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  1. This tool let you convert evernote enex file to almost any popular file format: https://download.cnet.com/BitRecover-Evernote-Converter-Wizard/3000-18483_4-77698337.html https://www.bitrecover.com/evernote/converter/#five
  2. I hope you can confince the CEF team to integrate the required DnD functionality into their framework. Forking the code is a never ending story I'm afraid
  3. I still wonder why Evernote's DnD implementation is so fragile in this framework? Is CEF not intended for this kind of applications?
  4. Actually, a similar readonly request has 161 votes, which is the 9th place in the popularity list ! https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/99143-read-only-option-for-notes/page/2/
  5. It is not beside the point: you ask an earlier detection of a possible breach, but whatever the speed, it's always too late because the breach already took place. It is much better to prevent the breach and this can be achieved right now by providing EN a list of your devices by activating 2FA. All the rest is guesswork...
  6. I wouldn't call that a "minor" mishap. Like I said, I hope the shared secret and passwords are encrypted at rest in evernotes databases ...
  7. Thanks for the info. I hope the shared secret is encrypted at rest in your databases ...
  8. I understand your frustration, but if you would have activated 2FA , there would even be no breach at all. If you are so concerned about security, why don' t you use all the security layers provided by evernote right now?
  9. Curiously, this is exactly the reason I'm in favor of tags: my data is not stored in a rigid logical fashion either, I just tag it for later queries. I don't understand that your data is not stored in a logical fashion, why do you need subfolders then?
  10. "...The company was incorporated in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California..." https://www.bloomberg.com/research//stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=531643733
  11. Only for google chrome, where is the Firefox implementation ? Apparently, notion is not concerned about security, still no 2FA either.
  12. Thanks for testing, already more info about the export format ? It's good to know about importing from evernote, but can we go back as well?
  13. Do they provide 2 factor authentication? For me, this is mandatory, considering the recent password breach at some EN users who didn't activate 2FA... And an even more important question: can you easily export your complete database to a standard file format?
  14. Good to know, this convinces me to stick with evernote because there is always a fallback if needed...
  15. In this case, there is no need for security improvements by evernote, but by yourself: you can't blame evernote that you used a single password for several accounts.
  16. And it is always safe to take backups...
  17. NAPS configuration: First, configure the OCR settings (enable OCR for pdf) and encryption settings if you like. All these settings are persisted on disk. From now on, you can just save the imported files to OCR'ed and / or encrypted pdf files by pressing the PDF button. Apparently you can automate your NAPS2 workflow by scripting : https://www.naps2.com/doc-command-line.html I didn't try that myself
  18. I noticed in the latest version, apart from the scanned files, you can import pdf or image files from other sources and combine these with scanned files into a new pdf. So you can use NAPS2 to encrypt and / or OCR any pdf or image file.
  19. I use it everyday on my favorite browser, Firefox
  20. This powerful free scanner tool https://www.naps2.com/ stores my scanned documents in encrypted pdf (encryption is optional of course). In my workflow I store directly into the evernote import folder. edit: I forgot to tell that it can also OCR the pdf document
  21. Exactly, for me the HTLM export is a perfect backup: it is searchable from Windows Explorer, Agent Ransack etc and it is a web standard that will still be readable for the next 100 years. That is the reason that I stick with evernote, there is no need to look for other tools because my data is safe whatever happens...
  22. I hope you're joking, aren't you?
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