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  1. This HTML Export problem is still not solved in V10.22.3 (Ticket 3309909) . I can't believe that adding a few lines of HTML code ( href or OnClick event) takes more than 5 months to fix 😕 This renders the HTML export completely useless...
  2. But there are improvements as well: the search engine is typo-tolerant 🙂
  3. There is one exception: EN does find sub-strings in Titles Edit: even in titles it doesn't always work as expected.
  4. Isn't that a problem if you would like to use it as a backup, as you suggested before?
  5. Hopefully, pdf "export" for a notebook is a full export, attachments included. Any experience with that already?
  6. Yes, since the pdf export has been improved, I use now for small documents the elegant agile EN editor which I prefer above the bloated MS Word that always distracts me from my actual writing. The only pdf export improvement I would really like is inlining of attached pdf files.
  7. And what happens with unencrypted data after encryption ? Is that also deleted in the Note History? Edit: I prevent this race condition by disconnecting my network first, before entering my unencrypted data and the actual encryption
  8. The ENEX doesn't do the job completely: internal note links are lost and it isn't human readable. In the legacy windows HTML export, internal note links and tags are preserved. If EN doesn't take export more seriously and legacy would be stopped, I'm not sure that I will stay a paying customer any longer. I hope that they will solve the HTML export problems soon, because I think they are on the right track with the new platform and I really would like to stay and use the full feature set.
  9. I'm on Plus as well, and the easiest way to convince me to upgrade to Personal isn't a 40% discount, but a working reliable HTML export. Five months ago, I reported the blocking problem that attachments are lost in the exported HTML and it still isn't solved yet (@EN: ticket 3309909). This makes HTML export useless. As long as there isn't a reliable human readable export, my data is in danger and I won't upgrade...
  10. concerning saved searches, how can I remove a saved search if it isn't in the shortcut list ?
  11. I just found this interesting script to solve the GUID problem when importing ENEX files into Joplin: https://github.com/msbentley/everlink . This technique may be used for other targets as well.
  12. Maybe this: https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/138326-stuck-at-128-notes-per-tag/ This is still there in 10.21.5 😕
  13. No need for that, this is basic knowledge, they already did it properly in legacy for windows...
  14. Agreed for most of the code but not for the HTML export which, if properly written, is a simple independent conversion function with a note as input and html as output. No dependencies with frameworks should exist...
  15. Export to HTML works on notebooks as well. Unfortunately, the export is still very buggy. One of the major bugs is ticket 3309909, issued long time ago 🤔
  16. I just wonder whether there is a big difference between a single filterered widget changed on the fly, and good old saved searches?
  17. I hope to encourage EN via this thread to look at the superior HTML export for windows, instead of trying to fix V10 from scratch. One more remark (from own experience) : it is sometimes better to refactor existing code instead of rewriting it completely because a lot of non documented features are described inside the source code only. This is certainly true for EN where functionality has never been documented properly...
  18. AFAIK it was already written in javascript in the latest legacy. Whats more, considering EN's lack of resources, this is a very isolated piece of code which is a really good candidate for reuse. And even if they didn't like to reuse it (as most developers, me included), they could have at least looked at the functionality and how it was exported in order to prevent the pitfalls we see now in V10 🙄
  19. On my windows system, even a fast double click seems to work properly
  20. I can confirm that legacy on windows did it right: file:///C:/YourFileLocation/B.html (see also https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/118497-looking-for-an-evernote-alternative-probably-found-the-closest-option/?do=findComment&comment=598858 The windows legacy implementation does everything right: links point directly to other exported HTML files, tags are stored in a visible table, attachments can be opened by clicking... I can't understand why EN engineers haven't reused this HTML-export code. Unfortunately, the developer left EN a couple of years ago (his alias was "dcon" I think).
  21. I just looked at the tutorial and a few examples, nothing more yet. Once you've setup it up, I think it's not that difficult to write simple scripts for specific tasks. But of course, it's much more low level than AppleScript I suppose. Also, I have the impression that it's so powerful that you can destroy your complete database with a buggy script. Maybe this is possible in AppleScript as well? Another possibility is that we write our own simple (apple)scripting language on top of the EN API, a little bit more ambitious but the advantage is that we can build in safety guards to prevent database damage by corrupted scripts. A third possibility (maybe more realistic) is that we write or extend the python EN API with some powerful scripting functions. These high level functions can then be used to write your own dedicated scripts in python.
  22. Out of curiosity, have you ever tried the Evernote API, for python for instance?
  23. It seems EN finally tries to save some memory by using signed 8 bit values 😉
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