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  1. I just received the same response too from them too. They do respond which is nice by the way. I am going to continue to experiment with it until V10 speeds up for me.
  2. I was wondering this about the number of the notes and the size of the database. I have 28,893 notes as of this morning, so if the new electron based platform is not going to handle this, it will be a really big concern/issue for me as I cannot operate on this slowness right now. It is contradicting the purpose of a "productivity" app. I am really sincerely hoping that the speed issue is resolved otherwise I am not sure how long V6.25 will be in service and working. Time will tell. Related to this subject, I know there has been talks about making all platforms look and feel the same which is really great but I never realized (watching the behind the scene videos) that the windows app will almost become like a web based app. Not sure if I missed it but this was really a shock for me to see how much it slowed down. I was never a fan of the web app since I had the same problem but I always used the web app so not a big deal for me. I think if you are not a heavy user like with 10K + notes, then web app thus the similar electron v10 app would work for majority of the people but for rest of us, I think it will present a major issue to resolve.
  3. I emailed him about some feature requests and comments, "he" (if that is him) did reply to me which was nice. I will also ask him the same question too, see what he will respond with.
  4. Do you think it will be resolved? I mean this is probably a fundamental issue with the app right? It is not like they released it on purpose to be slow and then they can "open it up" to be faster? I am not a software developer so I don't know but it does worry me. I think people (including developers I assume) are focused on the lack of features so it makes me more worried about the future of Evernote for me. And if this windows app is the "mirror" of the web app of Evernote, I am not sure if they are going to try to address it as I have always found the web app to be too slow for me.
  5. I use the CTRL + ; myself a lot. For the new version, Try CTRL + SHIFT + D for the time.
  6. I got really lucky with this. I was installing it on a work computer on the remote desktop. So I did not have admin access, when the removal utility asked for the password, I hit cancel since IT wasn't around. So it did not remove it and I have both installed. That would have made me even more mad, if I had to get 6.25 reinstalled and recreate my setup, so I get the frustration of the users for sure.
  7. I just paid for the monthly subscription to test it out. $4.99/month...worth the risk for sure. There are definitely features that I would love to have in Evernote. Right now there are keyboard shortcuts for a lot of the stuff I would use What I like is the separate side area for the tasks you can create. I thought it was a really good idea. You can add blocks to the "Above, right, left, below" which is neat and you can have different background colors for those blocks. What is lacking from my workflow is that if you add an Excel file to the note, you cannot open it within the note, you have to download it. I keep some Excel files in Evernote that I can access from anywhere without having to use a cloud storage like DropBox etc. so Evernote is definitely better there. Evernote has the card view, there is only list view in Nimbus. I was not able to open a note in a separate window, so Evernote has the advantage there. But if you are comparing V10, the speed of Nimbus is way better (for my setup at least) since I cannot really use Evernote v10 right now with the delay. Oh, I like the color tagging of the notes for sure, another good organization tool. Still testing both out.
  8. Speed. I’m getting 3-6 second lags when I do something simple like click on a note or using Ctrl+N for a new note. That’s gonna add up for me. I move fast in this app (or used to anyway). This one is HUGE for me. I, too, move very fast in this app (through all the apps actually) and I can live with lack of features (to a certain extent) if I have to (which I wouldn't want to if other apps provide it) but I CANNOT live with an app that is soooooo slow and not responsive. Right now, I click nothing happens, wait for the delay then I see a response. That is really not going to work. I SINCERELY hope they can find a solution to this as my life is also in Evernote. I know 6.25 is not going to be here forever thus I am worried about V10.
  9. I hear ya. I am not a fan of V10 at all. What you quoted above was from my post in 2018. V10 wasn’t even a possibility back then. Those were the good times....before the dark times.....before the empire (some Star Wars reference for non-fans)
  10. You cannot get into the note editor with the keyboard. You can move around with the TAB pretty much everywhere which is nice but not being able to get "in" the note is the most important part of the keyboard moving. If you are within the note, you can CTRL + TAB into the title but once you leave the title with another CTRL + TAB, you cannot get back with the TAB. It takes you to the reminder and tag area now instead of going back. If they can fix the speed and this keyboard, it will be a lot better for me as a start.
  11. Thanks! It was bothering me too and now it is fixed. Small victories.
  12. Yup, which is what I do, however, the suggestion or the new search is built for the non-power user so they don't need to know the search syntax. Thus, I would think you should be able to get a recommendation for a tag or a notebook, whichever order you are typing in the search box as a regular user. Interesting, I did not try that one. I think it will be easier for the basic user if there is not a "rule" to follow in the search.
  13. One thing I noticed you have to type the tags first for it to recognize. So let's say you are typing TAG 1...it will recognize it and you can add it by tapping the top arrow. Then let's say you typed a word you are looking for, then hit space, now if you try another tag you have, that TAG 2 will not be recognized as a suggestion. Basically, type in your tags up front, select the ones, then type in the word you are looking for last.
  14. - Lack of bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts such as F6 putting you in the search box, F2 putting you the note title - Not being able to select more than 50 notes at a time - CTRL + D to change the font, size, color etc. I guess part of the keyboard shortcuts above, but I use it so much that I have to type it. - If I pulled a note from the shortcut menu, the card view goes away and the note takes up more space which is fine but now my CTRL + 2 for example does not take me to the shortcut item. I am exploring Nimbus and I must say it is really awesome so far. I am missing the card view and being able to store and Excel file in the app that you can launch does not seem to work for Nimbus. But everything else, they are hitting what I wanted from Evernote.
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