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  1. Nimbus Notes I will say is quite good. Evernote really needs to take notice if they haven't already. However, something that really makes me question Nimbus is something so simple -- I have notes in EN that are generated by IFTTT triggers - they dump into Evernote throughout the day based on time, location, etc. When I setup the same functions to Nimbus, they get their, but their ios app says the note was created with an 'old editor'. I can use the web or desktop to open the app, or let iOS convert the note. What a mess! There should be no need for this - that should be auto handl
  2. How are you having issues with Legacy? I've got 50,000 notes and it runs fine (Windows). Be sure to close the v10 app before moving large numbers of notes & notebooks around and ensure Legacy is fully sync'd to your computer (it might take a few minutes/hour even to download your 3000 notes).
  3. Just a reminder that search still works in the Legacy editions of Evernote.
  4. It's not so much tormenting myself as it is wanting to ensure the Evernote team knows that there are users like us "power users" that want to use the latest and greatest - but can't because of the problems. They tease "better performance", but are not delivering (at least not to us all). v10 should be the latest and greatest Evernote.. no company should be looking to release a product or service saying it is "sub-par" to their last model - can you imagine if Apple comes out in March and says, hey everybody, here's our new iPad Pro line up.. it's worse than our last released model, but th
  5. Testing 10.7.6 - still a disaster for performance. Release notes say performance is improved and "new note" is quicker. 1) PAINFULLY SLOW: on this test machine - 8gb ram, about 50gb free on the SSD, it takes FOURTEEN SECONDS from the time I click new note to be able to start writing a new note. Yes 14 seconds! Granted this machine isn't the quickest - BUT - it's not _that_ slow! 2) LOST DATA - typing a new note and then clicking NEW NOTE again will almost always result in lost data from the note I was just working on... Reproduce just by typeing "test note" into your title,
  6. Keep using Legacy if you need performance and the features of Legacy. v10 is good to play with, but I find it sluggish on most of my machines. I even dumped out 30,000 notes and brought my database down to just short of 50,000 notes - still sluggish - most of my machines are Windows with i7 processors on 8 to 16gb ram and loads of SSD space. I keep asking if there is anything I can do to help Evernote test performance gains, but don't hear anything back. v10 is "usable", but performance is a far cry from the Legacy experience - for me anyway - and a lot of others. If you use v10,
  7. You can grab the prior version for Windows & Mac still as a Legacy edition and run as you did until they sort out v10 performance problems. I've got a video up on finding and installing Legacy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5jBqwfoo_0
  8. Just a reminder for the Evernote team that we're still crossing our fingers for some drastic performance updates... this is version 10.5.7 on Windows showing memory and cpu resource hogging. This was during a very 'sluggish' time of operating. Something must be going into 'runaway' creating this problem every so often. Hopefull we see this type of thing corrected early on in 2021!
  9. Just confirmed that the new Home is still accessible in 10.5.7 as well.
  10. Yikes.. selected 12 notes, hit deleted. Process took about 2 minutes, but finally it deleted those 12 notes. As with my previous post, database is about 77,000 notes If you folks at Evernote are interested in discussing and getting more details from me, let me know. Happy to do some extra testing of a large-ish database.
  11. General performance video... clicking on a few notes - much improved, thanks - still needs work to catch up to what Legacy is. Typing a note - still have lag with typing during those constant 'saving note' points. Inserting small images - brutally long waits. My database is of 77,000+ notes. here's the video:
  12. Just go to Evernote.com and do a download... the updates don't always push out to an app notification right away. And I just tested 10.5.6 - it is noticably improved over prior v10 versions for performance (77,000+ notes)... still needs more tweaking, but so far much more usable for the quick test I've done (although it did take about 4 seconds from the point of clicking "new note" to being able to type into a new note).
  13. 10.4.3 is very hit & miss for me - on a windows machine i7 8th gen, with 16gb ram. Some days it's very much usable, other times I have to avoid it and use the Legacy version.
  14. Primary laptop i7 8th gen 1.8ghz with 16gb ram - I have Legacy on here as well as v10 (not at the same time though). Performance is horrid. I have it also running on a test bench Windows 10 VM and performance there is pretty decent: AMD 3400g @ 3.7Ghz with 16gb ram. Not running Legacy. Surface Pro 4 i7 at 2.2ghz with 16gb ram is running 'ok', but still slow. Not running Legacy. I might have to remove Legacy from my primary laptop and see if things behave differently. I don't run Legacy and v10 concurrently (generally anyway).
  15. How much RAM does your machine have? I've got a 16gb laptop that is similar to what you're experiencing... but my desktop with 32GB ram runs quick. I think they (Evernote) has some serious performance issues to iron out in this version - BUT the good news is that it should be possible. I've compared a few similar apps running the same application framework and they are quick and well tuned. So it is certainly possible! I'd roll back to the Legacy version for now but keep an eye on updates for performance improvements.
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