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  1. I did a "Created last year today" search in Evernote (created:day-365 -created:day-364) and found a note about Tangle. What was the outcome of the Tangle? Did anything come out of it?
  2. Email I received yesterday at 11:51pm from Charlotte has incorrect links. The discussion link opens up the June 4th video, and the YouTube link says 404 not found.
  3. Ian Small seems to be very genuine and transparent. It feels like he is not trying to act like he has all the answers or everything it great, he is really lowering his defenses and coming out as vulnerable as can be for a CEO which is such a rare characteristic lately. Great job with these videos, it is really creating a synergy among the community and the developers in my opinion. Thank you!
  4. Now I am up to 20K notes and depending on the computer speed varies significantly. I installed on a desktop the other week since my laptop was not working, and it was really fast on that computer. I wouldn't complain about that speed for sure and that was a decent computer as far as processor and RAM goes. But the key to Evernote is to "remember everything" right so that means if you use it like your brain's extension you will eventually get to high number of notes, thus, it should be a fairly quick system no matter the size of the database or the number of notes in my opinion.
  5. Not really, it was just wishful thinking at the time.
  6. I have a workaround that works for me from V6.7 on the Windows app. When I reference Evernote links in Todoist, if I select the note and right click with the mouse and select copy internal link, it will copy the WEB LINK that starts with https://www.evernote.com/shard/..... BUT, If I do CTRL + ALT + L keyboard shortcut within the note, it copies the APP link that starts with evernote:///view/.... I am not sure why but it works for me. Again, this might be an older version thing too with the Windows app. Try that out.
  7. A nice blog post acknowledging some of the issues and frustrations that have been ongoing for a while. Reading it felt like a humble CEO is going back to the fundamentals and root of the problems and committing it to make it better. It felt like an honest not a political post to me at least which made me excited for 2019 and future of Evernote. Like others said, let's see if he can walk the talk now. But I think acknowledging some fundamental issues and concerns of the users was a fresh breath of air for me and a good start. Good luck!
  8. It was not my intention, I apologize if it came out that way.
  9. Thanks for the positive post. It is still a great product despite some issues (which every app will have one way or the other). These are good features to add for sure. I am not going anywhere either however I really would need the Windows app to get more stable and improve before any new features. I am still on 6.7 and would like to catch up to a great release for sure.
  10. Yup! Another similarity, when people wanting CD | DVD drives in their laptops. Apple cut them out, whether you like them or not but they knew tech is going away from hard-media. You can cry about your CD | DVD backups or stuff all day long but it too became an obsolete product. I am not saying "notebooks" are obsolete, all I am saying is that everybody should have an open mind about ways to do something better even if it is against our current methods, beliefs and biases. Our biases control a lot ... and I think this is definitely one of them.
  11. I hate to say this and this is also going against what you are telling us not to do but I must say it: This is similar to: When Apple introduced the soft keys in a phone (introduction of iPhone), people saying, quit giving us soft | electronic keys, give us bigger keys so we can type with hard keys with our Blackberrys. My point is, (which I posted before) folder structure (which I say is the same as notebooks) is the old style of thinking. After MS DOS, with the Windows introduction, we all got programmed to have a folder structure. And it is a really hard habit to break, everybody can visualize it easily and get accustomed to it quickly as it mimics our psychical world. It is coming from our physical world and the way we see things. But electronics world does not really need to mirror the physical world. A file does not need to be in one space unlike how we file a physical paper. A file, document, a note can belong to many categories.Thus, the need for tags. Due to the folder | notebook structure, a note can be in only one notebook. So it is actually against the natural way our brains file things. We pull information based on categories which resemble tags. I do understand the people who wants more notebooks and want to stick with notebooks, for the "tag people", that is like requesting faster horses, because you want your horse carriage to go faster. Other see it; dude there is a way better way of doing this, if you would only give it a try....
  12. I don't think I've ever come close to the limit. This month I am at 11% evidently. I check it very seldom (generally due to a forum post) or when I customize the toolbar and I've always seen it below the 2.5GB mark for sure.
  13. Have you tried the web clipper instead of the copy paste? I know it is not the same thing and you may get more stuff than you want but especially the simplified article option works for me way better in many cases. Others have complained about the formatting issues with copy pasting from different applications and web so not sure if there is a great solution to this. You can also try pasting into a Word document first, modifying the formatting there and pasting into Evernote too. I remember seeing that suggestion here before as a intermediate step to solve the formatting problems. May be worth the try.
  14. That would have been my first resource as I use TaskClone with Todoist and Evernote however it is not on their task app list yet. I think there will be a way to sync Microsoft To-do with OneNote eventually, I saw couple of user requests when I did a search. It also works with Microsoft Flow, maybe look into that too along with Zapier and IFTTT. But I think this will be a tough integration to do at this time.
  15. Moved it to the web client discussion. I don't think I've seen the 'note cannot be saved' notification before but I also do not use the web client. Do you have a screenshot of the message? I also assume your internet connection is not lost or anything like that at the time.
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