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  1. TK0047

    How to un-silo information

    Thanks @gazumped This is a good idea to get some inspiration and techniques to get out of the "linear" structure. I liked the post from Tangle (kinda going back to the thread I guess ), here is the link: https://usetangle.com/blog-tools-of-the-trade/ This really is a good graph they created to summarize. I posted to Cardsmith's Facebook page the other day about any possible integrations with Evernote. Cardsmith has potentials too, if you guys have not checked it out. And I was telling the developers over there about how things are linear in Evernote and that I would like to be able to look at a set of notes in a blank canvas like a mind map and move them around, connect them, flip them over etc. So until Tangle or one of these guys come up with something, what are the best practices to review your notes, make connections and get ideas?
  2. TK0047

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    If it is a public release and they recommend I do the upgrade then the formula does not work, I would be pissed. I would agree with you here. There is some responsibility that lies with the developer too. Of course, there would be bugs...nothing in life is perfect, why would I expect a software to be perfect? But I would expect it to do the core functions as promised and as it has been doing it in the previous version. Excel needs to calculate formulas correctly, that is a very core function and if they released it with a major issue like this, someone needs to be fired. When MS released Xbox 360 first and MANY users experienced the "red ring of death", that was not acceptable. You couldn't catch that during the testing while TOO MANY people experienced it. It is a core problem and it is not a bug. Similarly, if Evernote releases an update to the general public, and the note taking abilities are hindered tremendously, I think it is a developer issue mainly. Because the agreement we have (what is advertised or what is apparent) leads me to believe that the note taking that is advertised will work. So although I understand the "do not install the update | roll back to the version that works", I still believe that there is accountability from the developer side. It is like when you buy a car you have certain expectations, when you buy a loaf of bread, you have certain expectations and the seller has certain obligations as well. I expect the brakes to work which is a core function yet there could be an issue with the navigation software. My 2 cents!
  3. TK0047

    Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    I am not sure if this has been discussed I don't frequent the extension forums as much. I use Google Chrome in Full Screen and when I need to clip something I have to get out of the full screen mode. This could be a Google issue of course, however, the right click gives me the Web Clipper menu which would allow me to stay in Full Screen mode....but of course, I get half the options for some reason. It would be nice to have all the options.
  4. This is a good idea for sure! Curious, how do you use it? Can you provide examples even a screenshot if possible? I have MindMaps that I would throw in Evernote links but not too many. I would like to learn more and get ideas if possible.
  5. TK0047

    Suggestion: pick list

    Will changing the font size work in this case?
  6. It is a good idea but I think it is different than tagging for me. Even if that kind of indexing existed, I would still need my tags due to the fact I sometimes do not know what I am looking for. Let's say as I am doing a project plan, I remember that we have a done a similar project (construction project) in the same municipality couple of years ago, I will do a tag search for that job number and the "lessons learned" tag. I don't remember all the issues that went or how I described in the note. But with this tag search, I don't have to. Now I am looking at a number of notes that there was some type of a lesson learned. I did not have to remember any word within or even what it was about. Similarly, I have a "tickler" tag that I run one a month or so. It just brings stuff to my focus from numerous different context I use it to "surprise" myself or just to have an idea session where I am not really planning on thinking about anything, I am just being nudged with the notes I tagged tickler. Tagging might be cumbersome but once you get a good system going that works for you, I think it is the most important feature of Evernote. Of course, there will be taggers vs. notebookers arguments | discussions. Again, whatever works for the user but if you can incorporate tagging consistently into your workflow, it takes it to the next level.
  7. This has been an ongoing issue in the latest releases for the Windows app. I know how frustrating and time consuming these "little" things can get especially when you use Evernote all day long, therefore I have downgraded to a version that works for me. So, if it is causing you a lot of problems and you are wasting time, I would recommend doing the same until it is completely resolved. You might want to look into 6.13 beta as well, it might have fixed that.
  8. TK0047

    Clip doesn't create a new note

    Are you shortcuts setup that way in the Options? After typing that, I tried the Win+Shift+S and I got the screen change, and got the plus cursor to select. nothing happened however. But my CTRL + F1 works. So I recommend, changing your Capture Screen shortcut key and try it again.
  9. TK0047

    Reminder popup on desktop?

    One workaround for reminders is to use your phone or tablet to see the reminders. Like on iPhone, the reminders will remain on the lock screen depending on your notification settings of course. So if someone sets their phone next to their monitors, you can see the reminder pop up and it does not disappear like the windows version. It is not the best workaround, but something!
  10. This reminds me of MohioMap which was a great idea so I signed up too. I've been wanting to see my notes "spread" on a canvas that will allow me to connect, view and move around. This may be close to it. We shall see. What is the ETA?
  11. Does this only happen on your iPhone? Does the web app or the desktop app open the link with no problem?
  12. TK0047

    User Manual? Real help functionality?

    I think your best bet is to use the online help which provides useful information from keyboard shortcuts to sharing. That is the closest to a manual. And with all apps growing, changing, upgrading all the time, developers going away from Manuals especially the screenshots change drastically sometimes from version to version too. Here is the link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us
  13. My brilliant idea that nobody voted for :)

  14. TK0047

    Evernote for Windows 6.12 Beta 2

    I was saying the same in a different post the other day, and someone shared the following with me. So evidently there was a response from Evernote on this matter (although I still want the old style and a better explanation )
  15. TK0047

    Evernote Icon Win 10 Pro

    It is simply annoying that a company size of Evernote cannot read minds!