worked around it, but it persists, and perhaps time it's listed as a bug to get fixed. *Edit: if you change the font style in various ways, it also breaks the link. A color change within the URL kept the link intact though.
  8. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    I notice this as well... Here my "journal" main tag is closed - and things are relatively 'tight' together. Open my journal tag and notice the inconsistency in the space created now... just a rough guess, but about 3 times the spacing. All other tags on this page were closed/opened as they were in the first image. *update: Above screen shots are on my Surface Pro 4 device. Another laptop of mine the spacing stays consistent. Same EN version. Different screen resolution (smaller), and no touch screen.
  9. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 GA

    Currently experiencing some data loss when annotating notes. I have not yet been able to constantly duplicate this - but then, haven't really tried yet. Anyone else noticing it? annotate an image, evernote does it's thing - but the annotate image is no longer in the note - but remains in the thumbnail.
  10. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 2

    Shared notebook bug ... unless this is intended behavior... An associate is working in a fully shared (edit permissions) notebook and merged a few notes together. The merge appears correct on her computer, but my computer shows the original note as well - meaning our notebooks are now out technically of sync - despite doing a force sync to double (and triple check). In screen shots below, item "2." is the original note that was originally created in owners notebook. Item "1." is the new shared note that is only visible in collaborator computer. Web view backs up what I'm seeing on my end "owners notebook". I suppose I can't really call it a 6.16 bug but rather a system sync bug?
  11. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    Ack! 6.16.2 just killed all my color styles Before on the right, after on the left.
  12. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    I've posted on this every release since March... new version just dropped now though.. and they say it's fixed. Downloading now!
  13. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    quite minor.. but I'd call it a bug none-the-less... Alt-Shift-D doesn't work in the title of a penultimate note. I'd like to think it should work since I can type whatever I want into the title, but understand the rest of the note to remain locked. Any chance Evernote is revamping pen input in the main application? It really isn't all that good on my surface devices which has me "look elsewhere" for options.
  14. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    1. Can't say if this is specific to this version, as I'm just noticing this now.... but tags shared to someone (via shared notebooks) are losing their 'owner' details. See arrow tag in below screen shot. There are several other examples even in this tag view that I just haven't pointed out. 2. I'm the "ej8899" in this tags list - I have a lot of tags... and even sharing one notebook really can clutter up the recipient's evernote system. There should really be a way that the recipient of a shared notebook(s) can have this under control. Suggestion would be a fixed "parent owner" tag that all these default under.
  15. ej8899

    Evernote for Windows 6.16 beta 1

    I do the same... it would just be so much easier to have 'one click' to run those searches from within a note instead of copy & paste... and instead of cluttering up the shortcuts list for multiple 'versions' (ie searches for different projects/etc).