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  1. Update ↓ Strange that same version at my home PC does not have the same issue. Shortcuts seem to be working there, but not on my work PC.
  2. I don't think it is a keyboard issue. All shortcuts work as intended in the 6.25 version I have with the same keyboard. F3 never worked consistently for me since the initial release of V10 by the way.
  3. Same here. I noticed it with the CTRL + SHIFT + B for the bullet list, it stopped working with this update. Numbered list does not work either. Now I saw your post and CTRL + B etc. is not working either! CTRL + U works at least I gave up on the F3 for tag shortcut which still does not work, but do not lose the ones that were working!
  4. Yes, tried it before. Now tried it on a different computer at the house, note is in blank in the V10 app. Online shows the content although formatting is different and is not as clean as the version on V6.25. Submitted a ticket request.
  5. For the first time I experienced the same thing. I have a note in the shortcuts, when I open it in V10, the title is there but the note is blank. I can see it in V6.25. So the note is there but V10 does not display it. My other notes are ok, not sure how many are like that of course.
  6. I use the V6.25 for work which is through remote desktop since I need speed to do my job. I have the V10 on my personal PC at home and on the local PC at work. I am not aware of any issues running both versions. One comment I had read from an Evernote staff was not to run both of them at the same time. But switching back and forth seems to be ok. I do agree with your speed comments and freezing issues. I hope those will go away soon....very soon.
  7. You can modify your windows settings to make it black when selected. https://www.onmsft.com/how-to/how-to-get-dark-theme-title-bars-in-windows-10-without-changing-your-accent-colour When the window is not selected, this is what I have still ↓ There might be a way to change that too (when unselected) but I did not go into that trouble. Check that article, it might show you that too. Hope this helps.
  8. 10.5 seems to be faster which is nice but not as fast as the V6.25. I wonder how close can it get with the Electron base?? My issue is with the remote desktop Evernote, for some reason 10.5 over there is still as slow as when it was first released. So I still have to keep the Legacy version for work since we use the remote desktop to access all the apps we use. I wonder why the remote desktop version is not working for me.
  9. 10.5 seems to have brought bunch of keyboard shortcuts back which is nice but F3 to tag which I use ALL THE TIME, still is inconsistent. I hope one of these release will fix it one day.
  10. Good question. It is always a good idea to evaluate one's workflow to make sure it is always improving and the best solution given that a lot changes with technology these days. What I like about Evernote and how I use it is that Evernote is the center of my workflow. So even if I use Google Drive or DropBox, it is referenced in Evernote so I don't have to look at numerous places. This is where the tagging comes in handy too. So with any cloud storage, you kind of rely on the folder structure. But with Evernote I can use multiple tags which helps me find a document very easily. So in
  11. This is a really good point. And this is why power users are more important than what EN thinks. If you have couple of hundred notes, you can switch apps quickly or you probably won't pay for anything anyway. But the people who are trying to capture and manage all this massive information flow which is going to get worse and use an app for "external brain", those people need an app that work for their needs and they can be committed to an app for years to come. They will drive the revenue boat for the company if you can keep them loyal by providing an app that suits their needs. I a
  12. I was just monitoring to see how mine did at work. It used to be worse before the recent updates but it seems like it is consuming the most memory just sitting there. I had Chrome in the foreground and running, I was not doing anything in Evernote. On the remote desktop the legacy version of Evernote seems to be less than Chrome If V10 was faster than I wouldn't mind the more memory usage etc. but right now V6 is still faster. Obviously, now they are completely different apps fundamentally, I get that but in the end I will evaluate the speed and practicality of using the a
  13. As I am editing notes, I keep getting these warnings and duplicate notes. Not sure why it is creating conflicting notes. Is this a third party integration issue? Anybody having similar problems?
  14. As I make changes to a note, while I am editing, the note "refreshes" and my edits are gone. Or I will get a warning saying that there is another version of this note. They are not technically conflicting notes since they are not in that notebook, but I am having duplicates of the same note. Besides major issues of not having the confidence that my edits are there, it is very annoying to end up with duplicates of notes. It also happens when I edit the title of a brand new note. I will type, hit tab to go to the body...all of a sudden the title is cut out, like it only accepted partia
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