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  1. Have you tried force closing the app and restarting it? That generally seems to correct problems like that.
  2. I'm not Gazumped - but can tell you - on Windows anyway - that both of these are separate - if you're running Legacay and don't want to play with v10 - uninstall and you should only have the Legacy database remaining. In my case, I have a 38gb database - I have the entire database downloaded in Legacy and v10 also downloads the entire database - so I have 76gb of space used up with Evernote - if I remove either Legacy or v10, I'll drop back to 38gb used. Legacy and v10 databases are completely separate and completely different database formats.
  3. I use the service If This Then That (IFTTT) to build a new journaling page each day at 5 am with the days weather forecast already built in and all my writing/journaling prompts for the day. Here's how I do it:
  4. Have any of you played around in the Electron wrapper Developer Tools ( View menu -> Advanced -> Toggle Developer Tools) ? I was playing around with different devices being emulated and found when running on ipad pro, was actually getting fast loads - images would render much faster than as running as default. Granted, resolution changed, and other headaches present themselves - BUT - the TL;DR is that I remain "hopeful" that the Evernote team can do some code tweaks and further bug fixes to improve the performance drastically (especially when I see a slew of errors & warning
  5. Does the section I've bolded also mean that Evernote "note links" in v10 will stay within v10 instead of opening web browsers? I have numerous IFTTT applets generating notes during the day, and they have links to notes - Legacy opens them within Legacy app... where-as v10 forces a browser to open to Evernote Web. Any timeline on this particular fix?
  6. I maybe forgot to post a video update I did recently - but I found it working just fine with Apple Scribble mode on or off. However, the main bug I found was it taking too long to save files - it seems like we have infinite 'paper' and although that idea is nice, I'm guessing it is generating far too large of file sizes - I waited SEVEN minutes for a simple sketch note to save and then gave up and aborted it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwwm8LVXLwE
  7. Definitely not - all the attachments are kept separately in individual files from what I've seen playing around in the folder structure this morning .
  8. You're OK for now.. There is a local sql database and attachment folder BUT if you have limited bandwidth , it is going to download EVERYTHING to get fully synced up.
  9. For files inside the new Evernote structure, here's what I've found: But first, here is an example note link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s144/nl/27217275/a504b0b6-5aa9-42f9-aa12-505ef1f8737a?title=Server Rebuild / Computer System Plan Out See that a504b0b6-xxxxx number? That's your note ID - at least what I'd assume is the note ID. The 27217275 number is your user ID number/account number. FYI, the link has been altered, so it won't likely do anything for you if you do click on it. So... On Windows anyway, your data at: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\resource-cach
  10. I'm going to have to do a new video to update from my last one about 'offline mode' ... I just tried this again - confirmed my v10 Evernote folder is rolling in at 36GB and that is pretty much the same as the Legacy edition. I pulled the plug on my hardwire connection and can confirm throughout a random selection of notes from recent through to a couple of years old all loaded up just fine. I was still getting broken thumbnails in my snippet view, but that's minor - the note contents (including attachments) appeared to be working. Maybe 2 days wasn't enough for Evernote to download eve
  11. I really question any usable functionality of Evernote while offline at present. Maybe if you're creating a note, but searching and using tags and saved searches was useless for me. evernote had 2 days to build it's cache. Definitely if we could specify notebooks to be available offline like on mobile, or even if we new a notebook would cache the latest 100 notes (as example number) we would be in a much better position than currently where we know nothing specific and offline is totally hit or miss.
  12. 10.0.4 sketch notes have drastically improved... I even had Apple Scribble mode turned on and experience no missing input! HOWEVER.... due to what appears to be "infinite paper size" - I'm seeing problems saving sketch notes. I waited on one for SEVEN MINUTES before forcing Evernote closed and just starting over. The next one I tried was much smaller, but I got tired of waiting after TWO MINUTES. Might need to reconsider infinite paper size or figure out some other way of dealing with this. Seven minutes or more to save a relatively simple sketch is completely unacceptable!
  13. I've got a video up that shows how Evernote 10 handles being offline (spoiler - it doesn't). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3r1ryU5Ffo
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