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  3. If it were you @jefito, how would you trouble shoot that? Or do you know of any help articles etc re this? cheers EDIT: Also I just had another graphics-image rich email that I sent to EN using the EN-addon installed on my desktop MS-Outlook app. Again the new note was created just fine... but then it again failed to sync (red exclamation mark, no error message) . I decided to whittle this new note down, by deleting the graphic hyperlink buttons, and remove all images. Tried syncing again, and wolla, it synced! This is the thing that confuses me as to the possible issue-source... is it EN, or My PC, or my Account!
  4. 😅 Thanks mate... that made me laugh, a sort of sad and miserable laugh. It's been 5 days with Tech support, and I'm no closer to any resolution. In fact the only reason I saw your post-notification was when i was directed to it from here... see one of the options in in the image I was hoping to find a contact Telephone number for support and actually get on the phone to someone... but no joy, as they don't provide phone support, so that's another win for OneNote! Chat support is my next attempt, if i can figure out the time differences. And with respect I reckon I'm better sticking with you guys than Evernote support any day of the week as you and the other gurus have been way more helpful...but hey that's just me.
  5. Nope. No workaround suggested. Only suggestion was a different way to get the attachment with EN Support without sharing or giving access to your account.
  6. Same problem happens again, everything is working, internet is connected by LAN and the only app not connecting to the internet is evernote.... Another Windows 7 run device attached to the same switch is doing fine for the same account. Something is definitely wrong with Evernote. Here in the company I can not just restart the router all the time, especially if no one else has any problems.
  7. What fuss about the web clipper? It's working fine for me. Tools / Options/ Shortcut Keys gets you to the shortcut chooser that @CalS showed. You may not be able to use Win+PrtScn if someone else has grabbed it first (like, say, Windows itself).
  8. But we already know that large files are demonstrably loadable into Evernote, much larger than the ones that failed for you, in fact. Must be something with your account or your computer, in which case you're better off sticking with support.
  9. Are the instructions there not correct?
  10. ?? There's nothing stopping people from discussing issues or brainstorming in the voting forums; in fact, there's quite a lot of it. And there's a lot of merit in keeping separate, unrelated, requests, um, separate.
  11. ...I'm trying to get what you're suggesting as a workaround. Are you saying leave the attachments in a separate cloud storage, then somehow create a link to it from the EN Note?
  12. well, i haven't tried that... but so far any large emails that are long-form and have graphics embedded, mostly fail to sync, though some do make it. I suspect if added any of the large image-files i have tested and failed to sync, to an email 1st, that they too would also fail...but i will give it a shot
  13. In the demo video of the issues I'm having, that EN Tech support requested, I showed myself searching for random images on Google, large pixel dimension images, then downloading any random large image. So it's not any 1 specific file/attachment. It's not like one-file that I am repeatedly attempting to sync is corrupted... it's any and all Large files.
  14. ...How about sending the image into the account as an email, either to append the image to that note, or to a separate note to be merged later?
  15. Again sorry. Referencing the requested access. Just saying use DropBox to get the file to EN Support so they can try and load it into one of their accounts.
  16. Oh ok...so like a 2-step sidestep thingy. Getting the file to attach, via drag-n-drop, or when using the attach file paper-clip icon, is not the issue. The image/video or even large graphics rich email is attached to a note no problem. But then when I click sync (i have my system configured for manual sync), the sync wheel spins for anywhere between 3-5 minutes before ultimately returning the red exclamation syn failure notification-icon. However small files/images etc sync just fine... so upload is not an issue. However on EN-Web, the file-attachment will not upload at all. I'm currently trying/running an optimize database process...but EN and Db was only installed yesterday so that's probably useless but I'm trying everything
  17. No, sorry, I meant as a way to get the file to EN. Yeah, Windows safe mode.
  18. Current Windows version left panel closed. Right click on notebook and this is what you get.
  19. Great idea, never even thought of something like that. But for me that would sort of defeat the main benefit/feature of EN that I love, which is the 'One app/system to rule them all' when it comes to information storage/management... well kind-a. Indeed this whole experience has led me to do a lot of feature comparison between OneNote & EverNote these past few days. And on the criteria item of uploading syncing files/attachments to a note, OneNote is so far kicking ass... esp for speed. However OneNote has an attachment size limit of 100MB whereas EN is 200MB... so in the scenarios where I have had for example a training course video of 380MB that I want to upload, I have split the video in 2 parts then shared across 2 EN-Notes... in OneNote only 1 Note is required as OneNote has NO Note Limit. Sera sera... ...as in Windows safe Mode? or is there something special I need to do in EN?
  20. @DTLow Recently I have been using the Evernote Web beta on my work computers where I couldn't install applications, and it doesn't search the shared notebooks unless I click into them (I don't think that is exclusive to the web beta). I do recall having the shared notebook appear in general searches on Mac before, in that case I wouldn't share, and I would log into the other account on the rare occurrence it was needed. Yes. In my use case, I search to recall of most of my notes. The search terms I use usually come up in old notes, which is where archiving comes in handy for me. It is more of a ease of use thing, than a performance thing, for me, as the performance hasn't too significantly declined when there are a lot of notes (at least not that I notice).
  21. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313478-How-to-delete-notes-and-manage-your-Trash Under Delete notebooks MAC AND WINDOWS Right-click the notebook you'd like to delete Select Delete Notebook... from the options list
  22. Ummm, put this beta on a backup machine. Exported a notebook, 22,633 notes, 15GB per the banner before the export started. Ended up with 106 ENEX files most 160MB plus or minus, some as low as 110. I'm assuming this isn't the intended behavior? Also, what is the import process for this? Not sure naming the first fille notebookname and the second notebookname (2) makes sense if there will be more than one file. Seems to me the first might as well be (1). FWIW.
  23. Keychain prompt is gone for me too but 7.11 has crashed a few times for me while editing notes (pasting images) with an endless spinning beachball. Haven't had that happen for a while so will need to keep an eye on it.
  24. Yesterday
  25. I've installed 7.11 beta 1 and the pop up has gone but EvernoteSpotlight is still crashing constantly.
  26. Windows desktop or browser?
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