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  1. I think you can use the Evernote TAGS for the labels from the blog posts. So you can tag your Evernote note when you are clipping the blog post that will be the same as the labels of the post. But I am not sure if there is an easy way to automatically recognize the labels and make them a tag with the clipper. I hope I understood your inquiry correctly.
  2. TK0047

    Evernote wont Sync

    These are starting to aggravate me! I've been having sync issues since Monday. Today is not cooperating either. The biggest problem is that I am trying to reach Inbox zero in my emails, but I keep getting an error when trying to clip it from Outlook to Evernote.
  3. Or, if you are talking about installing the app on different computers, you can install it it on as many devices as you want with the premium. I have it at home PC, home Mac, work PC etc.
  4. I don't think that there is such function. However, wanted to ask you, I assume you don't want to change the default font to the Chinese font, is that correct?
  5. TK0047

    EN Win10 forgetful Focus

    It is super slow compared to 6.7 however my work computer is faster. But that home PC worked just fine with the previous version for sure. If I do a search, I get the Evernote Not Responding for a minute or two. It gets better later on but it does happen which slows my work down a lot. Hitting ESC to go back to the note list to move around notes does not exist anymore which is something I use a lot. So you have to use the mouse to go the note panel. The left panel spacing between shorcuts are too narrow now, which does not sound like a big deal but was uncomfortable after a while if you are looking for a note or a shortcut in the left panel. The PDF viewer takes a time to get used to since it takes a second to load the information vs. the 6.7 and also I kept getting my mouse stuck on the PDF side so kept scrolling within the PDF even though I wanted to scroll within the note. Again not a big deal, but an inconvenience thing compared to my habits of 6.7. In short, freezing and the responsiveness would be the biggest issues for me right now.
  6. Hate to see a fellow Evernote user go but if it is not working out for you, so you have to find something works for you for sure. I am curious to find out about your Notion use for sure. That app intrigued me for sure. Nonetheless, good luck with the new system.
  7. TK0047

    Causes my laptop screen backlight to turn off

    That is interesting and unusual. On my iMac at the house, I have the latest OS X and the latest version of Evernote (public release, not beta) and it works. I did have a problem with my older MacBook Pro before though, I would try to open Evernote and nothing would come up. The top left corner would say Evernote but nothing on the screen. I did many uninstalls and reinstalls to fix it, but nothing was working. To be honest, not sure how it got fixed (because I don't use that laptop much anymore) but must be after an upgrade or something because now it works on that laptop too.
  8. I assume you are on a mobile device, correct? iOS? Android?
  9. TK0047

    EN Win10 forgetful Focus

    My nemesis is 6.8 and forward so I am using 6.7.5 and it works fine for me. No data loss at all which happened to me on 6.8 a lot. I use the 6.13 at home and over the weekend I was exposed to it for longer period which did not sit well with me at all. Happy with 6.7 still.
  10. June stats are in from RescueTime!!


    Always the top app used for me!!!

  11. TK0047

    Stop photo capture from camera

    What device are you using the Evernote app on? iOS?
  12. TK0047

    Natural Sciences and Evernote

    To be honest, I think MS OneNote will do these two things better than anything in the market as far as I know. Evernote has great features compared to OneNote and to me it is a better solution but again, to your specific problem, it might be a better solution. I wouldn't steer anybody from Evernote but I think in your case, you might find OneNote to be a very good fit to your situation. I dealt with it years ago and it did have the equation editor and its drawing tools are pretty powerful and you can add it to any part of the note. Things have changed since then but it is worth for you to try it out in my opinion.
  13. TK0047

    Evernote wont Sync

    Was this happening today only? There were some issues today which you can track with the following link: http://status.evernote.com/
  14. TK0047

    Handwrittten notes

    I don't think that customization is available. For a better experience, at least with the iPad, I had used the Penultimate app which gives you options for your background as far as grid, lines etc. goes. https://evernote.com/products/penultimate
  15. Notion seems really strong and has a lot of features for sure. It has aroused my interest and I am looking into it. But it is definitely not a simple app. Over the years, I started to value and understand the significance of "simplicity" for sure.