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  1. I am testing out a mail client called Newton and their Evernote integration has the Remind Me option which was a very nice surprise for me. It is a clean, nice email app and this came as a nice bonus for sure, something to consider as an Outlook alternate as well.
  2. EN Win10 forgetful Focus

    I agree that when stuff like that happens during your workflow, it does hinder your progress and it gets annoying really quick. That's why for the first time, I am really behind on update version. 6.7 is working for me and these annoyances become real problems in my daily work. It is unfortunate that the 6.9 did not fix the cursor location and related problems from 6.8.
  3. Running so slow it is unusable

    Update on my issue: I upgraded to a new laptop today with SSD and better operating power and the improvement is significant. I am back to being fast and very usable.
  4. Awesome news! Thanks for the reply. I hope it makes it to personal some way, form or shape.
  5. How many notes do people have?

    Following shows my journey. I did not really use it much in 2013 and 2014 as shown, in 2015 I put the effort into it and I must say after 2016 I saw a huge habit change and now I "get" it. It is customized to my liking and needs and works really nicely. Once you realize how easily you can retrieve things (for me especially with tags) then you start capturing even more. Right now averaging 12-13 notes a day and I have 12,200+ notes. Like @Duane said, it is not competition and to be honest, the number of notes does not really matter if you cannot set it up that you cannot retrieve it when you need it. Otherwise, anybody can dump anything into it and reach the 100,000 note mark but like anything else if the information is not retrievable, you don't technically have it. PS! This chart was already in Evernote, was not updated in 2018 but was easy to retrieve.
  6. Creating new Notes on iOS (mobile device)

    Under the ACCOUNT, then under SETTINGS, go to NOTES, there is the option to start in the title. Hope this helps.
  7. WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack etc. integration

    Are you looking for the same integration as iMessages have in iOS where you can select the note within the messages app? If so, I don't think WhatsApp or Telegram has that option. However, when I tried sharing a note with someone who does not have Evernote on their phone installed, the Evernote sharing option in iMessages was useless. The receiver was not able to open the notes. (this might be my experience maybe it worked for others) Therefore, if the other party needs to have an Evernote account or installed Evernote on their phone, you might as well just use the share note option to send them a link or copy of the note until those services adapt that option within their chat user interface.
  8. This same frustrating problem was happening to me on the Windows 6.8 version thus I went back to 6.7. Did you update to 6.9 version? I have not tried it so I am not sure if that is the solution but you can try. You can also go back to 6.7. (Available for download from Hope this helps.
  9. DayOne to Evernote

    This is not the exact solution to this problem but something for DayOne users to keep in mind. You can create a note in Evernote and save it to DayOne based on the tag so you should be able to reverse this to create an IFTTT from DayOne to Evernote for your NEW journal entries. If you are trying to abandon DayOne and solely use Evernote, this obviously will not work. For me, I love how DayOne works, looks, feels and it is a separate app function for me. On this day feature, or the calendar view are something Evernote cannot provide (nor do I expect from the note taking app). As long as, I know how I differentiate apps for usages, I am ok using multiple specialized apps. Also keeping the journal in a dedicated journal app makes it more personal, when I open that I know I am in that mind set whereas in Evernote I have a lot of information from work to personal, from stupid stuff to serious stuff. Nonetheless, I am curious to find out whether the original posters of this topic had some solutions or what they have done.
  10. Hot keys for ink notes

    Glad it works for you (even with some trouble) at this time. Can you customize the double click setting of the Wacom pen under its preferences?
  11. Interesting topic. I was referred from another topic, that's how I found this older discussion. Not that you guys are curious or care, but according to my averages which is 12 notes per day creation, I will need 20.50 years to reach 100,000 from 12K notes today. I guess I will cross that bridge in 20 years and hopefully I am retired.
  12. Signed out then signed back in and it is solved. I probably should have tried that before creating the post. Thanks everyone!
  13. If you use the keyboard, you get the App link. LCtrl+LAlt+L I don't know why but that's how it works. I accidentally discovered it because I have a text expander for it and the note links I save that way has the evernote:// link to it and opens it in the Evernote application when I click from a Todoist note. If I select the note and use the mouse to copy the internal link option, then I get the www.evernote.... option. Try it and let me know.
  14. Running so slow it is unusable

    It has been slow for me recently as well however recently I did a "Fix All Notes" and it did speed up some. Try that route. Of course, it is recommended a backup before this operation. To get to "Secret" Help, you have to hold CTRL then click on HELP menu, that's when you get the additional options.
  15. My headline is generally font 14, color navy, bold and underline. Then within the note, I break it into; Notes: (Bold, followed with a horizontal line) Notes about the subject Then I will have a Reference Files: section (bold, followed with a horizontal line). I will save screenshots, files etc. under there If the it is a living, actionable note then I will have STATUS & NOTES section (bold, font size 20) In this section, I will start the CTRL + : for time stamping the updates. I do agree with the appealing look for sure otherwise notes started to look dull and not enjoyable. Like David Allen says, you need to like the instrument you use. If you are writing things down, use a pen and a notebook that you like. Similarly, with software, I like it to look nice and appealing to me. That's why I use logos, and other things to make it look colorful too.